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Strood, North Aylesford / Strood, Medway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

STROOD is an ancient town. The manor was given by Henry II. to the Knights Templar. There are also the remains of an hospital, founded in the time of Richard I. The church of St. Nicholas was rebuilt in 1812. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester; the Rev. J. W. Sheringham, incumbent.


Brown, Joseph, Marine street, North street
Brown, William S., M.D., High street
Brown, John D., M.D., High street
Bulmer, John Martin, Esq., Green place
Charlton, Thomas, Esq., Elslet Cottage, Strood hill
Miller, Mr. James Thos., Frindshury road
Rodmell, Mrs. Susannah, High street
Sherringham, Rev. _, Strood hill
West, Mr. Samuel, North street
Wheeler, Mr. Samuel, Frindsbury road
Wickham, Humphrey, Esq., High street

Public Houses in Strood


Acworth, William, shopkeeper, High street
Alexander, Thomas, greengrocer, High street
Allen, Thomas, wheelwright, High street
Anderson, Isaac George, hardwareman, High street
Anderson, Daniel, superintendent of Rochester Bridge works, Frindsbury road
Appleton, James, inspector of public works, High street
Ashbee, George, baker, High street
Attersall, Henry B., Victory Tavern and Commercial House, High street
Bacon, John Francis, grocer, High street
Baker, Charles, earthenware dealer, North street
Baker, Robert, grocer, High street
Baker, Robert, Good Intent, Strood hill
Baldock, George, farmer, Gun lane
Barnes, Thomas, tailor, North street
Bass, Henry, pawnbroker, High street
Bath, Mrs. Maria T., greengrocer, High street
Batts, Richard, coffee house, High street
Bennett, Richard, fruiterer, High street
Bennett, John, shopkeeper, High street
Blackvvell, William, pawnbroker, High street
Boatman, John, marine store dealer, High street
Bolton, Mrs. Fanny, bonnet maker and shopkeeper, High street
Bovington, Henry, corn and flour dealer and seedsman, North street
Brown, Mrs. Sarah Ann, boot and shoe maker, High street
Brown, John, Spotted Cow, Frindsbury road
Bryant, Henry, glass and china dealer, High street 
Bullard, John Simpson, clerk to North Aylesford Poor Law Union, High street
Bulme-r, Martin, architect, High street
Caddel, William, printer, Frindsbury road
Cattle, Charles, distributor of stamps, Frindsbury road
Chalmers, George, cooper, High street
Chambers, John, smith and wheelwright, High street
Chapman, Joseph Baker, baker, North street
Chapman, John, Angel Inn, High street
Cheetham, George, fruiterer and coal dealer, North street
Clark, Richard, hairdresser, North street
Clements, Thomas, surveyor, Frindsbury road
Cobb, Charles, draper, High street
Cobb, John S., currier and leather cutter, High street
Cobb, William, Duke of Gloucester, High street
Cobb, Charles, clothier, High street
Coles, William T., greengrocer, High street
Colley, William, butcher, High street
Colley, Joseph, baker, High street
Colyer, Henry, coach builder, High street
Colyer, Henry, jun., coach builder, Strood hill
Coobes, John, farmer and gardener, Strood hill
Cook, James, greengrocer, High street
Cooper, Thomas, basket maker, North St.
Couchman, John, builder, High street
Coulson, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, High street
Cowell, Charles, tailor and woollen diaper, High street
Crockford, Thomas C., the Cobham, High street
Dalton, William, greengrocer, North street
Dalton, Robert, greengrocer, North street
Day, Samuel, confectioner, High street
Dean, Charles, town carter and greengrocer, North street
Dell, William, Red Lion and Star, High street
Doggett, John, the Water Mill and Canal Tavern, Frindsbury
Duffell, Thomas, basket maker, High street
Earle, Edward, broker, High street
Elsegood, John, Crown and Anchor beer house, North street
Elvy, James, boot and shoe maker, High street
Flenley, Joseph, inspector of weights and measures for the Chatham district, High street
Fry and Co., grocers, High street
Gambrill, George, fruiterer and tobacconist, North street
Gamon, William, grocer, North street
Gamon, George, grocer, North street
Gates, Richard, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for the Strood district, Frindsbury road
Goddard, John, greengrocer, High street
Goddard, John, hairdresser, High street
Goldston, John, Old Gun, Cuxton road
Gransden, John, the Plough, North street
Gray, Thomas, Crispin and Crispianus, Strood Hill
Grewcock, David, baker, High street
Hawley, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High street
Heath, William, butcher, High street
Herbert, James, coffee house, High street
Herbert, John, Pelican Inn, High street
Hider, Edwin, butcher, High street
Hollingdale, Mrs. Sarah, corn and flour dealer, High street
Hook, John, tailor, North street
Horsnail, William C., corndealer and seedsman, near the Bridge
Horsnail, Alfred, upholsterer, appraiser, and auctioneer, High street, agent to Alliance Fire and Life Office
Hughes, Henry, baker and tobacco dealer, Strood Hill
Illman, Josiah, nursery and seedsman, Wellington place, High street
Izaby, George John, tobacconist and tea dealer, High street
Izaby, James, general dealer, High street
Jennings, Henry, tobacconist and news agent, High street
Jones, Thomas, builder, High street
Knight, Richard, farmer, Holloway House, Frindsbury road
Lampard, Robert, brazier and tinplate worker, High street
Langford, John, grocer, High street
Langston, John, surgeon, North street
Larcock, Thomas, glover, High street
Levy, Charles, general dealer, High street
Levy, Nathan, marine store dealer, North street
Lilley, Joseph S., builder and toyman, High street
Mace, Thomas, farmer, Strood Hill
Maunder, Thomas, George Inn, High street
Maplesden, Thomas, butcher, High street
Maplesden, Alfred, toll gate keeper, High street
Martin, William, basket maker, Frindsbury road
Martin, Richard, painter, High street
Martin, Charles, chemist, High street
Maynard, John, draper, High street
Mills, Henry, tailor, High street
Miskin, Edward, butcher, North street
Mitchell, Joseph, draper, 2 and 25, North street
Neale, James and John, tailors, High street
Nicholson, Michael, Bridge Tavern, High street
Parks, John, greengrocer, High street
Patrick, George, watchmaker, North street
Patrick, John, watchmaker, High street
Perriiig, Mrs. Mary Ann, boot and shoe maker, High street
Pett, Sarah, Red Lion, Frindsbury road
Phillips, Henry, greengrocer, High street
Phillips, Isaac, gardener, Gun lane
Purkis, George, watchmaker and jeweller, High street
Pope, Mrs. Catharine, greengrocer, North street
Eamage, Thomas, paymaster R.N., High street
Ready, Thomas, coal dealer, High street
Richards, Alfred, grocer, North street
Ring, Henry, town carter, High street
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, Berlin and fancy repository, High street
Robinson, John, grocer, High street
Rook, Samuel, Three Gardeners, North street
Saunders, William, scalemaker, North street
Seamark, John, greengrocer, High street
Simmonds, John, draper, High street
Sinclair, Mrs. Ann M., confectioner, High street
Slegg, H., bricklayer, North street
Slegg, James, plumber and glazier, High street, agent to Unity Fire and Life Office
Smallman, Joseph, smith and ironmonger, North street
Smith, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, High street
Smith, Stephen James, mariner, High street
Spicer, ELennet, contractor and builder, Cuxton road; office and residence, Wellington place, High street
Spree, James, butcher, North street
Springet, Charles, blacksmith, North street
Stace, Mrs. Maria, ironmonger, High street
Steele, Stephen, surgeon, High street
Stevens, George, chemist, High street
Stevens, Charles, grocer, High street
Stubbersfield, Mrs. Jane, professor of music, High street
Stubbersfield, James John, saddler and harness maker, High street
Sweet, James and William Henry, printers, booksellers, and stationers, High street
Taylor, Joseph, tailor, High street
Terry, Miss Ann, oyster dealer. High street
Thompson, George, grocer, High street
Tims, John Chamberlin, B.A., private instructor, Trafalgar place
Town, Mrs Ann, greengrocer, High street
Tranah, Mrs Mary, Bull's Head, High street
Tutt, James, the Fountain Inn, High street
Wakeling, Thomas, coal and general dealer, High street
Watson, Charles, butcher, High street
Wells, William, greengrocer, High street
Westover, George, farmer, High street
Whaley, Henry W., gunmaker, High street
Wheeler, Frederick, grocer, High street
Whiffen, Charles, shopkeeper, High street
Wickham, Humphrey, solicitor, High street
Wilson, AYilliam P., Ship, High street
Wood, Mrs. Mary, brewer, New Brewery, Frindsbury road
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