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Swanscombe and Greenhithe, Dartford, Gravesend

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Pubs in Swanscombe & Greenhithe

SWANSCOMBE, and the hamlet of GEEENHITHE, three miles west from Gravesend, and four east from Dartford, is in Dartford union, Axton hundred, and lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, West Kent. The manor house, occupied by John Coveney, Esq., is an ancient building, the seat of the Weldon family; it is said to be the oldest manor in the country. Swanscombe Wood is well known to the lover of rural retirement, and for gipsying parties. Here is a cavern, called Clappernapper's Hole, to which is attached
much interesting legend. The church of St. Hildefaith, with its spire, is a very old edifice, and an attractive object to the surrounding neighbourhood. It contains a nave, aisles, and a chancel, with some very antique monuments. In the south aisle, in memory of the Weldon family, is an alabaster monument, supporting the figures of a recumbent knight in armour, leaning over his lady resting on a pillow. The living is a rectory, in the gift of Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge, value 650 per annum; the incumbent is the Rev. G. C. Renouard, B.D. In 1856 a new church, dedicated to St. Mary, was built at Greenhithe. It is a neat edifice, provided with 500 sittings, 200 of which are free; Rev. P. Eussell, B.C.L., curate. The area of the parish is 2,188 acres of land, and 405 of water, and the population in 1851 was 1,705.

Greenhithe is a station of the North Kent Railway, 18 miles from London, four from Gravesend, and 11 from Rochester; and within view of the river is the celebrated Ingress Abbey, built by the late Alderman Harmer, out of stone from old London Bridge. It is an elegant structure, in the Tudor-Gothic style of architecture, and, with, its tastefully wooded park, is an object of great attraction. The present proprietor is Samuel Charles Umfreville, Esq. Near it are the ruins of the nunnery. Here are also a number of very excellent family residences: the very handsome row of semi-detached
Italian villas at Cobham terrace, excite much attention, from their picturesque style and situation, being erected on an eminence, which affords a view of the highly cultivated country for miles around. There is an excellent pier for the landing of passengers from the various steamers plying up and down the river. Here are Roman cement works, chalk and lime works, and some market gardens. Knockholt is half a mile S.W. of Greenhithe; Western Cross, three quarters of a mile south; Milton Street and Hockenden, one mile S.E.; Gaily Hill, a quarter of a mile west.

POST-OFFICE. - Thomas Heritage, Postmaster. Letters arrive through Dartford.
Money Orders are granted and paid at this Office.



Bayley, Charles, Esq., Knoekholt Lodge
Bull, Captain John
Cooper, Rev. Allen Tiievalyan, Curate
Coveney, John, Esq., Manor House
Goodeve, Frederick, Esq.
Hart, Edward, Esq, Western villas
Lintott, J., Esq., Gaily hill
Muller, Rev. Samuel, Independent minister
Robertson, _, Esq.
Renouard, Rev. George Cecil, B.D., Rector
Russell, William Edward, Esq.
Waters, Mrs
West, Richard, Esq., Western Cross
Wilson, Thomas, Esq.


Bartholomew, Thomas, baker
Clinch, William, George & Dragon, Galley Hill
Collins, William, beer retailer
Cooper, George, beer retailer
Cousins, Henry, cowkeeper, Milton Street
Gumbrell, Robert, grocer
Hill, John, gardener, Knockholt
Harper, William, Blue Anchor
Inward, George, beer retailer, Milton Street
Pearson, George, grocer and postmaster
Richardson, George, shoemaker and parish clerk
Rixon, George, market gardener
Swan, John, schoolmaster, and Fire and life agent
Styles, George, farmer
White Edward, farmer
White, John Bazley, and Brothers, cement factory



Ashley, Henry, Esq., 1, Cobham terrace
Barnett, John, Esq., 8, Cobham terrace
Baxter, Mrs.
Bryant, Miss
Bennison, _, Esq.
Colyer, Thomas, Esq.
Dearey, _, 23, Cobham terrace
Dickenson, Mrs.
Evenden, John, Esq., Ingress Hill
Frisby, Mrs., 24, Cobham terrace
Forrest, Thomas, Esq.
Fradgeley, William, Esq.
Gulliver, Thomas Dale, Esq., 22, Cobham terrace
Harvey, William, Esq., 5, Cobham terrace
Hunter, Dr., 18, Cobham terrace
Hill, Mrs.
Kippen, Miss, 3, Cobham terrace
Luke, Miss, 9, Cobham terrace
Metoalfe, John, Esq., 15, Cobham terrace
Nugent, Miss, 7, Cobham terrace
Newton, William Mears, Esq., Parkwood Lodge
Jannings, Charles, Esq., 21, Cobham terrace
Johnson, Frederick, Esq., 21, Cobham terrace
Johnson, William Prior, Esq., 21, Cobham terrace
Rose, Frederick, Esq., ship "Flamer"
Russell, Rev. F., Cliff House
Robinson, _, Esq.
Simonsky, Mrs.
Shepherd, Mrs., Retreat
Seccombe, John Collier, Esq.
Sargeant, Mrs., Avenue House
Stone, Mrs., 26, Cobham terrace
Sebastian, Mrs., 16, Cobham terrace
Skinner, William, Esq., 4, Cobham terrace
Tait, William, Esq., 20, Cobham terrace
Tolhurst, Mrs.
Umfreville, Captain Samuel Charles
Umfreville, Samuel Charles, Esq., Ingress Abbey
Vaughan, John, Esq., 2, Cobham terrace
Vogan, George, Esq., 17, Cobham terrace
Vandivillikins, _, Esq., 25, Cobham terrace

Vulliamy, _, Esq.
Westbrook, Mrs.
Walsh, Mrs.


Austin, Thomas, corn dealer
Barham, Charles Hazeltine, painter
Bliss, Henry, house agent and stationer
Buckham, Mrs., ladies' school
Bradley, Thomas, coal wharf
Banford, William, baker
Chapman, Mrs., carpenter and undertaker
Downes, Joseph, chemist
Durling, George, shopkeeper
Daniels, George, butcher
Dalby, Mrs., greengrocer
Eales, Peter, shoemaker
Fox, William, carpenter and builder
Heritage, Thomas, grocer and postmaster
Hill, Owen, bricklayer and plasterer
Joyner, William, Brown Bear
Keene, Alexander, milkman
Lockyer, Robert, plumber and builder
Lockyer, William, academy
Martin, James, butcher
Minter, James, Hull Trader
Parsons, William, bricklayer
Payn, James, shoemaker
Reed, John, plumber and painter
Roe, William, shoemaker
Russell, William, blacksmith and wheelwright
Rudland, J., academy
Seccombe, John Collier, surgeon
Swan, John, schoolmaster
Shepherd, Richard, fishmonger
Spence, Philip, tailor
Taylor, William, Pier Hotel
Underwood, Harrison, grocer
Vallins, Jacob, greengrocer
Varney, William, hairdresser
Viton, Peter, White Hart
Westbrook, Charles, greengrocer and gardener
Ware, George, pork butcher
Woodward, Mrs., Railway Hotel
Wheatley, William, baker
Waghorn, Robert, barge builder
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