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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Sydenham, Lewisham

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

    Kent Villages Home Page | Kent Districts & Kent Lathes |Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Gentry in 1858

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

    Public Houses in Sydenham

    Gentry in 1858 Melvilles Directory

    Adams, Mayow, W., esq., Lower Sydenham
    Adams, Robert, esq., Forest Hill
    Adams, William D., esq., Lower Sydenham
    Alexander, Mr. Josiah
    Andrews, Mr. George, Peak hill
    Arnold, Mrs. William, Park Lodge, Upper Sydenham
    Ashwell, William, esq., Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Austin, Mr. William, Richmond place, Sydenham hill
    Bacon, Francis, esq., Forest Hill
    Bacon, Mr. Charles, Perry vale Hall
    Bailey, George, esq., the Grove, Upper Sydenham
    Bailey, William, esq., Prospect villas, Forest hill
    Baker, Mr. Thomas K., Forest Hill
    Barber, Mr. George F., Sydenham park, Upper Sydenham
    Barlow, Miss A. 3?., West hill, Upper Sydenham
    Barnes, Mrs., Lower Sydenham
    Barrand, Mr. Hilton, Forest Hill
    Barry, Charles, jun., esq., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Barry, Mrs. Elizabeth, Westwood, Upper Sydenham
    Barry, William Henry, esq., Sydenham
    Bates, Mr. Edward, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Batt, George, esq., Lower Sydenham
    Beal, Richard, esq., Lower Sydenham
    Beardshell, Henry, esq, Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Beaton, Mr., Andrew, Upper Sydenham
    Beattie, Alexander, esq., Sydenham hill
    Bennett, Mr. John, Abbott's lane, Sydenham hill
    Besemears, John, esq., Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Bidmead, Joseph, esq., Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Binks, Mr. George, West Hill Lodge, Upper Sydenham
    Bishop, Mr. Thomas, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Borris, Robert, Esq., Forest Hill
    Bowyer, Mr. William E., Dartmouth Villas, Forest Hill
    Braley, Mr. James, Stanstead lane
    Bradley, George J., esq., Albion terrace, Upper Sydeuham
    Brind, Mrs. Ann, Lower Sydenham
    Britton, Mr. Daniel M., Hound Hill terrace, Upper Sydenham
    Brooker, Mr. James, Forest Hill
    Brooks, Mr. Benjamin, Perry hill
    Brooksbank, Robert^ esq., Neville Lodge, Sydenham hill
    Brown, Mr. Ambrose, Dartmouth park, Forest Hill
    Brown, Mr. George, Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Brown, Mr. James, Forest Hill
    Brown, Mr. John, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Brown, Mr. Bobert, Forest Hill
    Bunn, Mr. E. T., Peak hill
    Burbey, Richard, esq., Forest Hill
    Burkett, James, esq., the Grove, Upper Sydenham
    Burstall, Mr. John, Upper Sydenham
    Buttermer, George John, esq., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Byass, Robert B., esq., Westwood Cottage, Upper Sydenham
    Carrington, Richard, esq., Tudor Cottage, Sydenham hill
    Carter, John E., esq., Woodville Hall, Forest Hill
    Cass, Mr. John, Perry hill
    Chaplin, Mr. Robert, Forest vale
    Charlton, Mr. Richard A., Stanstead lane
    Cheesewright, Mr. Henry, Fir Lodge, Upper Sydenham
    Clark, Mr. Charles, Forest Hill
    Climpson, Mrs., Upper Sydenham
    Cockayne, Mrs., South hill
    Cockerell, George J., esq., Manor park
    Coe, John, esq., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Colchester, Charles B,, esq., Forest Hill
    Collier, Mr. Edward, Dartmouth road
    Cooper, Mr. Alfred, Upper Sydenham
    Coope, William, esq., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Corbould, Francis, M.D., Upper Sydenham
    Cotton, Mr. Samuel, Upper Sydenham
    Coulson, Mr, George, Forest Hill
    Colburn, Mrs., Lower Sydenham
    Cowley, Frederick T., esq., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Crimp, Nicholas, esq., Perry hill
    Crokat, Mr. Charles, West hill, Upper Sydenham
    Davidson, Charles, esq., Sydenham hill
    Davis, Mr. Henry, Perry vale
    Dawson, Mr. William H., Lower Sydenham
    Day, Mr. William, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Dean. Mrs. W. H., Forest Hill
    DeBrath, Mr. F. D., West.hill, Upper Sydenham
    Dimmock, Edward M., esq., Forest Hill
    Dodson, Mr. Henry, Forest Hill
    Edwards, Mr. Joseph S., Park hill
    Edwards, Mr., Forest Hill
    English, Rev. Charles, M.A., Upper Sydenham
    Evelyn, Lady, Eagle House, Forest Hill
    Faber, Rev. Frederick William, Roman Catholic Priest, Sydenham hill
    Farquhar, Thomas N., esq., Upper Sydenham
    Feilding, John Crossley, esq., Forest Hill
    Figge, Mr. Frederick, Abbott's lane, Sydenham hill
    Figgins, James, esq., Forest hill
    Fuller, Francis, esq., Westwood House, Upper Sydenham
    Gardener, Mrs., Dartmouth park, Forest Hill
    Gibson, Mr. David, Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Gill, Miss, Melbourne Cottage, Forest vale
    Gillings, William, esq., Forest Hill
    Gordon, A. L., esq., Sydenham hill
    Gouldham, Mrs., Forest Hill
    Gray, Mr. George, Perry vale
    Grayling, George, M.D., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Green, Mr. James, Forest Hill
    Gregory, George, esq., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Gregory, Charles W., esq., Woodville, Forest Hill
    Grove, George, esq., West hill, Upper Sydenham
    Gruesber, Thomas, esq., Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Hamblett, Mr. Thomas, Redberry grove, Upper Sydenham
    Hamman, Dr., Bell green
    Hankey, Stephen A,, esq., Meadowcroft
    Hannan, Samuel, esq., Sydenham hill
    Harrild, Mr Houghton, Sydenham park, Upper Sydenham
    Harrild, Robert, esq,, Round hill, Upper Sydenham
    Harris, Mr Edward, Round hill terrace, Upper Sydenham
    Harrison, Mr Henry, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Harrold, Thomas, esq, Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Hawser, Edward, esq, Gothic house, Sydenham hill
    Hanye, Rev. William B, M.A., the Grove, Upper Sydenham
    Hewett, Mrs, Sydenham park, Upper Sydenham
    Hewett, Mr. William, Forest Hill
    Hickling, Mr. James, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Hill, Mr. James, Park Cottage, Forest Hill
    Hill, _, esq., Upper Sydenham
    Hodgkinson, Samuel, esq., Farnborough villas, Upper Sydenham
    Holder, Mr. James, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Holiday, Mr. William, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Homewood, Charles, esq., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Hooton, Mr. Henry, South hill
    Hughes, Henry, esq., Lansdown Lodge
    Hunt, James, esq., Sydenham hill
    Hunt, Mr. Frederick, Forest Hill
    Iliff, John, esq., Forest Hill
    James, Mr. Jeremiah, Perry vale
    James, Mr. J., Upper Sydenham
    Jones, _, esq., Dartmouth park, Forest Hill
    Jones, Miss, Upper Sydenham
    Jones, Dr., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Jones, Mr. Henry, Lower Sydenham
    Jones, Mr., Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Jury, James, esq., Forest Hill
    Keates, Mr. George, Forest Hill
    Kemble, John Toogood, esq., Sydenham hill
    Kemp, Mr. Charles, Perry vale
    Kingsford, Mr. James, Lower Sydenham
    Lamb, Mr .'John, Sydenham park; Upper Sydenham
    Lance, Mr. James, Lower Sydenham
    Lawrie, Mrs., Lyle House"
    Lawson, William, esq., Forest Hill
    Lawton, Philip, esq., Forest Hill
    Letts, Thomas, esq., Perry hill
    Little, Samuel William, esq., Sydenham hill
    Law, Stephen, P., esq., Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Lutwyche, Edgar, esq., Lower Sydenham
    Lynch, Mr. Christopher, Forest Hill
    Mann, Mr. Thomas, Lower Sydenham
    Matson, George, esq., Dartmouth Lodge, Perry vale
    Mayow, Miss, Lower Sydenham
    Mead, Mr. James, Richmond place, Sydenham hill
    Mead, Mr. Joseph, Forest Hill
    Meates, Mrs. Marian, Perry hill
    Mew, Mr. Herbert, Dartmouth villas,Forest Hill
    Miall, Edward, esq., Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Miller, Mr. Robert, Forest Hill
    Moggeridge, Nathaniel, esq., Perry rise
    Mongredien, Augustus, esq., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Morphew, Mr. William, Forest Hill
    Moses, _, esq., Peak hill
    Moses, Mr. Richard, West hill, Upper Sydenham
    Mount, Francis William, esq., Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Murley, Charles, esq., Upland House, Forest Hill
    Nash, Mr. Edwin, Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Needham, Rolfe, esq., Prospect villas. Forest Hill
    Nelham, Mrs., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Newell, John, esq., Forest Hill
    Northcote, Charles, esq., Stanstead Lodge
    Nosworthy, Mr. William, Lower Sydenham
    Oakley Mr. George, Forest vale
    Oakley, Mr. William, Forest Hill
    Odeli, Mrs. Ann, Lower Sydertham
    Outram, Robert, esq., Round hill, Upper Sydenham
    Overall, Samuel, esq,, Meadowcroft
    Owen, Miss, Stanstead lane
    Parker, Francis, esq., Sydenham hill
    Parker, Nichols, esq,, Sydenham hill
    Parker, Mr. William, Parkville House, Forest Hill
    Parkinson, John, esq., Forest Hill
    Paxton, Sir Joseph, M.P., Rock hill
    Peal, Mr. Henry, Bell green
    Pegg, Nathaniel, esq., Meadowcroft
    Pegg, Samuel, esq., Fir hill
    Penfold, Charles, esq., Lowel Sydenham
    Penman, Robert, esq., Wells road, Upper Sydenham
    Phillips, Samuel, esq., Sydenham hill
    Plincke, Mr. Frederick, Lower Sydenham
    Porter, John, esq., Perry hill
    Powell, Mr. Champney, West hill,. Upper Sydenham
    Preston, Mr. William,-Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Price, Mrs. H., the Cottage, Lower Sydenham
    Price, Ralph, esq., Lower Sydenham
    Priestley, Mr. John, Upper Sydenham
    Pullen, Mrs, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Raha, Mr George, Forest Hill
    Ralph, Mr F.W.,Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Redpath, Henry S., esq., Sydenham hill
    Rioketts, Mr. James D., Stanstead lane
    Rivington, the Misses, Upper Sydenham
    Roherts, Mrs., Lower Sydenham
    Russell, Hugh, esq;, Forest Hill
    Russell, Scott, esq., Westwood Lodge
    Sanderson, Mr. William E., Perry vale
    Saunders, Mr. Henry, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Savage, Mrs. Sophia, Perry vale
    Saxton, Edward, esq., Belfwood, Sydenham hill
    Sohwarz, F. M., esq., Prospect villas, Forest Hill
    Soofield, Mr. John, Lower Sydenham
    Scott, Mrs. Francis Edward, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Scott, Mrs. Susan, Dalkeith House, Forest Hill
    Sewell, Mr. Charles, Longton grove, Upper Sydenham
    Shoebridge, Mr. Thomas, Lower Sydenham
    Short, Mr. John, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Sidney, Mr. Samuel, Perry vale
    Simmonds, Mr. Charles, Dartmouth villas, Forest hill
    Simonseu, Michael, esq., Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Skeats, Mr. Herbert, Forest Hill
    Smith, William, esq., Lower Sydenham
    Steele, Thomas, esq., Forest Hill
    Stehn, Christian, esq., Sydenham hill
    Stephens, Mrs., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Stevenson, Mrs., Forest Hill
    Stone, David H., esq., Park end, Upper Sydenham
    Standing, Benjamin, esq., Forest Hill
    Stutter, F. A., esq., Farnborough House, Upper Sydenham
    Suart, John, esq., the Grove, Upper Sydenham
    Swail, Mr. Henry, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Sykes, Miss, Strathmoor Lodge, Upper Sydenham
    Taylor, Mrs., Upper Sydenham
    Taylor, Mr. William, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Taylor, Peter, esq., Perry rise
    Taylor, William J., esq., Forest Hill
    Tester, Mrs. Elizabeth, Perry vale
    Thirkell, Miss Frances, Perry vale
    Thomas, Richard, esq., Sydenham hill
    Thompson, Captain John, Perry vale
    Thomson, Mr. William, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Thorp, Mr. Henry, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Tilsley, Edward H., esq., Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Tilt, Miss, Lower Sydenham
    Todd, John William, esq., Perry hill
    Toller, Charles, esq., Lower Sydenham
    Turner, Mr. William, Perry vale
    Turpin, William H., esq., Perry hill
    Upton, Thomas, esq., Abbott's lane, Sydenham hill
    Upton, William, esq., Forest hill
    Vaudrey, James, esq., Abbott's lane, Sydenham
    Von Glehn, Robert, esq., Peak Hill
    Walker, Alfred, esq., M.D., Abbott's lane, Sydenham hill
    Walker, Mrs., Forest Hill
    Ware, Mr. George, Upper Sydenham
    Warner, Frederick, esq., Meadowcroft
    Warner, James, esq., the Grove, Upper Sydenham
    Wheeler, 'Obadiah, esq., Perry vale
    White, Richard, esq., Prospect Cottage, Forest Hill
    White, Thomas R., esq., Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Wigne, Augustus, esq., Sydenham park, Upper Sydenham
    Wilks, Mrs., Sydenham hill
    Williams, Mr. Joseph, Perry vale
    Williamson, Mr. Henry, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Wilks, William, esq., Upper Sydenham
    Wilton, John, esq., Sydenham hill
    Woodcock, Richard, esq,, Forest Hill
    Woodward, Miss, Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Woolaston, Charlton J., esq., Perry House
    Wright, Mr. Charles, Lower Sydenham
    Yates, William L., esq., Park end, Upper Sydenham
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