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    Sydenham, Lewisham

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Gentry in 1858

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

    Public Houses in Sydenham

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

    Adams, Mr., plumber, painter, &c., Forest Hill and High street
    Adams, George, upholsterer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Andrews, William, stationer and post-office, Lower Sydenham
    Antony, Mr., tobacconist, Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Ashby, William, grocer, Upper Sydenham
    Baker, Ekin, shopkeeper, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Baker, William, butcher, Forest Hill
    Barrett, Jeremiah, builder, Lower Sydenham, and High street, Upper Sydenham
    Baxter, Samuel, coal merchant, Forest Hill
    Beardwell, James, baker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Beardwell, Robert, baker, Lower Sydenham
    Beeton, Samuel, baker, Forest Hill
    Belbin, Charles, plumber, painter, etc, Lower Sydenham
    Bell, George, beer retailer, Forest Hill
    Bennett, Mr., draper, etc., High street, Upper Sydenham
    Blundell, George, shopkeeper, Upper Sydenham
    Bolton, Richard, beer retailer, Upper Sydenham
    Boucher, Benjamin, grocer and post office, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Bridglang, William, carpenter, Lower Sydenham
    Brigden, Francis, miller, Upper Sydenham
    Briggs, Mr., auctioneer, etc, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Brook, Miss Sarah, fancy repository, Dartmouth road
    Brown, Mrs., butcher, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Brown, Edmund, registrar of births and deaths, and relieving officer, Lower Sydenham
    Brown, Joseph, historical engraver, Dartmouth road
    Brown, Richard, cooper, Upper Sydenham
    Brown, William, cab proprietor, Lower Sydenham
    Brunt, Mrs.  and Miss, ladies' school, Lower Sydenham
    Buller, Thomas, builder, Bell green
    Burgess, Mrs, preparatory school for young gentlemen, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Burroughs, Francis C., solicitor, Denmark terrace, Upper Sydenham
    Burroughs, G. F., surgeon, Forest Hill
    Burrows, William, furniture broker, Bell green
    Burrows, William, locksmith, Dartmouth row
    Burton, James, window blind maker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Carter, Joseph, engineer, etc,, Park hill
    Canham, Robert, carrier to London, Upper Sydenham
    Case, John, grocer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Chare, Robert, carpenter, etc,, Upper Sydenham
    Clewlow, Robert, boot and shoemaker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Cole, Henry, hosier, glover, etc., Forest Hill
    Coleman, Mr., chemist and druggist, Forest Hill
    Colson, William, contractor, Dartmouth park, Forest Hill
    Cooper, Alfred, chimney Sweep, Forest Hill
    Cornaby, Mr., fancy repository, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Couldery, Edward, Bell, Bell green
    Cousins, George, baker, Lower Sydenham
    Covell, Miss Elizabeth, butcher, Lower Sydenham
    Covell, Thomas, butcher, Lower Sydenham
    Crockson, Thomas, lodging house, Forest vale
    Crozier, James, smith, etc., High street, Upper Sydenham
    Curtis, James, Bricklayers' Arms, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Cusack, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Lower Sydenham
    Dale, Joseph, plumber and house agent, Bell green, Lower Sydenham
    Dean, William, baker, Upper Sydenham
    Deane, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Dartmouth road. Upper Sydenham
    Dennett, Charles, bricklayer, etc., Forest Hill
    Dodridge, Miss, ladies' school, Albert road, Upper Sydenham
    Doo, Henry, coal merchant, Upper Sydenham
    Downes, John, builder, Stanstead lane
    Duffin, Robert, cowkeeper, Forest Hill
    Edney, Henry, smith and farrier, Lower Sydenham
    Elkinton, Thomas, beer retailer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Evemy, Edmund, beer retailer, Upper Sydenham
    Fallwell, John, linen draper, Lower Sydenham
    Farrance, James, coal dealer, Lower Sydenham
    Fenner,, George, beer retailer, Wells  road, Upper Sydenham
    Fordham, John, bricklayer and china dealer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Forster, George, boarding school
    Foster, William, fruiterer, and china dealer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Gardener, Mrs. Jane, linen draper, High street
    Garrett, Mrs., clothier and hatter, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Garrett, Miss Mary, grocer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Garrett, Mrs. Mary, baker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Gaultier, Albert F., Sydenham Park school, Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Gilbert, Joseph, grocer, Forest Hill
    Goodohild, Thomas, architect, etc., Honor Oak, Forest Hill
    Greenham, Mr., beer retailer, Upper Sydenham
    Griffith, William, carpenter, Upper Sydenham
    Hailes, James C., bookseller etc, Forest Hill
    Hall, William, carpenter, Forest Hill
    Hammond, Arthur, surgeon, Sydenham bridge
    Harris, John, plumber and painter, Perry hill
    Haydon, Henry, butcher, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Hodges, William, hairdresser, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Homes, William H., boot and shoe maker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Hood, Mrs. Hannah, tobacconist, Forest Hill
    Hooker, Edward, carpenter and builder, Forest Hill
    Hunt, Henry, tailor, Lower Sydenham
    Hunter, John, Railway Telegraph Tavern and Tea Gardens, bowling green, Forest Hill
    Hurditch, Thomas, Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill
    Hutson, George, builder, etc., High street, Upper Sydenham
    Ion, William F., baker and confectioner, Lower Sydenham
    James, Henry, and Son, coal and coke merchants, Forest Hill, and at New Cross
    Jauncey, Alfred, plumber and painter, Forest Hill
    Jeffries, Mrs. Esther, stationer, etc., High street, Upper Sydenham
    Jones, William, linen draper, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Jones, James, bricklayer, Lower Sydenham
    Lanchester, Mrs., Elizabeth, beer retailer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Lang, Mr., chemist and druggist, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Langley, George F., carpenter, Wells' road, Upper Sydenham
    Langley, John William, cowkeeper, Forest Hill
    Lavers, Thomas H., chemist and druggist, Lower Sydenham
    Lington and Co., tailors and clothiers, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Litherland, the Misses, ladies' school, Upper Sydenham
    Lyon, John West, furnishing ironmonger, High street, Upper Sydenham, and Forest Hill
    Marchant, John, boot and shoe maker, Lower Sydenham
    Marks, Henry, baker and grocer, Bell green
    Mathieson and Hawkins, young ladies' school, Forest Hill
    Miller, James, carman, Upper Sydenham
    Morris, Mr., draper, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Newton, William, collegiate and commercial school, Kirkdale, Upper Sydenham
    Norris, John, builder, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Guzman, James Richard, tailor, Lower Sydenham
    Owen, Henry, auctioneer and estate agent, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Packer, Mr., boot maker, Forest Hill
    Parrett, James W, plumber and painter, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Parsey, Benjamin, plumber and glazier, High street; Upper Sydenham
    Paull, Abraham, cowkeeper, Upper Sydenham
    Pearson, Charles, zinc worker and ironmonger, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Pegg, Nathaniel, coal merchant, Forest Hill station
    Pendred, John, ironmonger, Kirkdale, Upper Sydenham
    Penfold, Charles, surveyor, Lower Sydenham
    Plumley, James, stonemason, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Pocklington, James, chemist and druggist, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Pocock, John, greengrocer, Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Poll, Isaac, shopkeeper, Upper Sydenham
    Poole, John, tailor, Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Potts, Richard, Foresters' Railway Tavern, Forest Hill
    Praeter, George, baker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Quiddington, Mrs. Hannah, stationer, Lower Sydenham
    Rayner, Jonathan, beer retailer, Forest Hill
    Redward, John, nurseryman, Upper Sydenham
    Rivers, Francis, wheelwright, Upper Sydenham
    Roberson, Isaiah, boot and shoemaker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Roper, Benjamin, Bee Hive, Wells' road, Upper Sydenham
    Routledge, Christopher, brickmaker, Kent House brickfields, Lower Sydenham
    Rudlam, Mrs. Sarah, boot and shoe maker, Forest Hill
    Bush, Charles, butcher, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Rutherford, James, market gardener, Forest Hill
    Rutley, William, livery stable keeper, Lower Sydenham
    Sabin, Stephen, farmer, Perry hill
    Saxton, Miss Mary Ann, ladies' school, Park road, Upper Sydenham
    Scott, Henry, coal and coke dealer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Scott, Richard, fancy repository, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Scudder, Thomas, rustic chair maker, Upper Sydenham
    Seddon, Alfred, watch and clock maker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Sewell, Messrs C. and F., builders, Upper Sydenham
    Shaw, Charles, wheelwright, Upper Sydenham
    Shaw, Henry, smith and farrier, Sydenham hill
    Shaw, Mr, builder, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Shaw, Thomas, beer retailer, Perry rise
    Sinkins, John, grocer, Lower and Upper Sydenham
    Smith, George, bricklayer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Smith, James, dairyman, Upper Sydenham
    Smith, John, grocer, &c., Perry hill
    Snazel, Charles, bricklayer and plasterer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Southgate, Miss, preparatory school, Dartmouth villas, Forest Hill
    Springett, Mr., dairyman, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Standen, Edward, beer retailer, Wells' road, Upper Sydenham
    Stears, William, engineer, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Steel and Corbould, surgeons, Sydenham place, Upper Sydenham
    Stemp, Thomas, carrier to London, Lower Sydenham
    Stevens, Jacob, shopkeeper, Wells' road, Upper Sydenham
    Stidolph, Henry, fruiterer, etc, Forest Hill
    Stimpson, William, cowkeeper, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Sweeting,William, hairdresser, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Sweeting, Alfred, saddle and harness maker, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Sykes, George William, Two Brewers, Perry hill
    Tatnell, Thomas, grocer, Bell green
    Taylor, William, solicitor, etc., the Avenue
    Thomas, Mrs. Susannah., boot and shoe maker, Perry hill
    Thomas, Thomas, carman, Upper, Sydenham
    Trehearn, James, coffee and chop house, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Trehearn, James, Golden Lion, and farmer, Lower Sydenham
    Unwin, William H., builder, Forest Hill
    Verey, Joseph, brewer and beer retailer, Bell green
    Vokes, David, Dolphin, Lower Sydenham
    Wallis, George, tailor, Lower Sydenham
    West, Mr., brickmaker, Rock hill
    West, William, railway agent, Rook Cottage
    West, William, tailor and hatter, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Whitlook, Joseph, corn and coal merchant, Bell green
    White, Mrs. Harriet, Fox and Hounds, High street, Upper Sydenham
    Whittle, William H., brickmaker, Forest Hill
    Wilcocks, John, draper, Forest Hill
    Wilkinson, Francis B., surgeon, Dartmouth road, Upper Sydenham
    Willoughby, David, grocer and fly proprietor, Forest Hill
    Willoughby and Pike, dressmakers, High strset, Upper Sydenham
    Wood, Cornelius, nurseryman and seedsman, Kirkdale, Upper Sydenham
    Wright, George, bricklayer, Forest Hill
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