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Tenterden, Tenterden, Ashford with Shepway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

TENTERDEN is a market town, parish, and municipal borough, 18 miles from Maidstone, 26 miles from Canterbury, and nine miles from Headcorn railway station, in the lathe of Scray, and hundred and union of Tenterden. The town is very pleasantly situated on an eminence. It is well built, and lighted with gas. There is an annual fair on the first Monday in May, and the market day is on Friday. The town is governed by a Mayor, 4 Aldermen, and 12 Councillors Quarter sessions are held before the Recorder, Sir Walter Riddell, Bart. St. Mildred's church is a large and handsome edifice, in the perpendicular style, with a tower and peal of eight bells; Rev. P. Ward, M.A., incumbent. There are chapels belonging to the Wesleyans,
Baptists, Unitarians, and Calvinists. The population in 1851 was 3,782.

There are a town hall and assembly rooms, also an athenaeum in connection with the Society of Arts. Boar's Isle is one mile north; Lye Green, one mile S.E.; the Fostal, one mile and a half S.E.

POST-OFFICE. - W. Bourner, Postmaster. Box closes at 8 A.M. for the day mail, and at
7 JP.M. for night mail.


Atlay, Mrs.
Austin, Mrs.
Ballard, Mr. Samuel
Beale, Seaman, Esq.
Blackmore, Miss
Boorman, Mr. Samuel
Briggs, Mr. John
Bright, Mr. William, Borough place
Budgen, Mrs.
Button, Mr. Charles, Good's hill
Casingimm, Mrs., Oak's place
Chambers, Miss
Chennell, John, Esq.
Chrismas, Mr. Thomas
Collins, Mrs.
Coveney, Mr. Joseph
Croughton, Mrs., Herondon Hall
Curteis, Miss
Curteis, Mrs.
Curteis, William, Esq.
Dadson, Mr., West Cross
Elphioke, Thomas, Esq.
Eyres, Captain Harry, B.N.
Godden, the Misses, Finohden
Grisbrook, Mrs.
Hatch, Mr. Benjamin, Leigh Green
Hope, John, Esq.
Howard, Mr, Thomas, Oak's place
Hukins, Mr. James ',
Hulke, Mr. Thomas, Summer hill
Jacksfleld, Mrs.,Wellington place
Judge, Miss
King, Mrs.
Loiigley, Mrs.
Maee, Joseph, Esq.
Mace, Mr. William Clark, Boar's Isle
Mace, Miss
Mack, Eev. John, Wesleyan
Matson, Mrs.
May, Mr. Thomas
Mercer, Mrs.
Mills, Miss
Munn, Joseph, Esq.
Norley, Mr. Edward, Oak's place
Pal men, Miss
Pedley, R., Esq., Crayshorne House
Pomfret, Virgil, Esq., Morghew
Riddele, Mrs.
Sanden, Colonel, Westwell House
Talbot, Rev. Edward, Unitarian
Toogood, the Misses, the Limes
Ward, Rev. Philip, M.A., vicarage
Waterman, Mrs.
Weld, Rev. Joseph, M.A., chaplain to the union
Weston, Stringer, Esq., Boar's Isle
Weston, Miss
Whelan, William Curteis, Esq., the Park
Winser, Mr. James

Public Houses in Tenterden


Apps, Richard, plumber and glazier
Austen, John, fruiterer
Austin, Thomas, farmer
Avann, John, farmer, Buckhurstden
Avery, John and Thomas, boot and shoe makers
Avery, Thomas, jun., plumber and glazier
Avery, Thomas, Greyhound Inn
Avery, William, butcher
Axley, John, draper
Ballard, George, farmer
Ballard, Samuel) grocer and printer
Baley, John, boot and shoe maker
Barnes, James, china and glass dealer
Beale, Seamen, farmer, Leigh Green
Beall, James, blacksmith, etc.
Beall, Thomas, smith and edge tool maker
Bennett, Robert and John, general carriers, West Cross
Bennett, William, grocer and draper, Boar's Isle
Beslee, William, basket maker
Bishop, Stephen, stonemason
Blinks, Thomas, butcher .
Bolton, Thomas, chemist and stationer
Boonnan, Barham, farmer
Bolting and Boorman, grocers and drapers
Bourne, George, farmer, Park Gate Farm
Bourne, Thomas, farmer, Park Gate
Bourner, William, stationer
Burden, Turner, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Boar's Isle
Burgess, the Misses, dressmakers
Britcher, Frederick, baker
Brunger, Thomas, Crown Inn
Butcher, George, baker
Butler, Thomas, farmer, Leigh Green
Button, Mrs. Jane, straw bonnet maker
Capelin and Manktelow, wheelwrights, Boar's Isle
Casingham, Miss Hannah, milliner
Catt, Mrs, Frances, farmer, Leigh Green
Chexfield, George, farmer
Chexfield, William, farmer, Leigh Green
Chexfleld, George, farmer, Comb Farm
Clark, Frederick, linen draper
Cloute, Thomas, tallow chandler .
Collins, George, White Lion Commercial Inn
Collins, William, wine merchant and posting house, Leigh Green
Cook, Thomas, farmer, Rench Hill Farm
Cooper, James, blacksmith, Boar's Isle
Coyeney, Thomas, farmer
Crittenden, Richard, baker
Curtis, Pomfret, Bellingham, and Pix, bankers
Curteis, William and Son, brewers and farmers
Elliott, William, plumber and glazier
Finn, Edward, clothier
Fleet, Joseph, turner
Foster, William, baker, Boar's Isle
Fowler, Edward, greengrocer
Fraser, James Elder, tea dealer and glass warehouse
Frastick, William, chimney sweeper
Fuggle, John, bricklayer
Fuggle, John, shoemaker
Fuggle, William, baker
Garnham, Benjamin, Woolpack Inn
Gilbert, John, farmer
Gilbert, Robert, dealer
Godfrey, George, builder
Goodsall, James, bricklayer
Goodsall, Thomas, carpenter
Gower, Henry, grocer and tallow chandler
Haffenden, William, tea dealer
Harding, John, farmer and fellmonger
Harris, Thomas, tailor
Hatch, Benjamin, auctioneer and farmer, Leigh Green
Heselden, Mrs. Hannah, dyer
Hilder, William, farmer
Hollands, James, fruiterer and carrier
Hook, Henry, gun maker 
Hook, Henry, farmer, Boar's Isle
Hook, James, butcher
Hook, Stephen, butcher
Hook, William, wheelwright
Howard, John, tanner and carrier, West Cross
Huggett, John, nursery and seedsman
Hukins, George H., watchmaker and silversmith
Hyland, William, saddle and harness maker
Jarvis, Caleb, hairdresser
Judge, Stephen, miller and farmer
Judges, Miss, seminary
Lemmon, George, draper and clothier
London and County, Bank; Arthur Harvers, manager
Longley, John, sen., farmer
Longley, John, veterinary surgeon
Mace, John Ellis, farmer
Mace, Joseph, farmer
Martin, Edward, shoemaker
Masters, James, brickmaker and farmer
Masters, John, watchmaker and silversmith
Mercer, Joseph, farmer, Boar's Isle
Mercer, Robert, farmer
Miller, George, ironmonger
Milsted, Edward, blacksmith
Milsted, George, tailor
Milsted, Robert, baker
Milsted, Thomas, blacksmith
Mitchell, Henry, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Leigh Green
Morphett, William, farmer, Boar's Isle
Munn and Mace, solicitors
Nash, John, baker
Neve, Thomas, farmer,
Newington, Jesse Henry, surgeon
Padgham, Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker
Paine, Mrs. Sarah, ladies' school
Parks, Amos, farmer, Good's Hill
Parsons, Humphrey, coach builder
Parton, Richard, corn merchant
Penell, Henry, plumber and painter
Penells, Henry, stone mason
Pinyon, John, miller and farmer
Randall, Frederick William, boot and shoe maker
Sankey, Henry, miller
Santer, Mr., farmer, Boar's Isle
Saunders, Edwin D., surgeon
Scratton, John, solicitor
Selden, Henry, saddle and harness maker
Sherwood, Edward, beer retailer
Shoobridge, Thomas, farmer, Boar's Isle
Small, James, farmer, Leigh Green
Smith, Alfred, chemist and druggist
Snashall, John, blacksmith, Boar's Isle
Southon, Daniel, farmer
Stedman, James, tailor
Stokes, Thomas S., grocer and draper
Stretton, Benjamin, cabinet maker
Thompson, Samuel J., day school
Thomson, Jonathan Smith, land surveyor and printer
Timson, Charles, bricklayer
Waterman, James, farmer
Weller, Stephen, solicitor
Wells, Edward D., hairdresser
Wenban, Eli, linen draper
Wheeler, Mrs., beer retailer
Whitfleld, Robert, surgeon
Wioken, Edward, cooper
Wiles, Thomas, fruiterer
Wilkinson, Thomas, beer retailer
Williams, Thomas, currier
Wilson, William, Eight Bells Inn
Windsor, Edward, grocer and draper
Windsor, James, glover
Windser, James, farmer, Ratsbury
Witherden, Thomas, brewer
Wood, Thomas, linen draper
Wratten, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Boar's Isle
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