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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

    Kent Villages Home Page | Kent Districts & Kent Lathes |Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Public Houses in Tunbridge Wells

    GENTRY in 1858

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

    A to F ; G to N ; O to Y

    Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

    Gadd, Richard Ross, Castle Hotel, London road
    Gardener, Charles, pharmaceutical chemist, Medical Hall, High street
    Gates, Thomas, lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
    Gates, Thomas, jun., grocer and cheesemonger, Camden road
    Gates, Thomas jun., grocer, cheesemonger and house agent, Mount Ephraim
    Gibbs, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, London road
    Gibbs, John, baker, Calverley road
    Gibbs, Reuben, boot and shoe maker, Grosvenor road
    Gibbs, Barbara, straw bonnet maker, Victoria road
    Gilbert, Henry, furnishing ironmonger, Grosvenor road
    Gilbert, Henry, town crier, Castle street
    Gilbert, George, general and furnishing ironmonger, High street
    Gladwin, George, hairdresser perfumer, and wig maker, High street, agent to Waterloo Life Assurance Company
    Gladwin, Mr. John, drilling master, Parade
    Golding, Henry, tobacconist and reading room, Parade
    Goodban, Charles, professor of music, Sandrock road
    Goodrham, Henry and Robert, cabinet makers, etc., Chapel place
    Goodwin, Mrs., lodging house, Calverley promenade
    Gould, Miss, teacher of languages, London road
    Gream, Robert Righton, surgeon, Mount Sion
    Green, Mr. Thomas Thornton, architect and surveyor, High street
    Groves and Co., boot and shoe makers, High street
    Griffith, John, professor of languages, Agnes Cottage, Camden road
    Grigsby, John, grocer, etc., London road
    Grigsby, Henry, house agent, Grove Hill road
    Gorden, Mrs., lodging house, Park view
    Grogan, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim
    Gutteridge, William Edward, inland revenue supervisor, Grosvenor road
    Haines, William, wine and spirit merchant, Chapel place
    Haines, William, Royal Kentish Hotel, London road
    Hair, Mr. Quintin, surgeon dentist, at Mr. Hodsoll's, chemist, etc., Chapel place
    Hammond, Thomas, lodging house, Calverley promenade
    Hammond, Horace, builder, etc., London road
    Harrington, David, French polisher, cabinet maker, etc., Torrington place
    Harris, G, and H., general carriers, Grosvenor road
    Hart, Joseph James, professor of languages, 1, Park villas
    Hasting, Sarah, stationer, etc., tea dealer, and British wines, Church road
    Hayman, Mrs., seminary for young ladies, Mount Sion
    Hayward, John, butcher, Grove Hill road
    Hayward, Mary Ann, brazier, and gas fitter, Mount Sion
    Hearnden, Richard, hat manufacturer, Grove Hill road
    Heasman and Manning, stay manufacturers, High street
    Heaver, Benjamin, Coach and Horses Inn, Parade
    Henning, Richard Skinner, surgeon, Sussex place, Parade
    Hickman, Timothy, farmer, Ramsly Farm
    Hickmott, Timothy Joseph, furnishing undertaker, Victoria road
    Hickmott, William, Jolly Sailor beer shop, grocer, etc., Little Mount Sion
    Hicks, William, coach builder, Vale road
    Hilder, Mrs., seminary, Camden road
    Hilder, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Mount Ephraim,
    Hill, Henry, greengrocer, etc., Calverley road
    Hodgeson, Mrs., lodging house, London road
    Hodsoll, James, chemist and druggist, Chapel place
    Hollamby, James, boot and shoe maker, London road
    Hollamby, Henry, Tunbridge ware manufacturer, Parade
    Hollamby, Henry, Tunbridge ware manufactory, Chapel place
    Hollamby, John, Tunbridge ware manufacturer, Parade
    Hollamby, Edwin, seedsman, gardener, and florist, Parade
    Holland, George, baker, Frant road
    Holman, William, corn and coal merchant, London road
    Holyer, John, butcher, Bath square
    Holyer, John, butcher, Parade
    Homes, John, hat manufacturer, Parade
    Homewood, Mrs., lodging house, London road
    Howard, Richard, chemist and druggist, Calverley place
    Hubble, John, chimney sweeper, Railway road and Warwick road
    Huunisett, Charles, cooper, Mount Sion
    Hutohinson, Peter, chimney sweeper, Mount Sion
    Hutchinson, Peter, jun., marine store dealer, Grove gate
    Jaokman, Charles, watchmaker and jeweller, High street
    Jacobs, Mrs., lodging house, Mount Ephraim
    Jarvis, John, farmer and butcher, Calverley road
    Jay, Charles, saddler, etc., London road
    Jeffery, Robert, railway dining rooms, and beer retailer, High street
    Jeffery, William, builder, the Common
    Jeffery, William, stonemason, Frant road
    Jemmett, Miss E., dressmaker, London road
    Jenkins, Henry, New Castle Tavern, High street
    Jenner, James, coal merchant and greengrocer, Mount Sion
    Jenner, James, fruiterer, Chapel place
    Johnson, John, baker, Victoria road
    Jones, Mr. Stephen, corn factor, Ebenezer place, Grosvenor road
    Jones, Evan, draper, Basing Hall, Grosvenor road
    Jones, Stephen, corn dealer, York road
    Jones, Evan, Duke of York Inn, Parade
    Jones, Mrs., fancy repository, High street
    Jones, William, tailor, etc., Castle street
    Jones, Alfred and George, pawnbrokers and clothiers, Calverley road
    Joy, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Trawlena House, London road
    Kew, Upton, cabinet maker, etc., Grosvenor road
    Kewell, Mrs., lodging house, Hanover road
    Killick, Thomas, lodging house, Calverley promenade
    Kingsbury, Thomas, leather merchant, High street
    Knight, John, baker, etc., London road
    Knight, James, smith and farrier, London road
    Lambert, Robert, baker, Victoria road
    Lamsdell, George, farmer, Hall's Hole Farm
    Lancaster, Henry, cabinet maker, High street
    Langridge, James, livery stables, Royal Sussex Hotel, licensed to let horses
    Langridge, Edward, bath chair proprietor, Grosvenor road
    Langley, Mrs., lodging house, Calverley promenade
    Larmouth, Thomas H., bookseller and stationer, High street
    Latter, John, lodging house, Mount Ephraim
    Lawner, William Henry, turner and basket maker, High street
    Lay, Charles, lodging house, Mount Ephraim
    Lefevre, John, beer retailer, Calverley fields
    Leney, Isaac, bootmaker, Calverley road
    Lewis, Edward, baker and portrait painter, High street
    Lloyd, Lewis, lodging house keeper, Cumherland terrace
    Long, Charles, beer retailer, High street
    Longley and Co., drapers, etc., Parade
    Loof, Edward, watchmaker and jeweller, Parade
    Loof, William, watch and clock maker, jeweller, etc., Parade
    Lord, William, tailor, etc., Graham Cottage, London road
    Lovegrove, Thomas, baker and confectioner, Parade
    Luck, John, china and glass warehouse, Parade
    Maddock, William, chemist and druggist, Parade; Westminster Fire and Life Office
    Manewell, George, baker and greengrocer, Grove Hill road
    Manton, James, boot and shoe maker, Mount Pleasant Cottage
    Manwaring,William, grocer, Calverley road
    Martin, John, builder, Mount Sion
    Martin, Mrs., lodging house keeper, York terrace
    Martin, Thomas, tailor, etc., Grove Hill road
    Mason, John, bricklayer, London road
    Maxstadt, Mr., ladies' seminary, Bedford terrace
    Maxstadt, Mathias, professor of drawing, Bedford terrace
    May and Weeden, cabinetmakers, etc., Calverley road
    May, Edward, dairyman, Grove Hill road
    McThane,Edward, clothier, etc., Calverley road
    Meads, Simeon, lodging house, London road
    Mercer, John, tailor, etc., Neville street
    Miller and Co., chemists and druggists, Mansel House, Mount Ephraim
    Mills, James, carpenter, Garden lane
    Mitchell, Thomas, baker, etc., Church road
    Mitchell, William, tobacconist and hairdresser, Calverley road
    Mitchell, James, lodging house, York road
    Mitchell, Henry, coachbuilder, Warwick road
    Mitchell, Thomas, baker, Church road
    Molineux and Co., bankers, London road
    Montague, Thomas, butcher, London road
    Moon, Richard, fishmonger, Chapel place
    Mordaunt, John, dispensing and family chemist, High street
    Munro, William, boot and shoe maker, Hope Cottage, Little Mount Sion
    Murrell, Thomas, draper, &c., High street
    Nash, William, baker and confectioner, Calverley road
    Nash, George, actuary to Savings' Bank, Parade
    Nash, James, pork butcher, London road
    Nash, William, library and reading rooms, billiards, Parade
    Nash, William, bookbinder and stationer, library and reading room, and post office, Parade
    Newman, Thomas, brewer, Victoiria Brewery, Parade
    Newnham, Miss, lodging house keeper, High street
    Newnham and Kelsey, brewers and coal merchants, Culverden brewery, London road
    Newnham, Mrs., milliner, etc., Grosvenor road
    Ninnes, James Walker, watchmaker and jeweller, High street
    Noakes, Elias, draper, etc., Calverley road
    Noakes, Edmund, builder, etc., London road
    Noakes, William, draper, High street
    Noakes, Edmund, beer retailer, London rd.
    Norfolk, John Fletcher, veterinary surgeon, London road
    Norton, George, beer retailer, Frant road
    Nye, Edmund, Tunbridge ware manufacturer and fancy repository, Parade
    Nye, Henry, circulating library, reading room, stationer and bookseller, Grosvenor road
    Nye, Frederick William, pastry cook and confectioner, London road
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