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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

WEST MALLING is a town, parish, and union, in Larkfield hundred, and lathe of Aylesford, West Kent, six miles N.W. from Maidstone, and four miles from Wateringbury station. The population according to the Census, 1851, was 2,021. The town was lighted with gas in 1863. A stock market is held here on the third Wednesday in every month; petty Sessions, first Monday in each month, and a meeting of Guardians every Wednesday. The church is an ancient edifice, chiefly in
the Norman style. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the executors of the late T. A. Douce, Esq. Larkfield is a large hamlet, one mile N.E., and gives name to the hundred.

POST-OFFICE - R. B. Stedman, Postmaster. Letters received through Maidstone.

EAST MALLING is distant one mile east from Town Malling.


Akers, Aretas, Esq., Abbey
Bishop, Mrs.
Clamp, Miss
Ceilings, Mrs.
Dudlow, John Noble
Furley, Edward, Esq.
Graham, James, Esq. .
Hayman, William, Esq. .
Hayman, Charles, Esq.
Hayman, Dr.
Hammond, Rev. E. R.
Judge, the Misses
King, Mrs.
Lowry, Dr., Malling place
Luck, P., Esq.
Luck, E. T., Esq.
Lucas, Captain Robert
Mace, Mrs.
Norton, S., Esq.
Palmer, George, Esq.
Philips, Mrs.
Philips, C. O., Esq.
Pope, Montague, Esq
Rix, Mrs.
Savage, John, Esq.
Seaton, Thomas, Esq.
Sutton, Peter, Esq.
Timmins, Rev. John Henry, M.A., Vicarage
Walker, Miss
Wildes, Henry Dudlow, Esq.

Public Houses in West Malling


Allchin, William, carpenter
Apps, W. P., ironmonger
Austen, _, grocer
Assiter, S. F, hairdresser, etc.
Barton, George, seedsman
Barton, Thomas, bootmaker
Bean, Edward, veterinary surgeon, and Bear Commercial Inn
Bedell, William, farmer
Beech, Edgar, linen and woollen draper
Billinghurst, Henry, beer retailer
Billinghurst, Samuel, carrier
Billson, Jonathan, plumber
Bishop, William, baker
Bookham, John, wine merchant
Bramley, William, carrier
Brigden, Solomon, dairyman
Browning, Mrs Ann, miller
Browning, Edward, carrier
Buskett, H, butcher
Callaway, James, saddler
Carpenter, Mrs, beer retailer
Carrick, John, Swan Commercial Inn, and Inland Revenue Office
Castle, George A., bootmaker
Chalken, John, tanner and currier
Comport, George, plumber
Dickenson, Henry, brewer and maltster
Diplock, Mrs., school
Diplock, J, upholsterer
Dabell, W., confectioner
Dorrington, Albah, tailor
Dutt and Sons, auctioneers and coopers
English, John, grocer
Farley and Pope, surgeons
Gammon, Thomas, dairyman
Gower, Thomas, carpenter
Grover and Sons, grocers
Harman, John, poulterer
Hatch, Mrs. and Miss, boarding school
Hatch, James P., farmer, Calais Court
Higgins, George, George Inn
Hills, Thomas, baker
Hilton, G., superintendent of police
Hiscook, J., fancy repository
Hoad, Henry, watchmaker
How, Henry, grocer
How, William, Bull
Judges, James, plumber
Jupp, John F., butcher
Jupp, William, carrier
Kettle, Thomas, salesman
Knight, Thomas, tailor
Landers, Theophilus, tailor
Letchford, Robert, blacksmith
Larking, J. P., bootmaker
Longhurst, Thomas, blacksmith
Harden, Miss, ladies' school
Martin, John, mason,
May, George, bootmaker
Moore, William, toy and general dealer
Norton, B., wine merchant
Orphin, J., Star
Pace, Thomas, bootmaker
Palmer, George, farmer, St. Leonard's
Pledge, Henry, butcher
Plum, John, tailor
Pymm, Miss Ann, milliner
Rabson, _, butcher
Rabson, John, farmer
Richardson, George, Carpenter's Arms
Robinson, George T., grocer
Seager, -, King's Arms
Smallwood, Joseph, tailor
Stedman, Richard B., chemist and stationer
Streeter, Samuel, fruiterer
Usmar, William, watchmaker
Viner, Messrs. J. and W., drapers
Wagon,.Stephen, grocer, etc.
Whitley, F. B., corn factor
Wickbam, William, carpenter
Worley, J., baker
Wright, F. H., grocer
Woodger, Francis, miller
Woollett, Charles, smith, &c.
Young, E., draper
Young, Henry, baker

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