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Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses

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I currently run a few historical sites, the major one relating to Public Houses, Beer Houses and Hotels in most of the South East of England. The counties included are most of London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Kent, & Sussex.
The idea of the Kent Villages site, is to correctly arrange the Pubs in Kent into a reasonable structure, following the variety of changes in Registration, e.g. Districts, Lathes, Hundreds, Parishes etc etc.
There are some amazing resources for Kent history on the internet, and I will draw from, and link to some of the better resources, genealogical sites, photographic databases etc, etc - see the Links page, as I  add the relevant historical material.

The division of Kentish land into Lathes and Hundreds dates back to Saxon times but was not fully established until the thirteenth century. Each hundred consisted of several parishes grouped together with a 'court' or meeting place where the inhabitants dealt with routine judicial, security and tenancy matters. The grouping of hundreds into Lathes was for judicial purposes; the justices travelled around the lathe every three months to deal with more serious matters - the origins of the Quarter Sessions. [ref & map]
In addition to this division, registration districts were also created, and the Kent OPC site clarifies this, again with some excellent maps of the same. The County of Kent Review Order, in 1935, moved various parishes (or parts of)  to alternative parishes (Kellys 1938 Directory). I am mostly interested in pre 1901 detail, and follow the ordering by Church parish census, using various Kelly's, Post Office, Whites & Pigot's Trade Directories to add additional information, whilst retaining some natural order of being able to clarify a district or lathe in which a town or village naturally fits into place.

Most sites are heavily weighted towards Public Houses, Inns and Taverns. There is a whole host of these already at the London Pubs site, but Kent is not correctly represented; over a period of time, these have moved onto this Kent site.
So, see Kent Public Houses

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