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 Manchester Beer Retailers in 1911 Slaters directory -  Hi

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire. The Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

Higginbottom James, 198 Ellor street, P
Higginson Mrs. Elizabeth, 76 Portland st
Higsoo Albert, 15 Harrison street
Higson George, 162 Greengate, S
Hilditeh John, 66 Wilmott street, H
Hiles George S. 1 Grimshaw lane N H
Hill Mrs. Elizh. 26 and 28 Middlewood street, S
Hill Joseph, 165 Ridgway street, Ancoats
Hilliker Thomas, 54 Grey street, A
Hilton Harry, 85 Clarendon street, H
Hilton Samuel, 26 Bristol street, H
Hind Alfred James, 207 & 209 Cross lane S
Hind Harry S. Markendale street, & 43 & 45 street, James street, S
Hindle Jonathan, 26 Lower Byrom st
Hindle Mrs. Mary, 57 Gould street, Rochdale Road
Hindley Samuel, 39 Whit lane P
Hipkins Fredk. Albert, 9 German street, Oldham Road
Hipsley Harry. 487 and 489 Ashton Old Road, 0
Hirst Mrs. Mary Ann, 45 Kennedy street
Hitchcock Robert, 59 Palmerston street, Ancoats
Hobson George, 162 Tipping street, A
Hobson Thomas, 62 Lower Chatham street, H
Hobson Wm. Albert, 50 Higher Duke street, M P
Hodgkinson Mrs. Ellen, Crabtree lane, Clayton
Hodgson Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 & 8 Regent Road S
Hodgeou Thomas, 51 Devonshire street, H
Hodson Frank V. 1 William street, D
Hogg Frank, 52 Byrom street
Hoggarth Mrs. Mary E. 25 and 27 Oxford Road Chorlton on Medlock
Hoggarth Miss Sarah Jane,123 Stretford rd.11
Holcroft John, 121 Hilton street, H B
Holden Arthur Richard, 40 Welbeck street, Chorlton on Medlock
Holden James Henry, 39 Hayfield street, P
Holden Joseph, 19 Ashton New Road Beswick
Holdgate Walter, 735 Oldham Road N H
Holding John Alfred, 59 Varley street, Oldham Road
Hole Fred, 88 Mill street, Bradford
Holehouse Mrs. Alice, 84 Embden street, H
Holland Jo. William,37 Rudyard st.Harpurhey
Holland Joseph, 54 Vine street, H
Holland Mrs. Martha Ann, 3 Bradford road, Ancoats
Holies Joe, 51 Higher Temple street, Chorlton on Medlock
Holliday Charlie, 31 Blackley New Road B
Holliday Fredk. 17 Royle street, Naylor street, Oldham Road
Holliday John, 50 Jersey street, Ancoats
Holmes John, 19 Great Ducie street, Strangeways
Holmes John, 45 Regent Road S
Holmes William J. 54 Preston street, H
Holt Mrs. Elizabeth, 48 Grosvenor street, C
Holt Frederick, 147 Mill street, and 82 Carruthers street, Ancoats
Holt Mrs. Jane, 12 Corporation street, S
Holt Robert, 76 Travis street, London rd
Holt William Bevan, 48 Sycamore street, Newton
Hooper Albert Edward, 2 East Church street, S
Hopkinson James, 16 Bottomley side, B
Hopkinson James, 34 West street, Higher B
Hopwood James. 70 & 72 Church lane Horton
Hopwood John William, 3 Phillips street, H
Horrocks Charles, 5 Lind street, Ancoats
Horsfall Mrs. Jane, 26 Lloyd street. G
Horsfall Squire Allen, 73 Wilmslow Road D
Horton Mrs. Ann, 24 Brighton street, Tatton street, S
Horton Mrs. Beatrice, 7 Cross lane S
Horton Thomas Hy. 3 Trent street, Rochdale Road
Hough Allen, 1 Ashton pl. Tipping street, A
Hough James, 94 George street, H
Houghton Edward Henry (& spirits), 8 Talbot Road 0 T
Houghton Thomas, 32 Frances street, S
Howard John, 83 Mill street, Ancoats
Howard Thomas, 64 Laundry street, P
Howarth Chas. Frederick, 2 Davies street, Ancoats
Howarth Marshall, 147 Lower Moss lane H
Howarth Thomas, 55 Whit lane P
Howe Mrs. Emma, 1 Ellor street, S
Hoy John, 42 Buckley street, Rochdale Road
Hoyland Lewis, 331 and 333 Regent Road S
Huddleston George W. 115 West Worsley street, S
Hudson George, 38 and 40 Clowes street, W G
Hughes John, 215 Broad street, P
Hughes Miss Mary Catherine, 135 Beech Road C cum H
Hughes Thomas, 40 ctz 42 Hankinson street, P
Hulme James. 31 Windsor, S
Hulme John, 65 Coke street, C H
Hulme Joseph, 111 Upper Medlock street, H
Hulse Mrs. Sarah Ann, 2 Harrison street, P
Halton Franklin, 21 Silk street, S
Hunt Mrs. Ellen, 6 Kay street, 0
Hunt Frank, 291 Hyde Road W
Huntbatch Richard, 15 Grafton street, P
Hurley William B. 421 Stockport Road L
Hurst William, 7 Lloyd street, H
Hutchinson John Ernest, 30 Higher Cambridge street. Chorlton on Medlock
Hutchinson Joseph, 151 Blackfriars Road S
Hutchman John, 81 Hyde Road W G
Hutton Miss Jane, 2 Great Western street, & 77 Sloane street, M S
Hyland Mrs. Amelia, 42 Cooper street & 79 Peter street

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