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 Manchester Beer Retailers in 1911 Slaters directory -  Sa

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire. The Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Manchester, Lancashire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Lancashire & Manchester pub history 1911 index

Sale Mrs. Hannah Maria. 40 East Robert street, S
Sample Arthur, 14 Naylor street, H
Sample Joseph H. 4 Livesey street, Oldham Road
Sanders Fred, 13 and 15 Price street, Ancoats
Sanders Herbert. 60A Bridge st. Chorlton on Medlock
Sanders Mrs, Mary, 26 & 28 Everton Road Chorlton on Medlock
Sargansan Tho.nas, 36 Gainsbocough street, H B
Saunders John, 5 Sophia street, Rochdale road
Saunt Mrs. Elizabeth, 127 Bury New rd
Savage Henry, Croft bank, Kirk street, Gorton
Schofield Harry, 18 Higher Cambridge street, Chorlton on Medlock.
Schofield James, 975 Ashton Old Road, 0
Schofield John, 162 Ellor street, P
Scholes David, 228 and 230 Dantzic street
Scholes Richard, 9 & 11 West Duke street S
Schwarz Herman, 115 Stockport Road A
Scott Andrew, 54 Wilmott street, H
Feamati John Thos. Fred, Gland 63 Wellington street, Gorton
Sears Alfred, 240 Morton street, L
Seddon Charles, 257 Waterloo rd C
Seddon Edwin, 41 Russell street, Ancoats
Seddon Mrs. Hannah, 58 Droylsden Road N H
Seddon Hy. 347 Bolton Road Irlams-o'-th'-Height
Seddon Thomas Johnston, 68 Elton street, L B
Seed William, 76 & 78 Cannel street, Ancoats
Selby Mr s. Betsy, 482 and 484 Ashton Old Road, 0
Selby James, 67 Clowes street, W G
Shackleton Henry Jaanes,141 Ashton Old Road, 0
Shackleton John Thomas, 17 Rochdale Road
Shacklock John, 67 Rutland street, H
Shannon Edward, 7 Poland street, Oldham Road
Sharp Frank, 1 Sunnyside street, S
Sharp John Thomas, 80 Cornwall street, 0
Sharples Albert, 46 Slater street, Oldham Road
Sharpies John, 15 and 17 New York street, A
Sharpies William, 250 Mill street, Bradford
Sharrocks Joseph, 512 Rochdale Road
Shaw Abel, 40 Sackville street
Shaw Alfred, 59 and 61 Clarendon st.
Shaw Miss Bertha, 136 Albion street, M P
Shaw George Hy. 6 Downing street, Chorlton on Medlock
Snaw Henry (one 2 Dryden street, Chorlton on Medlock
Shaw John, 269 and 271 Bradford Road Ancoats
Shaw John, 5 Clarendon street, Chorlton on Medlock
Shaw John, 100 and 102 Ordsall lane S
Shaw John Henry, 154 Wilmslow Road W
Shaw Samuel, 140 Ogden lane 0
Shaw Wilfred George, 69 Clyde street, C H
Sheeran Mrs. Edith, 324 City Road H
Sheldon John Willie, 9 Church lane Gorton
Shepherd Joseph, 38 Barlow street, Bradford
Sherran John A. 13 Belle Vue street, W G
Sherratt Ernest, 69 and 71 Percival street, Collyhurst st
Sherrett William, 9 Hudson street, Ancoats
Sherry Alfred, 27 Rutland street, H
Shipman George William, 2 Bridge street, A
Shirley Mrs. Elsie, 3 Leaf street, Pigott street, G
Shorrocks Mrs. Jessie L. 171 Rochdale Road. Harpurhey
Short Joseph Richard, 31 Gardner street. W G
Shorten John Leo, 20 Ludlow street, Chorlton on Medlock
Shovelton Thos. 81 Chester street, & 58 Leaf street,
Shrapnel Mrs. Martha Ann, 1 Consterdine street, Queens Road
ShuttMrs.Sarah,11 & 13 Percival street, Collyhurst street
Siddall George, 9 South Porter street, Ancoats
Siddall Joseph, 15 and 17 Lind street, Ancoats
Sidden William, 28 Lancaster street, H
Siddle William, 41-43 Ridgway street, Ancoats
Siepen Anthony Octavius, 23 and 25 Hyde street A
Simcock Jolla, 12 Auckland street, P
Simm Alfred, Stevenson street, S
Simmons Mrs. Fanny, 223 Great Cheetham street East, H B
Simpson Mrs. Mary, 22 & 24 West Worsley street, S
Simpson Mrs. Mary Ann, 94 Liverpool street, S
Simpson Walter, 239 Droylsden Road N H
Sims John, 73 City Road H
Sinclair Joseph, Burton Road & 26 Patten street, W
Singleton James, 811 Rochdale Road
Singleton Joseph Henry, 500 Mill street, Bradford
Sixsmith John Henry, 26 & 28 Rusholme grove B
Skade James, 11 Bradford street, Ancoats
Skaife Charles Henry, 364 Gorton lane Gorton
Skelhorn David, 2 Almond street, Rochdale street
Skelton William. 79 Rutland street, H
Skidmore Mrs. Alice, 135 City Road H
Slater Albert, 31 Bell street, 0 & 14 Gresham street
Slater Thomas, 68 and 70 New Bank street, L
Slinger Edward J. 247 Hyde Road W G
Sloan Hugh Thomas, 22 Booth st. West, Chorlton on Medlock

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