Leicester 1818-1820 Pigots Inns, Taverns and Public Houses

Leicester pub history index

Directory of Pubs in the UK historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Leicester, Leicestershire. The Leicester, Leicestershire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.


Bell, Mangeon & Amick, Humberstone gate
George & Dragon, Jas. Briggs, Haymarket
Lion & Dolphin Ruth Moore, Market place
Three Cranes, J. Greaseley, Gallowtree gate
Three Crowns, W. Bishop, Gallowtree gate
Hart (commercial) L. Dibden Haymarket
White Lion, James Jay, Market place

Taverns and Public Houses.
Admirals, George Blomley, Northgate street
Admiral Rodney, W. Haylor, High Cross street
Anchor, Edward Quilter, Charles street
Angel, Elizabeth Hall, Horsepool street
Angel, John Clark, Gallowtree gate
Antelope, John Christian, Silver street
Axe and Square, Robert Cook, Sanveygate
Barley Mow, Edward Carnon, Granby street
Black Bull, William Whitmore, Coventry street
Black Horse, William Hubbard, Granby street
Black Horse, William Freer, Belgrave gate
Black Lion, Samuel Sumner, Belgrave gate
Black Swan, Samuel Wright, Belgrave gate
Blue Boar Inn, H. Harrison, Southgate street
Blue Lion, Joseph Townsend, Granby street
Bowling Green House, Samuel Wilson, St. Peter's lane
Bowling Green, S. Stretton, Horsepool street
Brittania, Joseph Mitchell Garner, Castle street
Brittania, Avery Craythorne, Belgravc gate
Bull & Butcher, R. Dowall, Gallowtree gate
Bull's Head, William Hester, Market place
Bull's Head, Jonathan Biggs, Horsepool street
Cap and Stocking, John Hicks, East gate
Cherry Tree, Ann Possett, Bond street
Coach and Horses, W. Threlfell, Humberstone gate
Cricket Players, J. Glover, Church gate
Cross Keys, H. Nalintine, High Cross street
Crown & Anchor, W. Coleman, Millstone lane
Crown & Cushion, T. Welford, Belgrave gate
Crown & Cushion, Samuel Ward, Church gate
Crown & Thistle, Clifton, Northgate street
Crown & Thistle, John Smith, Losby lane
Crown & Thistle, Robert Newberry, Townhall lane
Daniel Lambert, J. Glover, Gallowtree gate
Dog and Gun, William Coltman, Market street
Dolphin, Edward Bass, Holy bones
Duke Cumberland, T. Sharpe, North gate
Duke Rutland, Mary Bonner, Horsepool street
Duke William, W. Stevenson, Church gate
Duke of York, Thomas Withers, Southgate street
Durham Ox, Richard Jelley, Belgrave gate
Earl Moira's Arms, E. Bailey, Northgate street
Earl Stamford's Arms, R. Beal, Northgate street
Fleece, John Cowley, Humberstone gate
Fleur de Lis, James Kirk, Belgrave gate
Foundry Man's Arms, J. Robinson, Belgrave gate
Fox, James Ward, Humberstone gate
Full Moon, William Ancock, Barkby lane
Full Moon, James Wilson, Bond street
Globe, John Neal, Silver street
General Wolf, William Colver, Northgate street
Golden Lion, William Jordan, High Cross street
Golden Fleece, Abraham Firth, Wood gate
Golden Dragon, William Glover, Market place
Greyhound, Thomas Beeby, High Cross street
Griffin, Samuel Frearson, Belgrave gate
Hare, Thomas Butler, Northgate street
Hare and Pheasant, J. Brewin, High street
Hat and Beaver, R. Spencer, High Cross street
Haunch of Venison, Daniel Pick, Cheapside
Horse and Groom, J. Hannam, Humberstone gate
Horse & Paniers, B. Murden, Brounston gate
Hotel, William Wadds, Horsefair street
Joiners' Arms, F. Carrott, High Cross street
Jolly Bacchus, G. Bradley, High Cross street
Jolly Miller, William Standley, Granby street
Leicester Abbey, H. Stevenson, Wood gate
Leicester Castle, Thomas Martin, Castle view
Lion and Lamb, H. White, Gallowtree gate
Magpie & Crown, R. Metcalf, Gallowtree gate
Marlborough's Head, John Roberts, Welford road
Marquis of Granby, H. White, Granby street
Marquis of Granby, R. Orton, Castle street
Mitre and Key, Thomas Wykes, Coventry street
Nagg's Head, William Chetland, Granby street
Nagg's Head, J, Hubbard, Horsepool street
Nagg's Head, T. Thurlby, Northgate street
Nagg's Head, H. Mansfield, High Cross street
Navigation Inn, John Peel, Belgrave gate
New Inn, John Hester, Southgate street
Old Crown, Sarah Burkill, Market place
Old Horse & Jockey, J. Bellman, Humberstone gate
Old Joseph, Thomas Rowson, Belgrave gate
Old King's Arms, Cath. Abel, Sanvey gate
Old Mitre, William Barrow, Red Cross street
Old Peacock, William Smith, High Cross street
Old Queen's Head, Chas. Goff, Friar lane
Old Unicorn, James Taylor, Bakehouse lane
Old Ten Bell's, William Barnes, Sanvey gate
Orange Tree, Eliz Johnson, Northgate street
Ordinance Arms, Daniel Aldridge, Church gate
Pack Horse, Rowland Eagle, Belgrave gate
Peacock, Thomas Stephenson, Belgrave gate
Pied Bull, J. Wesley Gillespie, High Cross street
Pelican, Solomon Bray, Gallowtree gate
Porter's Lodge, Samuel Noon, Swine market
Princess Charlotte, J. Harcot, Horsepool street
Prince Regent, Daniel Lewin, Granby street
Queen's Head, J. Hurst, Townhall lane
Ram, Samuel Peach, St. Nicholas street
Recruiting Serjeant, William Larratt, St. Nicholas street
Red Cow, Thomas Knight, Belgrave gate
Red Lion, Robert Heaford, Sanvey gate
Robin Hood, John Abrams, Abbey gate
Roebuck, Mary Smith, High street
Rose & Crown, Thomas Woodcock, Crabb street
Rose & Crown, J . Fletcher, Humberstone gate
Royal Oak, John Madford, West bridge
Sailor's Return, Hargreaves, West bridge
Saracens Head, Thomas Leigh, Hotel street
Shipley Boat, J. Sharp, Shipley Wharf
Shoulder of Mutton, T. Knight, High street
Star & Garter, Jas. Jarratt, Townhall lane
Star, John Bryon, Belgrave gate
Star, Henry Gamble, Belgrave gate
Sun, Joseph Pegg, Church gate
Swan & Fish, John Lewis, Frog island
Swan and Bushes, G. Withers, Horsepool street
Swan Two Necks, William Watts, Granby street
Talbot, George Taylor, Coventry street
Taylors' Arms, John Payne, Chatham street
Three Cranes, W. Turner, Humberstone gate
Tiger, Thomas Kettle, Church gate
Town Arms, I. Jackson, Southgate street
Waggon & Horses, R. Jefferys, Belgrave gate
Wellington Castle, James Bell, Granby street
Wheat Sheaf, Ann & Mary Green, Gallowtree gate
White Bear, Thomas Dextor, Thornton lane
White Bear, Thomas Bruce, Red Cross street
White Horse, W. Whitehead, Gallowtree gate
White Swan, W. Richardson, Market place
White Swan, Joseph Staines, Belgrave gate
Windmill, Thomas Barwell, Church gate
Woodman's Arms, Thomas Porter, Rutland street
Wood Boy, Benjamin Rudkin, Barkby street
Woolsack, Daniel Webb, Bond street
Woolstaplers' Arms, J. Dixon, Charles street

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