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Time to update this page - methinks.

Here are a number of excellent sites worth visiting, and why.

1. See the maps page for some amazing early maps - mostly at MAPCO. Also visit an amazing site in Victorian London

 A brilliant site for viewing the early Trade Directories of much of England is at the University of Leicester digital library -  they have finally stopped their previous search, and replaced it with this search. The project has completed, but the array of information available to search and download is very impressive. The site can not always be guaranteed to respond, so be patient, it is a very busy site. The site covers the whole of England, and is amazing.

Essex Record Office SEAX database, which is an amazing search engine. And do follow the links in the navigation to all Pub History on this site, including London, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Suffolk etc.

The London Gazette Online has an archive, which is absolutely amazing; I just do not have the time to peruse all of the great information - please let me know if you find something useful for the site, please.

The National Archives - Access to Archives is a brilliant site which I wish I had a whole lot more time to research. This site includes a significant amount of Sun Fire Insurance records and lots more too.

Pubs by Ewan, and a whole host of pictures on the flicker. Ewan tells me I can use any of these, but I have yet to find the time - so enjoy his pubs & pictures.

Keith Emmerson's  Beer site & Beer Guides - which was/is highly useful in listing current Public Houses, their Real Ale Beers, ownership, current state, and lots of other interesting comments on a Public House including demolition dates! Also, try the Pigs Ear  CAMRA site [cockney slang for beer, I hear]. I am getting a lot of useful data and pictures from the CAMRA guys, thank you.

The closed pubs project is pretty cool, and building all of the time. I have killed off the deadpubs site, as I want to incorporate live pubs also.

The Old Bailey online - excellent resource, with lots of Pubs included in the cases. This is also accessible from the London Lives site, which is a database of pre 1800 London records.

The Hertfordshire CAMRA database is a very useful resource

The Essex Pubs Site originally built by Ian Hunter, who sadly died. His site has been resurrected by his friends, and is updated on a daily basis. It is a genealogical piece of wizardry, plus lots of pictures, old and new. Parts of the Essex Pubs now in London are regularly updated on this site with permission of the owner.

The London Metropolitan Archives - brilliant place to visit or contact for information, and pictures for a nominal fee. I have only spent a day or two here, so far, but more to follow as time permits.

Also; The Olympics Zone area over the ages - maps and links to the area from past generations. This site is the reason I decided to do a London Pubs site, to cash in on the Olympics in 2012.  Well, things have changed, and the Olympics will be successful with me or without me! Here is a walk round the Olympics Zone in 2006

A slight deviation from pubs, but this is a recommendation for a Gas Safe engineer. I had some problems recently when my house was deemed unsafe due to a gas leak. A quick phone call put me in contact with a  local Gas Safe Engineer. He visited my premises within twenty minutes, and spent the next eight hours completely rebuilding the gas piping. On a subsequent visit, he replaced the boiler. On a third call out, he relagged some pipes, and refused any form of payment - this was free after-service. This amazing guy is Nerim, a Gas Safe Engineer who works in Essex and London (and I have the highest regard for this great guy).

Never ignore the Genuki site listings, they are sometimes hard to find your way about - but not the London Listing @  http://homepages.gold.ac.uk/genuki/LND/ - a brilliant & updated page. there are lots of similar links to here, and much other useful info too.

 Well, I have been working on another site for the History of Stratford -  The site includes the History of Stratford, West Ham, Canning Town, Silvertown, Romford, Hornchurch, Great Warley, Little Warley, Wennington & Rainham, plus more as I feel like adding them.

There is a new picture of the Blackwall Tunnel entrance, from about 1899. I was so impressed with this, that some new pages were considered. Why? The information is already available in good search engines, and then I found this site - Port Cities London - Brilliant.

The Hackney Archives has a fantastic array of photographs that I cannot copy due to copyright, but do enjoy them; I often wander through the 43 pages of pictures in admiration. I hit a similar problem with the Brighton archives the other day. they like their pound of flesh, it is sad that these images are not available for sensible web administrators to use - never mind. They therefore do not get a link!

A good link from here, for pictures is Ken Finchs Bethnal Green Photo Archive - excellent.

 I have noted this site a few times when searching for London addresses - it is rather excellent and specifically is about Music Halls & Theatres, but has a mass of other information and pictures - arthurlloyd.co.uk

The wayback machine - Wow, this is a useful site - it saves an OLD copy [sometimes] of a web site from 'way back',

 A rather interesting site is of the 1883 Blacks Guide to England & Wales - I enjoy it enough to want to link to the site

 A rather interesting blog from Ottowa - Anglo-Celtic connections

 I found this 1790s Alehouse  site whilst working through sites which link back to me. It needs some additional help, but is a really interesting read, and similar thought process on why I run this site; i.e. the historical quirks of London if you look. Enjoy a good read.



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