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Wakefields Directory 1794 - brewers, wine & brandy merchants - AD.

The Wakefields Directory in 1794 - just the brewers, wine & brandy merchants, and the odd coffee house etc

Wakefields Directory 1794 AD , EK , LR, SY

Anthony Abbott, Half Moon tavern, Gracechurch street
Richard and Tate Adams, wine merchants, Lime street
I Adams, wine and brandy merchant, Chandos street, covent Garden
Aiskill and Child, wine merchants, 2 Boars Head court, Gracechurch street
Thomas Alden, wine merchant, Tothill street, Westminster
David Alexander, wine merchant, Whitechapel road
Allan and Smith, wine merchants, 12 Mark lane
J Allden, wine and brandy merchant, Three Tuns, Miles lane
William and John Allen, brewers, Bell street, Ratcliff Highway
Thomas Allen, brewer, Nightingale lane, East Smithfield
Thomas Allingham, wine merchant, Dowgate Hill
Allis, Ager and Co, brewers, Horselydown
William Allison, wine merchant, 2 Fowkes buildings, Great Tower street
Allnutt, Jones and Thomas, wine merchants, 55 Mark lane
Richard Allnutt, wine merchant, 55 Mark lane
William Allworthy, brewer, Skinner street, Bishopsgate without
William Anderson, Surry Tavern, Surry street, Strand
Richard Andrews, wine merchant, 67 Wood street, Cheapside
William Annison, dealer in wines, 41 Crooked lane
Samuel Ansell, brandy merchant, 242 Bermondsey street
Thomas Arstall, wine merchant, 74 Mount street, Grosvenor square
William Ball, grocer, wine and brandy merchant, 161 Fenchurch street
John Banfield, cooper and brandy merchant, Hammond court, Mincng lane
John Banks, Shakspear Tavern, Carnaby street, Carnaby market
Barclay and Co, brewers, Southwark
Bardin and Bear, distillers and brandy merchants, Kensington
William Bared, wine merchant, 103 St Martins lane
J Barker, wine and brandy merchant, 2 Marylebone street
J Barker, wine and brandy merchant, 118 High Holborn
Sarah Barker, Wills Coffee house, cornhill
John Barnes, wine merchant, St Mary Axe
Batteson and Watts, brandy merchants, Durham court, Trinity lane
Francis Batterton, brandy merchants, 118 High street, Borough
Thomas baxter, brandy merchant, Kensington
Lewis Beauvais and Co, wine merchants, 77 Jermyn street
Beckett and Ward, brewers, Gravesend
James Beck, wine merchant, Bells wharf, Southwark
James Bell, wine merchant, 32 Coventry street
Bellamy and Kew, wine merchants, Palace yard, Westminster
W Bellendine, wine and brandy merchants, 14 Glasshouse street
Joseph Bellense, wine and brandy merchant, Stangate street, Lambeth
Edward Bennett, brandy merchant, 31 Friday street
Tomothy Bently, brewer, Little Tower hill
John Bickham, George Inn, West Smithfield
Bicknell and Son, brewers, Mile End road
John Andrew Biggs Esq, wine and brandy merchant, Windsor
Edward Bivin, wine merchant, Paradise row, Lambeth
James Blake, brewer, Lower Tooting, Surrey
Blydestin and Son, Old Hock and wine merchants, Harp lane
Bockett, Johnson and Bockett, distillers and brandy merchants, Bridge street, Blackfriars
John Bolton, wine and brandy merchant, 6 Old Bond street
Edward Bond, brewer, 126 Golden lane
William Bond, wine and brandy merchant, 16 Vine street, Hatton garden
Alexander Boote, Crown Tavern, Bow lane, Cheapside
Richard Botheroyd, wine and brandy merchant, 23 Golden lane, Barbican
Benjamin Bovill, wine merchant, 21 Miles lane, Cannon street
J Bowen, wine and brandy merchant, 18 Abchurch lane - White Hart
Richard Boyce, brandy merchant, Norfolk street, Strand
Robert Boyd, wine and brandy merchant, 12 Exeter street, Strand
Robert Bradfield, pale beer brewer, Whitcomb street
John Bradley, wine merchant, Hart street, Covent garden
Wiliam Bramley, wine merchant, 55 Greek street, Soho
John Brazier, wine merchant, 18 Coopers row, Crutched friars
John Bridges, wine merchant, 32 Duke street, St James's
John Bright, brewer, Mile end
Thomas Bright, brewer, 45 Queen street, Cheapside
John Bromley, brandy merchant, 59 Kingsland road
Rihard Brooke, wine merchant, 1 Prescott street
Joseph Brotherton, wine and brandy merchant, Little St James street
Thomas Broughton, wine merchant, 16 Bishopsgate street
Brown and Whiteford, wine merchants, 29 Craven street
Brown and Wilkinson, wine merchants, 8 Fenchurch street
Thomas Brown, wine merchant, Gould square, Crutched friars
Timothy Brown, brandy merchant, 4 Rood lane
William Bryon, wine and brandy merchant, Angel row, Hammersmith
William Buckle, wine and brandy merchant, 64 Queen street
John Buckley, brewer, Newington butts
Richard Bullock, wine merchant, Cushion court, Broad street
D Bumstead, Grocery anf British Wine Warehouse, 184 Bishopsgate without
Charles Bunyon, wine and brandy merchant, 64 Tower street
J Bunyon, wine and brandy merchant, St Johns gate
William Burch, wine and brandy merchant, Great Windmill street
Burchett and Palin, wine merchants, Old Brentford
John Burnett, brewer, Shad Thames
Burton and Co, wine and brandy merchants, Golden Cross, Charing cross
Butcher and son, brewers, 37 Stoney street, Southwark
Thomas Butler, Cock Tavern, Threadneedle street
Christopher Byrne, wine merchant, 112 High Holborn
Felix Calvert Esq, brewers, Upper Thames street
Calvert, Morrell and Co, brewers, Whitecross street
Campbell and Son, wine and brandy merchants, Great Surrey street, Blackfriars road
James Campbell, Pale beer brewer, Greenwich
Benjamin Cape, brewer, Gravel lane, Southwark
R Capps, Three Tuns Tavern, 87 St Margarets hill, Borough
Carbonnell, Moody and Walker, wine merchants, King street, Golden square
Edward Thomas Carder, brewer, Romford, Essex
Carpenter and Biggs, brewers, Kingsland road
John Carrington and Co, brewers, Mile End
James Carter, brandy merchant, 33 Barbican
Cary, Peter and Co, wine merchants, Goswell street
Castleman and Co, wine and brandy merchants, Grove, Camberwell
William Cator and Co, brewers, Old street
M Cauretta, wine merchant, 27 Queen street, Golden square
Tyson Chapman, brewer, Windsor street, Putney
Tyson Chapman jun, brewer, Fulham
Charrington and Fauter, wine merchants, 3 College hill
John and William Chatfield, wine and brandy merchants, 15 Crutched friars, or Croydon
John Cheltnam, wine and brandy merchant, 28 Brook street, Holborn
J Cherrington and Co, wine and brandy merchants, College hill
Samuel Child, brewer, 15 Little Compton street, Soho
Peter Chilcott, brandy and rum merchant, 46 Hoxton square
Christian and Lewis, distillers and Foreign wine merchants, 218 High Holborn
Christe and Barrow, wine merchants, St James's market
Clark and Co, wine and brandy merchants, Cullum street, Fenchurch street
John Clark, wine merchant and cooper, East lane, Rotherhithe
Peter Clark, brandy merchant, 3 Nags Head court, Gracechurch street
James Clarke, brewer, Liquorpond street
Benjamin Clarkson, wine merchant, South Audley street
Isaac Clemmitt, White Bear Inn, 235 Piccadilly
Coare and Swain, wine and brandy merchants, 8 Newgate street
William Coare, wine and brandy merchant, Newgate street
Daniel Cock, brandy merchant and tallow chandler, Uxbridge
William Cody, dealer in beer, 9 Mermaid court, Borough
Stephen Cole, brewer, Twickenham
Edward Collins, brewer, Richmond, Surrey
Colvin and Lownes, wine and brandy merchants, 228 Strand
Richard Coombes, brewer, Clapham common
Combrune and Son, brewers, Golden lane
William Congreve, brewer, 63 Great Saffron hill
Conyers, Salby and Walmly, wine merchants, 3 Argyle street
Conyers and Lane, wine merchants, Little St Thomas Apostle
John Charles Cook and Crabb, brewers, wine and brandy merchants, Church street, Twickenham
J Cooper, brewer, Long lane, Smithfield
Isaac Cooper, wine and brandy merchant, 4 Prospect place, St Georges fields
John Copland, brandy merchant, 25 St Martins lane
William Corne, brandy merchant, Newman street, Oxford street
John Courage, brewer, Horselydown, Old stairs
Thomas Cowan and Co, wine merchants, factors and brokers, Crooked lane
Cowell and Coe, brewers, Maid lane, Southwark
John and G Cowell, brandy merchant, 8 Water lane, Thames street
Cox, King, Curtis and Payne, brewers, City road
Cox, Fassett and Co, brewers, Wells yard, St Giles
Robert Cox, brewer, Parkers lane, Drury lane
Ceank and Gisborne, wine merchants, 38 Cannon street
Jonathan Crowther, wine merchant, 86 Wood street
Curling and Hooper, brandy merchants, 18 Newe mt, Southwark
John Curtis, wine and brandy merchant, Mile end
Susannah Curtis, brewer, 260 Wapping stairs
Cutler, Olive and Colkett, wine merchants, Suffolk lane
Thomas Dannett, brandy merchants, Battle bridge
Alexander Davidson, beer and cyder merchants, 24 Mill lane
George Davies, brewer, Maid lane, Southwark
Davis and Bent, brewers, Lower Tooting, Surrey
John Davis, wine and brandy merchant, Bagnigge wells
George Dawes, wine and brandy merchants, Rood lane, Fenchurch street
T Daw, brandy and cyder merchant, 32 Blackman street, Borough
Edward Dawson, rum and brandy merchant, 143 St Johns street
George Dawson, wine merchant, Gutter lane, Cheapside
T Dawson, wine and brandy merchant, Blackmore street, Clare market
J Day, cooper and brandy merchant, 58 Leman street, Goodmans fields
Walstenhalm Dean, New Inn, Waltham Abbey
Dearing and Pool, wine merchants, 64 South Molton street
David Debeaune, wine merchant, 35 City road, Moorfields
Henry Delamine and Son, wine merchants, Berners street, Oxford street
F Delapierre, wine merchant, Castle street, leicester square
Dennis and Son, brandy merchants, 128 Tooley street
John B Dennis, brandy merchant, 29 St Andrews hill Cock & Crown
Thomas Dennsi, wine merchant, 22 Crutched friars
Dickinson and Combrune, brewers, 35 Golden lane
R and I Dickinson, brewers, St John street
Dickinson and Young, brewers, Islington road
Thomas Diggins, Garraways Coffee house, Exchange alley
Dixon and Ramsey, wine merchants, 48 Little Eastcheap
Alexander Donaldson, wine and brandy merchant, 12 Clements inn
Thomas Dornford, wine merchant, 14 Philpot lane
Thomas Drane and Co, brewers, Limehouse causeway
John Dyer, brewer, 28 Haydon yard, Minories
J Dyson, brewer, Watford, Herts

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