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    London Street Directory in 1843 - A1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    AARON Benjamin Wolfe, watch manufacturer, 17 Bury street, St. Mary Axe
    Aarons & Alexander, tobacconists, 5 Russell court, Drury lane
    Aarons Benjn. who. furrier, 3 Knowles court, Doctors commons
    Abbey James, Lion & Lamb P. H. l Drummond street, Euston square
    Abbinett Ann (Mrs.), linendraper, l Youl's place, Old Kent road
    Abbiss James & Co. tea dealers, 60 Gracechurch street
    Abbitt Charles Robert, butcher, 58 James street, Oxford street
    Abbot William & Sons, proctors, 4 Dean's court, Doctors commons
    Abbot John, sailmaker, 6 Lower East Smithfield
    Abbott, Jenkins & Abbott, attorneys, 8 New inu, Strand
    Abbott Thomas & Son, plumbers, 10 Silver Street, Golden square
    Abbott William & Son, patent hair felt manufacturers, 11 Bermondsey street
    Abbott Alfred, horse hair manufacturer, 4 Anchor street, Shoreditch
    Abbott Ann (Miss), wine & spirit merchant, West lane, Bermondsey
    Abbott Anthony Duke, professor of music, 54 Spencer street, Goswell road
    Abbott Arthur, bricklayer, 16 New street, Golden square
    Abbott Charles, bootmaker, 25 Jermyn street, St. James's
    Abbott Charles, cattle salesman, 15 West Smithfield
    Abbott Charles, cheesemonger, 4 Lambeth Lower marsh
    Abbott Charles, oilman, 81 Regent street, Lambeth
    Abbott Daniel, butcher, 18 Mount row, Liverpool road
    Abbott Daniel, cabinet maker, 60 & 61 Brill row, Somers town
    Abbott Edward oilman, 115 St. Martin's lane, Charing cross
    Abbott Éowin, brewer & sole agent for Hodgson's pale ale in bottles, Bow Brewery, & 98 Gracechurch street
    Abbott Edwin M. cooper, &c. Shadwell dock, Lower Shadwell
    Abbott Francis George, attorney & patent agent, 34 Upper North place, Gray's inn road, & Rolls yard, Chancery lane
    Abbott Fred. furnishing undertaker & casemaker, 8 Crooked lane
    Abbott George, chair manufacturer, 25 Warren street; Fitzroy
    Abbott George, sculptor & modeller, 61, Poland street, Oxford street
    Abbott George, window blind maker, 23 Bethnal green road
    Abbott Henry, Angel beer shop, 1 Weston street, Somers town
    Abbott James, auctioneer, 2 Agar street, West Strand
    Abbott James, bricklayer, &c. 23 Great Pulteney Street
    Abbott James Leonard, upholsterer & cabinet maker, 31 Hoxton square
    Abbott James Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 31 Coleman street
    Abbott John, attorney, 10 Charlotte street, Bedford square
    Abbott John, Harrow P. H. 77 High street, Poplar
    Abbott John, John Bull P. H. 30 Tyer street, Lambeth
    Abbott John, upholsterer, 17 Judd street, Brunswick square
    Abbott John Darlton, White Lion P. H. 16 High street, St. Giles
    Abbott John Richard, stationer & toyman; 30 Judd street
    Abbott Jonathan, baker, 29 Leigh street, Burton crescent
    Abbott Thomas, lamp & chandelier manufacturer,60 Frith street
    Abbott Vernon Montague, solicitor, 44 Lincoln's inn fields
    Abbott William, clock engraver, 10 Northampton street, Clerkenwell
    Abbott William, conveyancer, 3 Windsor place, City road
    Abbott William, Grapes P. H. 110 Fore street, Cripplegate
    Abbott William, plumber, 19 Millbank street, Westminster
    Abbott William, tailor, 6 Bury street, St. James's
    Abbotts & Hodgson, brewers, see Hodgson & Abbotts
    Abecasis Solomon, merchant, 21 Leman street, Goodman's fields
    Abecasis Solomon, merchant, see Aloof, Abecasis & Aloof
    Abecassis, Fortunato & Salvdor, merchants, 3 Great Prescot street
    A'Beckett, Son & Sympson, solicitors, 7 Golden square
    Abel George, bone boiler, 25 Green street, Wellington street, Blackfriars
    Abel Benjamin, bone dealer, 24 Green street, Wellington street, Blackfriars
    Abel Samuel & Co. chemists, &c.116 Albany street, Regent's park
    Abel George, glove maker, 133 St. John street road
    Abel Henry, bootmaker, 1 Curtain road, Shooreditch
    Abel John L. professor of music, 16 Kennington place, Upper Kennington lane
    Abeling William, chronometer & clock maker, 6 Spencer street, Goswell road
    Abell Thomas & Co. merchants, 8 Old Jewry
    Abell Edward, custom house & shipping agent, 41 Fish street hill
    Abell Edward, agent to the general steam navigation company, 41 Fish street hill
    Abell Thomas, painter & glazier, 4 Eyre street hill, Hatton garden
    Abell William, upholsterer, 43 Fish street hill, City
    Abelton George, baker, 149 Upper Whitecross street
    Abelton Robert, bread & biscuit baker, 3 Mark lane
    Abercrombie Susan & Mary Ann, ladies' school, 69 Warren street
    Abercrombie William, ship agent, see Compton & Aborcrombie
    Abercrombie William Henry, brassfounder & gasfitter, 19 John street, Fitzroy square
    Aberdeen Steam Wharf, Irongate wharf, Tower
    Aberdour Thomas, tailor, 27 Ernest street, Regent's park
    Abery William, water gilder, 70 Red Lion street, Clerkenwell
    Abethell John, pawnbroker, 13 & 14 Calthorpe place, Grays inn road
    Ablett & Wheeler, hosiers & shirt makers, 234 Regent street
    Ablett William Henry & Co. outfitters & hosiers, 37 Cornhill
    Ablett Fisher, hosier, 162 Piccadilly
    Ablett Isaac, solicitor, 6 Newcastle street, Strand
    Ablett John, ready made linen warhehouse, see Wheeler & Ablett
    Ablett Joseph, carpenter, Allen's court, 387 Oxford street
    Ablett Joseph, farrier, 100 Park street, Kenilington cross
    Ablewhite Edw. & Co. coachmaker, Gothic hall, Union place, New road
    Abney Park Cemetery Company (John Conquest, secretary), 53 Moorgate street
    Abohbot Abraham, spice & drug mer.7 Castle street, Houndsditch
    Aborigines' Protection Society (Richard King, secretary), 4 Piccadilly
    Abrahall Bennett Hoskyns, barrister, 3 Harcourt buildings
    Abraham & Gardiner, ready made linen & outfitting warehouse, 53 Houndsditch
    Abraham Benj. builder, 11 Winter terrace, Trinity square, Borough
    Abraham George Fred. attorney, 6 Great Marlborough street
    Abraham Godfrey, watch & clock manufacturer. 51 Great Prescot street
    Abraham Henry, King Harry VIII. P. H. Mile end road
    Abraham Henry Robert, architect, 1 Torrington street, Russell square
    Abraham James, butcher, 145 Lambeth walk
    Abraham John, jeweller & gold chain maker, 21 Bevis marks
    Abraham John H. printer, 1 Clement's lane, Lombard street
    Abraham Moses, solicitor, 36 Whitecross street, Cripplegate, & 10 Liverpool street, King's cross
    Abraham Richard, carver & gilder, 8 Bruton street, Bond street
    Abraham Robert, architect & surveyor, 1 Torrington street, Russell square; and 32 York terrace, Regent's park
    Abraham Thomas, brushmaker, 30 Frederick place, Hampstead road
    Abraham Thomas, carpenter & undertaker, 8 Camden street, Islington green
    Abraham Thomas, surgeon, 49 Old Broad street
    Abraham Thomas Rt. merchant, see Charnley & Abraham
    Abraham Victor, military embroiderer, 5 Lisle street,. Leicester square
    Abraham William Henry, Five Bells P.H. 2 Bermondsey square
    Abrahams Abraham, clothes salesman, 8 Holywell street, Strand
    Abrahams Abraham, fancy cabinet maker, 97 St. John's square
    Abrahams Alexander, bootmaker, 30 Well street, Wellclose square
    Abrahams Alfred, gold guard & neck chain manufacturer, 12 & 24 Bevis marks
    Abrahams A.(Mrs.), watchmans. 9 Great Prescot street, Goodman fields
    Abrahams Elizh.(Mrs.), watchmaker, 27 Hanway street, Oxford street
    Abrahams Henry, printer & publisher, 25 Houndsditch
    Abrahams John, Swan P.H. 2 Upsal row, Kingsland road
    Abrahams Michael, oil & italian warehouse, 51 Mansell street
    Abrahams Samuel, solicitor, 4 Lincoln's inn fields
    Abrahams Sarah (Mrs.), coal merchant; 234 Oxford street
    Abrahams Soesman, teadealer, 40 & 113 Middlesex street & 128 Borough High street
    Abram George James, & William, law stationers, Middle Temple lane
    Abrams Edw. potato salesman, 3 Union street east, Spitalfields
    Absalom William George, vellum binder, 6 Old North street, Red lion square
    Absell James, upholsterer, &c. 8 Prospect place, Kingsland road
    Absell William, cooper, 1 Blossom street, Norton folgate
    Absolom & Russell, milliners, 22 Princes street, Hanover square
    Absolom Edward, wholesale grocer, see Stubbs, Absolom & Stubbs
    Absolon John, tailor, 10 Sloane square, Chelsea
    Abud Rich. & Co. refiners & sweepwashers, 19 & 20 Long acre
    Abud Richard, goldsmith, &c. see Kitching & Abud
    Abud William. Taylor, refiner, 1 St. James's street, Clerkenwell
    Aburn John, goldbeater, 1 Little George street, Bermondsey
    Aburrow William, druggist, &c. see Taylor & Aburrow
    Accident Relief Society (Rd. Croxton, sec.), 26 Birchin lane
    Accountant General in Chancery's Office, Chancery lane
    Achilles British & Foreign Life Assurance Association (Edward Gilbertson, secretary); 24 Lombard street
    Ackerman Joseph, tailor & draper, 4 Hayes court, Soho
    Ackermann & Co. publishers, book & printsellers to Her Majesty, His Royal Highness Prince Albert, and the Royal Family, color & pencil manufacturers, plain & fancy stationery, wholesale & retail, 90 Strand
    Ackermann Rudolph, eclipse sporting gallery, printseller, bookseller, fancy stationer, & manufacturer of superfine water colors to Her Majesty and the Royal Faulily, 191 Regent street
    Acklam John Philip, goldsmith & watchmaker, masonic jeweller & clothing & furniture manufacturer, 138 Strand
    Acklan Thomas, Sun & Thirteen Cantons, P.H. 21 Great Pulteney street
    Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women (office for filing the certificates of), Serjeants' inn, Chancery lane
    Ackva John, baker, 7 Bear street, Leicester square
    Acland Lawford, solicitor, see Chilton & Acland
    Acock Arthur, bootmaker, 26 Henrietta street, Covent garden
    Acock Edward, glove manufacturer, see Harborow & Acock
    Acock Rd. hairdresser & perfumer, 22 Bishopsgate without
    Acocks Thomas, wholesale cheesemonger, see Yeats & Acocks
    Acocks Thomas, cheesemonger, &c. 4 Great Trinity lane
    Acocks William, plumber, painter & paper hanger, 10 Tavistock place, Tavistock square & 9 Store street, Bedford square
    Acome George, tailor, 10 Robert street, Grosvenor square
    Acret George Edward, truss maker, 20 Mortimer street, Cavendish square
    Acret George Sims, truss maker. & author of the popular treatise on Hernia, 39 Houndsditch
    Acret Willian Henry, surgeon, 47 Torrington square
    Acton George & Sons, emery, putty powder, scouring paper, rouge & black lead manufacturers, 72 Shoe lane, Fleet street
    Acton George William, tallow chandler & oilman, 66 Farringdon street
    Acton Thomas, livery stables, 27 Upper King street, Bloomsbury
    Acton Thomas, lodging house, 50 Jewin street, Cripplegate
    Acton,William, surgeon, 5 George street, Hanover square
    Acutt John, linendraper, 15 Park place, Kennington cross
    Acutt Richard, linendraper, 33 Bridge road, Lambeth
    Acutt Robert, dealer in paintings, 11 Holywell street, Strand
    Acworth Edward, linendraper, 8 Cornbury place, Old Kent road
    Adam Alexander & Sons, merchants, 5 Martin's lane, Cannon street
    Adam Geo. & Co. glass manufacturers, 3 Bishopsgate within
    Adam John & James, fruit brokers, ll Pudding lane, Eastcheap
    Adam Arthur, wax & tallow chandler,30 Foley street, Portland place
    Adam George, fruiterer & orange merchant, 39 New Bond street
    Adam George, merchant, 55 Cornhill
    Adam James, cabinet & guncase maker, 16 Brownlow street, Long acre
    Adam Thomas Wilkie, baker, 7 St.James's street, Pall mall
    Adam William, west india merchant, see Nelson & Adam
    Adams & Co. merchants & insurance brokers, 7 Jeffreys, square, St. Mary axe
    Adams & Ede (late Webb), robe makers to her Majesty, 193, Fleet street, corner of Chancery lane
    Adams Francis B.S. Sons, watch manufacturers. 21 & 28 St. John square, Clerkenwell
    Adams & Hooper, coachmakers, &c., 28 Haymarket
    Adams & Pollock, manchester warehouse, 2 Godfrey's court, Milk street
    Adams Ralph & Co. tile makers, Belle isle, Maiden lane, Kings cross
    Abraham Sam S. & Benj. watch manufacturers. 23 Little Alie Street, Goodmans field
    Adams Thomas & Co. umbrella makers, 212 High Holborn
    Adams Alfred, chemist & French medicine imp. 122 Piccadilly
    Adams Arthur R. barrister, l Mitre court buildings, Temple
    Adams Benjamin, bootmaker, 14 Narrow street, Limehouse
    Adams Butler, pattern drawer, 11 Union court, Old Broad street
    Adams Charles, butcher, 1 Brighton place, Hackney road
    Adams Charles, locksmith & bellhanger, 44 New Compton street
    Adams Edmund, accountant, 5 Barge yard, Bucklersbury
    Adams Edward, Horse & Groom P.H. 5l Castle street, Leicester square
    Adams Edward, oyster salesman, see Willson & Adams
    Adams Edward Richards, Bridewell Hospital, New Bridge street
    Adams Edward Richards, jun. barrister, 2 Old square, Lincoln's inn; & 33 Woburn square
    Adams Elizabeth (Mrs.), cooper, 29 Bury street, St. Mary axe
    Adams Elizabeth, (Mrs.), stone & slate merchant, Upper Ground street
    Adams Emma (Miss), tobacconist, 398 Oxford street
    Adams George, attorney, 3 Church court, Clement's lane
    Adams George, furniture broker, 5 Rose & Crown court, Finsbury
    Adams George, Crown & Barleymow P. H. 23 Grays inn lane
    Adams George, Ship P. H. 23 Walcot place east, Lambeth
    Adams Henry, cheesemonger, 38 Queen's road, Bayswater
    Adams Henry, nurseryman, King's road, Chelsea
    Adams Henry, solicitor, see Yarborough & Adams
    Adams Henry Austin, Rising Sun P. H. 26 High road, Knightsbridge
    Adams Hugh Westren, linendraper, see Christian, Adams & Dewey
    Adams lsaac, butcher, 8 Lower Porchester street, Edgware road
    Adams Isaac, Fortune of War P. H. Belle isle, Kings cross
    Adams Isaac, organ builder, 25 Old Compton street, Soho
    Adams James, Peacock P. H. 23 Great Trinity lane, Bread street
    Adams James, surgeon, 39 Finsbury square
    Adams James, tailor, 2 Star alley, Fenchurch street
    Adams James, tailor, 47 York street, Westminster
    Adams John, appraiser & house agent, 76 High street, Camden town
    Adams John, baker, 14 Cross street, Islington
    Adams John, brick & tile yard, 1 St. Chads row, Grays inn road
    Adams John, builder, &c. Albion road, Stoke Newington
    Adams Jn. chronometer & watchspring maker, 28 Perceval street, Goswell street
    Adams John, feather merchant, 4 George street, Thrawl street, Spitalfields
    Adams John, muffin baker, 30 Goodge street, Tottenhäm court road
    Adams John, picture liner, 12 Great Newport street, Long acre
    Adams John, serjeant at law, 1 Serjeants' inn, Chancery lame
    Adams John, servants' institute, 117 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
    Adams John, Shakspear's Head P. H. 31 Wych street, Strand
    Adams John, Ship P. H. Essex wharf, Milford lane, Strand
    Adams John, surgeon, 31 New Broad street
    Adams John, whitesmith, 19 King street, Seven Dials
    Adams John, jun, barrister, l Serjeants' inn, Chancery lame
    Adams John Hilditch, solicitor; 3 Dean's court, Doctors' commons, & 10 Essex street, Strand
    Adams John Fras. solicitor, see Millard, Adams & Millard
    Adams Joseph, agent for Glasgow Steam Packet Co.82 Lombard street
    Adams Joseph, butcher, 46 Adam street west, Portman square
    Adams Joseph, mast & blockmaker, 11 Narrow street, Limehouse
    Adams Joseph, wharfinger, Leith & Glasgow, Lower East Smithfield
    Adams Joseph A. furnishing, ironmonger, 15 King street, Seven dials
    Adams Joshua, paiuter & glazier. 34 Leonard street, Finsbury
    Adams Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Weymouth street, Portland place
    Adams Nath. upholsterer & undertaker, l Nassau street, Middlesex his
    Adams Rd, locksmith & bellhanger, 62 King street, Seven dials
    Adams Robert, baker, 11 King Street, New North road. Islington
    Adams Robert, Milford Arms P.H. 47 Milford lane, Strand
    Adams Robert, Union P.H. 22 Queen street, Pimlico
    Adams Samuel, equirotal carriage builder, 159 Drury lane
    Adams Samuel, lace agent, 22 Lawrence lane, Cheapside
    Adams Samuel, tailor & clothier, 79 Brewer street, Somers town
    Adams Sarah (Mrs.), ginger beer maker, 15 Fieldgate street, Whitechapel
    Adams Sarah (Mrs), milliner, 24 Northumbland street, Marylebone
    Adams Thomas, Apollo P.H. 191 Tottenham court road
    Adams Thomas, chronometer maker see Widenham & Adams
    Adams Thomas, cooper & grocer. 3 Green street, Kentish town
    Adams Thomas, fruiterer, 20 Harrow road, Paddington
    Adams Thomas, Grapes P.H. 14 Lime street, City
    Adams Thomas, professor of music, 77 John street, Fitzroy square
    Adams Thomas, seedsman, see Miner, Adams & Nash
    Adams Thomas, wireworker, 14 Norfolk street, Middlesex hospital
    Adams Walter, dairyman, 6 Theberton street, Islington
    Adams William, bootmaker, 219 Hoxton old town
    Adams William, cabinet maker, 8 Cumberland street, Middlesex hospital
    Adans William, ironmonger, 91 Fore street, Limehouse
    Adams William, law stationer, 4 Symond's inn, Chaucery lane
    Adams William, stockbroker, see Guy & Adams
    Adams William, weavers turner & skittle maker, 24 Booth street, Spitalfields
    Adams William sen, fruiterer, Centre row, Covent garden market
    Adams William Salkeld, ironmonger, 57. Haymarket
    Adams William Smith, grocer, &c. 4 Commercial place, Kingsland road
    Adams William Stephen, tobacconist, 44 Haymarket

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