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    London Street Directory in 1843 - C1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    CAARTEN John Marius Bicker, barrister, 11 Kings bench walk
    Cabban John, cooper, 2 Lavender place, Rotherhithe
    Cabbell Benjamin Bond, barrister, 1 Brick court, Temple
    Cabbell Thomas, barrister, 1 Essex court, Temple
    Cabburn James, grocer, 1 High street, Portland town
    Cabburn John Francis, anti-doloric oil manufacturer, 43 Chichester place
    Cabburn Jas. B. White Hart P.H. Gray's inn road & New road
    Cable Alfred, coffee rooms, 3 Belmont row, Nine elms
    Cable Elizabeth (Mrs.), livery stables, 245 High Holborn
    Cable Hen. cooper, turner, hoop & measure maker, 47 Tower street
    Cable John, grocer, 7 Crosby row, King street, Borough
    Cable Robt. William, fruiterer,34 Norfolk street, Middlesex hospital
    Cable William, Rose & Crown P.H. 23 Charles street, Stepney
    Cadbury Mark & Son, cheesemongers, 24 New Bond street
    Cadbury Thomas, cheesemonger, 2 Bridge street, Vauxhall, and 9 Crosby row, Walworth road
    Cadby Chas. patent pianoforte manufacturer, 20 Alfred street, Bedford square
    Cadd Thomas, oilman & drysalter, 67 Chiswell street
    Caddel Thomas & Edward, desk & dress case maker,113 Leadenhall street
    Caddell Archibald, Coach & Horses P.H. 37 Hill street, Berkeley square
    Caddell David, solicitor, 13 Bell's buildings, Salisbury square
    Cade Frederick, builder, 1 Smart's buildings, High Holborn
    Cade John, builder & undertaker, 28 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
    Cadell Thomas, bookseller & publisher, 141 Strand
    Caden Margaret(Mrs.), coffeerooms, 39 Wilderness row, Clerkenwell
    Cadman Charles, undertaker, 1 Southampton terrace, Kentish town
    Cadman James, grocer, &c. 17 Park street, Camden town
    Cadman John, umbrella manufacturer, 200 Strand
    Cadman William, cutler, 221 Shadwell, & 3 Upper East Smithfield
    Cadney & Botting, dairymen, 34 George street, Portman square
    Cadogan Literary & Scientific Institution (Nathaniel F. Zaba, director), Botanic gardens, Sloane street
    Cadogan William, surveyor, 4 Picket place & 2 Essex street, Strand
    Cafe Henry Smith, auctioneer, &c. 48 Great Marlborough street
    Cafe Thomas Smith, artist, 80 Newman street, Oxford street
    Cafe William, Smith, house agent & valuer, 31 Commercial road, Lambeth
    Caffary Patrick John, merchant, see Shaw & Cafiary
    Cahan Edward, tailor & draper, 389 Strand
    Cahill Thomas, physician, 12 Michael's place, Brompton
    Cahill William, cheesemonger, 41 Hatfield street, Stamford street, Blackfriars
    Cahlmann Bros. I & S. merchants, 1 Copthall chambers, Throgmorton street
    Caigou James Dan, printer, 4 Northampton place, Canonbury square, Islington
    Cailes James, Hercules Pillar P.H. 18 Great Queen street
    Caillard Camille Timothee, french teacher, 76 Upper Berkeley street
    Cain Joseph & Co. fishmongers, 2 Star corner, Bermondsey
    Cain & Lewis, tailors, 13 York place, Westminster road
    Cain John, tailor, 28 Belton street, Long acre
    Cain William, surgeon, &c. 152 Whitechapel road
    Caines George C. bookseller & stationer, 2 Halkin street west, Belgrave square
    Caines Charles, wholesale glover, 99 Wood street, Cheapside
    Calcas Ann (Mrs.), straw hat maker, 16 Newington causeway
    Calcott Stephen, coal dealer, 2 Great White lion street, Seven dials
    Calcraft John, straw hat maker, 96 Bunhill row
    Calcutt Henry, butcher, 2 Little Queen street, Westminster
    Calcutt John, butcher, 4 Middle Queen's buildings. Knightsbridge
    Calcutt Thomas, butcher, 2 Pleasant place, King's cross
    Calcutt Thomas, jun. butcher, 30 George street, Portman square
    Caldecot & Powell, warehousemen. 2 Mitre court & 20 Cheapside
    Caldecott William, upholsterer, 53 & 54 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
    Calder Francis William, bookseller & stationer, 199 Oxford street
    Calderara Serafino, barometer maker, &c. 78 Leather lane
    Caldicott Robert & Richard, ribbon manufacturer, 24 Wood street
    Caldwell Adam & Co. silk dyers, 20 George street, Portman square
    Caldwell, Brothers & Co. wholesale stationers, 34 Paternoster row
    Caldwell John & Co. silk dyers, &c. 83 Dean street, Soho
    Caldwell David, parliamentary agent & secretary to the Forth & Clyde Navigation & Criman Canal Comps. 20 Golden square
    Caldwell Fred. William, solicitor & parliamentary agent, 20 Golden square
    Caldwell Hen.S. physician, 3 North Addington place, Camberwell
    Caldwell John, biscuit baker to her Majesty, 427 Strand
    Cale Ebenezer, coffee & chop house, 5 Warwick street, Golden square
    Cale Thomas, tailor, 4 Castle street east, Oxford street
    Caledonian Asylum (Rev. John Inglis, sec.), Caledonian road, Copenhagen fields
    Caledonian Life Insurance Co.(J. Inglis, manager), 27 Moorgate street
    Caledonian Steam Towing Co. 11 Milk yard, Shadwell
    Calf Sarah (Mrs.), bookseller, 116 Edgware road, Marylebone
    Calf John, oil & colorman, 1 Steven's place, New north road
    Calise Ferdinand, italian confectioner, 13 Duke street, Grosvenor square
    Calisher Nathan J, jeweller & hardwareman, 88 Aldgate High street
    Calkin & Budd, booksellers to her Majesty, 118 Pall mall
    Call (Sir W. P. Bart), Marten & Co. bankers, 25 Old Bond street
    Callaghan Elizh. (Mrs.), fruiterer, 10 Wine office court, Fleet street
    Callaghan Frs. lace, &c. maker, 38 Windmill street, Tottenham court road
    Callaghan John, straw hat manufacturer, 6 Lilly pot lane, Noble street
    Callander Alex. B. corn & foreign flour factor, 15 Mincing lane
    Callard Daniel, baker, 63 Ratcliffe highway
    Callard Susanna (Miss), stationer, &c. 2 Norris street, Haymarket
    Callaway George, tailor, &c. 6 New Bridge street, Vauxhall
    Callaway Henry, tailor, 20 York place, Kentish town
    Callaway John, fruiterer, 2 New Kent road
    Callaway Mary (Mrs.), straw hatmaker, 6 New Bridge street, Vauxhall
    Callaway Thomas, surgeon, 7 Wellington street London bridge, Borough
    Callcutt George, turner, 8 Compton street, Clerkenwell
    Callcutt Richard, leather cutter, 2 Clarence place, Hackney road
    Callen Isabella (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Church street, Soho
    Calley John, Red Lion P.H. 29 Hart street, Covent garden
    Calley Joseph, fishmonger, 80 Ossulton street, Somers town
    Callinder George, tailor, 5 King's row, Pimlico
    Callingham John, tailor, 4 Bedford street, Bedford square
    Callingham William, baker, 8 Museum street, Bloomsbury
    Callow Christopher Rd, Hare & Hounds P.H. 32 Paradise row, Chelsea
    Callow James, boys' school, 5 Old Quebec street, Portman square
    Callow Joseph, solicitor, 3 Walbrook buildings
    Callow Thomas, Crown & Anchor P.H. 43 Paul street, Finsbury
    Callow Thomas, crucible pot manufacturer, &c. Bow Common
    Callow Thomas, whipmaker to their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Cambridge & Prince George, 8 Park lane, Piccadilly
    Callow William, tailor, 50 Paradise row, Chelsea
    Calloway William John, tailor & outfitter, 2 & 3 Bridge road, Lambeth
    Callum Harriet (Mrs.), trussmaker, 27 Great Queen street Lincolns inn fields
    Calman Edward, surgeon, Park place villas, Paddington
    Callman Lyon Wolf, furrier, 23 Bury street, St. Mary Axe
    Calmann Ludwig, physician, 12 Southampton row, Rüssell square
    Calow John, house painter & decorator, 62 Kent street, Borough
    Calow John Alfred, tailor, 9 Little James street, Bedford row
    Calrow Joseph & Son, wine & spirit merchants, 36 St. Mary at hill
    Calton Robert, rocking horse manufacturer, 14 Lower Kennington green
    Calver John, butcher, 6 Brook street, Ratcliff
    Calvert Felix & Co. brewers, 89 Upper Thames street
    Calvert Christopher Alderson, barrister, 4 Serlest, Carey street
    Calvert Charles A. sec. to Colonial bank, 13 Bishopsgate within
    Calvert Frederic, barrister, 8 New square, Lincoln's inn
    Calvert George, stove range maker, 2 Camden street, Islington green
    Calvert James, stove maker, 8 West place, Islington green
    Calvert John William, physician, 11 Blandford place, Dorset square
    Calvert Michael, ship & insurance agent, 11 Idol lane
    Calvert Robert, tailor, &c. 10 Oxford street, Mile end
    Calvert Samuel, linendraper, 8 Crawford street, Portman square
    Calvert Thomas, builder & undertaker, 140 Great Suffolk street, Borough
    Calvert Thomas, linen draper, 176 Tooley street
    Calvert William, baker, 5 Hopkins buildings, Upper street, Islington
    Calway Bartholomew, linendraper & hosier, 119 Tooley street
    Cam William, woollen warehouseman, 33 King street, Cheapside
    Camac Thomas, Ivy House P.H. Ivy place, Hoxton
    Cambden George, nautical brazier, 106 Wapping
    Cambell John, Bedford Family Hotel, 42 Southampton row
    Cambourne John, bird dealer, 19 Dartmouth street, Westminster
    Cambourne Mary (Mrs.), artificial florist, 9 Blenheim street, Bond street
    Cambray Philip, fruit salesman, Covent garden fruit market
    Cambray William, fruit salesman, 61 Farringdon market
    Cambrian Iron & Spelter Company; 21 Moorgate street,. Bank
    Cambrian Patent Steam Engine Offices, Henry Crosley, co-patentee, 59 King William street, City
    Cambridge Ann (Mrs.), stay maker, 19 High street, Kensington
    Camden Richard, coal & potato salesman, 124 Bermondsey street
    Camden Thomas, boneboiler, 13 Thomas street, Whitechapel road
    Came George, Old Kings Arms P. H. 37 Shorts gardens, Drury lane
    Camerer, Kuss & Faller, wooden clockmaker, 2 Broad street, Bloomsbury
    Cameron & Booty, attornies, 1 Raymond buildings, Gray's inn
    Cameron William, & Thomas, painters, &c. 156 High st. Shadwell
    Cameron Alexander, baker, 166 Tooley street
    Cameron Alexander, bootmaker, 15A, North Audley street
    Cameron Alex. Duke of Wellington P.H. 232 Shoreditch
    Cameron Duglad Edward, solicitor, see Julius & Cameron
    Cameron Ewen H. barrister, 17 Lincoln's inn fields
    Cameron John, foreign timber merchant, 3 Dorrington street, Coldbath fields
    Cameron John, Three Jolly Butchers P.H. 10 Brooks market, Holborn
    Cameron Richard, bracemaker, 12 Dorrington street, Coldbath fields
    Camfield Lydia (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Water street, Blackfriars
    Camfield William, coal dealer, 28A, Marylebone lane, Oxford street
    Camille Frances (Mrs.), tobacconist, 191 Whitechapel road
    Cammann John Thomas, bread & biscuit baker, 36 Cloth fair
    Cammegh John, upholsterer, 217 Whitechapel road
    Cammerer Peter, wood clock maker, 13 Brownlow street, Drury lane
    Camp William, wood, ivory & metal turners, 81 Tottenham court road
    Camp John, carman, 6 Blenheim mews, Blenheim street, Oxford street
    Camp John, confectioner, 47 South Audley street
    Camp William, Turks Head, P.H. 35 King street, Holborn
    Campart John T. hosier & glover, 16 & 17 Burlington arcade
    Campbell Alex. & James & Co. merchants, 10 George yard, Lombard street
    Campbell Archibald & Co. brewers (Edinburgh), 6 Cross street, Finsbury, & Steel yard, Upper Thames street
    Campbell & Beddison, ladies' school, 32 Camden road villas
    Campbell & Cook, Oporto & Cadiz merchants, 12 Little Tower street
    Campbell James & Co. merchants, 56 Moorgate street, Bank
    Campbell & Page, boot makers, 12 Pall mall east
    Campbell & Witty, solicitors, 21 Essex street, Strand
    Campbell Alexander, baker, 4 Temple street, Whitefriars
    Campbell Andrew, silversmith & jeweller,43 Tottenham court road
    Campbell Ann (Miss), dressmaker, 1 Fitzroy street, Fitzroy square
    Campbell Archibald, officer of the fishery, 25 Bedford square east
    Campbell Charles, Nags Head, P.H. New street, Lambeth
    Campbell Edward George, coal dealer, 11 High street, Lambeth
    Campbell Duncan, merchant, 5 Adam's court, Old Broad street
    Campbell Henry, Globe P.H. 58 New Compton street, Soho
    Campbell James, barrister, 2 New square, Lincoln's inn
    Campbell James, Berkeley Arms P.H. 6 John street, Berkeley square
    Campbell James, City Arms Tavern, 4 Popes head alley
    Campbell James, Crown P.H. 22 Butcherhall lane, Newgate street
    Campbell James, wine merchant, see Cockburn & Campbell
    Campbell John, grocer, 12 Lambeth hill, Doctors' Commons
    Campbell John (executors of), merchant, 102 Leadenhall street
    Campbell John, Paviors Arms P.H. 1 Johnson street, Millbank
    Campbell John, tobacconist, 3 Newmarket terrace, Cambridge heath
    Campbell John S. physician, 16 Weymouth street, Portland place
    Campbell John, surgeon, 7 Great Chapel street, Westminster
    Campbell John Shaw, physician, 16 Weymouth street
    Campbell Joseph, pawnbroker, 168 & 169 Shadwell High street
    Campbell Peter, importer of foreign wines, 82 Mark lane
    Campbell Robert, engraver, 35 Great Portland street, Oxford street
    Campbell Thomas, sculptor, 15 & 16 Great Marlborough street
    Campbell Thomas Theodore, surgeon, 15 Burton crescent
    Campbell William, chemist, 57 Great Coram street, Brunswick square
    Campbell William, coach trimmer, 32 Northumberland street, New road
    Campbell William, merchant, 2 Great St. Helen's
    Campbell William, tailor & Draper, 96 Fenchurch street
    Campbell William George, barrister, 9 Inner Temple lane
    Camper John, White Hart P.H. 4 Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
    Campin Caroline, academy, 11 Philpot lane, Fenchurch street
    Campin Henry, shawl manfacturer, see Towler, Campin & Co
    Campion John & Son, wholesale shoe warehouse, 19 St. Mary Axe
    Campion Charles, cooper, 7 Munster street, Regent's park
    Campion George, cowkeeper, 13 Little Barlow street, Marylebone
    Campion Geo, upholder & auctioneer, 170 Bishopsgate without
    Campion Richard, provision merchant & agent, 30 Tooley street
    Campion Ruth (Mrs.), coffee rooms, 3 Leathersellers buildings
    Campion Thos. oilman, 5 Leathersellers buildings, London wall
    Campion William, tobacconist, 28 Park place, Kennington cross
    Campleman John, tailor, 9 Poland street, Oxford street
    Campkin Henry, bookseller & law stationer, 14 Little New street, Shoe lane
    Camplin John Mussendine, surgeon, &c. 11 Finsbury square
    Camps Joseph, chemical agent, 3 Worcester place, Upper Thames street
    Camroux F. F. secretary to National Loan Fund Life Assurance, 26 Cornhill
    Camroux Ferdinand Richard, merchant, 21 Abchurch lane, City
    Canada Company (John Perry, sec.), 13 St. Helen's place, Bishopsgate
    Canby Ann (Mrs), fruiterer, Centre row, Covent garden market
    Cancellor Charles, stockbroker, 24 Threadneedle street
    Cancellor Ellis, starchmaker, see Coward & Cancellor
    Candland Charles, chaise saddle & harness maker, 17 Brownlow street
    Candler Sam, house agent, & appraiser, 4 Angel terrace, New road, Islington
    Candler Thomas W. wine & beer merchant, 8 Billiter street
    Candler Thomas Wagstaffe, warehouse keeper and agent, 8 Billiter street, & 88 Leadenhall street
    Caudlin James, Crown P.H. 12 Narrow street, Limehouse
    Candlin Thomas, Fountain P.H. Artichoke row, Mile end road
    Candonga Mining Association, 58 Threadneedle street
    #toandy Charles & Co. foreign merchants, 5 Watling street
    #tune George, saddler, 43 Kingsland road & 85 Wheeler street, Spitalfields
    Cane Henry, tailor, 12 Swan street, Great Dover road, Borough
    Cane James, oil & italian warehouse, 92 Oxford street
    Cane John, linendraper, see Hoare & Cane
    Cane Mary (Mrs.), Three Compasses P.H. Queen street, Pimlico
    Cane Thomas, tinplate worker, 3 Mansion house street, Kennington
    Canfor Alfred, oilman, 3 Broadway, Westminster
    Canham Alfred, oil & colorman, 123 Ratcliff highway
    Canham Henry, oil & colorman, 230 Rotherhithe
    Canham James, bookbinder & accountbook maker, 21 Gloucester street, Queen street
    Canham John, accountant, 5 King Edward street, Lambeth road
    Canham Samuel, furniture undertaker, 7 Oxford street, Mile end
    Canham Thomas Edward, corn & seed dealer, 30 Hayfield place, Mile end
    Cankrien Hugh Ker, barrister, 23 Old square, Lincoln's inn
    Cann Joshua & Henry, bone boilers, 40 Upper Fore street, Lambeth
    Cann John, alamode beef house, 242 Strand
    Cann Joseph, dining rooms, 23 Broad street, Bloomsbury
    Cann Thomas, King's Arms P.H. 44 Blackman street, Borough

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