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    London Street Directory in 1843 - D1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    DACIE William Scudamore, solicitor, 12 Throgmorton street
    Da Costa A, & J G, merchants, 2 Finsbury chambers
    Da Costa Antonio, brazilian vice consulate, 3 Howford buildings
    Da Costa Moses Mendes, merchant, 34 Spital square
    Dacre George, solicitor, 2 Parliament street & Stratford, Essex
    Dadd Robert, bronzist & watergilder, 15 Suffolk street, Pall mall east
    Dade William Coveney, manchester agent. 2 Blue boar court, Friday street
    Dadelszen von Freudentheil & Co. merchants, 23 Mincing lane
    Dadley William, solicitor, see Marston & Dadley
    Dadswell David, teadealer, 58 London road, Southwark
    Dadswell Sarah (Mrs.), grocer, l Hunter street, Old Kent road
    Dady Richard, cabinet maker, 21 Upper George street, Portman square
    Dafforn John & Son, bookbinders' press & ruling machine manufacturers, 22 Great Mitchell street, St. Luke's
    Dafft John, woollen draper, see Dudden & Dafft
    Daft Robert, tailor, 13 Old Cavendish street, Oxford street
    Dagg Thomas, newsvender, 25 Sussex street, Tottenham court road
    Dagg William, hairdresser, 32 Upper Marylebone street, Portland place
    Daggit George, cattle salesman, 15 West Smithfield
    Dagley Elizh.(Mrs.), oil warehouse, 63 Allerton street, Hoxton Newtown
    Dagley James, solicitor, 45 Connaught square
    Dagley William, greengrocer, 14 Great Trinity lane, Bread street
    Dagnall Charles, ropemaker, Little Chelsea
    Dagnall Thomas, wholesale combmaker, 52 Bartholomew close
    Dagworthy Matthew, fishmonger, 11 Terrace, Kensington
    Dailey & Inskepp, leather dressers & dyers, 137 Long lane, Bermondsey
    Dailey William James, printer, 1 & 2 Coleman place, Lambeth square
    Daily & Garnish, dyers, 7 Dean street, Holborn
    Dain Major, brush & whisk broom maker, 70 Goswell street
    Dain Major, brushmaker, 3 York terrace, Kent street, Old Kent road
    Dainty & Harrison, pianoforte maker, 29 Newman street, Oxford street
    Daisley Edward, grocer, &c. Wandsworth road
    Daives & Ward, tailors, 13 New Quebec street, Portman square
    Dakeyne & Jones, vellum & parchment manufacturers, 2 Cross street, Great George street, Bermondsey; warehouse, 3 Ave Maria lane
    Dakeyne, Jones & Waters, tanners & hat leather manufacturers, 21 St. Andrew's road, Horsemonger lane
    Dakin Joseph, cheesemonger, 377 Oxford street
    Dakin Joseph, chemist & druggist, 248 Poplar High street
    Dakin Thomas, chemist & druggist, 73 King William street, City, & 23 Abchurch lane, Lombard street
    Dalby Edward H. baker, 1 Pleasant row, Canal, Old Kent road
    Dalby Samuel, boot & shoe mart, 151 Fleet street
    Dalby Samuel, boot maker, 126 Newgate street
    Dalby Thomas, wooldealer, Grange walk, Grange road, Bermondsey
    Dalby William Thomas, surgeon, 4 Blackman street, Borough
    Dalcho John William, gold lace weaver, Peters court, St. Martin's lane
    Daldy Thomas Mee, surgeon, 33 New Broad street
    Daldy William, coffee rooms, 36 Tothill street, Westminster
    Dale & Thomsett, surgeons, 23 Holborn hill
    Dale Daniel Robert & Co. british & foreign wine warehouse, 7 Coventry street
    Dale Thomas & Fred. Gloucester coffee house, 76 Piccadilly & l Berkeley street
    Dale Charles, currier & leather seller, 6 Mill street, Dockhead
    Dale Clement, solicitor, 7 Chancery lane
    Dale Edward, Marquis Cornwallis P. H. 1 Marchmont street, Brunswick square
    Dale George, veterinary surgeon, Emanuel place, Camberwell road
    Dale George Ellison, sailmaker, 273 Wapping
    Dale George Thomas, surgeon, 19 King's place, Commercial road east
    Dale James, family boarding house, 5 Parliament street, Charing cross
    Dale James, grocer & teadealer, 82 Leader street, Chelsea
    Dale James, tailor, 112 London wall
    Dale John, carman, Grove, Great Guildford street, Borough
    Dale John, carman, 3 Stoney lane, Tooley street
    Dale John, insurance broker, see Ryan & Dale
    Dale John, wholesale ironmonger, &c. 12, 13, 18 & 19 Chiswell street
    Dale John, tobacconist, 13 Plumber street, City road
    Dale Joseph L. solicitor, 7 Furnival's inn & 8 Stanhope street, Hampstead road
    Dale Richard, brazier & coppersmith, 76 Wood street, Cheapside
    Dale Sarah (Mrs.), plated goods maker, 7 Bishop's court. Chancery lane
    Dale Thomas, bridle cutter, 10 Rupert street, Haymarket
    Dale Thurstan, stock broker, Stock exchange
    Dale William, boot & shoemaker, 109 London wall
    D'Alembert & Morgan, hatters, 46 Strand
    Daley Dennis, fur skin dresser, 4 Saffron street, Saffron hill
    Dalgleish & Tayler. coal merchants, Great Scotland yard wharf
    Dalgleish William, timber merchant, Irongate wharf, Paddington
    Dalgleish John, fruitbroker & general agent, 28 Mincing lane
    Dallas & Coles, merchants & east india agents, 29 Austinfriars
    Dallas William, china & glass dealer, 33 High street, Kensington, south side
    Dallimore Isaac, tailor, 16 Upper York street, Bryanstone square
    Dallimore William Henry, tailor, 20 Old street, St. Luke's
    Dallow Samuel, oil & colorman, 121 St. John street road
    Daily George, newsvender, 21 Queen street, Seven dials
    Dally Richard, dining rooms, 175 Tooley street, Borough
    Dally Robert, Ship aground P.H. 44 Broad street, Ratcliff
    D'Asmaine George & Co. embroiderers, 38 Gerrard street, Soho
    D'Almaine Thomas & Co. music sellers pianoforte makers, 20 Soho square
    Dalman Robert, cutler, &c. 25 Marchmont street, Brunswick square
    Dalmas J & M, childbed linen warehouse, 79 Wood street
    Dalphin Sarah (Mrs.), oil & colorman, 49 Whitecross street, Cripplegate
    Dalrymple Alexander, merchant, 4 Finsbury circus
    Dalrymple John, surgeon, 6 Holles street, Cavendish square
    Dalston Jonathan Norman, solicitor, see Manning & Dalston
    Dalton John & Co. silk dressers &c. 24 White street, Little Moorfields
    Dalton & Madeley, oil leather dressers, Godalming ; warehouse, 2 Budge row, City
    Dalton & Stokes, stockbrokers, see Stokes & Dalton
    Dalton William, & John, coal merchants. Union wharf, Millbank street
    Dalton Christopher, slater, 9 Macclesfield street north, City road
    Dalton Francis, grocer, &c. High street, Stoke Newington
    Dalton Fred. combmaker, 31 St. Martin's court, St. Martin's lane
    Dalton Henry, straw hat manufacturer, 88 Aldgate High street
    Dalton Herbert, drug & east india broker, 12 Little Tower street
    Dalton John, painter, Stratford
    Dalton Joseph, surgeon, 21 Bernard street, Russell square
    Dalton Richard, hosier, 9 Inner Temple lane
    Dalton Thomas, portable desk & writing case maker, 65 Quadrant, Regent street & 6 Great Ormond street Queen street
    Daiton Thomas, solicitor, 5 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
    Dalton William, baker, 13 Smith's buildings, City road
    Dalton William, plumber, &c. 11 Clark street, Commercial road east
    Dalton William, Henry, bookseller, 28 Cockspur street, Charing cross
    Dalton Winnall Thomas, mast & blockmaker, Narrow street, Ratcliff
    Damant John, wheelwright, 19 Old street road
    Damon Abel, baker, 7 Moor lane, Cripplegate
    Dampier John Lucius, barrister, 24 Montague place, Bedford square
    Danby Frances (Mr.), hair dresser, 74 Drury lane
    Danby James, grocer, 20 Long lane, borough
    Danby Samuel, translator of latin records, 96 Chancery
    Danby Stephen, carpenter, 27 Crosby row, King street, Borough
    Danby Thomas, grocer, 11 Whitechapel High street
    Dancaster William, chemist, &c. Kingsland green
    Dance George, miniature painter, 7 High Holborn
    Dancer Thomas John, cabinet maker, 6 Winckworth buildings, City road
    Dando, Soils, & Co. hat manufacturers, 42 Cheapside
    Dando James, tailor & draper, 69 Old street road
    Dando James, tailor & draper, 11 North place, Kingsland road
    Dando John, tailor, 93 Farringdon street
    Dando Joseph H.B. professor of music, 32 Bishopsgate within
    Dane James Samuel, accountant & general agent, 14 Walbrook
    Dane Nathaniel, collar maker, 8 Mercer street, Long acre
    Dane Richard, collar maker, 30 Earl street, Finsbury
    Danels George, Kings Arms, P.H. Chester street, Kennington lane
    Danford John & Son, haberdashers & hosiers , 81 Aldgate High street
    Danford John, fringe manufacturer, 22 Aldgate
    Dangar James, blind maker, see Avery & Dangar
    Danger Mrs. Hannah, gold &c. caster, 9 Spann's buildings, St. Pancras
    Dangerfield John & Abm. solicitors, 28 Suffolk street, Pall mall east, & 68 Chancery lane
    Dangerfield James, china warehouse, 6 Queen street, Pimlico
    Dangerfield John, White Horse, P.H. 21 Finsbury street, Finsbury
    Dangerfield Jonathan, cheesemonger, 251 Bermondsey street
    Dangerfield William, Two Sawyers P. H. Palace new road, Lambeth
    Daniel Harriet & Co. hatters, 57 King William street, City
    Daniel Thomas & Co. merchants, 4 Mincing lane
    Daniel Benjamin, fishmonger, 117 High street, Camden town
    Daniel Charles James, watch & clock maker, 73 Hoxton old town
    Daniel Daniel, milliner, 18 Shoreditch High street
    Daniel George, merchant, 20 Sun street, Bishopsgate
    Daniel James, currier, 45 Turval street, Church street, Bethnal green
    Daniel John, horse hair manufacturer, 51 Cloth fair, West Smithfield
    Daniel John, currier & leather cutter, 1 Upper Jubilee place, Mile end road
    Daniel (Miss), artist, 129 Strand
    Daniel Richard, bookseller & newsvender, 2 King street, Covent garden
    Daniel Samuel, pocket book maker, 8 Cornhill
    Daniel Thomas, fruiterer, 35 Chapel street, Pentonville
    Daniel Thomas Henry, sugar & fruit broker, 83 Great Tower street
    Daniel William, Thomas Shave, barrister, 41 Chancery lane
    Danieli Charles George, jeweller & silversmith, 315 Oxford street
    Danieli James, jeweller, silversmith & clock maker, 304 Oxford street
    Daniell Alfred B. & Richard P. chinamen by special appointment to Her Majesty, 18 Wigmore street & 129 New Bond street
    Daniell Alex Deanes & George, pawnbrokers, 5 Bowling street, Marylebone
    Daniell Alex. D. & George, trunkmakers, 34 Edwards street, Portman square
    Daniell, Dickinson & Co. east india agents, 6 Great Winchester street
    Daniell Edmund Robert, barrister, 2 New square, Lincoln's inn
    Daniell Edward, bookseller, 53 Mortimer street, Cavendish square
    Daniell George, accountant, 18 Canonbury square, Islington
    Daniell George, hosier, haberdasher, &c. 267 Poplar High street
    Daniell James, coal merchant, Western wharf, Adelphi
    Daniell James N. merchant, 25 Bucklersbury
    Daniell Jonathan, plumber, painter, 20 Judd street, Brunswick square
    Daniell; Neville, surgeon dentist, 15 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
    Daniell Samuel, pocket book maker, 8 Cornhill
    Daniels & Payne, iron & tin plate merchants, 29 Upper Thames street
    Daniels & Thompson, tailors, 90 Jermyn street, St. James's
    Daniels William, & Arthur, woollen manufacturers, 3 Aldermanbury
    Daniels Abraham, wholesale perfumer, 1 Budge row, Cannon street
    Daniels Ebenezer, tailor, 30 Jewin crescent
    Daniels James, painter & glazier, 62 Ossulston street, Somers town
    Daniels Nathaniel, sworn broker in metals, 50 Threadneedle street
    Daniels Thomas, hairdresser, 43 Great Portland street, Oxford street
    Daniels Vincent, woollendraper, 23 Brewer street, Golden square
    Daniels William, Custom House Tavern, 77 Lower Thames street
    Daniels William, ship & insurance agent, see Baker & Daniels
    Dann Johnson & Co. teadealers & grocers, 84 New Bond street
    Dann George, boot & shoemaker, 14 Charles street, Soho square
    Dann Stephen, fruiterer, 304 Oxford street
    Dann Thomas, tailor, 38 Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
    Darby Edward,. plumber & glazier, 11 Chapel street, Grosvenor place
    Darby George, barrister, 1 Figtree court, Temple
    Darby George Edwards, baker, 10 Penton row, Walworth road
    Darby Henry William, pyrotechnist, 98 Regent street, Lambeth
    Darby John, coachmaker, 3 1/2 Suffolk place, Hackney road
    Darby John, coachsmith, 24 Ewer street, Union street, Borough
    Darby John, straw hat maker, 43 St. John street, Smithfield
    Darby John, watchmaker, 51 Gee street, Goswell street
    Darby Mary (Miss), milliner, 29 Thayer street, Manchester square
    Darby Rowland, tailor, 13A, Red lion square, Holborn
    Darby William, silk & manchester agent, see Hemsley & Darby
    Darby William, Absalom, surveyor, 5 Winchester row, New road
    Darbyshire George, cabinetmaker, 145 Upper Whitecross street
    Darbyshire Mary Ann (Mrs.), Marquis Cornwallis P. H. 28 Warren street, Fitzroy square
    Darcey Alexander, barrister, 4 Pump court, Temple
    D’Arcy Morgan M. wine merchant, see Leadbitter & D'Arcy
    D'Arcy William, tailor, 5 Buckingham street, Strand
    Dare & Holland, boot & shoe makers, 133 Shoreditch High street, & 89 St. John street road, & l1 Queen street, Cheapside, & 44 Crawford street, Portman square
    Dare & Slark, ironmongers & tinplate workers, 16 Cockspur street
    Dare Hester (Mrs.), stationer & news agent, 55 Watling street
    Dare Richard Wallis, boot & shoe warehouse, 22 Finsbury pavement
    Dare Sarah (Mrs.), timber merchant, 1 Bermondsey New road
    Dare William, grocer, 8 Queen's buildings, Knightsbridge
    Dartis Delia (Miss), berlin warehouse, 319 Regent street
    Dark Frederick, Pitts Head P. H. 7 Little Stanhope street, Mayfair
    Dark James, fruiterer, 27 Robert street, Grosvenor square
    Dark James Henry, St Johns Tavern, Lords cricket ground
    Dark Matilda (Mrs.), bat maker, Lord's cricket ground, St. John's wood
    Darke Argenton, tailor, 27 Wilmot street, Brunswick square
    Darke Jolin, cabinet maker & undertaker, 34 London wall
    Darke John, wharfinger, 5 & 6 Wharfs, Paddington basin
    Darke Sam. Wallwyn, solicitor, 56 Stamford street, Blackfriars road
    Darke Thomas, shoemaker, 11 Newcastle street, Farringdon street
    Darke William, hairdresser, 24 Bridge street, Westminster
    Darkin John, teadealer, 11 New street, Bishopsgate
    Darley Edward, dyer & scourer, 10 Maiden lane, Covent garden
    Darley John, ship & house smith, 11 & 12 Stoney lane, Tooley street
    Darling John & Son, printers, 31 Leadenhall street
    Darling Chas. cabin furniture warehouse, 5 Robin Hood lane, Poplar
    Darling George, physician, 6 Russell square
    Darling James, theologlcal bookseller, 21 to 23 Little Queen street, Holborn
    Darling James, poulterer, 24 White Horse street, Stepney
    Darling William, butcher, 22 Great Hall, Hungerford market
    Davenports & Co. manufacturers of earthenware, china & glass,82 Fleet street, Longport, Staffordshire; & Canning place, Liverpool
    Davenport Burrage, merchant, 2 Dunster court, Mincing lane
    Davenport Chas. optician & cigar dealer, 33 Tabernacle row
    Davenport James, pewterer, 15 Great Smith street, Westminster
    Davenport James, wholesale potato dealer, Spitalfields market
    Davenport John, bootmaker, 28 Wood street, Cheapside
    Davenport John, hosiery commission agent, 1 Little Love lane, Cheapside
    Davenport John T. chemist, 33 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
    Davenport Philip S. oilman, 4 Chadwell street, St. John street
    Davenport Saml. historical engraver, 38 Myddelton street, Spafields
    Davenport William, music master, 25 Princes street, Westminster
    Davenport William, solicitor, see Tyler & Davenport

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