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    London Street Directory in 1843 - E1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    EABY Francis, Yorkshire Grey P.H. 49 Whitechapel High street
    Eade Charles, dining rooms, 40 Millbank street, Westminster
    Eade George, chemist & druggist, 1 Old street, Goswell street, & 30 Featherstone street, City road
    Eade Mary Ann (Mrs.), tobacconist, 28 Red Lion street, Holborn
    Eade William Aislabie, barrister, 24 Old square, Lincoln's inn
    Eades Daniel, saw mills, Pump court, 66 Union street, Borough
    Eades Henry, livery stables, Brompton place, Brompton road
    Eades James, chemist, 65 Borough High street
    Eades Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 45 Great Queen street, Lincolns inn fields
    Eadie Alex Hart, bookedge gilder &c. 11 Craven buildings, Drury lane
    Eadon William, greengrocer, 7 Horseferry road, Westminster
    Eadson Thomas, butcher, 64 Tothill street, Westminster
    Eady & Brown, manufacturing goldsmiths, 26 Red Lion street, Clerkenwell
    Eady Charles & Son, plate polishers, 5 Little Dean street, Soho
    Eady Ephrain Childe, academy, l Little James street, Bedford row
    Eady Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, 75 St. John street, Smithfield
    Eagland Edwin Henry, surgical mechanician, 20 Coventry street
    Eagland William, brush manufacturer, 7 Chester place, Old Kent road
    Eagle Life Assurance Company (Henry P. Smith, actuary), 3 Crescent, Bridge street, Blackfriars
    Eagle Steam Packet Co's. office, 6 Hungerford street, Strand
    Eagle Francis, surgeon, &c. 19 Beauvoir terrace, Kingsland road
    Eagle Richard, boot & shoemaker, 6 Castle court, Budge row
    Eagle Robert, Cricketers P.H. 61 Grove street, Camden town
    Eagle William, barrister, 3 Plowden buildings, Temple
    Eagles Henry, brass & cock founder, 9 Buckingham row, Westminster
    Eagles James, organ builder, 4 Hackney road crescent
    Eagles Thomas, haberdasher, 9 Regent place, Horseferry road
    Eagleton Edward & Co. wholesale teadealers & grocers, 83 Newgate street
    Eagleton & Glover, tailors, woollendrapers, & trimming sellers, 42 Borough High street
    Eagley George, Rising Sun P.H. 129 Kent street, Borough
    Eales & Cope, architects, see Cope & Eales
    Eales Chris, architect & surveyor, 4 Chapel place, Cavendish square
    Eales Wickham John, muffin baker, 2 West street, Seven dials
    Eales William, surgeon, &c. 103 Union street, Borough
    Eales William, timber merchant & saw mills, 25 Upper Lisson street
    Ealing Hen. bricklayer & slater, 9 St. Chad's row, Gray's inn road
    Eames William, carver & gilder, 23 Margaret street, Cavendish square
    Eamonson James & Co. bedding manufacturers, upholsterers, auctioneers, & undertakers, 393 Strand
    Eardley Andrew, Rose & Crown P.H. 9 Ship tavern passage
    Earee William, coffee rooms, 185 Whitechapel road
    Earith Charles & Son, dyers, 82 Goswell street
    Earl Daniel, woollen warehouseman, 27 Basinghall street
    Earl Henry, school slatemaker, 17 William street, Lant street, Borough
    Earl James, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
    Earl James, tailor, &c. 117 Goswell street
    Earl John, builder, l Little George street, Westminster
    Earle & Courtney, wine coopers &c. 10 Great St. Thomas Apostle
    Earle Mary & Son, wine coopers & bottle merchants, their old established house, 3 Great St. Thomas Apostle
    Earle George, boot & shoe maker, 9 Spring street, Portman square
    Earle George, public library &c. 67 Castle street east, Oxford street
    Earle Richard, plane maker, 7 West street, Soho
    Earle William, funeral carriage master, 7 Castle street, Long acre
    Earle William, Sun P.H. 57 Newman street, Oxford street
    Earles Edward, haberdasher, 115 Shoreditch
    Earles Edward, registrar of births, &c. 4 Worship square
    Earles John Daniel, surgeon, 15 Alfred place, Bedford square
    Early Thomas, wholesale slopseller, 12 & 13 Houndsditch
    Earnshaw Hen. bridle bit & harness maker, 18 Poland street, Oxford street
    Earnshaw Thomas jun. clock & watchmaker, 87 Fenchurch street
    Earnshaw Thomas sen. clock & watchmaker, 119 High Holborn
    Earnshaw William, bootmaker, 10 Market street, Oxford street
    Earnshaw William, customhouse & commercial agent, 68 Lower Thames street
    Earp James, Dolphin P.H. 11 Ludgate hill
    Earp James, tailor & habit maker, 156 Fleet street
    Earp Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner, &c. 23 Newland street, Pimlico
    Earratt John, saddler, officer's belt & sabretash manufacturer, 7 Leicester street, Leicester square
    Earthrowl William, baker, 55 King street, Borough
    Easey James, cheesemonger, 1 Bread street hill
    Easey William, carpenter, 31 St. Andrew's road, Borough
    Easman James, leather striper, Wyld's rents, Long lane, Borough
    Eason Henry & James, tanners, &c. Grange, Bermondsey
    Eason Alexander, draper & haberdasher, 9 Pleasant row, Holborn
    Eason Sarah Ann (Mrs), lacedealer & milliner, 14 Lowther arcade
    Eason William, Welch Harp P.H. 1 Essex street, Bouverie street
    East, East & Landon, man's mercers, 34 Sackville street, Piccadilly
    East Cornwall Mining Association, 24 Birchin lane
    East Country Dock Office (A. Shirreff, sec.), 16 Bishopsgate within
    East India Army Agency, 16 Cornhill & 8 St. Martin's place, Charing cross
    East India Chambers, 23 Leadenhall street
    East Indias China Association Committee, Jerusalem coffee house
    East India Company (J. C. Melvil, sec.), 11 to 21 Leadenhall street
    East India Company's Recruiting Department, 28 Soho square
    East India Military Store Warehouse, 108 Leadenhall street
    East India Tea Company, 9 Great St. Helen's
    East London General Pension Society (George Kirby, secretary), Tyssen street, Bethnal green
    East London Lying-in Institute, 5 Assembly row, Mile end
    East London Pension Society (George Henderson, sec.), 5 Mitre street, Aldgate
    East London Water Work (Joseph Cecil, sec.),16 St. Helen's place
    East & West India Dock Co. (George Collin, sec.), 8 Billiter square ; East India docks, East India road, Poplar; ## st India docks, Isle of Dogs; Warehouses, 70 to 78 Fenchurch street
    East & West London Coal Co. 20 Crosby hall, Chambers
    East Ann (Mrs.), Falcon P.H. 84 Upper Thames street
    East Henry, coffee & eating house, 168 Ratcliff highway
    East James, boot & shoe maker, 181 Shadwell High street
    East James, poultry salesman, 59 Newgate market
    East Jesse, cooper & hoop manufacturer, Waterloo terrace, Commercial road east
    East John, fishmonger, 53 Chandos street, Covent garden
    East Joseph, engraver & printer, see Blades & East
    East Joseph, stock maker, 5 Hemming's row, St. Martin's lane
    East Joshua, job master & horsedealer, 41 & 44 Cross street, Finsbury
    East Philip, bookseller & auctioncer, 18 Holywell street, Strand
    East Robert, oilman, 65 Crawford street
    East Rowland Baldwin, surgeon, &c. 168 Fleet street
    East Thomas, morocco leather dresser, 214 Bermondsey street
    East Thomas, oil & colorman, 9 London terrace, Hackney road
    East William, ironmonger, 16 Brewer street, Somers town
    East William, Edmund, stationer& printer, &c. see Skipper & East
    East William Frederick, architect & surveyor, 6 Corporation row, St. John street
    East William, Matthew, butcher, 23 Brewer street, Somers town
    Easter William, fur. undertaker, 11 Upper Dorset place, Clapham road
    Easterbrook William, staymaker, 39 Duke street, Spitalfields
    Easterling Thomas, brush, &c. maker, 62 Upper North place, Gray's inn road
    Eastern Counties Railway Office, 40 High street, Shoreditch
    Eastern Coast of Central America Emigration Commercial & Agricultural Co. (F. A. Winsor, manager), 60 Moorgate street, Bank
    Eastern Dispensary, 46 Great Alie street
    Eastern Literary Institution, Commercial road east
    Eastern Literary & Scientific Institution (James Murray, hon. sec.), 88 Hackney road
    Eastern Literary & Scientific Institution (E. D. Gearing, ##} Commercial road, Ratcliff
    Eastgate Charles, coachsmith, 31 Long acre
    Eastgate Michael, Blue Boars Head P.H. 34 King street, Westminster
    Easthope John & Son, stockbrokers, 39 Lothbury
    Easthope Alfred, house decorator, see Boyle & Easthope
    Eastland Company (Thomas Cope, secretary), 25 Birchin lane
    Eastman & Hill, silk manufacturers, 30 Spital square
    Eastman & Yeo, stationers, engravers & printers, 100 Cheapside
    Eastman Elizabeth (Mrs.), leather cutter, 231 Bermondsey street
    Eastman Henry, dairyman, 4 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
    Eastman James, carpenter & builder, High street, Battersea
    Easto Robert, grocer & teadealer, 8 Beer lane, Great Tower street
    Easton, Amos & Beswick, millwrights, Grove, Great Guildford street
    Easton Henry, grocer & teaman, see Charlton & Easton
    Easton James, attorney, 6 New square, Lincoln's inn
    Easton James, civil engineer, & patentee of the hydraulic ram, 80 Great Surrey street, & Grove, Great Guildford st
    Easton James, hay & straw salesman, 111 Edgware road, Paddington
    Easton John, baker, 147 High Holborn, & Green street, near the Grove, Kentish town
    Easton Thomas, corn dealer, 31 White Hart place, Kennington lane
    Easton Thomas, barrister, 1 Hare court, Temple
    Easton Thomas, corn & coal merchant, 4 Grange road, Bermondsey
    Elston Thomas, corn lighterman & agent, 11 Horselydown lane
    Easton Thomas, plasterers' hair manufacturer, 2 Spa road, Bermondsey
    Easton William, boot & shoemaker, 14 Old Dorset place, Clapham road
    Eastty Nathaniel, custom house agent. &c. see Hare & Eastty
    Eastty Nathaniel, London double stout establishment, 160 Upper Thames street
    Eastway Elias, furniture ironmonger, 12 Old Dorset place, Clapham road
    Eastwick John, barrister, 3 Elm court, Temple
    Eastwood Jane (Mrs.), lime, cement & brick merchant, Canal bridge wharf, Old Kent road; and Belvedere road, Lambeth
    Eastwood's of ## (Miss), shawl border maker, 33 Fore street, Cripplegate
    Eastwood William, copper & steelplate manufacturers,. 4 Harp alley, Shoe lane
    Eastwood William, auctioneer & accountant, 33 Fore street, Cripplegate
    Easum Elizabeth (Mrs.), fishmonger, 4 Constable row, Mile end road
    Easum Robert Hayes, ropemaker, Commercial road east, Stepney
    Eates Thomas, toymaker, 22 Upper Rosamon street, Clerkenwell
    Eatly Benjamin, Globe P. H. Kings road west, Chelsea
    Eaton John M. & James, tailors, 9 Lower street, Islington
    Eaton & Warner, tin manufacturers, 32 Banner street, St. Luke's
    Eaton Deodatus, wine merchant, 21 Southampton street, Bloomsbury
    Eaton George, fishing rod, hook, & tackle maker, 6 & 7 Crooked lane
    Eaton Henry, Solicitor, 35 Ebury street, Pimlico, & 10 Lancaster place, Strand
    Eaton Henry W. silk broker, 9 New Broad street
    Eaton James, plumber & glazier, 22 Lamb street, Spitalfields
    Eaton James, stay haberdasher &c. 60 Berwick street, Soho
    Eaton John, butcher, 6 Silver street, Golden square
    Eaton John, cattle salesman, 17 West Smithfield
    Eaton John, dairyman, 6 Brydges street, Covent garden
    Eaton John, Lukes Head P.H. 25 Mercer street, Long acre
    Eaton John, tailor, 9 Duke street, Adelphi
    Eaton Joseph, Newcastle coffeehouse, 21 St. Mary at hill
    Eaton Lucy ( Miss), school, 11 Bury street, St. James's
    Eaton Martha (Mrs), Red Lion P.H. 145 Fenchurch street
    Eaton Mary (Miss), milliner, 60 Berwick street, Soho
    Eaton Sarah (Miss), professor of the harp, 4 Crescent place, Blackfriarss
    Eaton Thomas, barrister, 22 Chancery lane
    Eaton William, Elephant P.H. 119 Fenchurch street
    Eaton William, silversmith, 16 Jewin crescent, Cripplegate
    Eatwell Charles, Albemarles Head P.H. 12 St. John's square, Clerkenwell
    Eavestaff William, pianoforte maker, 66 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
    Eayres Nathaniel, tailor, 23 New Church street, Lisson grove
    Eayrs William, baker, 1 Essex street, King's cross
    Ebben William, clockmaker, 37 Hedge row, High street, Islington
    Ebbern William, & Co. canal carriers, White Horse, Cripplegate & 7 Wharf, south side, Paddington basin
    Ebbetts Daniel, wine merchant, 16 Mincing lane
    Ebborn Francis, baker, 122 Grove street, Camden town
    Ebbs Benjamin & Henry, linendrapers, 56 Bishopsgate within
    Ebbs & Smith, stationers & printers, 5 foster row, Tower hill
    Ebbs John, builder, &c. 29 Aberdeen place, Maida hill
    Ebbs Thomas Barlow, laceman, 11 Upper Charles street, Northampton square
    Ebenezer Samuel, tobacconist, 27 Marylebone lane, Oxford street
    Ebers E, S. & Co booksellers & librarians, 27 Old Bond street
    Ebert Henry, porkman, 28 Broad street, Bloomsbury
    Eborall John, bricklayer, &c. 22 Smith street, King's road, Chelsea
    Ebrey William, shawl maker, 28 Aldermanbury
    Ebsworth & Coleman, cattle salesmen, 17 West Smithfield
    Eccentric Society's Club, (Rt. Lloyd, treasurer), 20 King street, Covent garden
    Eccles Ann (Mrs.), printer, engraver, &c. 101 Fenchurch street
    Eccles William, grocer, &c. 9 Princess street, Portman market
    Eccles William, surgeon, 5 Union court, Old Broad street
    Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, 5 Whitehall place
    Ecclesiastical Gazette Office, 14 Southampton street, Strand
    Eckett Joseph, teadealer, 6 Ossulston street, Somers town
    Eckford Chas. John, carver, gilder & picture dealer, 45 Fleet street
    Eckford Henry George, picture dealer, Peters place, 10 Hemming's row
    Eckford John, carver & gilder, 59 Greek street, Soho
    Eckie Charles, solicitor, 29 Hertford street, Mayfair
    Eckstein George F. patent range manufacturer & furnishing ironmonger, 13 High Holborn
    Economic Life Assurance Office, (C.J. Downer, Secretary), 34 New Bridge street, Blackfriars
    Ecroyd William, leather dresser, Tyer's gateway, 211 Bermondsey street
    Edbury Joseph, organ builder, 67 Seymour street, Euston square
    Eddels & Marshall, tailors, &c. 7 Piccadilly
    Eddels.James Creed, hosier, 2 Coventry street & 34 Piccadilly
    Eddels Mary (Mrs.), hosier & glover, 64 Cheapside
    Eddels Nathaniel, furniture warehouse, 153 Whitechapel road
    Edden Edwin, wholesale druggist, see Metcalfe & Edden
    Edden Richard, tailor & draper, l Ely place, Holborn
    Eddis Eden Upton, artist, 78 Newman street, Oxford street
    Eddison William, Edward, wine & liqueur merchant, 2 Walbrook
    Eddy Charles W. chemist & druggist, 30 Crown street, Finsbury square
    Ede Francis, factor & merchant, 16 Bucklersbury
    Ede Joseph, manchester warehouseman. 6 Dyer's court, Aldermanbury
    Ede Joseph, robe maker, see Adams & Ede
    Ede Thomas, cheesemonger, 1815, Maddox street, Regent street
    Ede William, baker, 12 Chichester place, Wandsworth road
    Ede William, harness maker, 100 St. George's road, Borough
    Eden David Rt. ships' fire hearth manufacturers, 107 Upper East Smithfield
    Eden William, printer, stationer & account book manufacturer, 11 Queen street, Cheapside
    Eden John, Old Rose P.H. Russell street, Bermondsey street
    Eden Thomas, solicitor, 12 Villiers street, Strand
    Eden Thomas, jun. surgeon dentist, 31 Tavistock place, Tavistock square
    Eden Thomas Edward, surgeon dentist, 6 Langham place
    Eden Thomas Edward, surgeon dentist, 45 Threadneedle street
    Eden William, printer & stationer, 11 Queen street, City, & 10 Well court, Queen street
    Edenborough & Pearson, wine merchants, 3 Pancras lane, City
    Edenborough William & Alfred, surgeons, 74 Coleman street
    Edenborough George, boarding house, 28 Thavies inn
    Edenborough John Jolland, surgeon, 41 Friday street, Cheapside
    Edenborough Robert, grocer, 2 Green street, Paddington green
    Edenborough Sam. Bolton, wool broker, see Marsh & Edenborough
    Edersheim Mark J. importer of foreign goods, 3 Hawford building.
    Edey James, shipping butcher, Limehouse hole
    Edgar Edward, pianoforte & music seller, 63 Lamb's conduit street
    Edgar James, tobacconist, 13 Wells street, Oxford street
    Edgar John, gas fitter, 71 Marylebone lane
    Edgar Thomas, merchant, 71 Cornhill
    Edgar William, boot maker, 10 Leathersellers buildings. London wall
    Edgar William, musician, 4 Bishop's walk, Lambeth
    Edgar William, silk mercer, &c. see Swan & Edgar
    Edgar William, tailor, see Perkins & Edgar
    Edgcomb Joseph & Co. fringe & tassel makers, 24 Watling street
    Edgcomb William & Co. wholesale stationers, 8 Budge row, City
    Edgcomb Joseph, fringemaker, 17 Newington causeway
    Edgcombe James, bootmaker, 31 Old Compton street, Soho
    Edge Thomas, manufacturer of gas & oil chandeliers, lustres and every description of gas apparatus for lighting towns, mansions, public buildings, manufactories, &c. patentee & sole maker of the lever valve meters. Manufactory, 59 Great Peter street, Westminster; 6 Poultry; & 16 Old Bond street

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