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    London Street Directory in 1843 - F1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    FABER Augustus, merchant, 60 Mark lane
    Faber Augustus, Vine P.H. Vineyard, 110 Tooley street
    Faber Charles Waring, barrister, 23 Chancery lane
    Fabian William, coal merchant, 9 Bankside, Southwark
    Fabling Thomas, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
    Facy Edward Cox, undertaker, 9 Banner street, St. Luke's
    Facey Isabella (Mrs.), dairy, 3 Park lane, Piccadilly
    Fache Edward, grocer, 2 Milbank street, Westminster
    Fachney James, plumber & glazier, 26 Stangate, Lambeth
    Faculty Office, 10 Great Knightrider street
    Fagan John Henry, stockbroker, 11 Warnford court
    Fage & Dring, hydrometer makers, see Dring & Fage
    Fage Thomas, baker, 24 Union street, Bishopsgate
    Fagg & Ancell, surgeons, see Ancell & Fagg
    Fagg Robert & George,. White Bear coach office, 221 Piccadilly; Bell & Crown, 133 Holborn; & No. 11 Gracechurch street
    Fagg Edwin, surgeon, 1 Claremont place, Grove end
    Fagg James, butcher, 9 Bermondsey street
    Fagioli Dominic & Son, barometer maker, 3 Great Warner street, Clerkenwell
    Faiers Henry Howe & Co. jewellers, &c. 34 Ludgate hill
    Fail Robert Mather, timber dealer, East India road, Poplar
    Faint John, hay salesman, Haymarket, Bridgehouse place, Borough
    Fair Joseph, fruiterer & greengrocer, 9 1/2 Tyler street, Regent street
    Fair Robert Charles, bootmaker, 3 Lower Charles street, Northampton square
    Fair William, boot & shoe maker, 100 & 126 Fleet street
    Fairbairn James & Joseph, nursery & seedsmen, Clapham rise
    Fairbairn William & Co. millwrights, engineers & iron steamboat builders, Millwall, Poplar
    Fairbairn Alex. wine merchant, 33 Clements lane, Lombard street
    Fairbairn John, fishmonger, 21 Lime street
    Fairbairn John sen. shell fishmonger, 11 Ship tavern passage, Leadenhall market
    Fairbairn Robert, bookbinder, 10 Duke street, Adelphi
    Fairbank Henry, sawmaker, 121 Old street, St. Luke's
    Fairbank James, surgeon, 13 Leman street. Goodman's fields
    Fairbank John, chemist, 8 Theberton street, Islington
    Fairbank Richard Davis, tailor, 18 Sloane square, Chelsea
    Fairbank Thomas, grocer & oilman, 9 Theberton street, Islington
    Fairbanks William, grocer & cheesemonger, 42 Marylebone lane
    Fairbrass James, fruiterer, 44 Great Marylebone street
    Fairbridge Robt. carpenter, 18 Ossulston street, Somers town
    Fairbrother Edmund, cattle salesman, 17 West Smithfield
    Fairbrother Edward, bucklemaker, 13 Bull & Mouth street
    Fairbrother James, cabinetmaker, 16 Old street road
    Fairbrother Joseph, file cutter, 24 Short's gardens, Drury lane
    Fairbrother Sam. livery stables, 5 Marylebone lane, Oxford street
    Fairbrother Samuel, printer, 31 Bow street, Covent garden
    Fairburn George, woollen & cotton card maker, 59 Compton street, Clerkenwell
    Fairburn John Butler, bookseller & publisher, 110 Minories
    Fairburn Rt. wire drawer & wire ribbon maker, 25 Old street, St. Luke's
    Fairchild Rd. straw bonnet maker, 85 Chalton street, Somers town
    Fairchild William Henry, goldbeater, 4 Mercer street, Long acre
    Faircloth & Armstrong, account; see Armstrong & Faircloth
    Faircloth Jennet (Miss), toy warehouse, 6 Church street, Kensington
    Fairclough Thomas Morrison, carman, Christian street, St. Georges east
    Fairey Joseph & Son, opticians, 8 Northumberland place, Commercial road east
    Fairey Frederick, watchmaker, 6 Star alley, Fenchurch street
    Fairey John, watchmaker & jeweller, 75 Ratcliff highway
    Fairey Richard, watch & chronometer maker, 150 Tooley street
    Fairfax Harriet (Mrs.), White Horse P.H. 32 Friday street
    Fairfax Robert, Prince of Wales P.H. Church lane, Commercial road
    Fairfoot Hen. Spence, solicitor, 25 Lloyd square, Pentonville
    Fairfull Thos. cabinet maker, 56 Great Chart street, Hoxton new road
    Fairhead Francis, grocer, 3 Royal Hospital row, Chelsea
    Fairhead Thomas, White Bear P.H. Ratcliff cross, Ratcliff
    Fairlam Richard, Bird in Hand P.H. 396 Oxford street
    Fairlam Richard Wilcox, pawnbroker, 59 Lisson grove north
    Fairlie Jaumes, timber merchant, Dockhead, Bermondsey
    Fairman James [with the late William, Eley], patent wire cartridge, waterproof percussion cap, chemically prepared waddings, gun, ammunition & implement warehouse, 68 Jermyn street (from 36 St. James's street)
    Fairman James, merchant, 15 Great St. Helens
    Fairman William, merchant, see Lewis & Fairman
    Fairmaner Austin, boot & shoe maker, 12 Ward's row, Bethnal green road
    Fairn Henry Stephen, Czars Head P.H. 48 Great Tower street
    Fairrie Brothers & Co. sugar refiners, Church lane, Commercial road
    Fairs Thomas, painter to her majesty, & sole proprietor of the transparent ventilator, 22 & 23 Mortimer street, Cavendish square
    Faith George, merchant, 30 Mincing lane
    Faith William, ship owner, Lloyd's
    Faithfull Charles, Chapter coffee house, 50 Paternoster row
    Faithfull Edward C. solicitor, 5 King's road, Bedford row
    Faithfull Henry, solicitor, 5 King's road, Bedford row
    Faithfull John, auctioneer, see Fenton & Faithfull
    Faker John, baker, 3 Church street, Chelsea
    Falcke Jacob, curiosity dealer, 127 Wardour street & 394 Oxford street
    Falcke William, crucible potter, Battersea
    Falcon Henry, attorney, 4 Elm court, Temple
    Falconar Christie James, merchant, 71 Cornhill
    Falconer Alex. baker & confectioner, 12B Dean street, Soho
    Falconer George Alex. surgeon, 5 Arbour terrace, Commercial road east
    Falconer John, tailor, see Hudson, Falconer & Maule
    Falconer William, saddler, &c., see Warren & Falconer
    Falconer William, Rt. furn. undertaker, see Comfort & Falconer
    Faldo George, ship carver, 177 Rotherhithe street
    Faldo John, haberdasher, 78 St. John street road
    Falk Edward William & Co. merchants, & importers of Danzig spruce, 34 St. Mary at hill
    Falkner Charles, greengrocer, 5 Dean street, Westminster
    Falkner Edward, linendraper, 26 Great Queen street, Lincolns inn fields
    Falkner Henry, linendraper, 33 Red Lion square, Holborn
    Falkner Henry, music publisher, 3 Old Bond street
    Falkus John, carpenter & undertaker, 45 Adam street west, & 19 Frederick street, Connaught square
    Fall Henry, grocer & cheesemonger, 17 Charles street, Stepney
    Fall John, grocer, see Barough & Fall
    Faller Michel, wooden clock maker, see Camerer, Kuss & Faller
    Fallover Stephen, butcher, 26 Park terrace, Regent's park road
    Fallowdown Charles Selby, solicitor,42 Claremont square, Pentonville
    Fallowes John, painter, &c. 4 Bowling green walk, Hoxton
    Fallows & Adcock, furnishing ironmongers, & stove grate manufacturers, 4 Halkin street west, Belgrave square
    Fallows Joseph, attorney, see Miller & Fallows
    Fallows Joseph, bootmaker, 28 Leonard street, Shoreditch
    Fallshaw John Fleetwood, fancy boxmaker, 8 Staining lane
    Family Endowment Annuity & Life Assurance Society, (William Lewis, actuary) 12 Chatham place, Blackfriars
    Famin Peter Edward, wine & brandy merchant, 14 Little Tower street
    Famin Leon, importer of foreign wines & spirits, 27 Mincing lane
    Fancutt John, fruit salesman, Covent garden fruit market
    Fancy Thomas, Kent Tavern & Hotel, 1 Brownlow street, Bedford row
    Fane William Dashwood, barrister, 21 Old square, Lincoln's inn
    Fanshaw Henry R. india rubber manufacturer, 18 Walbrook
    Faraday Richard, linendraper, 51 Old Compton street, Soho
    Faraday Robert, brass founder, 114 Wardour street, Soho
    Faram Israel S. Gloucester Arms P.H. 5 Upper Park place, Dorset square
    Faram John, Hope P.H. 61 Park street, Dorset square
    Farbridge Geo. brush maker, 39 Beckford row, Walworth road
    Fardell Thomas, carman & livery stables, Blackwall
    Fardell Thomas, shipping butcher, 109 Poplar High street
    Farebrother Charles & Co. land surveyrs. 9 Lancaster Place, Strand
    Farebrother James, cabinet maker, 16 Old street road
    Farebrother Jas. H. S. sailmaker, 31 Millbank street, Westminster
    Farey Benjamin, baker, High street, Bow, Middlesex
    Farey James, hosier & glover, 172 Regent street
    Farey John, engineer, 67 Guilford street, Russell square
    Farey John, hosier & glover, 19 Newington causeway
    Farey William Thomas, Ram Inn coach & waggon office, 78 Smithfield
    Fargues Francis & Son, copper plate printer, 47 Berwick street, Soho
    Fargues John, working jeweller, see Dee & Fargues
    Farguson Elizabeth (Mrs), Barleymow P.H. 78 Fore street, Limehouse
    Farina John Maria (of Cologne on the Rhine), manufacturer of genuine eau de cologne, 1 Carpenter's buildings, London wall
    Farish James, surgeon, 8 Lancaster place, Waterloo bridge
    Farley & Haynes, statuaries & masons, 12 Goswell road & 8 Wharf, Macclesfield street south, City road
    Farley Henry Thomsett & Co. teadealers & grocers; importers of & dealers in cigars, 5 Little Tower street
    Farley Henry William A, toy & fancy repository, & City conjuring depôt, 31 Fleet street, opposite St. Dunstan's church
    Farlow John King & Charles, fishing rod & tackle manufacturers, 5 Crooked lane, City
    Farley William, stonemason, 79 Chapel street, Pentonville
    Farlow John King & Charles, ivory & hardwood turners, billiard ball & chess manufacturers, 5 Crooked lane, City
    Farlow Fred. Rice, lighterman & agent, 13 Fountain court & Duchy wharf, Strand
    Farlow Henry jun. carman, 16 Maiden lane, Covent garden
    Farlow William, law stationer, 3 Falcon court, Fleet street
    Farmar Robert H. & Co. merchants, 35 Abchurch lane
    Farmer Eliza & Mary, milliners, &c. 41 Ludgate street
    Farmer & Sanders, milliners, see Sanders & Farmer
    Farmer Ben. cabinet & library table maker, Ivy lane, Ivy terrace, Hoxton
    Farmer Benjamin, tailor, 50 Clerk street, Stepney
    Farmer Charles, iron & steel warehouse,76 Market street, Edgware road
    Farmer Daniel, oil & italian warehouse, 28 Aldgate
    Farmer David, plumber, &c. 5 Southampton street, Camberwell
    Farmer Eigh (Mrs.) iron merchant, ironmonger, general tool, metal & meltingpot warehouse, 92 & 93 St. John street, Clerkenwell
    Farmer Frederick, wheelwright, 30 Castle street, Long acre
    Fariner George, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
    Farmer George, cheesemonger, 128 High street, Shadwell
    Farmer James, cooper, 23 Old Montague street, Whitechapel
    Farmer John, corn dealer, 5 New street, Kennington
    Farmer Joshua, newsvender, 11 Hereford place, Commercial road east
    Farmer Joshua, vapour baths, Addington square, Camberwell road
    Farmer Robert Adolph, chemist, 40 Mount street, Lambeth
    Farmer Samuel, sashmaker & glass cutter, 7 Alfred place, Newington causeway
    Farmer Sarah(Mrs.),cottonwick maker, 82 Curtain road, Shoreditch
    Farmer Swithin, hosier, &c. 8 1/2 Kemnington cross
    Farmer Thomas, firewood dealer, 4 Upper Belgrave terrace
    Farmer Thomas, merchant, City Club, 19 Old Broad street & oil of vitriol manufacturer, Kennington common
    Farmer William, engine, lathe & toolmaker, 33 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
    Farmer William, merchant, 2 Tudor street, New Bridge street, Blackfriars
    Farmer William, miller, 17 London street, Fenchurch street
    Farmer William, ornamental carver, 35 Rahere street, York street, City road
    Farmer William, tailor, 24 New Quebec street, Portman square
    Farmers' Fire & Life Assurance Office, 346A, Strand
    Farmiloe George, window glass cutter, 114 St. John street, Smithfield
    Farn Edward, solicitor, see Brooksbank & Farn
    Farn William, currier, 14 Newcastle street, Strand
    Farnan Frank & Sons, silk & woollen dyers, Old Ford
    Farncomb Thomas, agent to the Boulby alum works at Whitby ; Griffins wharf, Tooley street
    Farncomb Thomas, wharfinger, Griffin's wharf, Tooley street
    Farnell & Mason, linendrapers, 21 Finsbury pavement
    Farnell Benjamin, bricklayer, 2 Upper street, Islington green
    Farnell James, printer's ink maker, see Blackwell & Farnell
    Farnell William Lewis, Three Tuns P. H. 22 Great New street, Fetter lane
    Farnes Charles, seedsman, 128 St. John street. Smithfield
    Farnes Henry, Sun & Sawyers, P.H. 168 Poplar High street
    Farnham Francis, Kings Head P.H. 18 Old Change
    Farquhar Alexander, surgeon, 19 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
    Farquhar James, proctor, see Sladen, Glennie & Farquhar
    Farquhar Thomas N. solicitor, see Johnston, Farquhar & Leech
    Farquhar William, watchmaker, 6 George street, Tower hill
    Farquharson Robert, newsvender, 10 Plumtree street, Bloomsbury
    Farr William, & Co. cheesemongers, 30 St. Georges place, Knightsbridge
    Farr Charles, teadealer & grocer, 5 Lamb street, Spitalfields
    Farr Edward, cheesemonger, 55 James street, Oxfordstreet
    Farr James Charles, grocer, 110 Fleet street
    Farr Thomas, glass & china dealer, 63 Sun street, Bishopsgate
    Farr Thomas, Blandford Arms P.H. 68 Boston place, Dorset square
    Farr William, cheesemonger, 7 Broadway, Ludgate hill
    Farr William, locksmith, 53 Strutton ground, Westminster
    Farr William W. barrister, 5 Essex court, Temple
    Farrance Edward, Private hotel, 11 Upper Belgrave street, Belgrave square
    Farrance Thomas, confectioner, 66 & 67 Charing cross
    Farrand Fred. & Son, builders, 153 Long lane, Bermondsey
    Farrand Jacob, canteen & plate case maker, 1 Silver street, Wood street
    Farrand Robert, cornfactor, 26 Mark lane
    Farrant George & Son, wheelwrights, High street, Stratford
    Farrant George Binsteed, barrister, 7 Figtree court, Temple
    Farrant John, cutler, 50 Burlington arcade, Piccadilly
    Farrant Mar (Mrs.), fruit saleswoman, Borough market
    Farrant Phillis (Mrs.), dairy, 32 Rose street, Covent garden
    Farrant Sir George, knight, barrister, 53 Upper Brook street
    Farrant William, plumber & painter, 30 Goodge street, Tottenham court road
    Farrants Robert James, surgeon, 5 Regent terrace, City road
    Farrar & Lake, solicitors, 12 Godliman street, Doctors' Commons
    Farrar & Parlour, stone merchants, Canal road, Kingsland road
    Farrar & Summers, linendrapers, 25 Great Russell street, Covent garden
    Farrar Charles, slopseller, 17 Devonshire street, Bishopsgate
    Farrar Edward, surgeon, 48 Guilford street, Russell square
    Farrar Elizabeth (Mrs.) milliner, 26 Old Burlington street
    Farrar Francis, solicitor, 30 Ely place, Holborn
    Farrario, surgeon &c, 11 Bedford place, Commercial road east
    Farre Frederick, physician, 22 Curzon street, Mayfair
    Farre John Richard, barrister, 3 Elm court, Temple
    Farre John Richard, physician, 4 Charterhouse square, & 7 Queen's row, Pentonville
    Farrell Edward, work. silversmith, 24 Brydges street, Covent garden
    Farrell Garrett, confectioner, 35 Lamb's Conduit street
    Farrell James, merchant (Young & Co.), 50 Lime street
    Farrell John, coffee rooms, 10 Tavistock row, Covent garden
    Farrell Richard, potato dealer, 13 Lumber court, Seven dials
    Farrell Robert, bookbinder, 4 Bear yard, Lincoln's inn fields
    Farrell Roger, tailor, 30 Great Ormond street, Queen square
    Farrell Thomas, Ship & Bladebone P.H. 8 New Gravel lane, Shadwell
    Farren George, barrister, l Symond's inn
    Farren George, resident director of Asylum (Foreign & Domestic) Life Office, 70 Cornhill & 5 Waterloo place, Pall mall
    Farrer, French & Tatham, proctors & notaries, 26 Great Carter lane, Doctors' commons
    Farrer & Parkinson, attorneys, 66 Lincoln's inn fields
    Farrer & Penrose, tailors & drapers, 281 High Holborn
    Farrer Henry, picture dealer & restorer, 14 Wardour street, Soho
    Farrer John, cabinet manufacturer, 68 Curtain road, Shoreditch
    Farrer Mary (Mrs.), boarding house, 32 Dorset square
    Farrin John & Son, cattle salesmen, 8 West Smithfield
    Farrin & Marshall, cattle salesmen, 8 West Smithfield
    Farrin Thomas, cattle salesman, 8 West Smithfield
    Farringdom | & Lying-in Hospital, 60 Skinner street
    Farrington Joseph, manufacturer of hatbands, galloons, &c. 36 Spital square, Norton folgate
    Farrington Samuel,  restorer of paintings, 52 Castle street Leicester square
    Farrington Willian, baker, 6 Windsor place, Old Kent road
    Farris Richard, baker, 32 Long acre
    Farris William, paper hanging warehouse, 27 Leigh street, Burton crescent
    Farrow Benjamin, furnishing ironmonger, 18 Great Tower street, City
    Farrow Dan. perfumer, see Vickery & Farrow
    Farrow Francis, french polisher, 3 Gt. Warner street, Clerkenwell
    Farrow Geo. bookseller & newsvendor, 3 Arcade, Hungerford market
    Farrow John, potato salesman, 21 Red Lion street, Spitalfields

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