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    London Street Directory in 1843 - G1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    GABAIN George & Co. merchants, 5 Martin's lane, Cannon street
    Gaball Henry, brace, belt & stockmaker, 2 Marylebone street, Piccadilly
    Gaball James, tailor & trimming dealer, 78 Berwick street, Soho
    Gabell George. hairdresser, &c. 12 Compton street, Brunswick square
    Gabell Isaac, Red Cross P.H. 12 Hare street, Bethnal green
    Gabetiss Martin, Old Swan P.H. 2 Hayman's row. Holloway road
    Gable Thomas Ed. wireworker, Perseverance terrace, Bethnal green
    Gabriel Christ, & Sons, timber merchant, 15 & 16 Wharfs, Regents canal basin
    Gabriel Thomas & Sons, timber merchants, Commercial road, Lambeth
    Gabriel Benj. Wilmot, manchester warehouseman, 75 Watling street
    Gabriel Edmund Nicholas, veterinary surgeon, 15 Rolls buildings, Fetter lane, & 33 Red Lion square
    Gabriel James Wild, woollen warehouseman, 17 Basinghall street
    Gabriel John Wild, woollen warehouseman, 135 Regent street
    Gabriel Thomas, saw mills, Wenlock basin, City road
    Gabriel William, Wallace, solicitor, see MacGregor & Gabriel
    Gabrielli John James, translator of languages, & importer of roman strings, 19 Fenchurch street
    Gaby Thomas, wholesale grocer, see Garnet, Gaby & Collins
    Gace Grantham, ship & insurance brokers, Lloyd's, Bishopsgate street
    Gad & Kenningale, copper plate printers, pool's row, Hampstead road
    Gadban Elia Paolo, merchant, 52 Old Broad street
    Gadbury William, oil & color warehouse, 13 Great Winchester street
    Gadd Charles, chemist, Wandsworth road
    Gadd John, wax & tallow chandler, 13 King street, Holborn
    Gadenne Dam. machine ruler, 1 Moor lane, Cripplegate
    Gadsby William, coach body maker, 50 Tottenham court road
    Gadsden & Flower, solicitors, 14 Furnival's inn, Holborn
    Gadsden James & Son, sugar refiner, 4 Leman street & 26 Great St. Helen's
    Gadsden John & Co. wholesale & retail cheesemongers, 273 Oxford street
    Gadsden John & Son, cheesemongers, 30 Ludgate hill
    Gadsden David, sugar refiner, 2 Great St. Helens
    Gadsden George, baker, 58 Leather lane, Holborn
    Gadsden George, butcher, 31 Ernest street, Regent's park
    Gadsden Henry Francis, auctioneer & estate agent, 18 Old Broad street
    Gadsden John, bootmaker, 8 Newcastle place, Edgware road
    Gadsdon Richard & Son, coach platers, 22 Union street, Bishopsgate
    Gadsdon Henry, oil & colorman, 21 Featherstone street, City road
    Gael Samuel Higgs, barrister, 25 Old square, Lincoln's inn
    Gaffin Edward, sculptor, 63 Quadrant, & 17 Kensington place
    Gage Thomas & Co. ale & porter merchant, 14 New street, Bishopsgate
    Gage Benjamin, coach builder, 206 1/2 Whitechapel road
    Gage Thomas, Three Compasses P.H. 1 Brick lane, Spitalfields
    Gage William, Bricklayers Arms P.H. 20 Gloucester street, Commercial road east
    Gagen & Ford, architects, see Ford & Gagen
    Gagen George, land surveyor, &c. 15 Rowland's row, Stepney green
    Gagen Thomas William, saddler & harness maker, 278 Poplar High street
    Gahagen Charles, coachmaker, 62A Edgware road, Marylebone
    Gaimes Charles, hatter & outfitter, 22 Birchin lane
    Gain David, butcher, 24 Blackman street, Borough
    Gain George Sause, tobacconist, 28 Newton street, High Holborn
    Gainer Benjamin, bedstead maker, 7 Church street, Minories
    Gaines William, & Sarah, seedsmen, North row, Covent garden
    Gaines Charles, solicitor, l Caroline street, Bedford square
    Gaines Nancy (Mrs.), florist, Surrey lane, Battersea
    Gaines Samuel, market gardener, Battersea marsh
    Gainey James, cheesemonger, 46 Charlotte street, Whitechapel
    Gains William, B. & Co. woollen drapers, 47 Ludgate hill
    Gainsborough Thomas, merchant, North & South American coffee house
    Gainsford & Goode, drapers & silk mercers, 119 Borough High street
    Gainsford & Hedges, wax & tallow chandlers, 59 Piccadilly
    Gainsford George, mercer, 9 Paragon, New Kent road
    Gairdner Edward, upholsterer, 155 Tottenham court road
    Gairdner George, upholsterer, 80 Tottenham court road
    Gairdner George William, upholder, &c. 4 Francis street, Tottenham court road
    Gairdner William, physician, 12 Bolton street, Piccadilly
    Gairns James, watch & jewel case maker, 23 Redcross square, Cripplegate
    Gaisford George, baker, 179 Kingsland road
    Gaisford John, baker, 30 Gravel lane, Southwark
    Gaisford Robert, baker, 8 Moor lane, Cripplegate
    Gaitskell John & Co. distillers, wine, brandy & liqueur merchants, 229 Bermondsey street
    Gaitskell William Senhouse, solicitor, clerk to the trustees of Surrey & Sussex & Surrey new roads, & commissioners of taxes in 3rd division of East Brixton, 21 Stamford street, Blackfriars road
    Gaitt John, plumber & glazier, 59 Edgware road, Marylebone
    Galabin George John, printer, &c. 91 Bartholomew close
    Galabin Thomas, stationer, see Hennington, Galabin & Co.
    Galbraith James S. Meadowbank Brewing Co. New wharf, Whitefriars
    Galding Walter, fruiterer, 12 Walkers court, Golden square
    Gale, Baker, Ward & Co. wholesale druggists, Bouverie street, Fleet street
    Gale & Drawbridge, tobacconists, 23 St. Martins court, St. Martins lane
    Gale Samuel & Co. ironmongers, 320 Oxford street
    Gale Charles James, barrister, 1 Mitre court buildings, Temple
    Gale Henry, bookbinder, 10 Goswell road
    Gale James, confectioner, 121 Oxford street
    Gale James, Lord Wellington P.H. 6 Baalzephon street, Bermondsey
    Gale John, baker, 67 High street, Lambeth
    Gale John, chemist, 3 Lower York place, Kentish town
    Gale John, cork manufacturer, 7 Ebenezer place, Lower Kennington lane
    Gale John, George P.H. George court, Strand
    Gale John, russia merchant, 10 Three King court, Lombard street
    Gale John, surgeon, 4 Upper Queen's buildings, Brompton
    Gale John, watch & clock maker, 4 Lamb street, Spitalfields
    Gale John William, baker, l Wood street north & 15 Radcliffe terrace, Goswell road
    Gale Richard, picture dealer, 47 High Holborn
    Gale Robert L. artist, 74 Newman street
    Gale Samuel, attorney, 70 Basinghall street
    Gale Samuel, baker, 19 Clare street, Clare market
    Gale Samuel, barrister, 7 Stanhope place, Hyde parade
    Gale Samuel, chemist & druggist, 27 Judd place west, New road
    Gale Samuel Westcott, cigar importer, see Mayson & Gale
    Gale Thomas, baker, 11 Chelsea market, Lower Sloane street
    Gale Thomas, Four Seasons, P.H. 7 St Chad's row, Gray's inn road
    Gale William, fruiterer, 73 Brewer street, Somers town
    Gale William, surgeon, 15 Alfred place, Newington causeway
    Gale William, tailor, 12 Store street, Bedford square
    Gale William, timber merchant, 16 Harcourt street, New road, Marylebone
    Galer Francis & Thomas, grocers, 109 St. John street, Clerkenwell
    Gales Richard Norman, tobacconist, 17 High street, Kensington
    Galiegeu John & Co. hat makers, 13 Richmond street, St. Luke's
    Galique Sarah (Miss), milliner, 16 Aske terrace, Hoxton
    Galilee Anthony, carpenter & builder, 103 High street, Marylebone
    Galindo Portia (Miss), academy, see Jardine & Galindo
    Gall David, bread baker, 4 High street, Newington butts
    Gall John, grocer, 1 Circular road, Horsemonger lane
    Galland James, coachmaker, 21 Lower Eaton street, Grosvenor square
    Gallant Susannah Ann (Mrs.), tobacco. 23 James street, Covent garden
    Gallatly George, cheesemonger, 27 Brick lane, Old street
    Gallaway & Wilson, ship insurance & custom house agents, 25 Mincing lane
    Gallaway William, bookseller, &c. 80 Lisson grove north
    Gallaway William, oil & colorman, 4 Pieschell street, Paddington
    Gallemore Isaac, tailor, &c. 4 North row, Grosvenor square
    Gallibert Esprit, foreign hatshags, &c manufacturers, 5 South street, Southwark street
    Gallienne Abraham, beer & spirit engine maker, 115 Goswell street
    Gallienne Richard, table knife maker & cutler, 71 Goswell street
    Galliers George, chemist & druggist, 221 Tottenham court road
    Gallois Frances (Madame), milliner, 44 New Bond street
    Gallop Benjamin James, Albert coffee rooms, 95 Milton street
    Gallop Thomas, chairmaker, 19 Gower place, Euston square
    Gallouin John, general commission merchant, 35 St. Swithin's lane
    Galloway Alex, & Son, engineers, West street, West Smithheld
    Galloway Brothers & Co. merchants, West street, West Smithfield
    Galloway David, baker, l Gloucester place, Camden town
    Galloway George, oilman, 7 Bowling street, Marylebone
    Galloway George, tailor, &c. 90 Newman street, Oxford street
    Galloway James, baker, 3 Trinity row, Upper street, Islington
    Galloway John, baker, 37 St. Martin's lane, Charing cross
    Galloway Robert, baker, 30 Millbank street, Westminster
    Galloway Robert, potato salesman, 91 Broad street, Ratcliff
    Galloway Thomas, iron plate worker & brazier, 5 Baker's row, Clerkenwell
    Galloway Thomas, registrar of the Corporation of the Amicable Life Assurance Society, 13 Serjeants' inn, Fleet street
    Galloway Thomas, stove grate maker, 49 Berwick street, Soho
    Gally Paul Peter & Co. barometer maker, 50 Exmouth street, Spafields
    Gally Peter & Co. general wire works, 14 Eyre street, Hatton garden
    Gally Andrew, looking glass manufacturer, 166 Ratcliff highway
    Gally Pantelione, naturalist, 70 Parsons street, Ratcliff highway
    Galom Henry & Co. hatters, 418 Strand
    Galpin Carter, professor of drawing, 1 Lowther arcade, Strand
    Galsworthy & Nichols, solicitors, 9 Cook's court, Carey street
    Galsworthy John, solicitor, 19 Ely place, Holborn
    Galsworthy Silas, builder, 92 Upper Stanford street, Blackfriars
    Galsworthy William, solicitor, Poultry chambers, 11 Poultry
    Gambee William, carpenter, &c. Hawley place, Kentish town
    Gamble & Davis, wholesale & export shoe warehouse, 45 Fish street hill
    Gamble Ann (Mrs.), fishmonger, 4 Dean street, Soho
    Gamble Harpur, physician, 7 Duke street, Portland place
    Gamble John (late Donkin, Hall & Gamble, established 1812), original patentee of the new method of preserving all kinds of all kinds of vegetable food, 77  Cornhill
    Gamble Richard, grocer, 24 High road, Knightsbridge
    Gamble Thomas, Robin Hood P.H. 14 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
    Gamble Thomas Eden, Red Lion P.H. 14 Princes street, Drury lane
    Gambling Robert, bootmaker, 19 Kingsgate street, Holborn
    Game Charles, butcher, 17 Nicholas lane, Lombard street
    Game Samuel, oil & colorman, 26 Fish street hill
    Game Susan (Miss), coffee rooms, 15 & 16 Church row, Aldgate High street
    Game William, Swan Tavern, 42 King William street, City & 22 Fish street hill
    Gamlen Rt. attorney (firm Poole & Gamlen), 3 Gray's inn square
    Gamlen Thomas, solicitor, see Downes, Gamlen & Scott
    Gammage & Mott, cheesemongers, 8 Drury lane, & 5 & 22 King street, Seven dials
    Gammage Thomas, clock maker, 8 Wood street north, Goswell road
    Gammage Thomas, Coopers Arms P.H. 5 Green bank, Wapping
    Gamman Robert, coalmerchant & wharfinger, Union wharf, 68 Wapping wall & 7 Wilmot square, Bethnal green road
    Gammon William, ship broker & customhouse agent, 43 Lime street
    Gamson Frederic, chemist & druggist & surgeon, 25 Goswell road & 10 Mount row, Liverpool road, Islington
    Gamson Thomas, corn & coal dealer, 4 Union row, Kingsland road
    Gamson Thomas, corn & seed factor, 24 Mark lane
    Ganson Thomas B. pawnbroker &c. 5 Manchester row, Holloway
    Gandar Charles Buck, Hercules P.H. York place, Westminster road
    Gandar John, bookbinder & repairer of old books, 56 Hatton garden
    Gandar Joshua Darwin, builder, 7 Charles street east, Hampstd. road
    Gandell George & Co. discount brokers, 2 Charlotte row, City
    Gandell John, iron merchant, 10 Laurence Pountney hill
    Gandell Thomas, packer, Joiners' hall, 79 Upper Thames street
    Gander Charles Buck, Prince Regent P.H. 23 Seymour place, Bryanston square
    Gander Henry, booking office White Hart inn yard, 62 Borough
    Gandolfi P. & N. & Co. silk merchants, 30 Throgmorton street
    Gandon Jonas, sugar cooper, 8 Osborn place, Spitalfields
    Gandy Thomas, grocer & italian warehouse, Lower street, Islington
    Gandy William, umbrella silk maker, 16 Princes street, Spitalfields
    Gange George & Co. pianoforte makers (from Messrs. Broadwoods), 19 Poultry; manufactory 10 Lower Belgrave place, Pimlico
    Gange Nathaniel, grocer, 40 Lower Belgrave place, Pimlico
    Gann James & Co. outfitting warehouse, 171 Fenchurch street
    Gannaway John, Kings Head P.H. 2 Monmouth street, Seven dials
    Gannaway John, Fox & Peacock P. H. 12 Grays inn lane
    Gannell William, grocer & teadealer, 26 Robert street, Grosvenor square
    Gannon John, surgeon, l Dean's row, Walworth road
    Gannon John Pahie, barrister, 4 Elm court, Temple
    Gannon Thomas, grocer, 4 Duke street, Lincoln's inn fields
    Gant John, zinc merchant & manufacturer, 19 Tottenham court, New road
    Gant John Castle, solicitor, 4 Clement's lane
    Ganthony Richard Pinfold, watchmaker, 83 Cheapside
    Gantlett Thomas, tobacconist, 24 Sloane square, Chelsea
    Gantley John, cheesemonger & bacon drier, Church street, Stoke Newington
    Gapp Charles James, White Lion P.H. 12 High street, Pentonville
    Gapp John, livery stables, 10 Duke street, Manchesters
    Garault Peter, silk manufacturer, 5 Steward street, Spitalfields
    Garbanati Joseph, carver & gilder, 37 Southampton street, Strand
    Garbanati Paul, plate glass factor working carver & gilder, & fancy wood picture frame mf. 19 St. Martin's court, St. Martins lane
    Garbutt Robert, bricklayer, 244 Wapping
    Garcia Daniel, surgeon, 8 Mitre square, Aldgate
    Garcia Philip, fruiterer, 27 & 36 Poultry & 4 Great Turnstile, Holborn
    Gard Loveday (Miss), lace warehouse, 83 Oxford street
    Garden Alexander, operative chemist, 372 Oxford street
    Garden Hugh, army accoutr maker & saddler, 200 Piccadilly
    Garden James, watch & clock maker, 62 Kingsland road
    Gardener's Chronicle newspaper, 3 Charles street, Covent garden
    Gardener's Gazette newspaper office, 320 Strand
    Gardener Fred. P. stove grate maker, 30 Newgate street
    Gardener James, cooper, Gould's hill, Shadwell
    Gardener Thomas M. haberdasher, 2 Red Lion street, Whitechapel
    Gardie Louis, modeller, chaser, & water gilder, 8 Percy street
    Gardiner Sophia & Co. milliners, 121 Whitechapel High street
    Gardiner Thomas & Son, stationers, booksellers, printers, & publishers of the Royal Blue Book, 20 Princes street, Cavendish square
    Gardiner Chas. auctioneer & appraiser, 17 Hatton garden
    Gardiner Daniel, wholesale & retail brushmaker, 11 Wood street, Spitalfields
    Gardiner Ellen C. (Mrs.), outfitter, see Abraham & Gardiner
    Gardiner Ezra, grocer, 25 Long lane, City, & 149 Bermondsey street
    Gardiner Henry, bricklayer & plasterer, 102 East street, Manchester square
    Gardiner James, hat manufacturer, 11 Church street, Spitalfields
    Gardiner John, Albion P.H. 259 Blackfriars road
    Gardiner John, Cart & Horses P.H. 18 Upper St. Martins lane
    Gardiner John, fruit salesman, Borough market
    Gardiner John, solicitor, see Pemberton, Crawley & Gardiner
    Gardiner John, wine merchant, 10 Crosby hall chambers, Bishpsgate
    Gardiner John Bull, architect, 4 Bank chambers, Lothbury
    Gardiner John James sen, potato dealer, 19 King David lane, Shadwell
    Gardiner John Joseph, carpenter, 36 Mansion house street, Kennington road
    Gardiner Joseph, White Bear, P.H. Long walk, Bermondsey
    Gardiner Joseph, wholesale stationer, see Bowles & Gardiner
    Gardiner Matthew, grocer, 16 St. Andrew's hill, Doctors' commons
    Gardiner Richard, stonemason, 20 Providence buildings, New Kent road
    Gardiner Roger Cooper, surgeon, 26 Cheyne walk, Chelsea
    Gardiner Samuel, wholesale grocer, &c. Broadway, Deptford
    Gardiner Samuel C. surgeon,41 New Church street, Lisson grove
    Gardiner Thomas, hosier, &c. see Ransom & Gardiner
    Gardiner Thomas, milliner, 104 Goswell street
    Gardiner Thomas, Kings Arms tavern, 264 Oxford street
    Gardiner Thomas, wholesale stationer, see Bowles & Gardiner
    Gardiner William, baker, 48 High street, St. Giles's
    Gardiner William, grocer, 237 Shadwell High street
    Gardiner William James, surveyor, 29 Southampton row, Russell square
    Gardner Edward & Son, Oxford warehouse, 7 Paternoster row
    Gardner Henry & John, oil refiners & lamp manufacturers, 453 West Strand
    Gardner Henry William & Philip, brewers, 30 St. John street, Clerkenwell
    Gardner John & Thomas, lithographers & zincographers, 19 Giltspur street
    Gardner Nicholl & Co. wholesale ironmongers, 38 King street, Snow hill
    Gardner Thomas & William, brush & comb makers, 255 Regent circus
    Gardner & Urquhart, east india agents, 11 St. Helen's place
    Gardner William & Co. carvers & gilders, 6 City road

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