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    London Street Directory in 1843 - I1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    I'Anson William Henry & Co, tailors & drapers, 12 Bishopsgate within
    I'Anson Edward & Son, architect & surveyor, 19 Laurence Pountney lane
    I'Anson Edward, upholsterer & undertaker, 6 King street, Westminster
    I'Anson John, builder, 5 Cirencester place, Fitzroy square
    Ibberson Christopher, Black Boy & Horse Shoe, P.H. 1 Nicholas lane
    Ibbetson Henry & Son, proctors, 15 Great Knightrider street
    Ibbetson Frederick, grocer, 10 Brewer street, Somers town
    Ibbett Robert Greaves, auctioneer, 167 Fleet street & appraiser to city of London court of requests, 5 Maidenhead court, Aldersgate street
    Ibbetson Richard, grocer, 10 Kent place, Old Kent road
    Ibbotson George Augustus, dentist, 66 Brook street, Hanover square
    lbbotson John, Ibbotson's Hotel, 3 & 4 Vere street, Cavendish square
    Ibbotson Thomas, wholesale slopseller, 21 Camomile street, Bishopsgate
    Ibbotson William, lodging house, 5 Trinity place, Charing cross
    Ibbott James, lighterman, 19 Bond street, Commercial road, Lambeth
    Ibison George, furniture broker, 7 Cumberland place, Newington butts
    Icom George, teadealer, 18 Park terrace, Regent's park road
    Idenden William, outfitter & draper, 2 & 3 Salmon lane, Limehouse
    Idle James Brougham, wine merchant, 6 Talbot court, Gracechurch street
    Ierson Thomas Robert, tailor & habit maker, 13 King street, Borough
    Ife Benj. job & post master, Market street, Hertford street, Mayfair
    Ife Charles, job master, 9 Carrington mews, Mayfair
    Ifill William, surgeon, 9 Welbeck street, Cavendish square
    Ifold William, surveyor, 33 Manchester street, Manchester square
    Iggolden, Puckle & Puckle, proctors, 3 Paul's Bakehouse court
    Ilbery James, bookseller & stationer. 1 Great Titchfield street, Oxford street
    Ilbery James, shipping agent, &c. 6 Beer lane, Tower street
    Ilderton Henry Decimus, solicitor, 43 Lincoln's inn fields
    Iles George, carpenter & blind manufacturer, 35 Bell yard, Temple bar
    Iles Henry, hairdresser, 2 George court, Piccadilly
    Ilett James, baker, 16 High street, Newington
    Iley Thomas & Co. linen & carpet warehouse, 115 Whitechapel High street
    Iley Elizabeth (Mrs.), bookseller & stationer, 2 Stafford street, Bond street
    Iley William, grocer & oilman, 12 Chester terrace, Eaton square
    Iliff Joseph, Windmill Inn, 115 St. John street, Smithfield
    Iliff William, cattle salesman, 17 West Smithfield
    Iliff William, Tippen, surgeon, 19 Canterbury row, Newington
    Iliffe John, solicitor, see Cardale, Cardale & Iliffe
    Illidge John, glass & china warehouse, 34 Great Dover street, Borough
    Illidge John, stock broker, 6 Bankchambers & Stock Exchange
    Illidge Thomas, glass engraver, 15 Cole street, Great Dover road
    Illidge Thomas Henry, portrait painter, 46 Berners street
    Illingsworth William, house & ship joiner, 9 1/2 Great Hermitage street, Wapping
    Illingworth Richard Stonhewer, wine merchant, 11 Waterloo place
    Illingworth Henry Stanhope, surgeon, see Moore & Illingworth
    Illman William, trunk, box & case maker, 33 Noble street
    Illustrated London News office, 198 Strand
    Ilsley Jeremiah Thomas, tire smith, 101 Whitechapel High street
    Imbrie John Edward, shell fish warehouse, 47 Strand
    Imeson Charles, carp. & undertaker, 9 Down street, Piccadilly
    Immhof Nicholaus clockmaker, 24 Curtain road, Shoredite
    Imms George, grocer, 143 Church street, Shoreditch
    Imperial Baths, Gloucester street, Hackney fields
    Imperial Brazilian Mining Association, Winchester house, Old Bond street
    Imperial Continental Gas Association, 7 Whitehart court, Lombard street
    Imperial Fire Insurance Company (P. Milner,accountant), Sun court, Cornhill, & 5 St. James's street
    Imperial Gas Light & Coke Company (Alexander Henry, sec.), 33 John street, Bedford row; 38 Wyndham street, Bryanstone square; Maiden lane, King's cross, & Great Cambridge street, Hackney road, & King's road, Fulham
    Imperial Life Insurance Company (S. Ingall, actuary), Sun court, Cornhill, & 5 St. James's street
    Imperial Slate Co. (William Headech, sec.) 5 Robert street, Adelphi
    Impey William, grocer, &c. 141 Bethnal Green road
    Imray & Fitch, stationers & paper hanging manufacturers, 3 Old Fish street hill
    Imray Elizabeth (Mrs.), herbalist, 24 Union street east, Spitalfields
    Imray James, chart publisher, &c. see Blackford & Imray
    Imrie James, bread & biscuit baker, 36 Brewer street, Golden square
    Imrie William, surgeon dentist, 16 Saville row, Piccadilly
    Ince & North, painters & plumbers, Blackwall cross
    Ince Edward Brett, publisher of the law journal reports, 5 Quality court, Chancery lane
    Ince George, umbrella manufacturer, 32 Union street, Bishopsgate
    Ince James, furrier, 75 Oxford street
    Ince James Berkeley, attorney, 13 South square, Gray's inn
    Ince John, surgeon, 3 Lower Grosvenor place
    Ince Samuel, umbrella maker, 12 Old Montague street, Whitechapel
    Ince Thomas, wine merchant, 23 New Bond street
    Ince William, carman & sand dealer, St. Bride's wharf, Whitefriars
    Inchbold Thomas Mawson, bookseller, stationer. & printer, 161 Fleet street
    Income Tar office, Somerset house
    Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom, 106 to 109 Chancery lane
    Ind & Smith, ale & porter brewers, Romford, & at the Jerusalem coffeehouse
    Indemnity Mutual Marine Assurance Co. 36 Great Winchester street
    Independent Gas Light Comp. (Robert Laing, sec.), office at the works, Haggerston
    Independent Loan Society, 3 Turner street, Commercial road cast
    Indermaur Frederic, cabinet maker, 71 Union street, Borough
    Inderwick Jno. importer of meerschaum pipes, 58 Princes street, Leicester square
    India Board, Cannon row, Parliament street
    India Iron & Chrome Ore Company (G. W. Scott, sec.), 10 1/2 Kings Arms yard, Coleman street
    Indigent Blind visiting Society (Charles Harman, sec.) 20 Red Lion square
    Infant Orphan Asylum, Dalston (Rev. Hunter F. Fell, M.A. & Rev. Thomas Stanton, M.A. hon, secs.); Office, 2 Winchester buildings
    Infant School Depository, 19 Cheapside
    Infant School Society (J. I. Wathen, sec.), 18 Baldwin's gardens
    Infirmary for Asthma, Consumption, & other diseases of the Lungs, 10 Artillery street, Bishopsgate
    Infirmary for Diseases of the Skin, & Free Dispensary, 1 Blenheim street, Oxford street
    Infirmary for Fistula, Piles, & other diseases of the lower Intestine, 38 Charterhouse square
    Ing Maria (Mrs.), Blue Posts P.H. 10 Mount pleasant, Gray's inn lane
    Ing Peter, Essex Head Tavern, 40 Essex street, Strand
    Ingall Charles, accountant, 6 Bank Chambers, Lothbury
    Ingall Charles, wine & spirit merchant, 83 Upper Thames street
    Ingall Samuel, actuary of Imperial Life Insurance Co. Sun court, Cornhill, & 5 St. James's street
    Ingarfield Michael, fruiterer & fishmonger, l Farringdom market
    Ingarfield William, fishmonger, 36 Paddington street, Marylebone
    Ingham & Hart, linendrapers & silkmerchants, 56 Red Lion street, Holborn
    Ingham, Stephens & Co. of Marsala,4 New London street, Crutchedfriars
    Ingham George, straw hat maker, 40 Wellington street, Goswell street
    Ingham James, line & rope maker, Swan street, Kent road
    Ingham James Taylor, barrister, 5 Inner Temple lane
    Ingham Robert, barrister, 13 King's Bench walk, Temple
    Ingle Henry, locksmith & bellhanger, 12 Shoe lane, Fleet street
    Ingle William, woollendraper, 91 Shoreditch
    Ingle Wright, builder, 7 Chapel street, Grosvenor square
    Ingledew Benjamin Craike, potato dealer, 14 High street, Kensington
    Ingledew Thomas, wholesale grocer, see Booth, Ingledew & Knott
    Ingledew Thomas, tea & colonial broker, 1 Dunster court, Mincing lane
    Ingledew Thomas Craike, potato merchant, 24 Borough market
    Ingles David, merchant, 3 Barge yard, Bucklersbury
    Inglis & Wakefield, mousseline de laine manufacturers & printers, 20 Friday street, Cheapside
    Inglis Adam, clockmaker, 39 St. John's square, Clerkenwell
    Inglis Alexander, Ship P.H. 242 Shoreditch
    Inglis David, watchmaker, 13 Motcomb street, Belgrave square
    Inglis James, manager Caledonian Insurance Co. 27 Moorgate street
    Inglis John, bookseller & stationer, 13 Tysoe street, Exmouth street
    Inglis John, saddler, 35 South Molton street, Bond street
    Inglis Thomas, coffee rooms, 297 Strand
    Inglis Thomas, digestive bread baker, 5 New street, Covent garden
    Inglis William, baker, 14 Little Russell street, Bloomsbury
    Inglis William, baker, 6 Trinity street, Borough
    Inglis William, biscuit baker & booking office, 75 St.Paul's church yard
    Inglish Benjamin Hanson, proprietor of Scot's pills, 165 Strand
    Ingoldby Edward, wholesale laceman, 124 Wood street, City
    Ingram & Cooke, printers, 9 Crane court, Fleet street
    Ingram Alexander, baker, 33 Gifford street, Hoxton
    Ingram Benjamin sen. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 38 Beech street
    Ingram Edward, saddletree maker, 24 Earl street, Wilson street, Finsbury
    Ingram Hannah (Mrs.), Ship P.H. 84 Brunswick street, Blackwall
    Ingram Henry, carpenter, 35 Queen street, Brompton
    Ingram Henry William, woollen warehouse, 4 Addle street, Wood street
    Ingram James, Three Tuns P.H. 20 Rupert street, Haymarket
    Ingram John, upholsterer, 29 City road, Finsbury square
    Ingram Robert, confectioner, 58 Wimpole street, Cavendish square
    Ingram Robert, straw & tuscan manufacturer, 39 Goswell street
    Ingram Thomas, butcher, 12 Bozier's court, Tottenham court road
    Ingram William, fishmonger, 14 Clare street, Clare market
    Ingram William, watchmaker, 40 Goswell street
    Ings Edward, barrister, 2 Verulam buildings, Gray's inn
    Inkpen John, builder, &c. Bridge street, Vauxhall
    Inkson & Roth, tailors, 10 Little Ryder street, St. James's
    Inkson William, linendraper, see Mann & Inkson
    Inman Charles, coffee rooms, 4 London wall
    Inman William, Southgate, architect, 16 Kensington gore
    Immell & Cookes, varnish maker, 34 Little Queen street, High Holborn
    Innell Misses, milliners, &c. 3 Robson's place, Kennington road
    Inner Temple, east of Middle Temple gate, Temple-bar; Treasurer's office, under the hall
    Innes, Hodge & Co. merchants, 61 Moorgate street
    Innes John & Son, merchants, 61 Moorgate street
    Innes Edwd. shawl & silk warehouseman, see Lees & Innes
    Innes George Rose, solicitor & scotch law agent, 19 Billiter street
    Innes James, Queens Arms Hotel, 76 Cheapside
    Innes John, baiter, 2 Southampton row, Russell square
    Innes John, printer, 61 Wells street, Oxford street
    Innes John Jameson, wholesale cheesemonger, see Jameson & Innes
    Innes John Mair, wine merchant, 25 Coleman street
    Innes John Rose, merchant, 19 Billiter street
    Innes Robert Hugh, merchant, 31 New City chambers
    Innes William, hairdresser, 29 Water lane, Fleet street
    Innholder's Hall, C. Druce, junior clerk, 6 College street, Dowgate hill
    Innis Charles, solicitor, 15 Lincoln's inn fields
    Innocent James, teadealer, 51 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
    Inrolment Office, 2 Chancery lane, David Drew, clerk
    Innous Thomas, gold & silver laceman, 41 Lombard street
    Ironmongers' Hall (Simon Adams Beck, clerk), 118 Fenchurch street
    Inskepp Alfred, morocco leather dresser see Dailey & Inskepp
    Inskipp Henry, merchant, North & S. American coffee house
    Insley Robert, tailor, 120 Mount street, Berkeley square
    Insole. Debtors' Court office, 5 Portugal street, Lincolns inn
    Inspector General of Fortifications, 84 Pall mall
    Inspector Tar Account (London dist.) Stamp office
    Institute of Civil Engineers (Charles Manby, secretary), 25 Great George street, Westminster
    Institution for Disease of the Ear, 32 Sackville street
    Invalid Asylum, High street, Stoke Newington
    Invalid Office, 4 Northumberland street, Strand
    Inville John, solicitor, 22 Albion place, Walworth road
    Inward William, carpenter, &c. Stoke Newington green
    Inwards George, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
    Inwards Joseph, potato salesman, Clare market
    Inwards Mary (Mrs), potato salesman, Clare market
    Inwood Hen. William, architect & surveyor, 5 Southampton place, Euston square
    I'On David, baker, 12 Princes street, Westminster
    I'On John Launcelot, surgeon, 65 Bridge road, Lambeth
    Ion Edgar, Warwick Arms P.H. 14 Gillingham street, Pimlico
    Ion John Augustus, baker, 2 Lower Eaton street, Pimlico
    Ionian Bank (William Kettlewell, sec.), 77 Basinghall street
    Ionides & Co. turkey merchants, 9 Finsbury circus
    Ions Richard, spice manufacturer, Bow common
    Iorns & Austen, linendrapers, 187 & 188 0xford street & 1 Thayer street
    Iornside Rt. Duff, provision merchant, 1 Bullhead court, Newgate street
    Irazoqui Miguel, wine merchant, 20 Berners street, Oxford street
    Iredale John H. wholesale teadealer, 75 Charlotte street, Portland place
    Iredell Lestock Wilson, general broker, 5 Church court, Clement's lane
    Ireland Jane & Son, newsvenders, 6 Little Bridge street, Blackfriars
    Ireland Alex. John, professor of the harp, 9 Richmond buildings, Soho
    Ireland Charles, Falcon P.H. 127 Fetter lane, Holborn
    Ireland George, Old Duke William P.H. 100 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
    Ireland James, baker, 86 Theobald’s road
    Ireland James Deeves, ale & porter merchant, 9 George yard, Lombard street
    Ireland John, surgeon, &c. 7 Artillery place, Finsbury
    Ireland Michael, saddler, 89 Upper East Smithfield
    Iremonger David, carpenter, 58 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
    Irish Samuel & Son, saddlers, 25 Clement’s lane, Lombard street
    Irish Evangelical Society (Rev. George Rose, secretary), 7 Blomfield street, Finsbury
    Irish, the Honourable, Society of London (John E. Davies, secretary), Irish chambers, Guildhall yard
    Irish Land Investment Co.; agents, Messrs. Richard Taylor & Co. 26 Birchin lane, Cornhill
    Irish Office, 18 Great Queen street, Westminster
    Irish Society of London, 32 Sackville street, Piccadilly
    Irish Stamps Sale Office, Stamp office, Somerset house
    Irish Waste Land Society (Frederick Fry, secretary), 5 St. Mildred's court, Poultry
    Irish. Whiskey Establishment, ale & stout agent, James T. Brown, 1 Three King court, Lombard street
    Irish Henry, saddler & harness maker, 25A,Clement's lane, Lombard street
    Irish Samuel P. die sinker, &c. 25 Clement's lane, Lombard street
    Iron Nathaniel, ship biscuit baker, see Westrup & Iron
    Ironmongers' Hall, Simon A. Beck, clerk, 118 Fenchurch street
    Irons Thomas, floorcloth warehouse, 12 Princes street, Leicester square
    Ironside Robert Duff, provision merchant, 1 Bullhead court, Newgate street
    Ironside William, wine & spirit merchant, 5 Great Trinity lane
    Irvin Peter H. & Thomaa E. phil. instrument maker, see Simpson & Irvins'
    Irvin John, wigmaker, 18 Berwick street, Soho
    Irvine Alexander Robert, cornfactor, 2 Riches court, Line street
    Irvine Elizabeth (Mrs.), optician, 32 Kirby street, Hatton garden
    Irvine Jas. Scotch ale, stout & whiskey merchant, 8 Gould square
    Irvine John, watch movement maker, 34 Spencer street, Goswell street
    Irving & Brown, coal merchants. Broken wharf, 224 Wapping
    Irving Edward, accountant, 9 Fenchurch buildings
    Irving William, fancy bread & biscuit baker, 114 Strand
    Irwin Thomas & Co. hatters & furriers, Southwark bridge road
    Irwin Andrew William, plumber & glazier, 7 Bell yard, Temple bar
    Irwin Anthony Wellington, solicitor, 11 King's road, Bedford row
    Irwin George, bootmaker, 160 High street, Shadwell
    Irwin Henry, surgeon & chemist, 133 Goswell street
    Irwin John, hatmaker, see Wilson, Gibb & Irwin
    Irwin Elizabeth (Mrs.), Duke of Gloucester P.H. 4 Gloucester terrace, Hoxton

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