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    London Street Directory in 1843 - L1

    This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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    LABALESTRIER Mary (Miss), milliner, 15 Brook street
    Laban Charles, ivory worker & engraver, 9 Eyre street hill
    Labatt Gothold, stationer & library, 2 Kent place, Old Kent road
    Labett Henry, paperhanger, 12 Bryanstone street, Portman square
    Labett William, paperhanger, 20 Store street, Bedford square
    La Beaume Michael, medical galvanist, 11 Argyle street
    Labern Chas. greengrocer, 40 & 42 Warren street, Fitzroy square
    Labern Ellen(Miss), perfumery &c. warehouse, 65 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
    Labern Henry, manufacturer of botanic cream for the hair, by appointment to her Majesty & her Royal Highness the duchess of Kent, 40 Judd street, Brunswick square
    Labern John, tailor, 24 1/2 Wilson street, Finsbury
    Labourers' Friend Society, 20 Exeter Hall, 372 Strand
    Labram James, shoemaker, 28 & 36 St. Martin's court, & 130 Tottenham court road
    Labrow Ann (Mrs.), coal merchant, 3 Wilmington square, Spa fields
    Laby James Thomas, fishfactor, 31 Jewry street, Aldgate
    Laccohee Thomas, Lion & Castle P.H. 2 Bermondsey wall
    Laccohee William, looking-glass frame maker, 10 Bartholomew square
    Lacey Edmond, chemist, 1 St. John street, Clerkenwell
    Lacey Edward, Garricks Head tavern, 27 Bow street, Covent garden
    Lacey Edward, bookseller & publisher, 76 St. Paul's church yard
    Lacey Edward, gold & silver chaser, 24 Castle street, Holborn
    Lacey Esther (Mrs.), bookbinder, 25 Little Wild street, Lincolns inn fields
    Lacey James, brushmaker, 11 Little Earl street, Seven dials
    Lacey James Murray, coal merchant, 20 Carey street, Lincolns inn fields
    Lacey Jesse, willow square manufacturer & timber merchant, 37 Curtain road
    Lacey Richard, fringe maker, 177 Tottenham court road
    Lacey William, academy, 28 Dartmouth street, Westminster
    lon William Charles, solicitor, 24 Queen street, Cheapside
    Lachlan's & MacLeod, ship & insurance brokers agents, 62 Cornhill
    Lack Alfred, saddle & harnessmaker, 12 Stockbridge terrace, Pimlico
    Lack Frederick Walker Stewart, hosier, see Porter & Lack
    Lack John, draper & tailor, 8 Union court, Old Broad street
    Lack William, poulterer, 215 Shoreditch High street
    Lack William, poultry & game salesman, Leadenhall market
    Lackersteen Augustus Alex, merchant, 39 Moorgate street
    Lackington George, official assignee, 3 Coleman street buildings
    Lacon Susannah (Mrs.), milliner, 16 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
    Lacy & Bridges, attorneys, 19 King's arms yard, Coleman street
    Lacy & Reynolds, wholesale gun makers to the hon. Board of Ordnance, the hon. East India Company, and the shipping trade in general, 21 Great St. Helens
    Lacy Benj. Walker, banker, &c. see Pocklington & Lacy
    Lacy Chas.coal merchant, Cannon wharf, Cannon row, Westminster
    Lacy Henry John, butcher, 46 Fetter lane
    Lacy John, straw hat warehouse, 26 Cranbourn street, Leicester square
    Lacy William, tailor, 20 Lamb's Conduit passage, Red Lion square
    Lacy William, tuscan & straw hatmaker, 24 Cranbourn street, Leicester square
    Ladbrook Thomas, Old Boat P.H. Bromley
    Ladbury George Herbert, accountant, sec Parrington & Ladbury
    Ladbury John Edward, surgeon, 7 Upper Fitzroy street, Fitzroy square
    Ladd Benjamin, tailor, 197 Whitechapel road
    Ladd Henry, carriage builder, 3 Windsor terrace, Vauxhall bridge road
    Ladd James, hair dresser, 100 Great Tichfield street
    Ladds John, builder, 23 Artillery place west, Finsbury square
    Ladensack & Reeve, linendrapers, 124 & 125 Minories
    Ladley John, brushmaker, see Tomkins & Ladley
    Ladewig George, wholesale confectioner, 31 Great North street, Lisson grove
    Ladson James, fancy cabinet maker, 25 Primrose street, Bishopsgate
    Ladyman Joseph, grocer, 12 Great James street, Lisson grove
    Lafertee Madame, dressmaker, 22 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
    Laffin, Butler & Laffin, tailors, 17 Princes street, Hanover square
    Laforest & Co. wine merchants, 21 College hill, Upper Thames street
    Lagden Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 39 Essex street, Strand
    Lagrange Jules, teacher of languages, 80 Regent street
    Lahee Maria (Mrs.), grocer & teadealer, 32 Cheyne walk, Chelsea
    Lahee Samuel, auctioneer, 65 New Bond street
    Laidlaw & Rodwell, bootmakers, 4 Coventry street, Haymarket
    Laidler William, cheesemonger, 69 Leather lane, Holborn
    Laidman Leonard, receiver of country solicitors' & undersheriffs' accounts, 119 Chancery lane
    Laing Margt. & Son, painters, glaziers, &c. 2 Williers street
    Laing Allan Stewart, barrister, 3 Tanfield court, Temple
    Laing Catherine (Mrs.), baker,38 Great Coran street, Brunswick
    Laing Charles D. engraver on wood, 1 Long lane West Smithfield
    Laing James, sailcloth factor, 5 Pickle herring, 96 Tooley street, & 8 Shad Thames
    Laing George Edward, architect, Carlton chambers, 12 Regent street
    Laing John, cork manufacturer, 14 Little Tower street
    Laing Robert, shoe warehouse, 8 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
    Laing Robert, tobacco manufacturer, 6] Princes street, Leicester square
    Laing Seton, indigo broker, 39 Mincing lane, & Baltic
    Lainson & Aldred, linendrapers, 385, 386 & 387 Rotherhithe
    Lainson William, hatter, 42 Coleshill street, Pimlico
    Laird Edward, dairy, 5 Sherrard street, Golden square
    Laird John William, fancy stationer, l Leadenhall street
    Laird William, carpenter & undertaker, 14 North street, Pentonville
    Lake Thomas & Co. seedsmen & florists, 25 Bishopsgate within
    Lake & Waldron, attorneys & solicitors, 33 Basinghall street
    Lake & Walker, attorneys, 8 New square, Lincoln's inn
    Lake, Wilkinson & Lake, attorneys, 10 New square, Lincoln's inn
    Lake Ann (Mrs.), Lamb & Hare P. H. 3 Portsmouth place, Lower Kennington lane
    Lake Ephraim, teadealer & grocer, 46 Goswell road
    Lake Edward William, attorney, 30 Bury street, St. James's
    Lake George Herbert, solicitor, see Farrar & Lake
    Lake James, woollen draper, 33 Aldgate
    Lake James Richard, engraver & printer, 2 Shoe lane, Fleet street
    Lake John, west india merchant, 41 Lombard street
    Lake John, silk dyer, 10 New road, St. George's east
    Lake John, surgeon, 36 Fore street, Cripplegate
    Lake John, tailor, 25 South Molton street, Bond street
    Lake Joseph, baker, 76 Hackney road
    Lake Joseph, cabinet maker, 4 & 7 Cobourg place, Borough road
    Lake Mary Ann (Miss), mourning & fancy milliner, 175 Oxford street
    Lake Peter, Three Herrings P.H. 15 Bell yard, Temple bar
    Lake Richard, hair dresser, 30 Drury lane
    Lake Richard, linendraper, 20 Fore street, Cripplegate
    Lake Robert, furniture dealer, 3 Nelson place, Old Kent road
    Lake Samuel, surveyor & house agent, 24 College hill, Upper Thames street
    Lake §. bootmaker, 21 King street, Seven dials
    Lake William, carpenter & undertaker, 73 Minories
    Lake William; letter press, copper plate & lithographic printer engraver & draughtsman, 170 Fleet street
    Lake William, Kings Arms, P.H. 20 Crown row, Walworth road
    Lake Young Lake, herbalist, 6 Church lame, Whitechapel
    Lakeman Stephen, basket maker, 45 Ratcliff highway
    Laker Edward, currier, 224 Bermondsey street
    Lakin Joseph, linendraper, 89 & 99 Crawford street
    Laking Francis, newsvender, 26 Halfmoon street, Piccadilly
    Laking Henry, stationer, see Wyburn James Smalle
    Laman Edward C. pork butcher, 57 Leather lane, Holborn
    La Mark Frederick, shipbroker, 9 Water lane, Tower street
    Lamb Martha & Christopher, pawnbrokers, 48 Stanhope street, Clare market
    Lamb & Sym, merchants, 3 Winchester buildings, Great Winchester street
    Lamb & Workman, stove, range, &c. makers, & smiths and bellhangers, 19 Houndsditch & 11 Cross street, Newington butts
    Lamb Ann (Mrs.), linendraper, 6 Abbey street, Bermondsey
    Lamb Benj. building material dealer, 52 Belvedere place, Borough road
    Lamb Benj. corn & seed dealer, 4 King's place, Stone's end, Boro'ugh
    Lamb Benjamin, painter, &c. 25 Bevenden street, City road
    Lamb Charles, solicitor, 14 Bucklersbury
    Lamb Edward Bucton, architect & surveyor, 10 Burton crescent
    Lamb Francis, oilman, &c. 15 & 16 Wells row, Upper street, Islington
    Lamb George, goldsmith & jeweller, 69 Cheapside
    Lamb George, merchant & agent, 75 Queen street, Cheapside
    Lamb James, cattle salesman, 15 West Smithfield
    Lamb James, dealer in paintings, 31 Fleet lane, Old Bailey
    Lamb John, coach currier, 1 Cross lane, Long Acre
    Lamb John, cattle salesman, 60 West Smith field
    Lamb John, custom house & shipping agent, 2 Fen. court, Fenchurch street
    Lamb John, druggist, 17 Tabernacle square
    Lamb John, linendraper, &c. 6 Newcastle place, Edgware road
    Lamb John, teadealer & grocer, 7 Oxford market
    Lamb John Giles, mast & block maker, 29 Fore street, Limehouse
    Lamb MaryAnn (Mrs.), tobacconist, 36 Drummond street, Euston square
    Lamb Margaret (Mrs.), corndealer, 6 Old Kent road
    Lamb Roger, lead merchant, see Larken & Lamb
    Lamb Roger, wine & spirit & oil & color merchant, 137 Drury lane
    Lamb Sarah (Miss), watchmaker, 2 Lower Queen's row, Pentonv
    Lamb Septimus, hairdresser, 5 Poppin's court, Fleet street
    Lamb William, grocer, 2 Frederick place, Upper street, Islington
    Lamb William, woollen draper, 100 Holborn hill
    Lambe Alfred B. & Co. wine & mineral water importers, 149 New Bond street & 43 Mark lane
    Lambe Jeremiah, hatter, 45 Bridge road, Lambeth
    Lambe John, dressing case maker, see Wells & Lambe
    Lambe Richard, printseller, carver & gilder, 96 Gracechurch street
    Lambe William, customhouse agent & lighterman, 66 & 68 Lower Thames street
    Lambe William, physician, 51 Gloucester street, Queen square
    Lambe William, physician, 2 Montague place, Kentish town
    Lambe William, surgeon, &c. 1 Bolingbroke row, Walworth road
    Lambell John, carpenter, 21 Market row, John street, Oxford street
    Lambell John, poulterer, 119 Fore street, Cripplegate
    Lambert, Brown & Co. gold lacemen & embroiderers, 236 Regent street
    Lambert & Butler, tobacco & snuff manufacturers, 142 Drury lane
    Lambert Daniel & Son, wine merchants, 79 Lombard street
    Lambert & Rawlings, goldsmiths & jewellers, 10, 11 & 12 Coventry street
    Lambert, Ridley & Co. coal factor, ship & insurance broker, 3 Coal exchange
    Lambert Thomas & Son, brassfounders, 30 New cut, Lambeth
    Lambert & Whitfields, milliners, 3 St. James's street, Pall mall
    Lambert Alfred, bookseller, stationer & librarian, 6 Trinity street, Borough
    Lambert Ann (Mrs.),boot maker, 23} Lower Smith street, Northampton square
    Lambert Charles Francis, artist, 18 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
    Lambert Daniel, barrister, 77 Chancery lane
    Lambert Dan. King's Head Tavern, 26 Ludgate street & 2 Ave Maria lane
    Lambert Edward, brewery, Deptford bridge
    Lambert Edward, solicitor, 4 Raymond buildings, Gray's inn
    Lambert Frances(Miss), embroideress to the queen & repository for ornamental needle work, 3 New Burlington street
    Lambert Francis, upholsterer, Church street, Hackney
    Lambert Francis Devereux, coal factor, 3 Coal exchange
    Lambert George, meat salesman, Leadenhall market
    Lambert George, oilman, 80 Old street, St. Luke's
    Lambert George Hall, apothecary, &c. 105 Albany street
    Lambert Henry William, surgeon, 28A, Devonshire street, Portland place
    Lambert James, upholsterer, Lambeth place, Clapham road
    Lambert John, i. 102 Drummond street, Euston square
    Lambert John, baker, 44 Hart street, Covent garden
    Lambert John, carver & gilder, 11 Earl street east, Lisson grove
    Lambert John, coach & cabinet carver, 8 Upper Clifton street, Finsbury
    Lambert John, grocer, 37 Upper Albany street, Regent's park
    Lambert John, silk mercer, see George & Lambert
    Lambert John, tinplate worker & lacquerer, 66 Lambeth walk
    Lambert John Wallace, surgeon, 57 Berners street, Oxford street
    Lambert Joseph, job master, King's Head yard, Duke street, Lincolns inn
    Lambert Joseph, timber merchant, see Chapman & Lambert
    Lambert Richard, attorney, 32 John street, Bedford row
    Lambert Richard, manchester agent, 9 Lad lane, City
    Lambert Richard, plumber, 21 Nassau street, Middlesex hospital
    Lambert Richard,  Bedford Head P.H. 15 Bedford street, Bedford square
    Lambert Rt. coach proprietor, 1 Brunswick terrace, Blackwall
    Lambert Samuel, Duke of York P.H. 1 Upper Rathbone place
    Lambert Samuel, limerick lace manufacturer, 77 Aldermanbury
    Lambert Sarah (Mrs.), coffee roaster, 2 George yard, Aldgate
    Lambert Thomas, builder, l Naval row, Blackwall
    Lambert Thomas, waxchandler & oil, &c. warehouse, 102 High Holborn
    Lambert Thomas Z.G. watch tool dealer, 10 Winckworth buildings, City road
    Lambert William, baker & pastry cook,26 Cannon street, St. Georges east
    Lambert William, coffee house, 34 East street, Manchester square
    Lambert William, currier, 20 Bermondsey New road
    Lambert William, customhouse agent, see Nelham & Lambert
    Lambert William, furniture broker, 39 King street, Seven dials
    Lambert William, medicine vender, 20 Jermyn street, St. James's
    Lambert William, Old Windsor Castle P.H. 152 High Holborn
    Lambert William, provision merchant, Wellington place, west india docks
    Lambert William, teadealer & grocer, 22 Great Tichfield street
    Lambert William, George, butcher, 16 Abingdon street, Westminster
    Lambert William, Robert, saddler & harness maker, 107 Longacre
    Lambeth Water Works Office, Temple place, 139 Blackfriars road
    Lambeth Charles, bricklayer, Red Lion yard, Warmer street, Clerknwl
    Lambeth James, coach painter, 12 William street, Shoreditch
    Lambley Joshua, corndealer, 91 Vauxhall walk, Lambeth
    Lambole John, ivory cutter & corn chandler, 35. Foley street
    Lambourn William, Ship Tavern, 16 Camden street, Islington green
    Lambshead Jasper, baker, 36 Ernest street, Regent's park

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