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London Street Directory in 1843 - M11

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Milo Theophilus Clarke & Thomas, tobacconists, 402 Strand
Milroy Alexander. & Co. wine merchants & insurance brokers, 71 Cornhill
Milroy Thomas & Sons. wholesale saddlers, 72 Cornhill
Milroy Gavin, M.D. surgeon, 30 Fitzroy square
Milsom William George, chapel house academy, 16 Brill place, Somers town
Milson Thomas, cowkeeper, 1 Little Wild street, Lincoln's inn fields
Milton David, Duke of Clarence P.H.,  3 Great North street, Edgware road
Milton Ellen (Mrs.), builder, 15 Hart street, Covent garden
Milton George, carman, &c. Elizabeth terrace, Islington
Milton Isaac, bootmaker, 12 Carlton street, Regent street
Milton John, furniture broker, 25 Hedge row, High street, Islugton
Milton John, teadealer & grocer, 10 Great Marylebone street
Milton Mary Ann (Mrs.) lodging ho. 41 Somerset street, Portman square
Milton William, dining rooms, 43 Liverpool street, Bishopsgate
Milward John, gun barrel prover, Church lane, Commercial road
Milward John C. Union coffeerooms, 2 Cross lane, Long acre
Mimpriss Thomas Robert, surgeon, &c. Prospect place, Wandsworth road
Mimpriss William, jeweller, &c. 76 St. James's street, Pall mall
Minas Geraes Mining Company, 8 Tokenhouse yard road
Minasi Henry S. sicilian consul general, 15 Cambridge street, Edgware road
Minchen James, tailor, I White's row, Spitalfields

Minden Emanuel, Horse & Leaping Bar P.H. 58 Whitechapel High street
Minden Isaac, Grapes P.H. 69 Ratcliff highway
Minerva Life Assurance Company (William Thomas Robinson, actuary & sec.), 84 King William street, City
Mines Royal Copper Co.'s Warehouse (Benjamin Joseph Spedding, sec.) Golden hart wharf, Upper Thames street
Mines Louisa (Mrs.), shoemaker, 6 York street, Middlesex hospital
Mines Philip, tailor, 76 Margaret street, Cavendish square
Mines Sarah (Mrs), woollen draper, 7 Bedfordbury, Covent garden
Mines William, oil & colorman, 122 Tottenham court road
Minet James Wacker, tobacconist, 2 Stafford street, Lisson grove
Minet William Brissault, attorney, 5 Laurence Pountney place
Mingay John, ship chandler & oilman, 8 Narrow street, Limehouse
Minier, Adams & Nash, seedsmen, 63 Strand
Minifie Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, 93 Newman street, Oxford street
Minifie William, hairdresser, 398 Oxford street
Miniken John, coffee rooms, 19 Great Russell street, Covent garden
Mining Journal Railway & Commercial Gazette Office, 1 Crane court
Minister Edward, tailor & habit maker, by appointment to her Majesty, 8 Argyle place, Regent street
Minister John, boarding house, 8 Buckingham street, Strand
Minns Jane (Mrs.), tobacconist, 48 Whitechapel road
Minns Robert F. tailor, 58 White Lion street, Pentonville
Minors Benjamin, brushmaker, 240 Kent street, Borough
Minshull & Vanderpant, dentists, 51Margaret street, Cavendish square
Minson James, boarding house, see Moyle & Minson
Minter George, upholsterer, &c. 33 Gerrard street, Soho
Minter Henry, oil & colorman, 4 Water lane, Fleet street
Minter William, Duke of Gloucester P.H. Union row, New Kent road
Minto Thomas, tailor, l Goodwin's court, St. Martin's lane
Minton Edward, Mitre Tavern P.H. 7 Connaught terrace, Edgware road
Minton George Frederick, wholesale hosier, 111 Cheapside
Minton Henry, tobacconist, 270 Oxford street
Minton Richard, plumber & glazier, 36 St. John street road
Minton Robert Joseph, hosier & outfitter, 87 Ratcliff highway
Minton Samuel, woollen draper, 50 Duke streetl, Aldgate
Mintorn John, alabaster & wax flower maker, 11 Rathbone place
Mintram Charlotte (Mrs.), hairdresser, &c. 7 burlington arcade
Mirehouse John, barrister, 60 Upper Seymour street
Mirfin George Harvey, attorney, 1 Field court, Gray's inn
Miskin Nicholas, surgeon, &c. 59 Bridge road, Lambeth
Miskin Robert, painter & decorator, 35 Newman street, Oxford street
Miskin William, surgeon, 8 Broad street, Horselydown
Missen Joseph, Duke of York P.H. Ormond yard, York street, St. James's
Missent Harriet (Mrs.), milliner, 13 Broadway, Ludgate hill
Missent William, ladies' boot & shoe maker, 13 Broadway, Ludgate hill
Mist Thomas, wine merchant, 29 Soho square
Mister Susanna (Mrs.), pewterer & beer engine maker, 43 Roebuck place, Great Dover Street
Mitan Samuel, engraver, 8 Polygon, Clarendon square
Mitcalfe William, coal factor, 4 Coal exchange, Lower Thames street
Mitchelhill James, tailor, 20 Argyll street, Regent street
Mitchell & Brown, milliners, 2 Upper Marylebone street, Portland place
Mitchell & Co. wine & brandy merchants, 48 Lime street
Mitchell David & Co. woollendrapers, &c. 40 Cloth fair
Mitchell George Duncan & Co. cornfactors, 56 New corn exchange, Mark lane
Mitchell John & Co. printers, 25 Rupert street, Haymarket
Mitchell John & Co. russia merchants, 9 New Broad street
Mitchell John & Son, professor of dancing, 4 Portsmouth street
Mitchell William & Son, stationers, printers, booksellers, & newsvenders, 39 Charing cross
Mitchell Alexander, London & Edinburgh Steam Packet Office, 35 Leadenhall street
Mitchell Andrew, carpenter & joiner, Robert street, Limehouse
Mitchell Andrew, tailor, 14 Great Castle street, Regent street
Mitchell Andrew, translator of languages, 25 Tokenhouse yard
Mitchell Ann (Miss), milliner, 17 Basing lane, Bread street
Mitchell Ann (Miss), undertaker, 9 New inn yard, Shoreditch
Mitchell Ann (Mrs.), grocer, &c. 2 Carrington place, Down street
Mitchell Archibald, bookseller, 16 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
Mitchell Charles, cowkeeper, &c. 18 Liverpool street, Bishopsgate
Mitchell Charles, physician, 6 Connaught square
Mitchell Charles, publisher, bookseller & general advertisement agent for all the town & provincial newspapers, 12 Red Lion court, Fleet street
Mitchell Charles, Royal George P.H. New street, Kennington
Mitchell Christian (Mrs.), baker, 9 King street, Westminster
Mitchell Edward, currier & leathercutter, 60 Shoreditch
Mitchell Edward, Hope P.H. Duke's head passage & 23 Ivy lane
Mitchell Edward, tailor, 6 Guildford street east, Wilmington square
Mitchell Edward, tobacconist, 10 London road
Mitchell Edward, woollen draper, 18 Cloth fair, Smithfield
Mitchell Edward Robert, cabinet carver, 1 Radnor street, St. Luke's
Mitchell Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, 32A, Greek street, Soho
Mitchell Francis Henry, broker, 2 Hammond court, Mincing lane
Mitchell Frederick, carver & gilder, 4 Holland place, Kensington
Mitchell George, Boar's Head livery stables, Counter street, Borough
Mitchell George, bricklayer &c. 6 Carlton cottages, St. George's road
Mitchell George, carpenter & builder,43 Duke street, Lincoln's inn fields
Milchell George, clockmaker, 8 Woodbridge street, Clerkenwell
Mitchell George, tobacconist, 35 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
Mitchell George Michael, London & Westminster Bank, manager, 155 Oxford street
Mitchell Grace (Mrs.), straw hat maker, 31 Duke street, Manchester square
Mitchell Henry, cheesemonger, 51 Rosamon street, Clerkenwell
Mitchell Henry, melter & tallowchandler, 63 Whitechapel road
Mitchell Henry George, hairdresser, 2 Ryder's court, Leicester square
Mitchell James, barrister, 58 Chancery lane
Mitchell James, charcoal & old coal burner, 7 William street Newington causeway
Mitchell James, fruiterer, 15 St. John street road
Mitchell James, hosier, glover, & shirt maker, 179 Regent street
Mitchell James, lodging house, 42 Somerset street, Portman square
Mitchell James, tailor & habit maker, 304 Regent street
Mitchell James, tallowchandler, 20 Great Wild street, Lincolns inn fields
Mitchell James, woollendraper, 57 West Smithfield
Mitchell James Edward, law stationer, 20 Great Carter lane
Mitchell James Peter, scotch ale brewer, Brook's wharf, Upper Thames street
Mitchell John, baker, 8 Beauchamp street, Leather lane
Mitchell John, baker, 70 Cadogan place, Sloane street, Chelsea
Mitchell John, bookseller & publisher to her Majesty, 33 Old Bond street
Mitchell John, Cheshire Cheese P.H. 51 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Mitchell John, cider merchant, Chamberlain's wharf, Tooley street
Mitchell John, colonial broker, see Maitland & Mitchell
Mitchell John, confectioner, 360 Rotherhithe
Mitchell John, corn chandler, 33 Shadwell High street
Mitchell John, cutler, 15 President street east, Goswell road
Mitchell John, printer, see Walton & Mitchell
Mitchell John Denison R. tobacconist, 4 King's cross
Mitchell John W. dentist, 5 Suffolk street, Pall mall east
Mitchell Joseph, baker, 15 Laystall street, Liquorpond street
Mitchell Joseph Samuel, tailor, 2 East street, Red Lion square
Mitchell Joseph Theophilus, merchant, 2 Moorgate street
Mitchell Joseph Thomas, surgeon, 33 Harleyford place, Kemnington
Mitchell Margery (Mrs.), boarding house, 26 Arundel street, Strand
Mitchell Michael, surgeon, 83 Lower Thames street
Mitchell Peter, stockbroker, 1 Copthall court, Throgmorton street
Mitchell Rebecca (Mrs.), milliner, 45 Upper Ebury street
Mitchell Richard, laceman, 94 Oxford street
Mitchell Richard, linendraper, 19 Newington Causeway
Mitchell Richard, livery stables, 162 Borough High street
Mitchell Robert, linendraper, 19 Middle Queen's buildings, Knightsbridge
Mitchell Robert, painter & glazier, l Porchester place, Edgware road
Mitchell Robert George, baker, 32 Gibson street, Waterloo road
Mitchell Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 21 London wall
Mitchell Samuel, Crown P.H. 22 Broad street, Golden street
Mitchell Sam. Rosemary Bridge Tavern, Shepperton street, New North road
Mitchell S.A.(Mrs.), milliner, 50 Wigmore street, Cavendish square
Mitchell Sarah (Mrs.), milliner, 13 Charles street, Grosvenor square
Mitchell Thomas, accountant, 4 Copthall buildings, Throgmorton street
Mitchell Thomas, bootmaker, 6 Norris street, Haymarket
Mitchell Thomas, builder, 40 Brown's lane, Spitalfields
Mitchell Thomas, clockmaker, 70 Theobald’s road
Mitchell Thomas, linendraper, 141 Leadenhall street
Mitchell Thomas, shell fishmonger, 8 Dove ct. Lombard st
Mitchell Thomas, tailor, 261 Oxford street
Mitchell Wiatt Charles, black paint maker, Lower Kennington lane
Mitchell William, bed & mattress maker, 228 Kent street, Borough
Mitchell William, builder, 28 Ebury street, Pimlico
Mitchell William, colonial broker, 12 Commercial sale rooms
Mitchell William, patent wire blind manufacturer, 9 Old Compton street, Soho
Mitchell William, spangle & tinselmaker, 14 Duke street, Lincolns inn fields
Mitchell William, tailor, 8 Opera arcade, Pall mall
Mitchell William, tin plate worker, 28 Nicholas lane, Lombard street
Mitchell William, window glass cutter, 32 Tottenham court road
Mitchelson Henry, Feathers P. H. 8 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Mitchener Henry, printer, 3 Edward street, Hampstead road
Mitchener Rich. window blind maker, 39 Great Castle street, Regent street
Mitcherson Edward, Stag Inn, Cumberland market
Mitcheson William, & Son, anchor & shipsmiths, & ironmongers, 2 & 3 Garford street & Emmett street, Limehouse hole, & at Millwall; Chain & Anchor wharf, at the East Country Dock
Mitchison Henry, insurance broker & ship agent, 80 Old Broad street
Mitton Arthur Henry, oilman, 3 Gloucester terrace, Vauxhall road
Mitton Thomas, solicitor, 23 Southampton buildings. Chancery lane
Mivart James Edward, Mivart's Hotel, 41, 42, 43, & 44 Lower Brook street & 56 Davies street, Grosvenor square
Mizen Robert, grocer, Bayswatcr
Moade George, Three Crowns P.H. High street, Stoke Newington
Moakes Charles, coal merchant, 14 Grey terrace, Great Dover road; and British wharf, 21 Clink street, Borough
Moase James, saddler & harness maker, Stratford High street
Moat William, Crofton, surgeon, 38 Upper Berkeley street, Portman square
Moate Charles Robert, metal broker, see Anichini, sen. & Moate
Moate Charles Robert, russia broker, 65 Old Broad street & Baltic
Mobbs Samuel, Pelham Arms, P.H. Pelham road, Brom pton
Moberly William, merchant, 28 Great Winchester street
Mobsby John, tobacconist, 21 Kingsland road
Mocatta Abraham & Elias, jun. indigo brokers, 30 Mark lane
Mocatta & Goldsmid, brokers in bullion, specie, diamonds & pearls, 53 Threadneedle street & 1 Old Broad street
Mocatta Jacob, cochineal; druggist & e.i. broker, 10 Lime street square
Mocatta John, jun. stockbroker, Stock Exchange
Mockett, William, cornfactor, Jack's coffee house, Mark lane
Mode Adolph, cap maker, 3 Warwick lane, Newgate street
Moel-Tryfan slate Co. (Joseph Hedley London, manager) 26 Bucklersbury
Moens, Dauncey & Latham, merchants, 117 Bishopsgate within
Moet W. & Chandon, wine merchants (F. S. Nodin, agent) 23 Crutched friars
Moffat Andrew, publisher & bookseller, 6 Skinner street, Snowhill
Moffat John W. music string maker, 20 Swan street, Minories
Moffatt & Co. tea agents, 28 Fenchurch street
Moffatt Thomas & Robert, tea brokers, 11 Mincing lane
Moffatt John Ackers, Grapes P.H. 17 Duke street, Lincolns inn fields
Moffatt Robert, carpenter, see Tregear & Moffatt
Moffatt William Bonython, architect, see Scott & Moffatt
Moffet Alexander, baker, 14 Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
Moger Joseph, corndealer, 12 Crown street, Walworth road
Moger Thomas, cheesemonger & poulterer, 113 Holborn hill
Mogg Edward, mapseller & publisher, 14 Great Russell street, Covent garden
Mogge David, Bell P.H. 20 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Mogge Christian, sugar refiner, see Briebach & Mogge
Mogge Maria (Mrs.), Sir Sidney Smith P.H. Dock street, Upper East Smithfield
Moggridge Henry John, cooper, 16 Cleveland street, Fitzroy square
Moggridge John, baker, 17 Great Suffolk street, Borough
Moggridge Robert, grocer, 160 Kingsland road
Moggridge Robert James, newsvender, 7 Brydges street, Covent garden
Moggridge William Henry, dentist, 13 Old Burlington street
Moginie Cornelius, cheese & bacon merchant, 145 Goswell street
Moginie John Goodwin, wholesale cheesemonger, 16 Smithfield bars
Moginie Nat. Cranch, solicitor, see Fontifex & to Moginie
Moginie Samuel, watchmaker, 17 Brewer street, Pimlico
Mollon & Simons, wine & spirit merchants, 27 Mincing lane
Mohr John Conrad, haberdasher, 99 Drummond street, Euston square
Moir Alexander, baker, 34 Cadogan street, Chelsea
Moir Alex. coal merchant, 1 Bromley street, Commercial road east
Moir David, carpenter & joiner, 38 Cross street, Finsbury
Moir William, carver & gilder, 37 Great Marylebone street
Moir William, dyer & scourer, 10 Northumberland street, Marylebone
Molanari Peter, looking glass polisher, &c. 16 Brook street, Holborn
Mole John, hair dresser & perfumer, see Dunsby & Mole
Mole Philip, floor cloth maker, 37 Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
Mole William, bookseller, 15 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Molero Thomas Frederick, grocer, 29 Westbourne street, Pimlico
Molinari Andrew, looking glassmaker, 13 Leather lane Holborn
Moline Edward, merchant, 8 Billiter street City
Moline so sole consignee of Guinness' stout, 5 Adelaide place, London bridge
Molineux & Son, wheelwrights, 12 Gilbert street, Bloomsbury
Molini Charles Frederick, importer of Italian books, marble, &c. and general commission agent, 17 King William street, Strand
Moll & Boyer, ornamental leather gilders, 4 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Moll Jacob, baker, 261 Bethnal green road
Mollan James, merchant, North & South American coffee house
Moller Henry, musical string maker, 8 Great Alie street, Goodman's fields
Mollett John, merchant, 1 Austinfriars passage, Old Broad street
Mollett Robert, confectioner, 54 Skinner street, Snow hill
Mollison John, wine & brandy merchant, 9 New street, Bishopsgate street
Molloy Chas. attorney, 8 New square, Lincolns inn & 1 Grays inn square
Molloy John Edward, boot & shoemaker, 7 Rose street, Soho
Molson Charles, oil & colorman, 4 New Park street, Borough

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