Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

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This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London and Suburbs Hughes Directory in 1921; it lists an alphabetical listing of the Pubs in London and the suburbs, and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

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Goat (Geo A & Gertrude M Pennington) 59 Queen Elizabeth street, Horselydown SE1
Goat (Vernon D Torrie) 3 High street, Kensington W8
Goat in Boots (Mrs F E Morrison) 333 Fulham road SW10
Goat in Boots (Harriet Payne) 31 Stanhope street, Euston road NW
Goat & Compasses (J T & H C Pape) 341 Euston road NW1
Goat House Hotel (Ernest W Stevens) Penge road, South Norwood
Goat Tavern ( Emma A Rhodes) 3 Stafford street, Bond street W
Golden Anchor (Ernest E Clapshaw) 19 Park street, Southwark SE1 TN Hop 1034
Golden Anchor (Mary Groutage) 16 Evelina road, Nunhead SE16
Golden Cross (Walter Thorpe) 74 Lancaster road W11
Golden Eagle (Morris Harris) 234 High street, Shadwell E
Golden Fleece (Charles H Belsey) 9 Queen street, Cheapside EC4
Golden Fleece ( S L Hill) Capel road, Manor Park E
Golden Fleece (Harry Hudson) 216 Essex road, Islington N
Golden Fleece (Arthur Monk) 37 Law street, Tabard street SE
Golden Heart (Geo Cakebread ) 110 Commercial street E
Golden Horse (Eric V Matthews) 111 Forest lane, Forest Gate E7
Golden Key (Alfred Elmes) 19 Bell street, Edgware road NW
Golden Last ( Wm H Adams) 11 Cannon street EC
Golden Lion (Henry W Bucknell ) 221 Copenhagen street N1
Golden Lion (Frank A. Butler) 25 King Street, St James SW
Golden Lion (William.Cornell) 343 Barking road, Plaistow E
Golden Lion (Charles W Hart) 133 Sumner road, Peckham SE
Golden Lion (Frank Jacobs) 135 Cannon street road E
Golden Lion (Ivy E C Juseph) 3 Goodmans yard, Minories E1
Golden Lion (Phineas Lewis) 163A King's Cross road WC
Golden Lion (Dorothy Moore) 51 Dean street W1
Golden Lion  (Harry J Mordecai ) 57 Charlotte street, Caledonian road N1
Golden Lion (Francis J Pepper) 23 Denmark Hill SE5
Golden Lion (Esther Walters) 88 Great College street NW1
Goldhawk Hotel (A H J Heard) 122 Goldhawk road, Shepherd's Bush W
Goldsmiths Arms (Cambrian Catering Co Ltd) Bartholomew close EC 1
Goldsmiths Arms (Harry Fuller) 23 Gutter lane EC2
Goldsmithe Arms (Arthur M K Gee) 1 Albion buildings, Aldersgate street EC1
Goldsmiths Arms (Walter W Parrish) 96 Southwark bridge road SE1
Goldsmiths Arms (Walter Purkis) 91 Goldsmith row E2
Good Samaritan (Alfred Gibbins) 87 Turner street, Whitechapel E
Gospel Oak (W T Lapping) 62 Southampton road NW
Gossett Arms (Jack Cohen ) 111 Gossett street, Bethnal green E2
Gosterwood Tavern (Emma M A .Rolles) 111 Gosterwood street, Deptford SE8
Gower Arms (John Green) 7 Store street, Bedford square WC
Graftons (J & J H Grafton) 2 Strutton ground, Westminster SW1
Grafton Arms (Wm A Hancock) 20 Prince of Wales's road NW5
Grafton Arms (Isidore A Harris) 72 Grafton street, Fitzroy square W
Grand Junction Arms (Thomas Cutmore) 28 Praed street W2
Grange Tavern (Walter S Heinsen) 103 & 104 Grange road SE
Grape Vine (A Fox) 506 Mile End road E1
Grapes (Anstiss & Co) 45 Strand WC
Grapes ( E J Cass) 15 St Mary Axe EC3
Grapes (Alice K Chenery) 86 Fore street EC2
Grapes (Fredk J. Eaton) 2 St Thomas street, Boro SE1
Grapes (Elizabeth Gange) 20 Jewin street EC
Grapes (Gee St Cooper) 21 James street, Covent garden WC2
Grapes (Robert Gernon) 1 Great Earl street, Seven Dials WC
Grapes (William Higgins) 76 Narrow street, Limehouse
Grapes (C de Montford Hosgood) 30 Curlew street, Horselydown SE1
Grapes (Eddie T Jones) 5 & 6 India street, Minories EC3
Grapes (Heber Pike) 27 London road SE
Grapes ( Fred Prince) 8 Shepherd market, Mayfair W
Grapes (Isaac Pritchard) 1 Bow street, Covent garden WC2
Grapes (Herbert Richards ) 160 & 162 Borough High street SE1
Grapes (Chas W Rose) 26 Great Marlboro' street W
Grapes (Charles E Smith) 121 Borough High street SE
Grapes Hotel (Jane M Dawson) 126 High street, Sutton Surrey
Grasshopper (Harry Cohen) 72 Vallance road, Whitechapel E1
Grasshopper (H Stevens) 216 Kensington park road W
Grave Maurice (Hyman Levy) 18 St Leonard's road E14
Grave Maurice (Abraham Sugarman) 269 Whitechapel road E
Great Eastern (Alfred J Collingridge) 395 West Ferry road, Millwall E14
Great Eastern (Morris Goodman) 31 Ashwell road, Roman road E
Great Northern Railway Tavern (Geo Mayo) 68 High street, Hornsey N 8
Great Western (Ernest Bell) 57 Hampden street, Harrow road W9
Green Coat Boy (M F Hefferman) Greencoat place, Westminster SW1
Green Dragon (Charles A Clarke) Bulls Head passage, Leadenhall market EC
Green Dragon (Alfred E Halestrap) 68 Belvedere road SE
Green Dragon (Wesley A Hodge) 63 Bermondsey street SE 1
Green Dragon (Albert H Hook) 2 Maddox street W
Green Dragon (Allred T McKwett) 19 Spring Garden pladce, Stepney
Green Dragon (George Tanner) 2 Botolph alley, Botolph lane EC
Green Dragon ( Walter W Wood) 179 High street, Poplar E
Green Gate (Benjamin Foley) 198 City road EC
Green Gate (Henry Weinberg) 228 & 230 Bethnal green road E2
Green Man ( Edward Arber) 68 High street, Poplar E
Green Man (William Cahill) Katherine road, East Ham
Green Man (F W Chamberlain) 383 Euston road NW
Green Man (Jacob Cohen) 39 Union street, Middlesex hospital W
Green Man (A E Coventry) Old Church road, Chingford mount, Chingford Essex
Green Man (Rt E Dipple) 67 High street, Plumstead
Green Man (Wm T Easley) 276 Old Kent road SE
Green Man (Harry Foster) High road, East Finchley N2
Green Man ( Fredk C James) 7 & 9 Bucklersbury EC4
Green Man (G J Keep) 762 High road, Leytonstone E11
Green Man (Henry S Lacey) Muswell hill station, Muswell hill N10
Green Man (F Mitchell) Haliday walk, Ball's Pond road N1
Green Man ( G Parnham) 257 Hoxton Street N1
Green Man (Ernest Simmonds) 308 Edgware road W
Green Man (M A E Squires) 45 Bedford street, Strand WC2
Green Man (Arthur E Strong) 287 Cambridge road E2
Green Man (Louisa Tydeman) 225 Coldharbour lane, Brixton SW9
Green Man Distillery ( Harry Balls jun) 196 High street, Stratford E
Green Man & French Horn ( M Rosens) 54 St Martin's lane WC2
Green Man Hotel (Barnet Gray) Dartmouth row, Greenwich SE10
Green Man & Still (Charles Muddle) 161 Whitecross street EC
Greenwich Pensioner (G Liddiard) 2 Bow lane, Poplar E14.
Gregorian Arms (John E Poole) 96 Jamaica road SE
Grenadier (Joseph Fulcher) 37 Wilton crescent mews SW
Gresham Tavern (Alex Scopes) 3 Fyfield road, Brixton SW9
Grey Coat Bay ( Robert Lacey) 88 Roan street, Greenwich SE
Grey Eagle (Rd H Cooksley) 52 Grey Eagle street, Spitalfields E1
Grey Horse (James Harris) 46 Richmond road, Kingston
Greyhound (Cock & Fennemore) 13 Cambridge street, Pimlico SW1
Greyhound (R Dean) 175 & 177 Fulham palace road W
Greyhound (Samuel Leeson) 109 High street, Peckham SE
Greyhound ( Edward Mays) 32 Old Ford road E
Greyhound (John Nosworthy) 91 Lea Bridge road, Leyton E10
Greyhound (George Pirie) 136 High street, Battersea SW11
Greyhound (W C Tester) 1 Kensington square W
Greyhound ( F J Williams) 84 Upper Grange road SE1
Greyhound ( Mrs Mabel Willis) 72 Ball's Pond road N1
Greyhound Hotel (J T Mortimer) Streatham Common SW16 TN Streatham 2510
Greyhound Hotel (Laura Mortlock) 10 Kirkdale, Sydenham SE26
Greyhound inn (Erns A Elms) High street, Eltham SE9
Griffin ( A H Compton) 57 Brook road, Brentford
Griffin (Henry A Gray) 125 Clerkenwell road EC
Griffin (Charles T Knowland) 31 Villiers street, Strand WC
Griffin ( Alfred A Sander) 93 Leonard street, Curtain road EC
Grosvenor (Charles A Clarke) Grosvenor road, Canonbury N
Grosvenor Arms (Sidney H Catt) 17 Sidney road, Stockwell road SW9
Grosvenor Arms ( Wm Chapman) 33 Grosvenor street, Stepney E1
Grosvenor Arms (Prances H Hollingberry) 2 Grosvenor street W1
Grosvenor Arms( Frederick C Louis) 103 Page street, Westminster SW
Grosvenor Arms (Joseph Priestley) 108 Grosvenor terrace, Camberwell SE5
Grosvenor Basin (Geo Yeowell) 29 Wilton road, Pimlico SW1
Grove (Alexander E Grimwade) 275 Battersea park road SW
Grove Hotel (Frank E Fells) Lordship lane, East Dulwich SE
Grove Hotel (Joshua Platt) Merton SW
Grove House Tavern (Solomon Winkel) 26 Camberwell grove SE
Grove Tavern (David J Jessop) Grove road, Walthamstow E17
Grove Tavern ( Hy Wittenberg) Gloucester road, Peckham SE15
Grundy Arms (A K Beaumont) 83 Grundy street, Poplar E14
Guildford Arms (Wm Mills) 93 Guildford road, Poplar New Town E14
Guildford Arms (Jessie Ada Perry) 55 Guildford road, Greenwich SE10
Guildford Arms (Robert W Poole) 78 Lansdowne road, South Lambeth SW8
Guilford Arms (William Tile) 83 Guilford street, Russell square WC1 TN Museum 2116
Guinea (James Dawes) 15 North Bruton mews, Berkeley square W
Gun (Sidney Lamey) 31 Brushfield street, Bishopsgate E1
Gun Tavern (Thomas Ambridge) 75 High street, Wapping E1
Gun Tavern (J Egan & Co) 125 Lupus street, Pimlico SW1
Gun Tavern (M Hildrew) Coldharbour, Blackwall E14
Gunmakers Arms (Geo W Larnder) 51 Canal road, Mile End road E
Gunter Arms (Henry C Knight) 451 Fulham road SW
Guy Earl of Warwick (Henry F Clabburn) 5 Chrisp street, Poplar E14

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