Many accurate 1921 census transcriptions have already been added to the pub history site, including London, and parts of Middlesex.

London and Suburbs pubs in 1921 - Hughes directory listing - H.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London and Suburbs Hughes Directory in 1921; it lists an alphabetical listing of the Pubs in London and the suburbs, and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

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Haberdasners' Arms (Frederick J Searle) 47 Culvert road, Battersea SW11
Haberdashers' Arms (F Shorter) 114 Pitfield street N
Half Moon (Arthur Grout) 84 Essex road Islington N
Half Moon (Louis Lipman) 471 Holloway road N
Half Moon (Albert E & Annie Wiltshire) Lower Richmond road, Putney SW15
Half Moon & Bull's Head (William G Lampon) 238 Rotherhithe street SE16
Half Moon Hotel (F W Whithair) 10 Half Moon lane, Herne hill SE24
Half Moon & Seven Stars (Harry Shanks) 119 St George street E
Half Moon Tavern ( Levy & Franks) 88 Gracechurch Street EC
Halfway (H T Harrington) 341 High road, Leytonstone E
Halfway House (Jno Fitzgibbon) 50 Webber street, Blackfriars road SE1
Halfway House (Edwin T Glover) 229 Rotherhithe New road SE16
Half-Way House ( Chas W G Hatchrnan) 276 Uxbridge road, Ealing Dean W
Halfway House (Henry Rogers) 393 Battersea park road SW11
Hall Arms (Alfred H Edwards) 164 Church street, Paddington W2
Hammelton ( R H Parr) 33 Akerman road, Brixton SW
Hampton Court Palace ( Grace G Barnes) 21 Crampton street, Walworth SE17
Hanbury Arms (A Avery) 33 Linton street, New North road N1
Hand & Crown (A H Barnes) 93 New Oxford street WC
Hand & Flower (Geo Hymns) 72A Parnell road, Bow E
Hand & Marigold (Percival W Slater) 244 Bermondsey street SE
Hand & Racquet (Victor Mossetti ) 48 Whitcomb street, Leicester square WC2
Hand & Shears (Jack Nickolls) 1 Middle street, Clothfair EC
Hand in Hand (H E Loomes) 61 New Park road, Brixton SW2
Hanover Arms (Alf E Hedges) 326 Kennington park road SE11 TN Hop 1778
Hanover Arms (W J Hogan) 38 Rye lane, Peckham SE
Harcourt Arms (G O'Mera) 32 Harcourt street, Marylebone road W1
Hare (Henry Smith) 505 Cambridge road E2
Hare & Billet ( Frederick G Silk ) Grote's place, Blackheath SE
Hare & Hounds (Edw A. Joel) 181 Upper street, Islington N1
Hare & Hounds (Godfrey W Smythe) 282 Lea bridge road, Leyton E10
Harmood Arms (Charlotte Treadaway) 59 Harmood street NW
Harp (George W Roult) 52 Carnaby street, Golden square W
Harp (Widdicombe & Lewis) 52 Church street, Lisson grove NW8
Harpur Arms (Thomas G Cunningham) 112 Theobalds road WC1
Harrington (C S J Leach) 25 Gloucester road, South Kensington SW
Harrison Arms ( H A Goodwin) 28 Harrison street, Grays inn road WC
Harrow (Geo Bennett) 9 Stoney street, Borough SE
Harrow (Edw R G W Parker) 64 Compton street, Clerkenwell EC
Harrow (Charles A Riley) 22 Whitefriars street EC
Harry Tavern (Ernest E Rowe) 131 Brunswick road, Poplar E
Hat & Feathers (H C & Ada Taylor) 27 Goswell road & 2 Clerkenwell road EC1
Hat & Tun (Aaron Hyams) 3 Hatton wall EC1
Hatchet (Alfred White & Thos Harper) 20 Little Trinity lane EC
Havelock ( Louis Solomons) 113 Albion road, Dalston E8
Havelock Arms (Jane Durrant) 40 Meeting House lane, Peckham SE15. TN New Cross 232
Havelock Arms (Benjamin Levy & Charles Chesson) 20 Grays inn road WC1
Havelock Arms (George J W Nott) 110 Fort road, Bermondsey SE1
Haverstock Arms (Thomas W Childs) 154 Haverstock hill NW3 TN Hampstead 3290
Hawarden Castle (Mary Walker) 3 Gower place, Euston square WC1
Hawley Arms (J T Caddell) 2 Grange road, Chalk Farm NW1
Hay Field Tavern (Arthur C Chapman) 158 Mile End road E1
Hearts of Oak (Ellen M Cavanagh) 36 Dock street E1
Heaton Arms (George H Walters) 249 Rye lane, Peckham, SE15
Heber Arms ( C W Branstone) 5 Heber road, East Dulwich SE22
Helvetia Hotel ( F M de Hem) 23 & 25 Old Compton street W
Hemingford Arms (Charles F Lloyd) 158 Hemingford road N
Hen & Chickens ( Alf C Stock jun & Co) 109 St Pauls road N TN Dalston 1569
Hen & Chickens (Rd Wordsworth) 54 Alvey street, Walworth SE
Henshaw Arms (James Sanders) 4 Henshaw street, Walworth SE17
Hercules (A J Loving) 2 Kennington road SE1 TN Hop 2656
Hercules (The) ( Wm Wheeler) 44 Mansell street E1
Hercules Pillar (Harry Rothstein) 7 Greek street, Soho square W
Hercules Pillar (Amy Holland) 18 Great Queen street WC
Hercules Tavern (Thos Tilston) 504 Holloway road N
Hereford (Edgar W Hatton) 127 Gloucester road SW7
Hermit (Philip Lederman) 56 Bedford street E
Herne Arms (Maurice H Tiber) 18 Herne Hill road, Loughborough junction SE24
Herne Tavern (Joseph H Lane & Son) 2 Forest Hill road, East Dulwich SE22
Hero of Maida (William Bumstead) 437 Edgware road W
Hero of Switzerland (Arthur Sanson) 142 Loughborough road, Brixton SW
Hero of Waterloo (Percy G 0 Sanders) 108 Waterloo road SE1
Heroes of Alma (J Ruse) 11 Alma square, St John's wood NW8
Hertford Arms (Jas H Robinson) 94 Park street, Grosvenor square W
Hever Castle ( F & E Wells) 16 D'Eynsford road, Camberwell SE5
Higham Hill Tavern (W Lovegrove) Higham Hill road, Walthamstow E17
Highbury Barn tavern (Joseph H Pritchard) Highbury park N
Highlander (Maude B Galloway) 89 Dean street, Soho W
Hinds Head (A E Wingfield) 38 Chiswell street EC1
Hog in the Pound (John Whittles) 373 Oxford street W1
Holborn (Ward & McIntyre) 4 High Holborn WC1
Holborn Wine Cellars (Harry Myers) 39 High Holborn WC1
Hole in the Wall (Lewis Bartlett) 204 Borough High street SE1
Hole in the Wall ( Henry Levy) 1 Old Gloucester street, Queens square WC1
Hole in the Wall ( Ben Nelthorpe) 21 Baldwins gardens, Leather Lane
Holloway Castle ( Arthur L Snow) 392 Camden road N7
Holloway Station Hotel (Albert Hunter) 295 Holloway road N
Holly Bush ( Alice Madderton) High road, Loughton
Holly Bush ( Richard Skillern) 55 Grange road, Leyton E10
Holly Tree (Thomas Hester) 32 Dermody road, Lewisham SE13.
Holly Tree (Chas W Probets) 349 Southwark Park road SE16
Hollybush Hotel ( John E Abrahams) 2 Westow hill, Upper Norwood SE
Hollydale Tavern (R C Roll) 115 Hollydale road, Peckham SE15
Hollywood Arms ( Charlotte Pratt) 45 Hollywood road, Brompton SW
Hoop (H H Finch) 45 High street, Notting hill gate W11
Hoop & Grapes (James T Nash) 80 Farringdon street EC
Hoop & Grapes (Trust Houses Ltd) 47 High street, Aldgate E1
Hoop & Toy ( Edwin H Gilbert) 34 Thurloe place, South Kensington
Hop Pole ( Cranmer George) 61 Hillingdon street, Walworth SE
Hop Pole (Wm J Crosse) 64 & 66 Edgware road W2
Hop Pole (Henry Thomas) 14 Gambia street, Blackfriars road SE1
Hope (Albert Bishop) 179 Stanhope street, Euston road NW1
Hope (John Canty) 89 Holly street, Dalston E8
Hope (George Crump) 66 Rye lane, Peckham SE .
Hope ( Walter J Ferris) 73 Loampit Vale, Lewisham SE
Hope (Francis A Gandor) 15 Tottenham street, Fitzroy square W1
Hope (L Hammond) 24 Ivy lane EC4
Hope (E F Hart) Ilford lane, Ilford
Hope (Harry Harvey) 94 Cowcross street EC
Hope ( Henry A Lovett) 2 Pollard row, Bethnal green E2
Hope (Annette J Redmond) 4 Kenton street, Brunswick square WC
Hope ( George P Smith) 261 York road, Battersea SW11
Hope & Anchor (Clarke & Wood) 207 Upper street, Islington N1
Hope & Anchor ( William Edgington) 74 Crowndale road SW
Hope & Anchor (Wm F Parmer) 123 Acre lane, Brixton SW2
Horn of Plenty (Charlotte Vale) 10 Market street, Poplar E14
Horn of Plenty (Alfred Webber) 588 Mile End road E3
Horn of Plenty (T & F Withers) 36 Globe road E1
Horn Tavern (John Evans & Sons) 29, 31 & 33 Knightrider street EC
Horns (Solomon Aaron) 53 Middlesex street, Whitechapel E
Horns ( Edgar Finch) 162 Grange road, Bermondsey SE1
Horns (James W Halesworth) 1 Hackney road E2
Horns ( Mrs P Michie) 16 High street, Whitechapel E1
Horns ( Alfred A Moore) 214 Kennington park road SE11
Horns (George S Reynolds) 1 Crucifix lane, Bermondsey SE1
Horns & Chequers (George Cecil) Thames place, Limehouse parade E
Horns & Horseshoe (Israel Harris) 10 Cable street E
Horse & Dolphin (J 0 Hodgkins) 25 St Martins street, Leicester street WC2
Horse & Groom (Wm Brakes) 28 Curtain road EC
Horse & Groom (W A Carter) 262 Walworth road SE17
Horse & Groom (John Chapman) 71 White Horse street E1
Horse & Groom (Davis Cohen) 21 Church lane, Whitechapel E
Horse & Groom ( Doctor Henry Cullen) 24 Sumner street, Southwark SE1
Horse & Groom (Geo F Edwards) High road, Lower Edmonton N
Horse & Groom (Sarah A Forte) 53 Newcomen street, Boro SE1
Horse and Groom (Elizabeth Garrod) 22 Whitcomb street WC
Horse & Groom (Alice G Ives) 25 Whetstone park, Lincolns inn fields WC
Horse & Groom (Charles Mennie) 122 8& 124 Westminster bridge road SE
Horse & Groom (Hyam Myers) 255 Mare street, Hackney E8
Horse & Groom (Wm A Richards) 3 Chapel place, Belgrave square SW1
Horse & Groom (Louisa Romer) 128 Great Portland street SW1
Horse & Groom (Robert Sutton) 602 Woolwich road, Charlton SE
Horse & Groom (Barnett Woolf) 169 Newington butts SE11
Horse & Leaping Bar (Henry Mullen) 58 High street, Whitechapel E1
Horse & Sacks ( Fredk C Burrows) 36 Harrow road W2
Horseshoe (Charles T Brown) 115 Tower Bridge road SE1
Horseshoe (Harry E Buckle) 87 Old Kent road SE1
Horseshoe (Anthony Costello) 24 Clerkenwell close EC
Horseshoe (Charles W Lavell) 7 Newington causeway SE1
Horseshoe ( Pioneer Catering Co Ltd) 264-267 Tottenham court road W1
Horseshoe & Magpie (Howard Charlesworth) 5 Great Bath street, Clerkenwell EC
Horseshoe & Wheatsheaf (T P Geraghty) 34 Mellor street, Weston street, Bermondsey SE1
Hotel (Cambrian Catering Co Ltd) Bush hill park, Enfield
Hour Glass ( Walter S Jones) 89 Upper Thames street EC
Hour Glass ( Robert Kennett) 89 Faraday street, Walworth SE
Hour Glass (H Reynolds) 39 & 41 Fulham road SW3
Howard Arms (Thos G Lewis) Howard road, Stoke Newington N
Hoy (Frank Powell) 193 Creek road, Deptford SE8
Hungerford Arms (Arthur Petherick) 145 Hungerford road, Holloway N7
Huntingdon Arms (Mrs S C Escott) 115 Hemingford road N1
Huntsman & Hounds ( David Savory) 70 Elsted street, Walworth SE7

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