Accurate transcriptions of the 1921 census are being added to the pub history site, starting with London.

The London Public Houses in the 1934 Post Office Directory - La

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information.

1934 Index

Ladbroke Arms, Chas G H Young, 54 Ladbroke Road, W11
Ladbroke Hotel, Anchor Taverns Ltd, 2 Talbot Grove, Notting Hill W11
Lads of the Village, Arthur J Keen, 32 Hardens Manor Way, Charlton SE7
Lady Franklin, Mrs Ada Moore & Herbert Jerram, 381 Old Ford Road E3
Lady Mildmay, idney Walter Davis, 29 Wolsey Road, Mildmay Road N1
Lady Owens Arms, Christopher Condon, 285 Goswell Road EC1
Ladywell Tavern, Frank H Streat, 80 Ladywell Road, Lewisham SE13
Lamb, E J Rose & Co, 512 Kingsland Road E8
Lamb, Arthur Rosenberg, 94 Lambs Conduit Street WC1
Lamb, Hy Suckling, 84 Milton Road E13
Lamb, Jas Wilkins, 36 Wilmot Street, Bethnal Green E2
Lamb Tavern, George Robert Amor, 10, 11 & 12 Grand Avenue, Leadenhall Market EC3
Lamb Tavern, Jn Chas Michie, Metropolitan Cattle Market - NE Gate N7
Lamb & Flag, Ernest Jn Crouch, 24 James Street, Oxford Street W1
Lamb & Flag, William R Kirby, 69 Homerton High street E9
Lamb & Flag, William Alex B Thompson, 33 Rose Street, Covent Garden WC2
Lamb & Hare, Owen Ward & Thomas J O'Toole, 43 Kennington Lane SE11
Lamb & Lark, Frank Daltrey, 5 Printing House Lane EC4
Lancaster, M Wade & Sons, 151 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill W11
Landor Hotel, Thomas E Gradwell, 70 Landor Road, Stockwell SW9
Langton Arms, Roland Appleton, 22 Normans Buildings, St Lukes EC1
Lansdowne Arms, J A Doig & Daniel Hale, 10 & 11 Islington Green N1
Lansdowne Arms, Fred Southworth, 90 Gloucester Road, Regents Park NW1
Larkhall Tavern, Samuel Sugarman, 96 Larkhall Lane, Clapham SW4
Latchmere Arms, Mrs Annie Lockwood, 104 Cabul Road, Battersea SW11
Latchmere Hotel, Jn Longhurst, 503 Battersea Park Road SW11
Latimer Arms, Sidney Robertson, 13 Norland Road north W11
Latimer Arms, Sol Stone, 1 Walmer Road W10
Laurel Tree, Chas Jn Ling, 113 Bayham Street, Camden Town NW1
Laurie Arms, Albert Allen, 33 Crawford Place, Edgware Road W1
Lea Tavern, Arthur J Allwork, 90 White Post Lane, Hackney E9
Leamington Hotel, W F Isaacs, 2 Willesden lane, Acton W3
Leather Bottle, Jas McCauliffe, 538 Garratt Lane, Tooting SW17
Leather Exchange Tavern, Mrs Emma Marian Pfeifer, Leather Market, Bermondsey SE1
Lee Arms, Mrs Louisa Alice Stoker, 27 Marlborough Road, Dalston E8
Leicester, Levy & Franks Ltd, 44 Glasshouse Street W1
Leighton Arms, Jn Dennehy, 101 Brecknock Road N7
Leinster Arms, Hy Ashley, 17 Leinster Terrace W2
Leinster Hotel, Mrs Annie Day, 57 Ossington Street, Bayswater WC2
Lemon Tree, Jas R Murphy, 4 Bedfordbury WC2
Leopard, Rt Chas Galloway, 33 Seward Street, Goswell Road EC1
Lifeguardsman,  Frank William Sweeting, 43 Hogarth Lane, Chiswick W4
Lillie Arms, Hy Webb, 19 Lillie Road SW6
Lilliput Arms, Chas F Brooks, 190 Victoria Dock Road E16
Lilliput Hall, George Frederick Pallen, 9 Jamaica Road SE16
Lincoln Hotel, William Hy Bond & Chas Rootes, 44 Blandford street W1
Lion, Jas & Frederick Carroll, 72 Angel Lane E15
Lion, Alfred Jas Giles, Holford Street, Mile End E1
Lion, Chas W Sawkins, 14 Mosedale Street, Camberwell SE5
Lion, E L Short & Co Ltd, 1 Junction Road N19
Lion, Zola Silver, 8 Tapp Street, Bethnal Green E1
Lion Hotel, Improved Public House Co Ltd, Metropolitan Cattle Market - NW Gate N7
Lion Tap, John & Miss Elizabeth Wooster, 16 Ingestre Place, Golden Square W1
Lion & French Horn, Jn Chas Walton, 5 Pollen Street, Hanover Square W1
Lion & Lamb, Edward Rees Evans, 2 Drummond Street NW1
Lion & Lamb, Sidney Magnus, 35 Aske Street N1
Lion & Lamb, Mrs Rosetta Walker,45 Skidmore Street E1
Little Crown, William G Tylor, 35 Eastney Street, East Greenwich SE10
Little Driver, Miss Mabel R Riddington, 125 Bow Road E3
Live & Let Live, Mrs Louisa Free, 264 Romford Road, Forest Gate E7
Liverpool Arms, Harold Brien, 14 Barking Road, Canning Town E16
Load of Hay, Carrs (London) Ltd, 144 Praed Street W2
Load of Hay, Leslie Christopher Cornell, 94 Haverstock Hill NW3
Lock & Key, Mrs Fanny L Harris, 62 West Smithfield EC1
Locomotive, Leslie F Hills, 31 James Street, Camden Town NW1
Londesborough Arms, Arthur Harris, 36 Broughton Road, Stoke Newington N16
London Apprentice, Ernest Hy Cuthbert, 333 Old Street EC1
London Assurance, Louis Brinn Borra, 193 & 195 City Road EC1
London Bridge Tavern, George Whitehead & Sons (London) Ltd, 5 Borough High Street SE1
London, Chatham & Dover Tavern, Sydney Thurston Claxton & Leslie Leonard Harding, 41, 43 & 45 Cabul Road, Battersea SW11
London Hospital Tavern, Hy Fordham, 176 Whitechapel Road E1
London & St Katherine Docks Hotel, Hy Jn Lord, 20 East Smithfield E1
London Spa, H H Finch Ltd, 70 Exmouth Street EC1
London Stone, H W Seear & Son, 109 Cannon Street EC4
London Tavern, Harry E Bruford, 393 Manchester Road, Lower Clapton E14
London Tavern, Mrs Druscilla Eleanor Mary Gaten, 92 Rendlesham Road, Lower Clapton E5
Lord Auckland, Jn & Jn Rt Longhurst, 114 Falcon Road, Battersea SW11
Lord Belgrave, William John Jarvis, 60 & 62 Whitcomb Street WC2
Lord Bloomfield, Herbert James Buckland, 44 Plumstead Common Road SE18
Lord Burleigh, C Wesley Abell, 250 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Lord Camden, Chas Flint, 31 Morcambe Street SE17
Lord Campbell, Frederick G Sampson, 142 Campbell Road, Bow E3
Lord Cardigan, Frederick Knott, 72 Eglinton Road, Bow E3
Lord Cecil, Rd Stevenson Morley, 42 Lower Clapton Road E5
Lord Chancellor, Edward Jas Harrison, 91 & 93 Frampton Street NW8
Lord Clyde, George Ernest Cheesman, 9 Wotton Road, Deptford SE8
Lord Clyde, William Hy Davidge, 3 Avenue Road, Camberwell SE5
Lord Clyde, Frederick Gower, 1 Brook Hill Road, Woolwich SE18
Lord Clyde, Harry Harris, 342 Essex Road N1
Lord Clyde, Edward Thomas Holmes, 124 Estcourt Road, Fulham SW6
Lord Clyde, Charles William Lowber, 1a Auckland Street SE11
Lord Clyde, Leonard Tucker, 62 London Road, Lower Clapton E5
Lord Collingwood, Sol C Foster, 93 Hall Place, Paddington W2

Lord Derby, Edward Haylett, 74 Woodpecker Road SE14
Lord Derby, Arthur Rhodes, 89 Walmer road, Plumstead SE18
Lord Duncan, William C Adamson, 36 Broadway, London Fields E8
Lord Elgin, Prince Martin, 255 Elgin Avenue W9
Lord Gough, William Arthur Butlin, 72 Plaistow Road, West Ham E15
Lord Hampden, Stanley Porter, 71 Hampden Road, Upper Holloway N19
Lord Henniker, Robert Maurice, 119 The Grove, Stratford E15
Lord Herbert, Chas George Withers, 47 Herbert Road, Plumstead SE15
Lord High Admiral, Anchor Taverns, 89 Church Street, Lisson Grove NW8
Lord High Admiral, W Edwards, 145 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Lord Hill, Chas T H Bailey, 22 North Wharf Road, Paddington W2
Lord Hill, Mrs Marian Ruth Baker, 131 Hill Street, Peckham  SE15
Lord Hood Arms, Chas Joseph Hedges, 29 Bridge Street, Greenwich SE10
Lord Howick, Hy Holt, Trinity Street, Woolwich SE18
Lord John Russell, William Badge, 91 & 93 Marchmont Street WC1
Lord John Russell, Mrs Hannah Beatrice George, 263 City road EC1
Lord Liverpool, Hyman Fox, 78 Clark street, commercial road east E1
Lord Lyndhurst, Chas Henry French, 53 Lyndhurst Road, Peckham SE15
Lord Morpeth, Matthew G Purnell, 402 Old Ford Road E3
Lord Napier, Harold Epps, 6 Woolwich Road, Greenwich SE10
Lord Nelson, Alfred E Frame, 86 Victoria Dock Road E16
Lord Napier, Hy E Gibson, 118 Great Church Lane W6
Lord Napier, William Hemmings, 29 Abbey Lane, Stratford E15
Lord Napier, Edward William Marsh, 25 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick E9
Lord Napier, Claude William Vaughan, 27 London Fields, West side E8
Lord Nelson, Frederick Jn Albon, 137 Trafalgar Street, Walworth SE17
Lord Nelson, Montague Hy Barnes, 18 Upper Charlton street, Fitzroy square W1
Lord Nelson, Mark Davis, 230 Commercial Road E1
Lord Nelson, Reginald S Gower, 143 Morning Lane E9
Lord Nelson, Edward G Jones, 37 Cranbrook Street, Old Ford Road E2
Lord Nelson, Chas McIntyre, 1 Manchester Road, Poplar E14
Lord Nelson, Frederick J Marshall, 117 Victoria Dock Road E16
Lord Nelson, Leonard William Pryer & Ben Lear, 100 Holloway Road N7
Lord Nelson, William Frederick Simmonds & Sons Ltd, 200 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3
Lord Nelson, Patrick Smyth, 105 & 107 Copenhagen Street N1
Lord Nelson, Hubert M Soulsby, 6 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich SE10
Lord Nelson, George Hy Verlander, 48 Stanhope Street, Euston Road NW1
Lord Nelson, Jas Reginald Wainwright, 264 Old Street EC1
Lord Nelson, Walter Whittingham, 47 Pelly Road E13
Lord Nelson, Alfred Witherick, 17 Nelson Street, City road EC1
Lord Northbrook, William D Rawlins, 116 Burnt Ash Road, Lee SE12
Lord Palmerston, Vernon Roy Budd, 33 Dartmouth Park Hill NW5
Lord Palmerston, William Ernest Farrance, 10 Annette Road, Holloway N7
Lord Palmerston, William Garlick, 45 Hewlett Road E3
Lord Palmerston, Jack Hawley, 70 Harlington Road, South Lambeth SW8
Lord Palmerston, Miss Alice Maud Mary Hollick, 91 Lordship Lane SE22
Lord Palmerston, Rolles Bros, 60 Hampstead Road NW1
Lord Palmerston, Chas Rt Scott, 141 Merton Road SW18
Lord Palmerston, Austin S Stockton, 308 High Road, Kilburn NW6
Lord Palmerston, Hy Stonehill, 81 Childers Street SE8
Lord Palmerstone, William Stradling, 158 Burrage Road, Plumstead SE11
Lord Palmerston, Strange & Co Ltd, 648 Kings Road SW6
Lord Palmerston, Jas William Wright, 47 Lucey Road, Bermondsey SE16
Lord Raglan, Harry Arnhard, 139 Southgate Road N1
Lord Raglan, Mrs Amy Phoebe Clarke, 19 St Anns Road, Bow Common E3
Lord Raglan, Mrs A  M Hatchman, 392 Wandsworth Road SW8
Lord Raglan, Henekeys Ltd, 34 King Street, Hammersmith W6
Lord Raglan, Rd David Lloyd, 9 High Street, Plaistow E13
Lord Raglan, Edward Roscoe, 65 Cronin Road, Peckham SE15
Lord Ranelagh, Hy Ernest Dobbins, 58 Richmond Road SW5
Lord Ranelagh, Albert Pritchard, 53 Verona Street, Battersea SW11
Lord Rodneys Head, Simon Bloom, 285 Whitechapel Road E1
Lord Somers Arms, Chas E Knott, 11 & 13 Stibbington Street NW1
Lord Southampton, Fras Bernard Beard, 2 Southampton Road, Kentish Town NW5
Lord Stanley, Asher Cohen, 40 Paragon Road E9
Lord Stanley, James Hy Hart, 31 Hinton Road, Herne Hill SE24
Lord Stanley, Henry Levy, 136 Sandringham Road, Dalston E8
Lord Stanley, William Henry Simmons, 15 St Marys Road, Plaistow E13
Lord Stanley, Francis John Spicer, 51 Camden Park Road NW1
Lord Tredegar, William Richard Hepworth, 50 Lichfield Road, Bow E3
Lord Truro, Harry E Gill, 180 Dalston Lane E8
Lord Tyrawley, Patrick & McGregor Ltd, 71 High Street, Marylebone  W1
Lord Vernon Arms, Robert John Birtles, 188 Pentonville Road N1
Lord Wellington, Arthur Burnett Bartley, 516 Old Kent Road SE1
Lord Wellington, Cecil Gerald Pilbeam, 31 University Street WC1
Lord Wellington, Rt J C Watson, 132 Weston Street SE1
Lord Westbury, Ernest Rook, 418 Wandsworth Road SW8
Lord Whitworth, Alex Hadfield, 44 Brewer street, Woolwich SE18
Lord Wolseley, Arthur William Braddy, 76 Upper Brockley Road SE4
Lothian Arms, Mrs Ada Jane Campbell, 11 Lothian road, Brixton SW9
Loughborough Hotel, William Edward Smith, 39 Loughborough Road, Brixton SW9
Loughborough Park Tavern, William Hy Johnson, 305 & 307 Cold Harbour Lane SW9
Lovat Arms, Archibald Thomas Pogson, 301 Burdett Road, Limehouse E14
Lowndes Arms, Charles Victor Swaffer, 37 Chesham Street SW1
Lucas Arms, Mrs Emma Cosnett, 245a Grays Inn Road WC1
Lucas Arms, Mrs Emma Cosnett, 2 Cromer Street WC1
Lugard, William Alfred Condell, 27A Lugard Road, Peckham SE15
Lyric tavern, Louis Smurthwaite, 37 Great Windmill Street W1


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