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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    London Pubs directory in 1944 - Bethnal Green, Shoreditch E2

    A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

    1944 Pub index

    E2 Bethnal Green, Shoreditch

    E2,Acorn, Joseph Jas Ewin, 149 Queensbridge Road E2
    E2,Angel & Crown, Sam Chaimo, 180 Roman Road E2
    E2,Approach Tavern, Jacob J King, 47 Approach Road, Victoria Road E2
    E2,Arabian Arms, Cecil H J Broadway, 234 Cambridge Heath Road E2
    E2, Bakers Arms, Alfred William Pavitt, 44 Warner Place, Hackney Road E2
    E2,Bird Cage, Harry Joel, 80 Columbia Road E2
    E2,Bishop Bonner, Rt George Drane, 21 Bonner Street E2
    E2,Blade Bone, 185 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Britannia, Chas Thos Wealthy, 212 Kingsland Road, E2
    E2,Camdens Head, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 456 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Carpenters Arms, Mrs Eliz Smith, 121 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Champion, William Thomas Reynolds, 13 Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Rd E2
    E2,City of Paris, George Carlel Sharp, 178 Old Ford Road E2
    E2,College Arms, Hy Letford, 99 Old Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Crown & Anchor, Cope's taverns Ltd, 147 Cheshire Street E2
    E2,Crown, Mrs Emma & Miss Florence McCann, 34 Redchurch Street E2
    E2,Dolphin, Edwin Chas Cox, 85 Redchurch Street E2
    E2,Duchess of York, Joseph Thos Album, 170 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Duke of Clarence, W J Jenkins & Victor G Court, 61 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Duke of Gloucester, George B Fitt, 26 Seabright Street E2
    E2,Duke of Lancaster, Chas Hunnings, 36 Laburnam Street E2
    E2,Duke of Wellington, Mrs Jane A Winn, 52 Cyprus Street E2
    E2,Duke of York, Alfred Hyman, 241 Brick Lane E2
    E2,Duke of York, Caedric D Manning & Mrs B J White, 6 Shetland Street E2
    E2,Dundee Arms, William Coquard, 339 Cambridge Heath Road E2
    E2,Durham Arms, Chas Percy Papworth, 408 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Fountain, Frederick George Bristow, 123 Sceptre Road E2
    E2,General Abercrombie, Miss Gladys E McDermott, 40 Canrobert Street  E2
    E2,George & Dragon, Frank Jas Bing, 2 & 4 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Gibraltar, William Jas MacLagan, 28 Gibraltar Walk E2
    E2,Globe, Evan Alfred Davies, 128 Goldsmiths Row E2
    E2,Globe, George Longman, 27 Brierly Street  E2
    E2,Goldsmiths Arms, Rt Arthur Knight, 91 Goldsmiths Row E2
    E2,Gosset Arms, Mrs Sarah Rider, 111 Gosset Street  E2
    E2,Green Gate, Albert Edward Carter, 228 & 230 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Green Man, Mrs Emily Strong, 287 Cambridge Heath Road E2
    E2,Greyhound, Mrs Clara E Aldridge, 32 Old Ford Road E2
    E2,Hare, Chas Alfred Jas Yeo, 505 Cambridge Heath Road E2
    E2,Hope, Mrs Ellen May Connors, 2 Pollard Row E2
    E2,Horns, Goodhews Ltd, 1 Hackney Road E2
    E2,King & Queen, Hy Jas Lamb, 89 Cheshire Street E2
    E2,Kings Arms, George Edward Ashdown, 11a Buckfast Street E2
    E2,Lamb, Mrs Alice Clarke, 36 Wilmot Street E2
    E2,Lord Nelson, Joseph Harker Mehew, 37 Cranbrook Street, Old Ford Road E2
    E2,Marquis of Cornwallis, Joseph Norden, 304 Bethnal Green Rd E2
    E2,Marquis of Lansdowne, Mrs Lilian E Trandall, 32 Cremer Street E2
    E2,Nags Head, Louis White, 324 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Nelsons Head, George Gillham, 32 Horatio Street, Hackney Road E2
    E2,Norfolk Arms, Frederick David Norton, 15 Ivimey Street E2
    E2,Old Axe, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 69 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Old Basing House, Jas W & Mrs Hilda E High, 25 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Old King Johns Head, Ernest Chas Perry, 90 Whiston Road E2
    E2,Old Kings Head, Jn Shea, 257 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Panther, Jack L Purser, 15 Turin Street E2
    E2,Peacock, Jas William Tate, 325 Cambridge Heath Road E2
    E2,Pearsons Arms, George Hy Bowes, 5 Pearson Street, Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Prince Albert, Edward Jas Godden, 2 Mape Street E2
    E2,Prince Albert, Mrs Lily Alice Ricketts, 47 Hows Street E2
    E2,Prince of Wales, 76 Bishops way E2
    E2,Prince of Wales, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 59 Barnet Grove E2
    E2,Queen Adelaide, Mark Thos Magee, 483 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Queen Victoria, Arthur Spencer, 72 Barnet Grove E2
    E2,Queens Arms, Percy G Smith, 288 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Red Deer, Hy Hill, 393 Cambridge Heath E2
    E2,Rising Sun, Lord Gilbert Pope, 248 Globe Road E2
    E2,Royal Cricketers, Jas Leaman Brown, 211 Old Ford Road E2
    E2,Royal Oak, Mrs Maud Amelia Bayley, 73 Columbia Road E2
    E2,Rutland Arms, Rt & Mrs Maud Haldane, 57 Pearson Street E2
    E2,Salmon & Ball, Mrs Eliz L Ebblewhite, 502 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Sebright Arms, William Leslie Forbes, 31 to 35 Coate Street, Hackney Road E2
    E2,Ship & Blue Ball, Mrs Anna Clemson, 13 Boundary Street E2
    E2,Sportsman, Ernest Albert Cox, 181 Whiston Road E2
    E2,Spread Eagle, George Learmouth, 1 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Star & Woolpack, Mrs Amy Pluckrose, 132 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Suffolk Arms, William T Quinn, 76 Boston Street E2
    E2,The British Lion, Hy Wilkes, 193 Hackney Road E2
    E2,Three Loggerheads, Harry W Rosenthal, 57 Virginia Road E2
    E2,Tile Kiln, Harold L Wardle, 7 Tullerie Street E2
    E2,Turks Head, Catherine Hain, 308 Brick Lane E2
    E2,Van Tromp, Maurice Henshaw, 121 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Victory, Mrs Annie Agnes Rice, 33 Queensbridge Road E2
    E2,Victory, Mrs Florence Hepworth, 27 Vyner Street E2
    E2,Victory, Mrs Mary J Pullon & Lionel Thos Salmon, 281 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Virginia Planter, Davis Cohen, 124 Virginia Road E2
    E2,Well & Bucket, Alfred Norden, 143 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,Westminster Arms, Mrs Alice Maud Silverton, 163 Gosset Street E2
    E2,Weymouth Arms, Alfred Bracken, 80 Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Road E2
    E2,Wheatsheaf, Edward Ketley & Albert J Howland, 39 Middleton Street E2
    E2,White Hart, Frederick Walter Stevens, 359 Bethnal Green Road E2
    E2,White Hart, William Peter Hare, 74 Kingsland Road E2
    E2,Wolverley Tavern, Mrs Sophia Miller, 62 Viaduct Street E2

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