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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Barbican, Clerkenwell, Finsbury EC1

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

EC1 Barbican, Clerkenwell, Finsbury

EC1,Angel Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 73 City Road EC1
EC1,Artillery Arms, Albert Melton, 102 Bunhill Row EC1
EC1,Baptists Head, Alfred George Jezzard, 30 St Johns Lane EC1
EC1,Barley Mow, Harry Walker, 50 Long Lane EC1
EC1,Barley Mow, Mrs Violet Spooner, 6 Errol Street EC1
EC1,Black Horse, Black Horse Buffet Ltd, 47 Barbican EC1
EC1,Blue Coat Boy, 415 City Road EC1
EC1,Blue Posts, 88 & 89 Cowcross Street EC1
EC1,Bodegas, Falcon Square, EC1
EC1,Britannia, Mrs Eliz Kate Simpson, 94 Ironmonger Row, EC1
EC1,British Lion, Samuel Cramer, 153 & 155 Central St, St Lukes, EC1
EC1,Brown Bear, George H Brooks, 79 Aldersgate Street, EC1
EC1,Bulls Head, Fredk Chas Barnes, 75 Lever Street, St Lukes, EC1
EC1,Butchers Arms, Leonard Meyers, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1
EC1,Castle, E Birkinshaw & C H Pike, 37 City Road EC1
EC1,Castle, H J Knee & William R Brown, 34 & 35 Cowcross Street EC1
EC1,City Arms, Edgar F C Foskett, 273 City Road EC1
EC1,City of London Tavern, Mrs G W Abell, 338 City Road EC1
EC1,Clarence, Jn Coltman, 88 Aldersgate Street EC1
EC1,Clerkenwell Tavern, Thomas Jas Collins, 106 Farringdon Road EC1
EC1,Clock House, Christopher Price & Sidney Dell, 82 Leather Lane EC1
EC1,Coach & Horses, Jn R Murphy & L C Kirby, 303 St John Street EC1
EC1,Coach & Horses, Luigi Rhesteghini, 26 & 28 Ray Street EC1
EC1,Coach & Horses, Mrs Grace Ethel Cole, 2 St Johns Square EC1
EC1,Cock Tavern, Thomas Edward Walker, 234 & 235 Central Markets EC1
EC1,Cock, Herbert Warman, 58 Old Street EC1
EC1,Criterion, L T Salmon & C F Dingley, 116 St John street EC1
EC1,Crown & Shears, Mrs Joan Clements, 83 & 84 Minories EC1
EC1,Crown & Woolpack, Harry J Moring, 394 St John Street EC1
EC1,Crown, Chas Edward Knott, 43 Clerkenwell Green EC1
EC1,Duke of York, William F Stacey, 156 Clerkenwell Road EC1
EC1,Eagle, Lewis Benjamin, 159 Farringdon Road EC1
EC1,Eight Bells, Mrs Esther Rose Chapman, 28 Ironmonger Row EC1
EC1,Empress of Russia, Chas N G Dibsdall, 362 St John Street EC1
EC1,Fountain, William Barker & Son (DDs) Ltd, 68 Amwell Street EC1
EC1,George & Dragon, J W C Lynch & Alfred C Chaumond, 240 St John Street  EC1
EC1,George IV, Mrs Sarah Mauson, 39 Goswell Road EC1
EC1,George, H H Finch Ltd, 180 St John Street  EC1
EC1,Globe, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 7 Smithfield EC1
EC1,Globe, Modern Inns & Taverns Ltd, 91 Hatton Garden EC1
EC1,Green Gate, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 198 City Road EC1
EC1,Green Man & Still, Jn Davis, 161 Whitecross Street EC1
EC1,Griffin, Hy Colmer, 125 Clerkenwell Road EC1
EC1,Hand & Shears, Percy William Hills, 1 Middle Street EC1
EC1,Harrow, Edward R G W Parker, 64 Compton Street EC1
EC1,Hat & Feathers, Alfred Hy Gould, 2 Clerkenwell Road EC1
EC1,Hat & Tun, Sidney S Frank, 3 Hatton wall EC1
EC1,Hope, Jas W Milton, 94 Cowcross Street EC1
EC1,Horse Shoe & Magpie, Jn Rickard Murphy & Mrs Anne M Acton, 5 Topham Street EC1
EC1,Horse Shoe, Benj Walden, 24 Clerkenwell Close EC1
EC1,Jolly Anglers, Chas Alfred & Mrs Marguerita Nash, 68 Bath Street EC1
EC1,Jolly Butchers, Mrs Florence M Franklin, 261 Old Street EC1
EC1,Kings Arms, Frank Frederick Morant, 27 Aldersgate Street EC1
EC1,Kings Arms, Joe Isaacs, 18 Moreland St, City Road EC1
EC1,Kings Arms, Mrs Olive Marooney, 53 Rawstorne Street EC1
EC1,Kings Head, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 49 Chiswell Street EC1
EC1,Lady Owens Arms, Lionel Salmon & Chas S Small, 285 Goswell Road EC1
EC1,Langton Arms, Roland Hy Appleton, 22 Normans Buildings, St Lukes EC1
EC1,Leopard, Rt Chas Galloway, 33 Seward Street, Goswell Road EC1
EC1,London Apprentice, Albert Edward Howlett, 333 Old Street EC1
EC1,London Spa, H H Finch Ltd, 70 Exmouth Market EC1
EC1,Lord Nelson, Alfred Witherick, 148 Lever Street EC1
EC1,Lord Nelson, Sidney Victor Bishop, 264 Old Street EC1
EC1,Macclesfield Arms, William Jackson, 260 City Road EC1
EC1,Metropolitan Tavern, Jas Edward Welch & L Titus Salmon, 95 Farringdon Road EC1
EC1,Mitre Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, Ely Court, Ely Place EC1
EC1,Nettlefolds, Chas Butler & Jas Wm Jeffries, 2 & 3 Myddelton Street EC1
EC1,New Red Lion, C W Balsom & R L Hanlon, 292 St John Street EC1
EC1,Northampton Arms, Cope's taverns Ltd, 205 Goswell Road EC1
EC1,Oakley Arms, Harry George Miller, 32 Hall Street EC1
EC1,Old Bell, Trust Houses Ltd, 123 Holborn EC1
EC1,Old Fountain, Joseph H Wells, 3 Baldwin Street, City Road EC1
EC1,Old Ivy House, Cope's taverns Ltd, 166 Goswell Road EC1
EC1,Old Leather Bottle, Thomas Arthur Wilson, 1 Greville Street, Hatton Garden EC1
EC1,Old Red Lion, Alfred Martin, 418 St John Street EC1
EC1,One Tun, Archibald J Studholme & Cyril J Hickling, 125 Saffron Hill EC1
EC1,Princess Alice, Louis Stevenson, 21 Dingley Road, City Road EC1
EC1,Queens Head & French Horn, Fredk J Leplea, 48 Little Britain EC1
EC1,Queens Head, Arthur C Bowden, 159 City Road EC1
EC1,Raglan, Levy & Franks Ltd, 61 St Martins le Grand EC1
EC1,Red Lion, Alfred Moss Joel, 30 Whitechapel High Street EC1
EC1,Red Lion, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 33 to 39 Roseman Street EC1
EC1,Red Lion, Mrs Mary King, 94 Turnmill Street EC1
EC1,Red Lion, Sydney Clarence Herbert, 181 Old Street EC1
EC1,Rising Sun, Samuel Michael Plight, 38 Cloth Fair EC1
EC1,Rose, Hy Holland Freshwater, 58 Hatton Garden EC1
EC1,Royal Midshipman, George Follett, 25 & 26 Skinner Street EC1
EC1,Royal Oak, Arthur Christopher Brown, 37 Waterloo Street EC1
EC1,Rutland, Oliver Underwood Millest, 9 & 10 West Smithfield EC1
EC1,Sekforde Arms, Geo Fredk Clements Waldron,  34 Sekforde Street EC1
EC1,Shakespeares Head, Cope's Taverns Ltd, Percival Street EC1
EC1,Skinners Arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 25 Goode Street EC1
EC1,Sportsman, William J Stack, 315 City Road EC1
EC1,Spread Eagle, Mrs Helen Henrietta Dudden, 142 Whitecross Street EC1
EC1,St John of Jerusalem, Fras Jn Court, 164 St John Street EC1
EC1,St Lukes Head, Jn Hy Hildrew, 90 Old Street EC1
EC1,St Pauls Tavern, Sydney Leo Vernon Ash, 56 Chiswell Street EC1
EC1,Star, Harry William Dutton, 105 City Road EC1
EC1,Star, Mrs Edith Molly Burgess, 31 Aldersgate Street EC1
EC1,Stone house, Oliver George Mole, 129 Old Street EC1
EC1,Surprise, Thomas Whitten, 2 Northampton Road EC1
EC1,Sutton Arms, H Griffiths, 16 Great Sutton Street EC1
EC1,Sutton Arms, Mrs Agnes Devine, 6 Carthusian Street EC1
EC1,The King, William E Hardiman, 50 Leather Lane EC1
EC1,Three Kings, Mrs Rose Derx, 7 Clerkenwell Close EC1
EC1,Three Tuns, Ernest Walter King, 12 St Cross Street, Hatton Garden EC1
EC1,Two Brewers, Mrs Alice Susan Goodman, 121 Whitecross Street EC1
EC1,Viaduct Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 126 Newgate Street EC1
EC1,Victoria Hotel, Lionel T Salmons, & Wm J Crooks, 25 Charterhouse Street EC1
EC1,Wellington, Clement Jn Small, 196 Goswell Road EC1
EC1,White Bear, Mrs May Evelyn Cater, 57 St John Street EC1
EC1,White Hart, George Alfred Williams, 7 Giltspur Street EC1
EC1,White Hart, George Garnham, 63 Myddelton Street EC1
EC1,White Horse, Frederick Chas Brook, 8 Little Britain EC1
EC1,White Horse, Mrs Amy Irene Lane, 74 Central Street, St Lukes EC1
EC1,White Lion, Harry Chas Thursby, 37 Central Street, St Lukes EC1
EC1,White Swan, Mrs Florence Vetterlein, 28 Farringdon Road EC1
EC1,Windmill, Frank Snook, 30 St John Street EC1
EC1,Windmill, William Frederick Stacey, 96 Leather Lane EC1
EC1,Ye Old Red Cow, Frederick Monk, 71 & 72 Long Lane EC1

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