London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

London Pubs directory in 1944 - Fleet Street, St Paul's EC4

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

EC4 Fleet Street, St Paul's

EC4,Albion Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 2 & 3 New Bridge Street EC4
EC4,Baynards Castle tavern, H D Widdicombe, 148 Queen Victoria Street EC4
EC4,Bell & Three Tuns, 61 Old Bailey EC4
EC4,Bell, Rt E Snelling, 29 Bush Lane EC4
EC4,Black Dog, Mrs Minnie A Robinson, 83 Shoe Lane EC4
EC4,Black Friar, Alfred Pettitt, 174 Queen Victoria Street EC4
EC4,Bodegas, 15 Fleet Street, EC4
EC4,Bodegas, 5 & 6 Bucklesbury, EC4
EC4,Castle, Rd Hy Richards, 26 Furnival Street EC4
EC4,Clachan, Arthur Simmonds, Old Mitre Court, Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Coach & Horses, Frederick Walter Smith, 35 Whitefriars Street EC4
EC4,Cock & Bottle, Cope's Taverns Ltd, Laurence Poutney Hill EC4
EC4,Coopers arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 19 Budge Row EC4
EC4,Crown & Anchor, Rt S Tolputt & Eliza A Britten, 18 Wine Office Court EC4
EC4,Crown & Sugar Loaf, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 14 Garlick Hill EC4
EC4,Falcon, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 4 Pemberton Row EC4
EC4,Falcon, Mrs Winifred Hallier,  10 Fetter Lane EC4
EC4,George, Mrs Jeanette A Smowton, 25 Old Bailey EC4
EC4,Grapes, Mrs Myriam Lydia Allen, 5 India Street EC4
EC4,Green Man, Whitey M Pollock, 7 & 9 Bucklersbury EC4
EC4,Harrow, Ernest Haynes Dove, 22 Whitefriars EC4
EC4,Hatchet, Mrs Frances Sarah Marks, 28 Garlick Hill EC4
EC4,Hoop & Grapes, Frank Edward Young, 80 Farringdon Street EC4
EC4,Irish House, J G Mooney & Co Ltd, 66 Fleet Street EC4
EC4,King Lud, Levy & Franks Ltd, 78 Ludgate Hill EC4
EC4,Kings & Keys, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 142 Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Kings Head & Lamb, Frederick L Isaacs, 49 Upper Thames Street EC4
EC4,Kings Head, Albert V Elliott, 42 Queen Street EC4
EC4,Lamb & Lark, Mrs Doris Daltrey, 5 Printing House Lane EC4
EC4,London Stone, Arthur Seear, 109 Cannon Street EC4
EC4,Magpie & Stump, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 18 Old Bailey EC4
EC4,Monument Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, King William Street EC4
EC4,Old Bell, Mrs Ruth Nellie Bear, 95 Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Old Bell, William Allen, Wardrobe Terrace, Queen Victoria Street EC4
EC4,Peeles Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 1 Fetter Lane EC4
EC4,Peeles Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 177 & 178 Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Punch Tavern, Yates (Taverns) Ltd, 99 Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Queens Arms, William Barker & Sons (DDs) Ltd, 30 & 31 Queen Street EC4
EC4,Queens Head, William Barker & Sons (DDs) Ltd, 31 Blackfriars Lane EC4
EC4,Red Lion, Mrs Eliz E Brooks, 31 Poppins Court, Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Red Lion, William Lewis, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street EC4
EC4,Rising Sun, J W C Lynch & Alfred Oliver, 61 Carter Lane EC4
EC4,Rose & Crown, Mrs Kathleen May Williams, 8 Dorset Rise EC4
EC4,Shamrock, Gerald Mooney Ltd, 56 Fetter Lane EC4
EC4,Skinners Arms, Hy Michl Emery, 53 Cannon Street EC4
EC4,Sugar Loaf, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 65 Cannon Street EC4
EC4,Temple Restaurant, William Jas Leighton, 36 Tudor Street EC4
EC4,The Cogers, Mrs Emily E Collinson, Salisbury Square EC4
EC4,Three Castles, Herbert Fairhurst,  7 St Andrews Hill EC4
EC4,Ticket Porter, Mrs Lilian Rose Roath, 17 & 19 Arthur Street EC4
EC4,Two Brewers, Usher's Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 74 Shoe Lane EC4
EC4,Welsh Harp, Thomas Jas Goode Lane, 3 Temple Lane, Bouverie Street EC4
EC4,White Horse, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 90 Fetter Lane EC4
EC4,White Lion Hotel, Jas Higgins, 19, 20 & 21 Upper Thames Street EC4
EC4,White Swan, Arthur Leslie Ellis, 28 & 30 Tudor Street EC4
EC4,White Swan, Cecil J Broadway, 18 Farringdon Street EC4
EC4,White Swan, Goodhews Ltd, 13 Salisbury Court EC4
EC4,Ye Olde London Restaurant, William Younger & Co Ltd, 42 Ludgate Hill EC4
EC4,Ye Watling, Thomas A Williams, 39 Bow Lane EC4

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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