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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Camden Town, Regent's Park NW1

A listing of hi\storical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

NW1 Camden Town, Regent's Park

NW1,Adam & Eve, Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd, 1 Hampstead Road NW1
NW1,Adam & Eve, Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd, 284 & 286 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Allsop House, Allens (Caterers) Ltd, 174 Marylebone Road NW1
NW1,Bedford Arms, Mrs M E P Smale, 80 Arlington Road NW1
NW1,Belmont, Mrs Amy L Bardrick, 78 & 79 Chalk Farm Road NW1
NW1,Black Cap, E L Short & Co Ltd, 171 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Black Horse, 313 Royal College Street NW1
NW1,Boston Arms, William Samuel Page, Taunton Place, Dorset Square, NW1
NW1,Brazen Head, H H Finch Ltd, 69 Lisson Street, NW1
NW1,Brecknock Arms, Benj Redfern Orton, 227 Camden Road, NW1
NW1,Brewers Hall, Martin Oates, 59 Charrington Street, NW1
NW1,Brighton, F A Meadows, 111 Camden High Street, NW1
NW1,Britannia, William Barker & Son (DDs) Ltd, 187 Camden High Street, NW1
NW1,British Queen, Edward William Fountain, 32 Prince of Wales Crescent, NW1
NW1,Bucks head, Roy Harry Overall, 202 Camden High Street, NW1
NW1,Camden Arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 1 Randolph Street NW1
NW1,Camden Head, Mrs A M Connelly, 100 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Camden Stores, Harry Burrows, 25 Parkway NW1
NW1,Cape of Good Hope, Albert Hy Perkins, 78 Albany Street NW1
NW1,Chalk Farm Tavern, Frederick W Aylett, 89 Regents Park Road NW1
NW1,Chester Arms, Ushers Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 83 Albany Street NW1
NW1,Clarence, Mrs Sarah Sturgess, 99 Kentish Town Road NW1
NW1,Cock Tavern, Mrs M Bryer, 23 Phoenix Road NW1
NW1,College Arms, Albert George Evans, 2 Crowndale Road NW1
NW1,Constitution, George Hy Leer, 42 St Pancras Way NW1
NW1,Constitution, Stanley Ashford, 91 Bell Street NW1
NW1,Crown & Anchor, George Hogben, 188 Albany Street NW1
NW1,Crown & Anchor, Modern Inns & Taverns Ltd, 137 Drummond Street NW1
NW1,Devonshire Arms, Frederick Slaughter, 33 Kentish Town Road NW1
NW1,Dublin Castle, Matthew Nichols, 94 Parkway NW1
NW1,Duke of Bedford, London & Suburban Catering Co Ltd, 204 Eversholt Street, Euston Square NW1
NW1,Duke of Clarence, Mrs Edith Harrison, 98 Osnaburgh Street NW1
NW1,Duke of Cornwall, Walter William Conway, 3 Sherborne Place, Blandford Square NW1
NW1,Duke of Grafton, Modern Inns & taverns Ltd, 278 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Eagle Tavern, Benj R Orton & Alfred W Harrington, 102 & 104 Camden Road NW1
NW1,Eagle Tavern, Benj R Orton & Alfred W Harrington, 217 Royal College Street NW1
NW1,Earl Russell, Mrs Ethel Harris, 2 Pancras Road NW1
NW1,Eastnor Castle, George Smith, 145 Chalton Street NW1
NW1,Edinburgh, Raymond L Walklett, 57 Mornington Terrace NW1
NW1,Elephants Head, Aug A Foster, 224 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Engineer, Alec Lovett, 65 Gloucester Avenue NW1
NW1,Euston Arms, Mrs I B Clifford, 33 Melton Street NW1
NW1,Euston Tavern, Modern Inns & Taverns Ltd, 73 & 75 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Exmouth Arms, Jn J Donner, 1 Star Cross St, Euston Square NW1
NW1,Falcon, Mrs Mary J Hammond, 234 Royal College Street NW1
NW1,Gate House, Frederick Arthur Saker, 149 & 151 Hampstead Road NW1
NW1,Globe, Arth Butcher, 47 Lisson Grove NW1
NW1,Globe, Baker & Medcalf, 43 & 45 Marylebone Road NW1
NW1,Globe, Brown & Horner Ltd, 25 Eversholt Road NW1
NW1,Gloucester Arms, Mrs Alice E Green, 5 Ivor Place NW1
NW1,Goat & Compasses, Albert Ernest Street, 341 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Goat in Boots, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 31 Stanhope Street  NW1
NW1,Golden Lion, Mrs Esther Walters, 88 Royal College Street  NW1
NW1,Green Man, George William Follett, 383 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Harmood Arms, Harold C H Treadaway, 59 Harmood Street, Chalk Farm NW1
NW1,Hope & Anchor, Fras Leonard Sprossen, 74 Crowndale Road NW1
NW1,Hope Tavern, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 179 Stanhope Street, Euston Road NW1
NW1,Jolly Gardeners, William Edward Hands, 69 Cobourg Street NW1
NW1,Jubilee, Chas Stewart Sutcliffe, 16 Polygon Road NW1
NW1,Kings Arms, Anchor Taverns Ltd, 22 & 23 Plender Street NW1
NW1,Lansdowne Arms, Jas Hy Peddel, 90 Gloucester Avenue NW1
NW1,Laurel Tree, William Jn Pratt, 113 Bayham Street NW1
NW1,Lion & Lamb, Herbert Auckland Seear, 2 Drummond Street NW1
NW1,Locomotive, William George Downing, 31 Jamestown Road NW1
NW1,Lord Nelson, Edward Jas Acres, 48 Stanhope Street, Euston Road NW1
NW1,Lord Palmerston, Rolles Bros, 60 Hampstead Road NW1
NW1,Lord Somers Arms, L Rose, 115 Chalton Street NW1
NW1,Lord Stanley, Harry Hastings & Harry Redfern Sutton, 51 Camden Park Road NW1
NW1,Marquis of Anglesea, Reginald Thos Hobbs, 77 Ashmill Street, Lisson Grove NW1
NW1,Marquis of Camden, Mrs Elsie M Wood, 83 Camden Street NW1
NW1,Monarch, Rolles Bros, 49 Chalk Farm Road NW1
NW1,Moreton Arms, Thomas William Quinlan, 65 Kentish Town Rd NW1
NW1,Mornington Arms, Sydney Aug Pugh, 2 Mornington Street NW1
NW1,Murray Arms, J T Davies & Sons Ltd, 25 Agar Grove NW1
NW1,Nelson, Evan G Kidman & E A Dennis, 83 Castlehaven Road NW1
NW1,Neptune, Mrs Ethel Hurst, 51 Werrington Street NW1
NW1,New Market Inn, Mrs Jane Jacobs, 166 Agar Grove NW1
NW1,Old Eagle, Ernest Howell, 251 Royal College Street NW1
NW1,Orange Tree, E L Short & Co Ltd, 234 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Oxford Arms, Peter McKenna, 265 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Parrs Head, Mrs Millicent Carnaby, 73 Plender Street NW1
NW1,Pembroke Castle, Mrs Rebecca Webb, 150 Gloucester Avenue NW1
NW1,Perseverance, Albert Edward Stone, 20 Netley Street, Hampstead Road NW1
NW1,Perseverance, Thomas Jn Newing, 11 & 12 Shroton Street, Lisson Grove NW1
NW1,Phoenix, Mrs Margaret Biggs, 12 Harrow Street NW1
NW1,Phoenix, Ushers Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 408 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Plasterers Arms, Miss O E C Green, 1 Eversholt Street, Euston Square NW1
NW1,Pontefract Castle, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 48 Chapel Street, Edgware Road NW!
NW1,Prince Albert, Mrs Ivy Hall, 11 Princess Road NW1
NW1,Prince Albert, William J Norman, 163 Royal College Street NW1
NW1,Prince Alfred, George Hy Spackman, 13 Crowndale Road NW1
NW1,Prince Arthur, William George Downing, 80 & 82 Eversholt Street  NW1
NW1,Prince George of Cumberland, Ernest Jn Beale, 195 Albany Street  NW1
NW1,Prince of Wales, Carol Street NW1
NW1,Prince of Wales, H D Butler & H W Conquer, 23 St Pancras Way NW1
NW1,Prince of Wales, J F Barnes & Co, 119 Hampstead Road NW1
NW1,Princess Beatrice, Rolles Bros, 55 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Queens Head & Artichoke, Levy & Franks Ltd, 30 & 32 Albany Street NW1
NW1,Queens Hotel, Mrs Lydia B Lewis, 49 Regents Park Road NW1
NW1,Queens Tavern, Sydney Arthur Smith, 1 Edis Street NW1
NW1,Railway Tavern, Alfred Jas Beavis, 35 Chalk Farm Road NW1
NW1,Rising Sun, William T Read, 120 Euston Road NW1
NW1,Rose & Crown, William Keech, 30 Burne Street, Edgware Road NW1
NW1,Royal Exchange, Mrs Ann E Merritt, 57 Hartland Road NW1
NW1,Royal George, Mrs M Daltrey, 8 to 14 Eversholt Street NW1
NW1,Russell Arms, William Whittaker Gibb, 3 Barnby Street NW1
NW1,Seymour Arms, David William Clark, 162 Eversholt Street, Euston Square NW1
NW1,Shepherd & Shepherdess, Mrs R Peall, 53 Aldenham Street NW1
NW1,Sols Arms, Rolles Bros, 65 Hampstead Road NW1
NW1,Somers Arms, Frederick Arthur Powell, 1 & 3 Ossulston Road NW1
NW1,Somers Town Coffee House, Modern Inns & Taverns Ltd, 60 Chalton Street NW1
NW1,Southampton Arms, B Colp, 1 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Spread Eagle, Jas Killorn, 141 Albert Street, Regents Park NW1
NW1,St Martins Tavern, George Clarence Bass, 35 Pratt Street NW1
NW1,Stags Head, Alex McInnes, 35 Hawley Road NW1
NW1,Station Hotel, Mrs Florence Simmons, 43 & 45 Camden Road NW1
NW1,Trafalgar, Mrs Daisy E Williams, 77 Castle Road NW1
NW1,Victoria, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 37 Chalton Street NW1
NW1,Victoria, Mrs Kate Jacobs, 2 Mornington Terrace NW1
NW1,Victory, Evan George Kidman, 41 Clarence Way NW1
NW1,Victory, Mrs M A B Fegan, 150 Albany Street NW1
NW1,Volunteer, Mrs Daisy Witherick, 245 & 247 Baker Street NW1
NW1,Wheatsheaf, Mrs Florence May Long, 48 & 50 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,Windsor Castle, William Alex Cooper, 98 Park Road NW1
NW1,Windsor Castle, William Sargeant, 122 Albany Street NW1
NW1,Wrotham Arms, Sidney Thompson, 32 Wrotham Road NW1
NW1,Ye Olde Mother Red Cap, A E Chippendale, 174 Camden High Street NW1
NW1,York & Albany, Reginald Joseph Cook, 129 Parkway NW1
NW1,Yorkshire Stingo Tavern, Allen (Caterers) Ltd, 183 Marylebone Road NW1
NW1 ,Abbey Tavern, Thomas Keys & William G Farrow, 124 Kentish Town Road NW1