London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

London Pubs directory in 1944 - Nunhead, Peckham SE15

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

SE15 Nunhead, Peckham

SE15,Adam & Eve, Sydney Chas Parker, 14 Peckham High Street SE15
SE15,Albion, Albert Edwin Weller, 155 Commercial way SE15
SE15,Alexandra, W J A Plant, 49 Gibbons Road SE15
SE15,Alliance, Rt W Spencely, 260 Sumner Road SE15
SE15,Astbury Arms, Louis W Dinneen, 59 Astbury Road SE15
SE15,Asylum Tavern, Chas George Hearn, 40 Asylum Road SE15
SE15,Bath Tavern, Mrs Annie Selina Jeffries, 195 Asylum Road SE15
SE15,Belvedere Tavern, Mrs Kate E Evans, 43 Linden Grove SE15
SE15,Britannia, Alex Stone, 45 Peckham High Street, SE15
SE15,Camden Arms, Walter Kicks, 4 Catonby Street SE15
SE15,Canterbury Tavern, Reuben A Bell, 224 Ilderton Road SE15
SE15,Carlton Tavern, Mrs Kate & Wm Jn Bundle, 45 Culmore Road SE15
SE15,Coopers arms, Mrs Lilian Catherine Voss, 119 Bird in Bush Road SE15
SE15,Crown & Sceptre, Edgar T Blanks, 47 Commercial Way SE15
SE15,Crown, Levy & Franks Ltd, 119 Peckham High Street SE15
SE15,Denman Arms, 86 Denman Road SE15
SE15,Duke of Cambridge, Harold H & Mrs Sarah Virrels, 40 Hooks Road SE15
SE15,Duke of Edinburgh, George Osborne, 39 Shard Road SE15
SE15,Duke of Sussex, Leonard Knight & Fredk Pollard, 77 Friary Road SE15
SE15,Edinburgh, J J Leahy, 57 Nunhead Lane SE15
SE15,Galatea, Frederick William Hy Page, 208 Consort Road SE15
SE15,George & Dragon, Thomas West Briggs, 14 St Georges Way SE15
SE15,Glengall Arms, Jn Hiscock, 41 Glengall Road SE15
SE15,Glengall Tavern, Mrs Mary Margaret Aylward, 1 Bird in Bush Road SE15
SE15,Globe, Fredk Fredericks, 58 Peckham Hill Street  SE15
SE15,Golden Anchor, Ernest A & Esther G F Thomas, 16 Evelina Road SE15
SE15,Golden Lion, Mrs Ruby Hart, 133 Sumner Road SE15
SE15,Gowlett Arms, William Alfred Benning, 62 Gowlett Road SE15
SE15,Greyhound, Mrs Florence B Mayhew, 109 Peckham High Street  SE15
SE15,Grove Tavern, George Chas Sandlin, 26 Gloucester Grove SE15
SE15,Hanover Arms, Levy & Franks Ltd, 38 Rye Lane SE15
SE15,Heaton Arms, Mrs Florence Susan Poole, 249 Rye Lane SE15
SE15,Hollydale Tavern, William George Byne, 115 Hollydale Road SE15
SE15,Imperial, Edward Castell Clarke, 57 Hornby Road SE15
SE15,Kentish Drovers & Halfway House, Albert Joseph Milton, 720 & 722 Old Kent Road SE15
SE15,Kentish Drovers, Geo Fredk Morgan, 74 Peckham High Street SE15
SE15,Kings Arms, Joseph E Coddington, 132 Peckham Rye SE15
SE15,Lord Herbert, Mrs Dulcie Alice Hoy, 47 Herbert Road SE15
SE15,Lord Hill, George William Seager, 131 Peckham Hill Street SE15
SE15,Lord Lyndhurst, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 53 Lyndhurst way SE15
SE15,Lord Raglan, Edward Jn Wilder, 65 Cronin Road SE15
SE15,Maismore Arms, George Frederick Page sen, 104 Peckham Park Road SE15
SE15,Marlborough Head, George Gagan, 74 Marmont Road SE15
SE15,Montague Arms, J Evans, 289 Queens Road SE15
SE15,Montpelier, Archibald David Ross, 99 Queens Road SE15
SE15,Montpelier, Mrs Eliz Ann Hounsome, 43 Choumert Road SE15
SE15,Newlands Tavern, Mrs Eliz C Rhodes, 40 Stuart Road SE15
SE15,Oglander Tavern, Miss Ethel Victoria Bidwell, 17 Oglander Road SE15
SE15,Old Nuns Head, William Jas Hedge, 15 Nunhead Green SE15
SE15,Old White Horse, Harold Alfred & Mrs Grace E bailey, 20 Peckham Rye SE15
SE15,Prince Albert, Dennis P Maloney, 137 East Surrey Grove SE15
SE15,Prince Albert, Edward Jn Page, 119 Consort Road SE15
SE15,Prince of Wales, Mrs Ethel Gracey, 124 St Georges Way SE15
SE15,Prince of Wales, Mrs Louisa Alice Saunders, 14 Ruby Street, Old Kent Road SE15
SE15,Prince of Windsor, Jn William Kimber, 888 Old Kent Road SE15
SE15,Pyrotechnists Arms, Rt William Newman, Nunhead Green SE15
SE15,Queen Elizabeth, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 61 Asylum Road SE15
SE15,Queen, Norman Dalrymple Shaw, 101 Commercial Way SE15
SE15,Red Bull, R C Medhurst, 116 Peckham High Street SE15
SE15,Red Cow, Levy & Franks Ltd, 212 Peckham High Street SE15
SE15,Reindeer, Knowland Bros, 151 Rye Lane SE15
SE15,Rising Sun, Edward Jn Skelton, 799 Old Kent Road SE15
SE15,Rye House Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd,  31 Peckham Rye SE15
SE15,Sanford Tavern, Hy Herbert Rice, 20 Upcot Street SE15
SE15,Shard Arms, Joseph Monger, 610 Old Kent Road SE15
SE15,Star of India, Fred Bodell, 26 Gordon Road SE15
SE15,Surrey View Tavern, Albert Jn Chandler, 137 Commercial way SE15
SE15,Swan, Edward Hannaford & Edward P Challis, 59 Peckham Park Road SE15
SE15,Swiss Tavern, Edward Hannaford, 44 Lausanne Road SE15
SE15,Talfourd Arms, Thomas Nugent, 71 Lyndhurst Grove SE15
SE15,Trafalgar, George William West, 17 Sumner Road SE15
SE15,Victoria, Norman & Cyril Dean, 79 Choumert Road SE15
SE15,Victory, Hy Hart, 86 Trafalgar Avenue SE15
SE15,Vivian hotel, Thomas Tibbenham Collins, 34 Philip Road SE15
SE15,Walmer Castle, Alex Jacobs, 102 Peckham Road SE15
SE15,Waverley Arms, Jn S Hamerton, 202 Ivydale Road SE15
SE15,Windsor Castle, WWilliam J Handrahan, 95 Cator Street SE15

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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