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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Rotherhithe, South Bermondsey, Surrey Dock SE16

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

SE16 Rotherhithe, South Bermondsey, Surrey Dock

SE16,Adam & Eve, Daniel William Kingston & Hugh McGowan, 47 Swan Road SE16
SE16,Admiral Hawke, Mrs Bessie Collins, 191 Jamaica Road SE16
SE16,Albion, Thos W Pearce, 20 Albion Street SE16
SE16,Angel, Ernest Walter Hy Reeve, 21 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,Barkworth Arms, William Arth Myles, 63 Barkworth Street, Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Barons Arms, Edward D Harvey, 1 Cornbury Road SE16
SE16,Blacksmiths Arms, 257 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,Blue Anchor, 251 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Bramcote Arms, Mrs Mabel Cowley, 58 Bramcote Grove, SE16
SE16,Bricklayers Arms, Mrs Rose Ellen Dibsdall, 37 Brunel Road, SE16
SE16,China Hall, Alfred & Mrs Mary A Lowther, 141 Lower Road SE16
SE16,Cliftonville Tavern, Mrs Mabel Cowley, 128 Ilderton Road SE16
SE16,Commercial Dock Tavern, Mrs Susan Lydia & Wm A Dowsett, 101 Plough Way SE16
SE16,Crown, Percy Godfrey Sims, 440 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Crown, William H Page, 120 Spa Road SE16
SE16,Crystal Tavern, Alce Edward Elston, 32 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Dog & Duck, Albert Arth Aldridge, Commercial Dock Pass SE16
SE16,Duke of Clarence, George Jas & Mrs Florence Harvey, 186 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,Duke of Suffolk, Miss Christina Louise Cast, Hawkstone Road SE16
SE16,Earl of Beaconsfield, George Hy Flood, 30 Alpine Road SE16
SE16,Empress of India, William A C Truckle, 285 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Europa, Chas Albert Baxter & Reginald Cawthorn Beak, 9 St Mary Church Street SE16
SE16,George, Aleck Ernest Hills, 19 George Row SE16
SE16,Gregorian Arms, Jn Thos Bagley, 96 Jamaica Road SE16
SE16,Half Moon & Bulls Head, Rt Franklin, 238 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,HalfWay House, A Doe Ltd, 229 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Holly Tree, Ernest Hy Pipkin, 349 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Jamaica Tavern, Lovell Benj Dixson & Mrs W A Simpson, 495 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,John Bull, Harry L Gold, 287 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Jolly Gardeners, Mrs Norah L Lewis, 187 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Lilliput Hall, Chas S Marshall, 9 Jamaica Road SE16
SE16,Neptune, Geo Frederick William Wash, 17 Rupack Street SE16
SE16,New Concord, Ernest William Pearmine, 96 Keetons Road SE16
SE16,New Jolly Caulkers, Anchor Taverns, 126 Lower Road SE16
SE16,Northumberland Arms, Patrick Jn Johnstone, 109 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Old Justice, Rd Wakefield, 94 Bermondsey Wall SE16
SE16,Plough, Jas William Siggers, Plough Way SE16
SE16,Prince Alfred, Mrs Edith L Jameson, 59 Drummond Road SE16
SE16,Prince Imperial, Hy Chas Ascott, 426 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Prince of Orange, Mrs Mary Ann Mimms, 118 Lower Road SE16
SE16,Prince of Wales, William H McCombie, 19 Plough Way SE16
SE16,Princess Victoria, George H Brundrett, 9 Lower Road SE16
SE16,Queen Charlotte, Arthur Chas Ridler, 210 Jamaica Road SE16
SE16,Queen Victoria, J E & G E Poole, 148 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Queens Arms, Levy & Franks Ltd, 78 Spa Road SE16
SE16,Queens Head, Harry Sparkes, 33 Paradise Road SE16
SE16,Railway Tavern, Hy Dunlop Butler & Jn Reginald West, 117 St James Road SE16
SE16,Raymouth Tavern, Levy & Franks Ltd, 302 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Red Lion, Mrs Ethel Holmes, 36 & 38 Paradise Street SE16
SE16,Rising Sun, Albert Patrick, 72 Jamaica Road SE16
SE16,Rose & Crown, Samuel Percy Block, 68 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Rose & Lily, George Jn Lovett, 155 Drummond Road SE16
SE16,Royal Albert, Kenneth Grant Salmon, 74 Albert Road, Silvertown SE16
SE16,Ship & Whale, Alfred May, 61 Derrick Street SE16
SE16,Ship in Distress, William Lewis Pick, 16 Marigold Street SE16
SE16,Ship York, Mrs Louisa Culmer, 15 & 16 Redriff Road SE16
SE16,Ship, Mrs Eliz Mary Cranmer, 194 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,Ship, Mrs Emily Mary Hardwick, St Marychurch Street SE16
SE16,Sir Garnet Wolseley, Mrs Annie G Saywall, 6 Warndon Street SE16
SE16,Sir William Gomm, Mrs Alice Cooper, 44 Abbeyfield Road SE16
SE16,Smiths Arms, Thomas Coupland, 40 Llewellyn Street SE16
SE16,Spread Eagle, William Chas Robinson, 117 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,St Helena Tavern, Edwin B Harvey, 23 St Helena Road, Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Stanley Arms, Stanley Herbert Percy Bentall, 418 Southwark Park Road SE16
SE16,Surrey Commercial Dock Tavern, Edward G Edwards, 1 Redriff Road SE16
SE16,Sussex Arms, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 60 Plumstead Road SE16
SE16,Three Compasses, Edward Brown, 346 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,Victory, Poole & Bruty, 264 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
SE16,Warrior, Cross & Locke, 209 Lower Road SE16
SE16,White Horse, Mrs Ada Boot, 297 Rotherhithe Street SE16
SE16,Windsor Castle, Frank Rowe, 61 & 62 Enid Street SE16