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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Elephant & Castle, Walworth SE17

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

SE17 Elephant & Castle, Walworth

SE17,Albion, Albert Joseph Patrick & Mrs Elsie L Bergin, 52 Rodney Road SE17
SE17,Archduke Charles, Jas Fredk Abrahams,  1 Rodney Road SE17
SE17,Bedford Arms, Mrs Kate Hinsbey, 269 East Street SE17
SE17,BeeHive, Isaac Jessel, 60 & 62 Carter Street SE17
SE17,Black Prince, Thos Wall, 29 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Cottage of Content, Cope's taverns Ltd, 123 Rodney Street SE17
SE17,Duchess of York, Jn Wm Rawlings, 2 Barlow Street SE17
SE17,Duke of Clarence, Arth Geo Morgan & Herbert Samuel Timms, 154 Manor Road SE17
SE17,Duke of Gloucester, Hy Worrow, 44 Gurney Street SE17
SE17,Duke of Sutherland, Wm G McNaughton, 51 Lorrimore Road SE17
SE17,Duke of York, Chas Wm Balsom, 37 Bagshot Road SE17
SE17,Faunce Arms , Wm Spencer Wood, 2 Faunce Street, Kensington Park SE17
SE17,Freemasons Arms, Wm R Jukes, 244 Hillingdon Street SE17
SE17,Giraffe, Anthony & Mrs M Chismon, 45 Penton Place SE17
SE17,Globe, Martin Gilroy, 20 Darwin Street  SE17
SE17,Hampton Court Palace, Beak & Mattocks, 21 Crampton Street SE17
SE17,Hen & Chickens, Geo Baker, 54 Alvey Street SE17
SE17,Henshaw Arms, Miss Alice M Lewis, 93 Balfour Street SE17
SE17,Horse & Groom, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 262 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Hour Glass, Albert Croft, 89 Faraday Street SE17
SE17,Huntsman & Hounds, Jn E Sutherland, 70 Elsted Street SE17
SE17,Kings Arms, Victor E Rosati, 87 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Kings Head, Victor D De Hegar & Patrick Joseph Byrne, 204 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Lord Camden, Herbert Pullen, 31 Morcambe Street SE17
SE17,Lord Nelson, Arth Jn Adams, 137 Trafalgar Street SE17
SE17,Masons Arms, Fredk Dards, 109 East Street SE17
SE17,Newington Arms, Abraham Weddon, 31 King & Queen Street SE17
SE17,Northumberland Arms, Fras Jas & Mrs Ada Rhoda Hyde, 88 Brandon Street SE17
SE17,Portland Arms, Herbert Richards, 59 Westmoreland Road SE17
SE17,Prince & Princess of Wales, Wm Geo Cotton & Wm Jn Umney, 109 Kinglake Street  SE17
SE17,Prince Albert, Austin & Cyril Vine, 24 Heygate Street SE17
SE17,Prince Alfred, Ernest Geo Bood, 267 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Prince Ernest, Thos Frank Longhurst, 131 Hillingdon Street  SE17
SE17,Prince Regent, Reginald C Beak & Thos Gardner, 40 Dawes Street  SE17
SE17,Queen Anne, Sydney Parker, 126 Dawes Street SE17
SE17,Queen Elizabeth, Chas Wm Balsom & Lewis Selwood, 42 Merrow Street SE17
SE17,Queens Arms, Miss Peggy Dorrian, 18 Portland Street SE17
SE17,Queens Head, Walter Geo Drew, 18 Amelia Street, Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Red Lion, Mrs Harriet Bartholomew & Edwin Jn Chater, 407 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Roebuck, Ernest & Ellen Taylor, 47 Trafalgar Street SE17
SE17,Rose & Crown, Wm Douglas, 96 Rodney Road SE17
SE17,Royal Albert, Thos Arth Austin, 51 East Street SE17
SE17,Royal George, Geo Wm Balsom, 34 Braganza Street SE17
SE17,Sir William Walworth, C & E Mills & Co Ltd, 297 & 299 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,St Pauls Tavern, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 72 Villa Street SE17
SE17,Surrey Arms, Geo Fuller, 5 Surrey Square SE17
SE17,Surrey Gardens Arms, Sidney A Leigh & L E R Vale, 9 Chapter Road SE17
SE17,Surrey Gardens Hotel, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 204 Manor Place SE17
SE17,Temple Bar, M E & G E Robins & T A Kirby, 286 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,The Rock, H J Robins & Son, 374 Walworth Road SE17
SE17,Victory, Hy E Ross, 32 Barlow Street SE17
SE17,Weymouth Arms, Fredk Powell, 14 Sayer Street, New Kent Road SE17
SE17,Winchelsea Tavern, Butler & Dove, 16 Fleming Road SE17

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