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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Plumstead, Woolwich SE18

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

SE18 Plumstead, Woolwich

SE18,Albion Hotel, Rt Hy Kurn, 48 Woolwich Church Street SE18
SE18,Alma, Sydney Geo Purcell, 48 Kings Highway SE18
SE18,Anglesea Arms, Albert Matthews, 91 Woolwich New Road SE18
SE18,Barrack Tavern, Wm T Peatling, 9 Woolwich Common SE18
SE18,Britannia, Stanley Cyril Crew, 64 Frances Street, SE18
SE18,Brook Hotel, Rt Davidson, 386 Shooter's Hill Road SE18
SE18,Bull Hotel, Mrs Violet May Pickering, Shooters Hill, SE18
SE18,Bull Tavern, Alfred H Masters, 14 Vincent Road, SE18
SE18,Cambridge Hotel, Albert Potter, 10 Belson Road SE18
SE18,Carpenters Arms, Mrs Lillian Matilda Cooke, 18 Woolwich High Street SE18
SE18,Castle, Wm Jas Batley, 179 Powis Street SE18
SE18,Clarence Arms, A E Porter, 69 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Congleton Arms, A E Thumwood, 117 Maxey Road SE18
SE18,Coopers arms, T W Plaisted & Co, 120 Woolwich High Street SE18
SE18,Crown & Anchor, Jn Stanley, 33 Woolwich High Street SE18
SE18,Crown & Cushion, Albert Courtney, 1 Market Hill, Woolwich High Street SE18
SE18,Director General, Leslie J Jameson, 55 Wellington Street SE18
SE18,Dover Castle, Harry Garrod, 91 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Duke of Sussex, Mrs Emma E McDonald, 30 Beresford Street SE18
SE18,Eagle Tavern, Fredk Joseph Foreman, 78 Red Lion Lane SE18
SE18,Earl of Chatham, Wm Hy Tarr, 15 Thomas Street SE18
SE18,Edinboro Arms, Edward R Stone, 110 Samuel Street SE18
SE18,Essex Arms, Percy Brazier, 52 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Fort Tavern, Rt B Thaine, 26 Sandy Hill Road SE18
SE18,Fortune of War, Frank Folkes, 40 Woolwich New Road SE18
SE18,Fountain, Mrs Amelia Raven, 132 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Fox & Hounds, Oswald Wallace Taylor, 57 Plumstead Common Road SE18
SE18,Fox under the Hill, Alfred Jn Needham, 286 Shooters Hill Road SE18
SE18,Freemasons Arms, Jn Flanagan, 35 Frederick Place SE18
SE18,General Havelock, Fras A Morgan, 136 Woolwich Church Street SE18
SE18,George IV, Mrs Eliz Chenery, 141 Kingsman Street  SE18
SE18,Golden Cross, Chas Oliver Edwards, 12 Church Hill SE18
SE18,Green Man, Marytn Defries & Co Ltd, 67 Plumstead High Street  SE18
SE18,Gun, Mrs Rose Graham, 97 Woolwich New Road SE18
SE18,Infant, Sidney W Henwood, 9 Plumstead Street SE18
SE18,Inverness Arms, Rd Self, 27 Invermore Place SE18
SE18,Kings Arms Hotel, Rt Morgan, 1 Frances Street SE18
SE18,Lord Bloomfield, Herbert Jas Buckland, 44 Plumstead Common Road SE18
SE18,Lord Clyde, Mrs Louisa Gower, 1 Brook Hill Road SE18
SE18,Lord Derby, Arth Roades, 89 Walmer Terrace SE18
SE18,Lord Howick, Hy Holte, Warspite Road SE18
SE18,Lord Panmure, Albert Arth Robinson, 107 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Lord Whitworth, Hy Chas Beckingham, 44 John Wilson street SE18
SE18,Melbourne Arms, Mrs Doris Burch, 81 & 83 Sandy Hill Road SE18
SE18,Mitre, David Wright, 145 Woolwich High Street SE18
SE18,Navy & Army, Hy J Weston, 23 Frances Street SE18
SE18,Navy Arms, R A Denman, 13 Samuel Street SE18
SE18,Nelson, Seth Dixon, 23 Kingsman Street SE18
SE18,North Kent Brewery Tap, Albert Edward Leppard, 40 Lakedale Road SE18
SE18,North Pole, Ernest Ash, 26 Street Mary Street SE18
SE18,Old Mill, Mrs Emily Mary Hardwick, Old Mill Road SE18
SE18,Old Sheer Hulk, Arth Wm Bond, 194 Woolwich Church Street SE18
SE18,Ordnance Arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 18 Beresford Square SE18
SE18,Park Estate Tavern, Ian Randal St Clair Roberts, 40 Glyndon Road SE18
SE18,Percy Arms, Geo Hawkins, 187 Maxey Road SE18
SE18,Perseverance, Percy Chas Bishop, 1 Fenwick Street SE18
SE18,Plume of Feathers, Reginald N Pearce, 282 Plumstead High Street SE18
SE18,Prince Albert, E J Rose & Co, 49 Hare Street SE18
SE18,Prince Alfred, Mrs Grace L Barnes, 89 Raglan Road SE18
SE18,Prince of Orange, Thos Gilroy, 244 Plumstead High Road SE18
SE18,Queen Victoria Tavern, Sidney Amos Boisson, 118 Wellington Street SE18
SE18,Queens Arms, Timothy Wm James, 23 Burrage Road SE18
SE18,Railway Tavern, Albert Edward Hannaford, 131 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Red Lion, E E Whittle, 95 Plumstead High Street SE18
SE18,Red Lion, Miss Helen K Banister, Shooters Hill SE18
SE18,Rose & Crown, Albert Hy Edwards, 24 Plumstead High Street SE18
SE18,Rose, Wm Morris, 2 Waverley Road SE18
SE18,Royal Albert, Albert Edward Day, 63 Prospect Vale SE18
SE18,Royal Mortar Hotel, Levy & Franks Ltd, 1 Plumstead Road SE18
SE18,Royal Oak, T W Croft & Co Ltd, 27 Woolwich New Road SE18
SE18,Royal Oak, Wm Thos Ellis, Barnfield Road SE18
SE18,Royal Standard, Walter Clarke-Lawes, 104 Ann Street SE18
SE18,Salutation, E L Short & Co Ltd, 2 Beresford Square SE18
SE18,Shakespeare, Hy Dever Widdicombe & Thos E Brake, 12 Powis Street SE18
SE18,Sir Robert Peele, Arth Hy Lane, 62 Crescent Road SE18
SE18,Star & Garter, Edward Chas Watts, 25 Pattison Road SE18
SE18,Star & Garter, Sydney Rt Sterrett, 112 Powis Street SE18
SE18,Star Inn, Geo Fras Heritage, 158 Plumstead Common Road E18
SE18,Star, Hy Percival Down, 84 Wellington Street SE18
SE18,Travellers Home Tavern, Jas Fredk Bodell, 34 Prospect Vale SE18
SE18,Village Blacksmith, Walter E Hender, 4 & 5 Hillreach SE18
SE18,Walmer Castle, W Selves, 34 Villas Road SE18
SE18,Walpole Arms, Mrs Daisy Hamlock, 83 Brook Hill Road SE18
SE18,Wellesley, Daniel McCarthy, 39 Hillreach SE18
SE18,White Swan Hotel, Hugh Taylor, Westow Hill SE18
SE18,Windsor Castle, W G Ellis, 36 Maxey Road SE18
SE18,Woodman, Jas Sidney Wade, 35 The Slade SE18