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    Search the historical London street directory, pub history site and World War One records of gallantry and casualties by surname, street or pub name; including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This site justs get more interesting.

    London Pubs directory in 1944 - Belgravia, Pimlico, Westminster SW1

    A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

    1944 Pub index

    SW1 Belgravia, Pimlico, Westminster

    SW1,Adam & Eve, Chas Balsdon, 81 & 82 Petty France SW1
    SW1,Albert, 52 Victoria Street SW1
    SW1,Albion, Albert Arth Bartwell, 17 Sussex street SW1
    SW1,Alexandra, Howell St George, Knightsbridge SW1
    SW1,Antelope, L M Humphreys, 22 Eaton Terrace SW1
    SW1,Artillery Arms, Thos Nelson Charlton, 102 Rochester Row SW1
    SW1,Bag of Nails, Clarke, Baker & Co Ltd, 8 Buckingham Palace Road SW1
    SW1,Balmoral Castle, Harry Tetlow, 86 Glamorgan Street SW1
    SW1,Barley Mow, Rehm Bros Ltd, 104 Horseferry Road SW1
    SW1,Bedford Arms, Arthur W Stafford, 9 Pont Street SW1
    SW1,Bessborough Arms, Butler & Allen, 11 Bessborough Place SW1
    SW1,Blue Anchor, 92 Petty France SW1
    SW1,Blue Posts, 6 Bennet Street SW1
    SW1,Buckingham, Archie I Tyler, 62 Petty France, SW1
    SW1,Builders Arms, John Egan & Co Ltd, 20 Moreton Street, SW1
    SW1,Bunch of Grapes, Hy Michl Emery & Walter Chas Whitehouse, 80 Jermyn Street, SW1
    SW1,Chequers, Mrs Gertrude Daisy Moore, 16 Duke Street, St James SW1
    SW1,Clarence Tavern, J T Davis & Sons Ltd, 53 Whitehall SW1
    SW1,Clarendon, Jn Thos C Phillips & Fredk Rd Hill, 52 Cambridge Street SW1
    SW1,Coachmakers Arms, Fredk Chas Spring, 6 Montrose Place SW1
    SW1,Denbigh Arms, Jas Suff, 3 Denbigh Place SW1
    SW1,Devonshire Arms, Wm Edwin Boorman, 46 Moreton Street SW1
    SW1,Duchess of Clarence, Geo Walter Cooper, 171 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Duke of Wellington, Gerald Stewart King, 63 Eaton Terrace SW1
    SW1,Elephant & Castle, Frank Walter Kavanagh, 46 Great Peter Street SW1
    SW1,Enterprise, Chas Ellman Smith & Waldon G Wright, 69 Tachbrook Street SW1
    SW1,Feathers, Wm Chattey & Mrs Alice Elsie Davis, 20 Broadway SW1
    SW1,Fountain, Thos F Chenery, 16 Gillingham Street SW1
    SW1,Gloucester Tavern, Douglas Michl Murray, 187 Sloane Street SW1
    SW1,Golden Lion, Regent Catering Co Ltd, 25 King Street, St James SW1
    SW1,Graftons, Mrs Norah Marion Perkins, 2 Strutton Ground SW1
    SW1,Green Coat Boy, Edgar Wiggins, 2 Greencoat Place SW1
    SW1,Grenadier, Arth Frank Curry, 18 Wilton Row SW1
    SW1,Greyhound, Mrs Mary E Higgs, 13 Cambridge Street  SW1
    SW1,Grosvenor Basin, Carrs (London) Ltd, 29 Wilton Road SW1
    SW1,Gun Tavern, Jn Egan & Co Ltd, 125 Lupus Street  SW1
    SW1,Horse & Groom, Mrs Lilliam Light, 7 Groom Place, Belgrave Square SW1
    SW1,Imperial Hotel, R V Goodhew Ltd, 4 Elizabeth Street SW1
    SW1,King William IV, Mrs Elise Gill, 110 Grosvenor Road SW1
    SW1,Kings Arms, Victuallers Ltd, 51 Sloane Square SW1
    SW1,Kings Arms, Victuallers Ltd, 77 Buckingham Palace Road SW1
    SW1,Kings Head, Geo Wm Horton, 85 Buckingham Gate SW1
    SW1,Lord Burleigh, Edgar Rutson, 250 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Lord High Admiral, Fredk Thos Barrett, 145 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Lowndes Arms, Mrs Bertha Lizzie Swaffer, 37 Chesham Street SW1
    SW1,Marquis of Granby, Harold J White, 41 Romney Street SW1
    SW1,Marquis of Westminster, Mrs Rose Ellen Ingram, 50 Warwick Way SW1
    SW1,Morpeth Arms, Wm J Greene, 58 Millbank SW1
    SW1,Old Kings Head, Mrs Dorothy Muriel Valentine Pask, 72 Marsham Street SW1
    SW1,Old Rose, Frank K F Stuckey, 22 & 23 Medway Street SW1
    SW1,Old Ship, Hy Finch Ltd, 35 Whitehall SW1
    SW1,Old Star & Crown, Louis Jas Bellatti, 66 Broadway SW1
    SW1,Orange, Mrs Edith Rosina Gillard, 37 & 39 Pimlico Road SW1
    SW1,Pakenham Tavern, F M Penney Ltd, 1 Knightsbridge Green SW1
    SW1,Paxtons Head, Wm Barker & Son (DDs) Ltd, 153 Knightsbridge SW1
    SW1,Perseverance, Amos Cottee, 1 Lupus Street SW1
    SW1,Phoenix, Mrs E E Fleming, 14 Palace Street SW1
    SW1,Pine Apple, James Hall, 25 Wilfred Street SW1
    SW1,Plumbers Arms, Jas Jn Rt Redwood, 14 Lower Belgrave Street SW1
    SW1,Prince Alfred, Arth Geo Morgan & Sydney Herbert Trott, 29 Tufton Street  SW1
    SW1,Prince of Orange, Alfred T & Mrs Rose K Woolfrey, 4 Artillery Row SW1
    SW1,Prince of Wales, 91 Wilton Road SW1
    SW1,Prince of Wales, Edward Jn Allin, 44 Elizabeth Street SW1
    SW1,Princes Head, Mrs Violet M E Bartlett, 6 Princes Street SW1
    SW1,Princess Royal, Herbert Douglas Moore-Haines, 25 Warwick Way SW1
    SW1,Punch House, Knowland Bros Ltd, 12 St Albans Street, Jermyn Street SW1
    SW1,Queens Arms, Couchmans Ltd, 11 Warwick Way SW1
    SW1,Queens Head, Harry Robson, 2 Marsham Street SW1
    SW1,Rayners, Patrick & McGregor Ltd, 45 Haymarket SW1
    SW1,Red Lion, Fredk J H Leggo, 48 Parliament Street SW1
    SW1,Red Lion, Horace McAllister, 23 Crown Passage SW1
    SW1,Red Lion, Mrs Rosa E Ansell, 2 Duke of York Street SW!
    SW1,Red Lion, Owen Ward, 9 Princes Street SW1
    SW1,Regent Arms, James Cook, 53 & 55 Regency Street SW1
    SW1,Rising Sun, Walter Geo Cranmer, 46 Ebury Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Rose & Crown, Andrew MacIntosh, 90 & 92 Lower Sloane Street SW1
    SW1,Rose & Shamrock, Mrs Charlotte Casman, 10 Marsham Street SW1
    SW1,Royal Oak, Hugh Percival Dove, 2 Regency Street SW1
    SW1,Royal Oak, Mrs Alice Ada Taylor, 68 Elizabeth Street SW1
    SW1,Shakespeare Hotel, Chas Bernard Murless, 4 & 5 Terminus Place SW1
    SW1,Shakespeare Hotel, Chas Bernard Murless, 91 Buckingham Palace Road SW!
    SW1,Silver Cross, Rt Ernest Thorpe, 33 Whitehall SW1
    SW1,Spread Eagle, Leslie Lewis Jones, 79 Grosvenor Road SW1
    SW1,St George, Fredk Beaumont, 14 Belgrave Road SW1
    SW1,St Stephens Tavern, Goodhews Ltd, 10 Bridge Street SW1
    SW1,Stanhope, Usher's Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 14 Little Chester Street SW1
    SW1,Stanley, Hy I Webb, 40 Westmoreland Terrace SW1
    SW1,Star, Mrs Ivy May Kennedy, Belgrave Mews west SW1
    SW1,Surprise, Jn Defries, 110 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Swan, Albert Hy Barnes & E G Brown, 3 Sloane Street SW1
    SW1,Three Crowns, Jn Isaac Dicks, 19 Babmaes Street SW1
    SW1,Turks Head, Lancelot Clark, 10 Motcomb Street SW1
    SW1,Two Brewers, Victuallers Ltd, 61 Buckingham Gate SW1
    SW1,Two Chairmen, Benj Corre, 1 Warwick House Street SW1
    SW1,Two Chairmen, Mrs Mary Ann Lloyd, 39 Dartmouth Street SW1
    SW1,Union, E Collinson & Son, 11 Pimlico road SW1
    SW1,Union, Patrick & McGregor Ltd, 36 Panton Street SW1
    SW1,Victoria, Rehm Bros Ltd, 56 Buckingham Palace Road SW1
    SW1,Warwick Arms, Goodhews Ltd, 27 Gillingham Street SW1
    SW1,Westminster Arms, Mrs Dorothy Muriel Valentine Pask, 75 Page Street SW1
    SW1,White Ferry House, Couchman's Ltd, 1a Sutherland Street SW1
    SW1,White Horse & Bower, Thos Ward Hartley, 86 Horseferry Road SW1
    SW1,White Swan, Oliver Christopher Sims & Frank L Grubb, 14 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Wilton Arms, Mrs Ethel Fanny Morton, 71 Kinnerton Street SW1
    SW1,Windsor Castle, Carr's London Ltd, 331 & 333 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
    SW1,Windsor Castle, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 23 Francis Street SW1

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