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London Pubs directory in 1944 - Covent Garden, Holborn, Strand WC2

A listing of historical public houses,  in London, in 1944 Post Office Directory.  This excludes the 1944 Beer Retailers at present.

1944 Pub index

WC2 Covent Garden, Holborn, Strand

WC2,Angel & Crown, Levy & Franks Ltd, 58 St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Angel, Mrs Beatrice Mary Bear, 61 St Giles High Street WC2
WC2,Bear & Staff, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 11 Bear Street WC2
WC2,Bedford Arms, Jn Hy Ruskin, 4 Southampton Building, Holborn WC2
WC2,Bedford Head Hotel, Goodhews Ltd, 41 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden WC2
WC2,Bird in Hand, Usher's Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 17 Long Acre WC2
WC2,Black Horse, Cope's taverns Ltd, 11 & 12 Bedfordbury WC2
WC2,Blackamoors Head, 8 Whitcomb Street WC2
WC2,Blue Anchor, 35 Chancery Lane WC2
WC2,Bodegas, 2 Bedford Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Bodegas, 45 Chancery Lane, WC2
WC2,Bun Shop, Fredk Crookes Smith, 417 Strand, WC2
WC2,Bunch of Grapes, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 45 Strand, WC2
WC2,Cambridge Lounge, J G Mooney & Co Ltd, 93 Charing Cross Road WC2
WC2,Carrs Restaurant, Carrs (LOndon) Ltd, 264 Strand WC2
WC2,Chandos, Carrs (London) Ltd, 28 St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Chandos, Carrs (London) Ltd, 36 & 37 William IV Street WC2
WC2,Charing Cross Hotel, 2 Villiers Street WC2
WC2,Coach & Horses, Mrs Daisy Phillips, 42 Wellington Street WC2
WC2,Cranbourne, Patyrick & McGregor Ltd, 1 Upper St, Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Craven Arms, Jn Alfred Newman, Craven Pass, Strand WC2
WC2,Cross Keys, Arth Horsman, 31 Endell Street WC2
WC2,Crown & Anchor, Cecil Jn Chandler, 22 Neal Street WC2
WC2,Crown & Grapes, Rd Leslie, 7 Little Newport Street WC2
WC2,Crown Hotel, Levy & Franks Ltd, 43 Charing Cross Road WC2
WC2,Crown, Mrs Ellen Mortimer, 43 Monmouth Street WC2
WC2,Duncannon, Geo Alfred Williams & Mrs Marjorie Allan, 3 Duncannon Street WC2
WC2,Enterprise, Arth Claxton, 99 Long Acre WC2
WC2,Essex Head, Miss Florence M Hancock, 40 & 41 Essex Street WC2
WC2,Essex Serpent, Cyril A Williams, 6 King Street, Covent Garden WC2
WC2,Excelsior, H H Finch Ltd, 167 Charing Cross Road WC2
WC2,Final, Philip Lee, 6 William IV Street WC2
WC2,Fountain Abbey, Jn Freeman, 109 & 111 Praed Street WC2
WC2,Freemasons Arms, Modern Inns & Taverns Ltd, 81 & 82 Longacre WC2
WC2,George Hotel, Hy Michl Emery, 213 Strand WC2
WC2,George IV, Mrs Selina Johns, 28 Portugal Street  WC2
WC2,George, Patrick & McGregor Ltd, 9 Great Queen Street  WC2
WC2,Globe Tavern, Wm G King, 37 Bow Street WC2
WC2,Grapes, Uriah Vinn, 21 James Street  WC2
WC2,Green Man & French Horn, Mrs Margaret Butcher, 54 St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Green Man, Goodhews Ltd, 45 Bedford Street , Strand WC2
WC2,Griffin Tavern, Knowland Bros, 9 & 11 Villiers Street  WC2
WC2,Hall Arms, Mrs Mary Gladys Hembling Schafer, 164 Church Street WC2
WC2,Hand & Racquet, J T C Phillips Ltd, 48 Whitcomb Street WC2
WC2,Hercules Pillars, Mrs Amy Holland, 18 Great Queen Street WC2
WC2,Horse & Dolphin, Knowland Bros, 25 St Martins Street WC2
WC2,Horse & Groom, Mrs Adelaide Buchele, 22 Whitcomb Street WC2
WC2,Imperial Buffet, Davy & Co Ltd, 5 Leicester Street WC2
WC2,Irish House, J G Mooney & Co Ltd, 395 Strand WC2
WC2,Kembles Head Tavern, J T Davies & Sons Ltd, 61 & 62 Long acre WC2
WC2,Kings Arms, Horace Langan, 34 Long acre WC2
WC2,Kingsway Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 51 Parker Street WC2
WC2,Lamb & Flag, Albert Phillips, 33 Rose Street WC2
WC2,Leinster Hotel, Joseph Humbles, 57 Ossington Street WC2
WC2,Lemon Tree, Chas Stern, 4 Bedfordbury WC2
WC2,Lord Belgrave, Geo Arth Longhurst, 60 & 62 Whitcomb Street WC2
WC2,Market House, Fredk Gower, 9 Russel Street, Covent Garden WC2
WC2,Marlborough Head, Rehm Bros Ltd, 36 Drury Lane WC2
WC2,Marquis of Granby, Jack Harry Libow, 10 & 11 Drury Lane WC2
WC2,Marquis of Granby, Levy & Franks Ltd, 142 Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
WC2,Marquis of Granby, Mrs Marie Helene Stuart, 51 & 52 Chandos Place WC2
WC2,Mercers Arms, Wm Morris, 17 Mercer Street WC2
WC2,Nags Head Hotel, Jn Stewart Eagles & Walter Pack, 10 James Street WC2
WC2,Nell Gwynne Tavern, Owen Ward, 1 & 2 Bull Inn Court, Strand WC2
WC2,New Queens Bars Ltd, 7,8 & 9 Leicester Square WC2
WC2,New Savoy Tavern, Yates (Taverns) Ltd, 2 Savoy Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Newton Arms, Rd Percival Robinson, 31 Newton Street WC2
WC2,Northumberland, Wm Geo Worthington & Wm Geo Cutting, 10 & 11 Northumberland Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Old Bell, Levy & Franks Ltd, 23 Wellington Street WC2
WC2,Opera Tavern, Jn L Flanagan, 23 Catherine Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Palace Tavern, Patrick McGrath, 103 Charing Cross Road WC2
WC2,Peacock, Geo Alfred Williams & Mrs Nancy Davey, 13 Maiden Lane WC2
WC2,Porcupine, Levy & Franks Ltd, 48 Charing Cross Road WC2
WC2,Prince of Wales, Rehm Bros Ltd, 154 Drury Lane WC2
WC2,Princes Head, Mrs Hettie Lyons, 2 Buckingham Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Princess of Wales, Baker & Medcalf, 27 Villiers Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Round House, Mrs Kate F Waghorn, 1 Garrick Street WC2
WC2,Royal George, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 133 Charing Cross Road WC2
WC2,Salisbury, Collins & Young, 90 St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Scotch Stores, Jimmy Russell, 37 Cranbourn Street WC2
WC2,Seven Stars, Rt & Chas King, 53 & 54 Carey Street WC2
WC2,Ship, Wm Younger & Co Ltd, 12 Gate Street WC2
WC2,Sir John Falstaff, Hy Clarke, 29 Catherine Street WC2
WC2,Somerset, Henry Finch Ltd, 162 Strand WC2
WC2,St Martins, Mrs Lydia O'Donnell, 28 & 30 John Adam Street WC2
WC2,Sugar Loaf Tavern, Cribbin Bros, 40 Great Queen Street WC2
WC2,Sun Tavern, Mrs Magdalene Richards, 21 Drury Lane WC2
WC2,Sun, Hy Michl Colmer, 66 Long Acre WC2
WC2,Sussex Stores, Albert Vivian Cakebread, 20 Upper St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Three Tuns, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 13 & 14 Houghton Street WC2
WC2,Three Tuns, Mrs Ellen Betsy Smith, 83 Chancery Lane WC2
WC2,Trafalgar, Mrs Florence Kathleen Dawson, 39 St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Two Brewers, Albert Wm Rt Spong, 40 Monmouth Street WC2
WC2,Wellington, George Whitehead & Sons (London) Ltd,  351 Strand WC2
WC2,Welsh Harp, Hy Michl Emery, 47 Chandos Place WC2
WC2,White Bear, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 30 Lisle Street WC2
WC2,White Horse, Norman Louis Parker, 2 St Clements Lane, Portugal Street WC2
WC2,White Lion, Isaac Jesky, 24 James Street, Covent Garden WC2
WC2,White Lion, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 15 St Giles High Street WC2
WC2,White Swan, Arth Geo Morgan & Michl Jn Regan, 14 New Row, Covent Garden WC2
WC2,Ye Old Round Table, Albert Vivian Cakebread, 26 St Martins Court WC2
WC2,Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Holborn Catering Co Ltd, 5 Little Essex Street, Strand WC2
WC2,Ye Olde Mitre, Roy Walter Marsh, 68 St Martins Lane WC2
WC2,Ye Olde Whyte Harte, Henry & Frank (Caterers) Ltd, 191 Drury Lane WC2