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London Pub directory in 1971 - E1

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

These all correspond to those public houses found in the London BT  1971 Telephone directories, although the telephone number is not registered as it would be wildly out of date. A few are from the 1970 directory. Links are back to the deadpubs site which shows a considerable amount of past history of the pubs and their past residents.

1971 Pub index

E1 Aldgate, Stepney Green & Whitechapel

Admiral Blakeneys Head,56 Cable street,,E1
Alma,41 Spelman Street,,E1
Anchor & Hope,90 Duckett street,,E1
Artichoke,50 The Highway,,E1
Bancroft Arms,410 Mile End Road,,E1
Bell,50 Middlesex street,,E1
Black Boy,169 Mile End road,,E1
Black Bull,199 Whitechapel road,,E1
Black Eagle Tap,Brick lane,,E1
Black Horse,168 Mile End Road,,E1
Brewery Tap, 500 Commercial Road,,E1
Bricklayers Arms, Redmans Road,,E1
British Prince, 49 Bromley Street,,E1
Brown Bear,139 Leman street,J Burke,E1
Bull & Pump,72 Shoreditch High Street,,E1
Carpenters Arms, Ben Jonson Road,,E1
Castle,44 Commercial road,,E1
China Ship,4 Orton street,,E1
City of Carlisle,61 Royal Mint street,,E1
Commercial Tavern,142 Commercial street,,E1
Crown & Dolphin,56 Cannon street,,E1
Crown & Leek,Deal street,,E1
Crown & Shuttle,226 Shoreditch High street,,E1
Cutlers Arms,6 Cutler Street, Mrs B Kensington,E1
Dog & Truck, 72 Backchurch Lane,,E1
Dover Castle, 55 Sutton Street,,E1
Duke of Norfolk,30 Massingham street,,E1
Duke of Wellington,12 Toynbee street,,E1
Duke of Wellington,63 Brady street,T Worley,E1
Elephant & Castle,22 Whitechapel High street,,E1
Fish & Ring,141a Whitehorse road,,E1
Fountain , 438 Mile end road,,E1
Golden Lion,135 Cannon street road,,E1
Gun Tavern,54 Brushfield Street,,E1
Hayfield,156 Mile End Road,Copes taverns Ltd,E1
Horse & Groom,21 White Church Lane,,E1
Jolly Butchers,157 Brick Lane,J Mansfield,E1
Jolly Sailor,8 Garnet Street,,E1
Kings Arms,514 Commercial road,,E1
Kings Stores,14 Widegate street,,E1
London Hospital Tavern,176 Whitechapel Road,,E1
Lord Nelson,230 Commercial Road,,E1
Lord Nelson,65 Watney Street, H Reynolds,E1
Lord Rodneys Head,285 Whitechapel Road,,E1
Lord Rookwood,314 Cannhall Road,,E1
Mercers Arms,34 Belgrave Street,,E1
Old Globe,191 Mile End road,,E1
Old House at Home,87 Watney street,,E1
Old Red Lion,29 Whitechapel High street,,E1
Old Rose,128 The Highway,,E1
Old Two Brewers,154 Brick Lane,,E1
Prince of Wales,122 Globe road,,E1
Prince of Wales,14 Waley street,,E1
Prince Regent,81 Salmon lane,,E1
Princess of Prussia,15 Prescot street,,E1
Railway Arms,60 Sutton street,,E1
Railway Tavern,576 Commercial road,,E1
Red Lion,488 Cable street,,E1
Red Lion,217 Whitechapel road,,E1
Royal Duchess,543 Commercial Road,,E1
Royal Oak,120 Whitechapel Road,,E1
Scarborough Arms,35 St Marks street, T McGuinness,E1
Scots Arms,1 Wapping High street,,E1
Ship,22 Artillery Lane,,E1
Ship,64 Stepney Green,,E1
Ship Tavern,387 Cable Street,,E1
Silver Trumpet,472 Commercial Road,,E1
Sir John Falstaff, Cannon Street road, G S Griffin,E1
St Georges Taverns Ltd, 218 Whitechapel road,,E1
Star of East,114 Commercial road,,E1
Ten Bells,84 Commercial street,,E1
Three Swedish Crowns,83 Wapping lane,,E1
White Hart,1 Mile End road,,E1
White Hart,89 Whitechapel High street,,E1
White Horse,48 Whitehorse road,,E1
Yorkshire Grey,180 Brady Street, R G Wright,E1

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