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These all correspond to those public houses found in the London BT  1971 Telephone directories, although the telephone number is not registered as it would be wildly out of date. A few are from the 1970 directory. Links are back to the deadpubs site which shows a considerable amount of past history of the pubs and their past residents.

1971 Pub index


Acorn,149 Queensbridge Road,,E2
Angel & Crown,170 Roman road,,E2
Approach Tavern,47 Approach road,,E2
Arabian Arms,234 Cambridge Heath road,,E2
Bishop Bonner,21 Bonner street,,E2
British Lion,193 Hackney Road,,E2
Camel,277 Globe road,,E2
Carpenters Arms,135 Cambridge Heath road,,E2
Carpenters Arms, 73 Cheshire Street, J L Coleman,E2
City of Paris,178 Old Ford road,,E2
Crown,34 Redchurch street,,E2
Crown,144 Whiston road,G J Jackson,E2
Dolphin,85 Redchurch street,,E2
Duke of Cambridge,101 Queensbridge Road,,E2
Duke of Cambridge,25 Felix street,C Cooke,E2
Duke of Sussex,94 Goldsmiths row,,E2
Duke of Wellington,52 Cyprus street,,E2
Duke of York,65 Ellsworth street,,E2
Durham Arms, 408 Hackney Road,,E2
Earl Grey,272 Bethnal Green road,,E2
Flower Pot,43 Old Bethnal Green road,L F Carr,E2
Green Man,287 Cambridge Heath road,E E Cowdrey,E2
Greyhound,32 Old Ford road,,E2
Halfway House,388 Hackney road,W J Pyke,E2
Hare,505 Cambridge Heath road,,E2
King & Queen,89 Cheshire Street,,E2
King Harry,47 Old Ford Road,,E2
Kings Arms,11a Buckfast street,,E2
Kings Arms,65 Old Bethnal Green road,J E Mason,E2
Kings Head,257 Kingsland road,,E2
Lord Hood,89 Dunbridge Street,,E2
Manchester Arms,155 Hackney Road,,E2
Marquis of Lansdowne,32 Cremer Street,,E2
Nags Head,324 Hackney Road,,E2
Old Basing House,25 Kingsland road,,E2
Old Horns,68 Warner Place,,E2
Old King Johns Head,90 Whiston road,,E2
Prince of Wales,76 Bishops way,,E2
Prince of Wales,1 Teale street,,E2
Prince of Wales,59 Barnet Grove,A E Timms,E2
Queen Victoria,72 Barnet Grove,,E2
Queens Arms,288 Hackney road,,E2
Railway Tavern,131 Globe road,,E2
Roman Stores,133 Roman road,E J Rose & Co Ltd,E2
Royal Oak,Columbia Road,J R Hughes,E2
Royal Standard,165 Kingsland Road,,E2
Salmon & Ball,502 Bethnal Green road,,E2
Sebright Arms,31 Coate street,,E2
Ship & Blue Ball,13 Boundary Street,,E2
Spread Eagle,3 Kingsland road,,E2
Three Crowns,313 Hackney road,,E2
Woolpack, 89 Sceptre road,,E2

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