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London Pub directory in 1971 - SW8

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

These all correspond to those public houses found in the London BT  1971 Telephone directories, although the telephone number is not registered as it would be wildly out of date. A few are from the 1970 directory. Links are back to the deadpubs site which shows a considerable amount of past history of the pubs and their past residents.

1971 Pub index


Bell,274 Wandsworth road,,SW8
Britannia,353 Wandsworth road,E J Rose & Co Ltd,SW8
British Lion, Thessaly Road,,SW8
Builders Arms, 8 Wyvil Road,,SW8
Butchers Arms,149 Thessaly road,,SW8
Canton, 177 South Lambeth Road,,SW8
Cavendish Arms, Hartington Road,,SW8
Crown & Thistle,152 Old south Lambeth road,,SW8
Duchess of York, 101 Battersea Park Road,J A Ritchie,SW8
Duke of Cambridge, Lansdowne Way,,SW8
Duke of Cornwall,1 Ascalon street,,SW8
Elephant & Castle,2 South Lambeth place,,SW8
Fentiman Arms,64 Fentiman road,,SW8
King William the Fourth,354 Wandsworth Road,,SW8
Lord Palmerston,70 Hartington Road,,SW8
Lord Raglan,392 Wandsworth Road,F G White,SW8
Old Red House,133 Battersea Park road,R G Underwood,SW8
Nags Head,693 Wandsworth Road,,SW8
New Portland Arms,256 Wandsworth Road,,SW8
Plough Inn,518 Wandsworth road,,SW8
Prince of Wales,Union road,A J Cochrane,SW8
Prince of Wales,33 Wilcox road, George A Lambert,SW8
Queens Arms,139 St Phillip street,,SW8
Royal Albert,43 St Stephens Terrace,R A Dawkins,SW8
Three Goats Heads,40 Wandsworth road,T M Collyer,SW8
Victoria,642 Wandsworth road,E J Rose & Co Ltd,SW8

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