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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E1 Aldgate, Stepney Green & Whitechapel

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E1 Aldgate, Stepney Green & Whitechapel
E1 Ace of Hearts: 60 Stepney Green. Free House.
E1 Alma: 41 Spelman Street. Free House.
E1 Anchor & Hope: 90 Duckett Street. Watneys.
E1 Archers: 42 Osborn Street . Whitbreads.
E1 Artichoke: 91 Stepney Way . Watneys.
E1 Australian Arms: 18 Bigland Street. Courage.
E1 Bancroft Arms: 400 Mile End Road. Trumans.
E1 Barley Mow: 42 Headlam Street . Watneys.
E1 Bell: 50 Middlesex Street. Trumans. Has been run by the Pollack family for over 40 years.
E1 Blackboy: 169 Mile End Road . Courage.
E1 Black Bull: 199 Whitechapel Road . Scottish & Newcastle.
E1 Black Horse: 40 Leman Street . Courage.
E1 Black Horse: 168 Mile End Road . Bass Charrington. Has stood opposite Charringtons' Brewery for about 200 years. A ceramic mural near the door in the comfortable single bar portrays a dray being driven out of Charringtons' yard.
E1 Blind Beggar: 337 Whitechapel Road . Watneys. Supposedly gets its name from "The Ballad of the Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green", 60 verses long. General Booth gave his first sermon there in 1865 and in the 1960's the pub was the scene of a Kray gangland killing.
E1 Bricklayers Arms: 71 Redmans Road. Watneys.
E1 Brewery Tap: 500 Commercial Road . Watneys. MANNS IPA. On site of the Commercial Brewery, closed in the 1930's.
E1 Britannia: 232 Cable Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 Britannia: 44 Morris Street . Watneys.
E1 British Prince: 49 Bromley Street. Allied Breweries.
E1 Brown Bear: 130 Leman Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 Bull & Pump: 72 Shoreditch High Street. Allied Breweries. On site of former pub used by Sir Usaac Newton. Name refers to Shoreditch being a favourite stop for cattle drovers on their way to Smithfield Market and to the nearby Shoreditch parish pump.
E1 The Carlton : 238 Bancroft Road. Bass Charrington.
E1 Carpenters Arms: 151 Cambridge Heath Road. Bass Charrington.
E1 Castle: 44 Commercial Road . Courage.
E1 Caxton: 50 The Highway. Watneys.
E1 China Ship : 4 Orton Street. Bass Charrington.
E1 City of Carlisle: 61 Royal Mint Street . Trumans.
E1 Colet Arms: 94 White Horse Road . Bass Charrington. Named after founder of St Pauls School (1509), Dean of St Paul's Catherdral, Hohn Colet, who lived in White Horse Road.
E1 Commercial Tavern: 142 Commercial Road. Bass Charrington.
E1 Crown & Dolphin: 56 Cannon Street Road. Bass Charrington. CHARRINGTON IPA.
E1 Crown & Leek: 11 Deal Street . Trumans.
E1 Crown & Sceptre: 84 Ben Jonson Road. Shepherd Neame. Known also as The Jug House, this one bar one pump corner pub has recently been acquired by Shepherd Neame.
E1 Crown & Shuttle: 226 Shoreditch High Street. Trumans. This small one bar pub is uniquely named; the shuttle stands for the local weaving industry imported from France in the 18th century while the crown refers to onetime royal ownership of the area. The Kingsland district, for example, used to be one of Henry VIII's hunting lodges.
E1 Cuckoo: 97 Wapping Lane . Trumans.
E1 Dean Swift: 2 Deancross Street . Watneys.
E1 Dickens Inn: St Katherines Dock. Free House. A large establishment in style of beams, benches, wenches and sawdust. Beneath an eighteenth century warehouse stood the present structure, made of European redwood. The building was moved 75 yards to its present position situated in pleasant surroundings of marina and Tower Bridge , but is a frequent of tourist attraction and is rather pricey.
E1 Dog & Truck: 72 Back Church Lane. Watneys.
E1 Duke of Norfolk: 30 Massingham Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 Duke of Somerset: 14 Little Somerset Street. Bass Charrington.
E1 Duke of Wellington: 12 Toynbee Street. Bass Charrington.
E1 Duke of Wellington: 63 Brady Street. Free House.
E1 Dover Castle: 55 Sutton Street. Allied Breweries.
E1 Fish & Ring: 141 White Horse Road. Free House. Name is unique in London and may derive from legend of how St Mungo rescued a queen's honour by arranging for her ring, stolen by a lover, to to turn up in the mouth of a salmon caught in the River Clyde.
E1 Forty Five: 45 Mile End Road . Allied Breweries. Renamed 'Forty Five', its popular nickname for some years.
E1 Fountain: 438 Mile End Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Frying Pan: 13 Brick Lane . Trumans.
E1 George Tavern: 373 Commercial Road. Free House.
E1 Gloster Arms: 93 / 95 Commercial Road. Watneys.
E1 Golden Eagle: 56 Cleveland Way . Watneys.
E1 Golden Heart: 110 Commercial Street . Trumans.
E1 Golden Lion: 135 Cannon Street Road Allied Breweries.
E1 Good Samaritan: 87 Turner Street. Trumans. Two bar locals' pub behind London Hospital . Rebuild in 1937 as part of the London Hospital estate.
E1 Grave Maurice: 269 Whitechapel Road. Trumans.
E1 Gun: 54 Brushfield Street . Trumans.
E1 Hayfield Tavern: 158 Mile End Road. Bass Charrington. Adjoining Chinese restaurant, From 1970-78 the bub was named "The Pearly Queen".
E1 Hearts of Oak: 36 Dock Street . Courage.
E1 Hollands: Brayford Square. (ex 9 Exmouth Street ). Free House. Pub has been in the Holland family hands since the nineteenth century.
E1 Horn of Plenty: 36 Globe Road. Trumans.
E1 Horn & Horseshoe: 10 Cable Street. Bass Charrington.
E1 Horse & Groom: 21 White Church Lane Trumans. Was a 19th century coaching pub.
E1 Hungerford Arms: 240 Commercial Road. Watneys.
E1 J.J.'s Free House: 180 Brady Street. Free House. On site of old coaching pub built in 18th century, near Bethnal Green BR Station. Wooden beamed country style corner house with collection of tankards & prints.Initials of the pub name are those of the licensee, Mrs Day: used to be called "Yorkshire Grey".
E1 Jack the Ripper: 84 Commercial Street. Trumans.
E1 Jolly Butcher: 157 Brick Lane. Trumans.
E1 Jolly Sailor: 8 Garnet Street . Bass Charrington.
E1 Katherine Wheel: 50 Cephas Avenue Bass Charrington.
E1 Kings Arms: 513 Cable Street . Watney Combe.
E1 Kings Arms: 230 Mile End Road . Allied Breweries.
E1 Kings Arms: 514 Commercial Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Kings Head: 128 Commercial Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Kings Stores: 14 Widegate Street . Whitbreads.
E1 Knave of Clubs: 25 Bethnal Green Road. Allied Breweries.
E1 Lion: 8 Tapp Street . Trumans.
E1 Little Star: 164 White Horse Road . Watneys.
E1 London Hospital Tavern : 176 Whitechapel Road. Allied Breweries.
E1 Lord Nelson: 230 Commercial Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Lord Rodney's Head: 285 Whitechapel Road. Bass Charrington.
E1 Mackworth Arms: 158 Commercial Road. Free House.
E1 Mercers Arms: 34 Belgrave Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Mr Pickwicks: 70 Leman Street . Trumans. Formerly Garrick Tavern, the pub is now renovated on a Dickensian theme.
E1 Moorings: 43 East Smithfield. Bass Charrington.
E1 Nags Head: 15 Whitechapel Road . Courage.
E1 New Carpenter Arms: 78 Ben Jonson Road. Watneys.
E1 Norfolk: 199 Shoreditch High Street . Bass Charrington.
E1 Old Blue Anchor: 133 Whitechapel Road. Bass Charrington.
E1 Old Globe: 191 Mile End Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Old House at Home: 87 Watney Street. Watneys.
E1 Old Red Lion: 217 Whitechapel Road . Free House.
E1 Old Rose: 128 The Highway. Trumans.
E1 Old Star: 14 Watts Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 Old Two Brewers: 154 Brick Lane. Trumans.
E1 Oxford Arms : 43 Stepney Way. Watneys.
E1 Peacock: 145 Aylward Street . Watneys.
E1 Pride of Stepney: 269 Stepney Way. Trumans.
E1 Prince of Wales: 124 Globe Road. Watneys.
E1 Prince of Wales: 14 Waley Street. Watneys.
E1 Prince Regent: 105 Globe Road. Trumans.
E1 Princess Alice: 40 Commercial Street. Trumans.
E1 Princess of Prussia: 15 Prescot Street. Trumans.
E1 Prospect of Whitby: 57 Wapping Wall. Watneys. This riverside pub was originally built about 550 years ago and is reputed to have been known to Pepys, Judge Jeffereys and Dickens. It derives its name from "The Prespect", a boat registered at Whitby, that was moored outside the pub for some time in 1777.
E1 Queens Head: 83 Fieldgate Street . Trumans.
E1 Queens Head: 57 Greatorex Street . Watney Combe.
E1 Railway Arms: 60 Sutton Street . Watneys.
E1 Red Lion: 30 Whitechapel High Street . Watneys. No beer - closed. To be demolished in 1983.
E1 Rising Sun: 12 Royal Mint Street . Whitbreads. No beer - closed.
E1 Roebuck: 27 Brady Street . Watneys.
E1 Romford Arms: 3 Heneage Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 Roosters: 120 Whitechapel Road . Watneys. Formerly the Royal Oak.
E1 Rose & Punchbowl: 7 Redmans Road. Watneys.
E1 Royal Duchess: 543 / 547 Commercial Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Royal Duke: 474 Commercial Road . Trumans.
E1 Royal George: 7 Selby Street . Trumans.
E1 Scarborough Arms : 33 St. Marks Street. Bass Charrington.
E1 Scots Arms: 1 Wapping High Street . Trumans.
E1 Seven Stars: 112 Whitechapel High Street . Allied Breweries. On corner of Commercial Street, a modern development, spaciously designed.
E1 Seven Stars: 47 Brick Lane . Watneys.
E1 Ship: 387 Cable Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 Sir John Falstaff: 111 Cannon Street Road. Watneys.
E1 Sir Sidney Smith: 22 Dock Street. Trumans. Formerly the "Pepperpot".
E1 Star & Garter: 233 Whitechapel Road. Bass Charrington.
E1 Still & Star: 1 Little Somerset Street. Bass Charrington.
E1 Thomas Neale: 39 Watney Market. Free House.
E1 Three Cranes: 45 Mile End road. Renamed ‘Forty five’, its popular nickname for some years.
E1 Three Crowns: 237 Mile End Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 Three Suns: 61 Garnet Street . Trumans.
E1 Three Swedish Crowns: 83 Wapping Lane. Watneys.
E1 Town of Ramsgate: 62 Wapping High Street . Bass Charrington. A pleasant narrow riverside pub with grisly history. Judge Jeffereys was caught here, the cellars used to be dungeons for those awaiting deportation to Australia, and sailors guilty of crime on the high seas used to be executed by drowning nearby. Name drives from fact that Ramsgate fishermen used to land their catch there. E1 E1 White Hart: 1 Mile End Road . Free House.
E1 White Hart: 89 Whitechapel High Street . Allied Breweries.
E1 White Horse: 64 Shoreditch High Street . Trumans.
E1 White Horse: 48 White Horse Road . Bass Charrington.
E1 White Swan: 21 Alie Street . Allied Breweries. Two of the early owners of this pub issued trading tokens bearing sign of a swan.
E1 Williams: 22 / 24 Artillery Lane. Whitbreads. Used to be called 'The Ship'. Recreated Georgian style wine & ale pub with beamed ceiling and wall curios.