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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E13 Plaistow

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E13 Plaistow
E13 Abbey Arms: 484 Barking Road. Allied Breweries. The pub takes its name from a medieval abbey which used to be nearby.
E13 Army & Navy: 12 New Barn Street. Allied Breweries.
E13 Black Lion: 59 Plaistow High Street . Courage. Parts of this pleasant comfortable two bar pub are 400 years old, although the exterior has been substantially repainted (note the artificial window that's been added.
E13 Castle: 546 Barking Road. Bass Charrington.
E13 Coach & Horses: 100 High Street. Watneys.
E13 DT's: 749 Barking Road. Free House.
E13 Duke of Cumberland: 101 Cumberland Road . Bass Charrington.
E13 Duke of Edinburgh: 9 Jutland Road. Bass Charrington.
E13 Duke of Edinburgh: 299 Green Street. Bass Charrington.
E13 Earl Derby: 113 London Road. Allied Breweries.
E13 Earl of Beaconsfield: 211 Grange Road. Bass Charrington.
E13 Foresters Arms: 9 Whitwell Road. Allied Breweries.
E13 Golden Lion: 343 Barking Road. Watneys.
E13 Green Gate: 523 Barking Road. Bass Charrington.
E13 Lamb: 85 Pelly Road . Allied Breweries.
E13 Libra Arms: 53 Stratford Road . Bass Charrington.
E13 Lord Raglan: 9 High Street . Courage.
E13 Lorf Stanley: 15 St Mary's Road. Watneys.
E13 Prince Albert: 135 Broadway. Watneys.
E13 Prince of Wales: 35 Princes Terrace. Trumans.
E13 Queens: 410 Green Street. Allied Breweries. A large modern two-level pub (no real ale downstairs) next to Queen's Market.
E13 Raffles: 244 Barking Road. Bass Charrington.
E13 Red House: 299 Barking Road. Trumans. Formerly the Northumberland Arms.
E13 Red Lion: 140 Balaam Street . Allied Breweries.
E13 Sportsman (GREYHOUND & HARE): 174 Balaam Street. Watneys..
E13 The Sultan: 112 Grange Road . Bass Charrington.
E13 Swan: 1 Balaam Street . Allied Breweries.
E13 Upton Manor Tavern: 48 Plashet Road. Bass Charrington.
E13 Victoria Tavern : 28 High Street. Watneys. Modern two bar pub with smart interior and clientele.