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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E14 Poplar

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E14 Poplar
E14 ABERFELDY TAVERN: 26 Aberfeldy Road. Whitbreads. Comfortably furnished recently renovated modern estate pub in a shopping parade.
E14 AFRICAN TAVERN: 48 Grundy Street. Allied Breweries.
E14 Anchor & Hope: 41 West Ferry Road. Courage.
E14 BEEHIVE: 12 Robin Hood Lane . Courage.
E14 Black Horse: 27 Ropemakers Fields.
E14 BLACKSMITHS ARMS: 25 West Ferry Road. Trumans.
E14 Buccaneer: 73 West India Dock Road . Free House. Formerly 'The Blue Posts'.
E14 Bootys: 92a Narrow Street, Watneys.
E14 British Oak: 28 Robin Hood Lane . Allied Breweries.
E14 Brunswick Arms : 78 Blackwall Way. Watneys.
E14 Builders Arms: 162 Brownfield Street. Courage.
E14 Charlie Browns: 116 West India Dock Road. Bass Charrington. CHARRINGTON IPA. The pub takes the name of a former licensee who was a celebrated figure in the area until his death in 1932. Seamen left their money with him while abroad and traded curios from their travels, for drinks. Many items from the resulting hoard of paraphernalia used to be on show in the pub, including old weapons, matchboxes opium pipes and so on. Sadly these were divided among the licensee's family and are no longer to be seen.
E14 Chimes: 212 Hind Grove. Watneys.
E14 City Arms: 1 West Ferry Road . Watneys.
E14 Connant Arms: 41 Stainsby Road. Trumans.
E14 CROWN: 667 Commercial Road . Free House.
E14 Cubitt Arms: 262 Manchester Road . Trumans.
E14 Dorset Arms : 379 Manchester Road. Watneys.
E14 Earl of Ellesmere: 36 Ellesmere Street. Allied Breweries.
E14 Enterprise: 145 Three Colt Street, Watneys.
E14 FALCON: 202 East India Dock Road . Trumans.
E14 Ferry House: 26 Ferry Street . Courage.
E14 FESTIVAL INN: 71 Grundy Street. Trumans. Friendly modern estate pub in Chrisp Street Market area.
E14 Festive Briton: 55 Chrisp Street. Watneys.
E14 FIVE BELLS & BLADEBONE: 27 Three Colt Street. Allied Breweries.
E14 Foresters Arms: 253 St Leonards Road. Bass Charrington.
E14 Freemasons Arms: 96 / 98 Salmon Lane. Allied Breweries.
E14 Galloway Arms : 43 Thomas Road. Allied Breweries.
E14 GEORGE: 114 Glengall Grove. Watneys.
E14 George IV: 7 Ida Street . Watneys.
E14 GRAPES: 76 Narrow Street . Allied Breweries. According to some, the pub dates back to the 16th century and claims to be the pub named as 'The Jolly Fellowship Porters' in Dickens novel 'Our Mutual Friend'. More recently, the pub was reputed to be the destination of the 'Gang of Four' as they faced the press after signing the Limehouse Declaration.
E14 Green Man: 72 Poplar High Street . Allied Breweries.
E14 GREENWICH PENSIONER : 2 Bazeley Street. Allied Breweries.
E14 GUILDFORD ARMS : 93 Goldalming Road. Bass Charrington.
E14 GUN: 27 Coldharbour Lane . Allied Breweries. Pub is by the river at the Isle of Dogs, and is supposed to have been a meeting place for Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton. Name is associated with opening of West India Import Dock in 1802.
E14 Hope & Anchor: 14 Newby Place. Watneys.
E14 KINGSBRIDGE ARMS: 154/6 West Ferry Road . Whitbreads.
E14 LONDONER: Harbour Island-Marsh Wall Free House.
E14 LOVAT ARMS: 301 Burdett Road . Trumans.
E14 Lord Nelson: 1 Manchester Road . Bass Charrington.
E14 LORD STANLEY: 55 Carmen Street. Watneys.
E14 Magnet & Dewdrop: 194 West Ferry Road. Watneys.
E14 Manor Arms: 150 East India Dock Road . Watneys.
E14 Marshall Keate: 29 Preston's Road Watneys.
E14 NORTH POLE: 74 Manilla Street . Watneys.
E14 OLD SHIP 17 Barnes Street . Watneys.
OPORTO TAVERN : 43 West India Dock Road. Bass Charrington.
E14 PHOENIX: 104 East India Dock Road . Allied Breweries.
E14 PIER TAVERN: 293 Manchester Road . Whitbreads.
E14 Plums Two: 477 East India Dock Road Free House. This used to be a home brew pub and then a dancing showbar selling real ale brewed by a new brewery, UXB, but it shut in mid 1983, and the future type of pub is uncertain.
E14 Prince Alfred: 86 Locksley Street. Trumans.
E14 Prince Regent: 81 Salmon Lane. Allied Breweries.
E14 Princess of Wales: 130 Brownfield Street . Watneys.
E14 Queens: 571 Manchester Road. Allied Breweries.
E14 Queens Head : 491 The Highway. Watneys.
E14 QUEENS HEAD: 8 Flamborough Street . Young & Co.
E14 RAILWAY TAVERN: 576 Commercial Road. Bass Charrington.
E14 RESOLUTE TAVERN: 210 Poplar High Street. Allied Breweries.
E14 Richard Cobden: 34 Repton Street. Watneys.
E14 Robert Burns: 248 West Ferry Road. Trumans.
E14 Rose & Crown: 17 Pennyfields. Watneys.
E14 Royal Charlie: 116 Chrisp Street. Watneys.
E14 Royal Navy: 53 Salmon Lane . Watneys.
E14 Sabbarton Arms: 99 Upper North Street. Watneys.
E14 St Leonards Arms: 162 St Leonards Road. Trumans. Closed
E14 SHIP: 290 West Ferry Road . Watneys.
E14 Sir Charles Napier: 697 Commercial Road. Watneys.
E14 Sir John Franklin: 269 East India Dock Road. Watneys.
E14 STAR OF THE EAST: 805 Commercial Road. Courage.
E14 Steamship: 24 Naval Row. Watneys.
E14 Tooke Arms: 165 West Ferry Road . Watneys. MANNS IPA. Large modern two bar estate pub.
E14 Volunteer: 238 East India Dock Road . Bass Charrington.
E14 VULCAN: 240 West Ferry Road . Free House.
E14 WATERMANS ARMS: 1 Glenaffric Avenue. Allied Breweries.
E14 Wellington Arms : 145 St. Leonard 's Road. Watneys.
E14 WHITE HORSE: 9 Poplar High Street . Trumans.
E14 White Swan: 556 Commercial Road . Watneys.
E14 WHITE SWAN: 130 Blackwall Way . Watneys.
E14 Young Prince: 60 Cordelia Street. Whitbreads. Large modern estate pub.

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