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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E15 Stratford

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E15 Stratford
E15 Adam & Eve: 126 Abbey Road . Bass Charrington.
E15 Albert House: 39 Forest Lane. Bass Charrington.
E15 Angel: 21 Church Street . Bass Charrington. Stands in the gounds of a twelfth century Cistercian monastery (demolished).
E15 Bakers Arms: 70 Pitchford Street . Bass Charrington.
E15 BLACK BULL: 13 Broadway. Watneys. MANNS IPA. Formerly Mooro's.
E15 BAY TREE: 59 Vicarage Lane . Bass Charrington.
E15 Britannia: 2 Plaistow Grove. Allied Breweries.
E15 BRITISH LION: 46 West Ham Lane. Allied Breweries. Modern friendly pub.
E15 BUILDERS ARMS: 302 High Street. Watneys.
E15 Burford Arms: 11 Burford Street. Bass Charrington.
E15 Canteen: 195 Vicarage Lane Allied Breweries.
E15 CARPENTERS ARMS: 17 Carpenters Road. Allied Breweries.
E15 Cart & Horses: 1 Maryland Point. Charrington.
E15 Castle: 156 Leyton Road Trumans.
E15 Charleston: 16 Leytonstone Road .
E15 CHATSWORTH ARMS: 27 Chatsworth Road. Watneys.
E15 CHEVY CHASE: 11 Leytonstone Road . Allied Breweries.
E15 CHOBHAM ARMS: 62 Chobham Road. Trumans.
E15 DEW DROP INN: 22 Brydges Road. Bass Charrington.
E15 Eagle: 157 Chobham Road . Bass Charrington.
E15 EDWARD VII: 47 The Broadway. Bass Charrington. The pub used to be called the King of Prussia until, with the advent of the First World War, it became necessary to find a more suitable name.
E15 ESSEX ARMS : 82 Leytonstone Road. Bass Charrington.
E15 Falmouth Arms : 53 Maryland Road. Watneys.
E15 FLAPPERS: Temple Mill Lane. Bass Charrington.
E15 Foresters Arms: 49 Waddington Road. Watneys.
E15 GREEN GATE: 225 / 227 High Street. Allied Breweries.
E15 GREEN MAN: 196 High Street . Trumans.
E15 Greyhound: 136 West Ham Lane . Courage.
E15 KING HAROLD: 116 High Road , Leyton.
E15 KINGS HEAD: 15 Church Street . Bass Charrington.
E15 LORD HENNIKER: 119 The Grove. Bass Charrington.
E15 MANBY ARMS: 19 Water Lane . Bass Charrington.
E15 Pigeons Hotel: 120 / 122 Romford Road. Bass Charrington.
E15 Princess Amelia: 80 Henniker Road. Watneys.
E15 PRINCESS OF WALES: 25 West Ham Lane. Allied Breweries.
E15 QUEENS HEAD: 5 West Ham Lane . Bass Charrington.
E15 Railway Tavern: 196 Plaistow Road. Bass Charrington.
E15 RAILWAY TAVERN: 131 Angel Lane. Bass Charrington. Large Victorian corner pub just over the bridge from Stratford town centre.
E15 Royal Oak: 83 Leytonstone Road . Watneys.
E15 SPARROWS: North Mall - Stratford Shopping Centre. Bass Charrington.
E15 Spread Eagle: Leywick Street. Bass Charrington.
E15 Steamcoach Buffet: Platforms 6 / 8 Stratford BR Station. Free House.
E15 STEAMSHIP: 14 Bramall Close Courage.
E15 SWAN: 31 The Broadway. Watneys.
E15 Telegraph: 51 Church Street . Watneys.
E15 THEATRE ROYAL BAR: Gerry Raffles Square. Free House.
E15 Toby Tavern: 81 Portway. Bass Charrington.
E15 TWO BREWERS: 197 High Street . Bass Charrington.
E15 TWO PUDDINGS: 27 The Broadway. Watneys.
E15 WOODMAN: 119 / 121 High Street. Watneys.
E15 Yorkshire Grey : 335 / 337 High Street . Bass Charrington.