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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E2 Bethnal Green

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E2 Bethnal Green
E2 Acorn: 149 Queensbridge Road . Trumans.
E2 ANGEL & CROWN: 170 Roman Road. Bass Charrington.
E2 APPROACH TAVERN: 47 Approach Road. Free House.
E2 Beachcomber: 234 Cambridge Heath Road . Watneys.
E2 Beehive: 230 Roman Road . Watneys.
E2 BIRDCAGE: 80 Columbia Road . Trumans.
E2 BISHOP BONNER: 21 Bonner Street. Allied Breweries. The only surviving building in demolished street.
E2 Black Horse: 67 Roman Road . Trumans.
E2 Blade Bone: 185 Bethnal Green Road . Bass Charrington.
E2 Bohola House: 423 Bethnal Green Road . Free House.
E2 BRITANNIA: 209 Globe Road . Watneys.
E2 Britannia: 12 Chilton Street . Trumans.
E2 British Lion: 193 Hackney Road . Whitbread.
E2 Browns: 1 Hackney Road . Watneys.
E2 Buskers Free House: 2 Pollard Row. Free House.
E2 Camdens Head: 456 Bethnal Green Road . Bass Charrington.
E2 Camel: 277 Globe Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Carpenters Arms: 73 Cheshire Street. Trumans. closed.
E2 CITY OF PARIS: 178 Old Ford Road. Trumans. Modern two bar pub which replaced a magnificent Victorian predecessor on this site,
E2 CONQUEROR: 2 / 4 Austin Street. Free House. CHARRINGTON IPA,
E2 Crown: 144 Whiston Road . Watneys.
E2 Crown: 34 Redchurch Street . Free House.
E2 Dolphin: 85 Redchurch Street . Trumans.
E2 Dover Castle: 118 Old Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 Duke of Cambridge: 25 Felix Street. Belhaven.
E2 Duke of Cambridge: 101 Queensbridge Road . Bass Charrington.
E2 Duke of Sussex: 94 Goldsmith's Row. Shepherd Neame. A former Wests Brewery House, look out for the name on the exterior facade. Locals refer to the pub's location as being on ' Piggy Island ', as the site used to be a farm.
E2 Duke of Wellington: 52 Cyprus Street. Watneys.
E2 Duke of York: 64 Ellsworth Street. Trumans.
E2 DUNDEE ARMS : 339 Cambridge Heath Road. Allied Breweries.
E2 Durham Arms : 408 Hackney Road. Trumans.
E2 Earl Grey: 272 Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 FLORISTS ARMS: 255 Globe Road . Watneys.
E2 Flying Scud: 137 Hackney Road . Trumans.
E2 Fountain: 123 Sceptre Road . Watneys.
E2 George & Dragon: 2 Hackney Road. Watneys.
E2 Globe: 109 Columbia Road . Watneys.
E2 Green Gate: 230 Bethnal Green Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Green Man: 287 Cambridge Heath Road . Trumans.
E2 Greyhound: 32 Old Ford Road . Courage.
E2 GT's: 42 Whiston Road . Watneys. No real ale!
E2 Hackney Cab: 324 Hackney Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Halfway House: 388 Hackney Road. Allied Breweries.
E2 Hare: 505 Cambridge Heath Road . Trumans.
E2 Hop Picker: 481 Hackney Road . Free House.
E2 Joiners Arms: 116 / 118 Hackney Road. Watneys.
E2 King & Queen: 89 Cheshire Street. Trumans.
E2 Kings Arms: 67 Old Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 Kings Arms: 11 Buckfast Street . Courage.
E2 Kings Head: 257 Kingsland Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 KNIGHTS: 111 Gosset Street . Free House. YOUNGS SPECIAL.
E2 Lord Hood: 89 Dunbridge Street . Trumans.
E2 MANCHESTER ARMS : 155 Hackney Road. Free House.
E2 MARKSMAN: 254 Hackney Road . Free House.
E2 Marquis of Cornwallis: 304 Bethnal Green Road. Trumans.
E2 Marquis of Lansdowne: 32 Cremer Street. Free House.
E2 Nelsons Head: 32 Horatio Street . Gibbs Mew.
E2 Norfolk Arms : 460 Hackney Road. Free House.
E2 Old Basing House: 25 Kingsland Road. Courage.
E2 Old Friends: 129 Roman Road . Watneys.
E2 Old George: 397 Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 Old King Johns Head: 90 Whiston Road. Bass Charrington.
E2 Panther: 15 Turin Street . Whitbreads.
E2 Perseverance: 112 Pritchards Road . Watneys.
E2 Perseverance: 125 Gosset Street . Watneys.
E2 Prince of Wales: 76 Bishops Way. Bass Charrington.
E2 Prince of Wales: 59 Barnet Grove. Free House.
E2 Prince of Wales: 1 Teale Street. Watneys.
E2 Queen Victoria: 72 Barnet Grove. Watneys.
E2 Railway Tavern: 131 Globe Road. Bass Charrington.
E2 Red Deer: 393 Cambridge Heath Road . Watneys.
E2 Royal Alfred: 267 Kingsland Road . Watneys.
E2 RJ's: 163 Gossett Street . Free House.
E2 Royal Cricketers: 211 Old Ford Road. Whitbreads.
E2 Royal Oak: 73 Columbia Road. Trumans.
E2 Royal Standard: 165 Kingsland Road. Young & Co.
E2 SOLLYS: 31 Coate Street . Gibbs Mew.
E2 Shakespeare: 460 Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 Ship: 473 Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 SHIP & BLUE BALL: 13 Boundary Street. Watneys.
E2 SPORTING LIFE: 36 Wilmot Street. Free House. Large one bar pub, formerly known as 'The Lamb', with variety of jockey paraphernalia. Opposite Bethnal Green BR Station.
E2 Spread Eagle: 3 Kingsland Road . Watneys.
E2 Sun: 441 Bethnal Green Road . Whitbreads.
E2 Temple Street Tap: 428 Hackney Road. Bass Charrington. In mid 1983 was closed for refurbishment, To be renamed 'Septembers'.
E2 Three Loggerheads: 57 Virginia Road. Watneys.
E2 Tipples: 502 Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 Van Tromp: 121 Bethnal Green Road . Bass Charrington. For sale as a free house in 1983
E2 Victoria: 4 Ravenscroft Street . Watneys.
E2 Victory: 27 Vyner Street . Allied Breweries.
E2 Victory: 281 Kingsland Road. For sale free of tie in 1982-3
E2 Warners: 68 Warner Place . Watneys. Used to be 'Old Horns'
E2 Weavers Arms: 100 Roman Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Well & Bucket: 143 Bethnal Green Road. Trumans.
E2 Weymouth Arms : 80 Weymouth Terrace. Watneys.
E2 White Hart: 359 Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 WHITE HORSE: 236 Cambridge Heath Road . Whitbreads.
E2 Woolpack: 89 Sceptre Road . Watneys.
E2 Ye Olde Axe: 69 Hackney Road . Free House.

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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