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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - EC1 City - Clerkenwell

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

EC1 City - Clerkenwell
EC1 ANGEL: 73 City Road . Allied Breweries.
EC1 ARTILLERY ARMS: 102 Bunhill Row. Fullers. The pub is opposite Bunhill Cemetery and the Honourable Artillery Company Ground, headquarters of the oldest regiment in the British Army.
EC1 BARLEY MOW: 50 Long Lane. Whitbread.
EC1 Betsey: 56 Farringdon Road . Watneys. In mid 1983 was up for sale.
EC1 BISHOPS FINGER: 8 West Smithfield Shepherd Neame. Large comfortable one bar pub formerly named 'The Rutland', a name still to be seen in large letters across the first floor.
EC1 Blue Coat Boy: 415 City Road . Allied Breweries., Was being closed down in 1983 for complete renovation under new management.
EC1 Blue Posts: 86 / 89 Cowcross Street. Charrington.
EC1 BRITANNIA: 94 Ironmonger Row. Whitbread.
EC1 BRITISH LION: 155 Central Street. Whitbread.
EC1 BRITISH QUEEN: 167 Whitecross Street. Whitbread. A very small pub, claims to be centuries old history as a market pub.
EC1 Bulls Head: 125 Central Street . Bass.
EC1 BURGUNDY BENS: 102 / 108 Clerkenwell Road .
EC1 CASTLE: 43 Cowcross Street . Charrington. Large busy semi-circular bar; a pawnbroker's sign and a large painting commemorate a former licensee of this pub lending George IV money for a bet, with a watch as security, upon which he accepted as reward the right to practice as a pawnbroker.
EC1 CHEQUERS: 44 Old Street . Whitbread. WHITBREAD
EC1 CHISWELL ST VAULTS: Chiswell Street. Whitbreads.
EC1 City Pride: Rumoured to be the name Fullers have chosen for their recently acquired pub, ‘The White Swan’ 28 Farringdon Lane. Possible opening by the end of 1983.
EC1 CLOCK HOUSE: 82 Leather Lane . Charrington.
EC1 COACH & HORSES: 26 / 28 Ray Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 COACH & HORSES: 4 St Johns Square. Whitbread.
EC1 COCK TAVERN: 23 Central Markets. Free House.
EC1 CROSBY HEAD : 243 Old Street. Trumans.
EC1 CROWN TAVERN: 43 Clerkenwell Green. Allied Breweries. Dating from 1815, this large busy interesting two bar pub stands on a corner near the Marx Memorial Library.
EC1 CROWN & WOOLPACK: 394 St John Street. Courage.
EC1 DUKE OF WELLINGTON: 21 / 25 Lever Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 DUKE OF YORK: 156 Clerkenwell Road. Watney Combe.
EC1 EAGLE: 159 Farringdon Road . Watneys.
EC1 EMPRESS OF RUSSIA: 362 St John Street. Whitbread.
EC1 EXMOUTH ARMS: 23 Exmouth Market. Courage.
EC1 FOUNTAIN: 68 Amwell Street . Allied Breweries. Comfortable two bar pub with Victorian
dècor, with a "Dirty Dick's" mirror that gives the pub its alternative name.
EC1 FOX & ANCHOR: 115 Charterhouse Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 George: 180 St John Street . Allied Breweries., Apparently closed down, although has interesting exterior stone work: 'Finch Marlebone' and 'rebuilt 1901'.
EC1 GEORGE IV: 39 Goswell Road . Courage.
EC1 GEORGE & DRAGON: 240 St John Street. Trumans.
EC1 GLUEPOT: 1 Vince Street . Watney Combe.
EC1 GOLDEN HINDE: 58 Old Street . Whitbreads.
EC1 GREEN MAN & STILL: 161 Whitecross Street. Courage.
EC1 GRIFFIN: 125 Clerkenwell Road . Watney Combe. Stands on site of Reid's Griffin Brewery.
EC1 GUNMAKERS ARMS: 13 Eyre Street Hill. Charrington.
EC1 HAND & SHEARS: 1 Middle Street. Courage. A pub has been on this site since 1123; in Tudor time it was a centre for tailors & cloth merchants and was used as a court for offenders in that profession. The inn sign is that of the Merchant Tailors. More recently served condemned Newgate prisoners their last drinks.
EC1 HARLEQUIN: 27 Arlington Way . Watney Combe. Tiny single bar pub with theatrical atmosphere next to Sadlers Wells.
EC1 HARROW: 64 Compton Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 HAT & FEATHERS: 2 Clerkenwell Road. Allied Breweries.
EC1 HAT & TUN: 3 Hatton Wall. Bass Charrington.
EC1 HOPE: 94 Cowcross Street . Watney Combe.
EC1 Horseshoe & Magpie: 5 Topham Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 HORSESHOE: 24 Clerkenwell Close. Courage.
EC1 JOINT & GEM: See Farringdon Underground.
EC1 KING OF DIAMONDS: Greville Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 KINGS ARMS: 18 Moreland Street . Bass Charrington.
EC1 KINGS HEAD: 49 Chiswell Street . Whitbread.
EC1 Lady Owen’s Arms: 285 Goswell Road. Allied Breweries.
EC1 LANGTON ARMS: 1 Norman Street. Charrington.
EC1 LEOPARD: 33 Seward Street . Allied Breweries.
EC1 LONDON APPRENTICE : 333 Old Street. Free House.
EC1 LONDON SPA : 70 Exmouth Market. Free House.
EC1 LORD NELSON: 262 / 264 Old Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 LORD NELSON: 17 Mora Street . Watney Combe.
EC1 LORD RAGLAN: 61 St Martins le Grand. Courage. Shakespeare is reputed to have known the pub previously on this site.
EC1 METROPOLITAN TAVERN: 95 Farringdon Road. Free House.
EC1 NEWMARKET HOTEL: 25 Smithfield Street. Bass Charrington.
EC1 NEW RED LION: 292 St John Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 OAKLEY ARMS: 32 Hall Street . Trumans.
EC1 OLD FOUNTAIN: 3 Baldwin Street. Whitbread.
EC1 OLD RED LION: 418 St John Street. Charrington. Rebuilt in 1899, the pub has long literary associations going back to Dr Johnson.
EC1 ONE TUN: 125 Saffron Hill. Watney Combe. Pub dating from early Victorian times as mentioned in "Oliver Twist". One tun = 4 hogsheads = 216 gallons.
EC1 Penny Black: 106 Farringdon Road . Watneys.
EC1 PHEASANT & FIRKIN: 166 Goswell Road. Free House. Formerly 'The Old Ivy House'.
EC1 RED LION: 39 Rosoman Street . Whitbread.
EC1 ROSE: 52 Hatton Garden. Bass Charrington.
EC1 ROYAL MAIL: 3 Myddleton Street . Charrington.
EC1 ROYAL STAR: 220 City Road . Watney Combe.
EC1 ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM : 160 St. John Street. Allied Breweries. Is on the site of the old Cannon Brewery; shares the present building with Allied House, Head Office of Allied Breweries.
EC1 ST. PAUL'S TAVERN: 56 Chiswell Street. Whitbread.
EC1 SEKFORDE ARMS: 34 Sekforde Street. Free House.
EC1 SHAKESPEARE: 2 Goswell Road . Allied Breweries.
EC1 SHAKESPEARES HEAD: 1 Arlington Way. Courage.
EC1 Shakespeare's Head: 46 Percival Street. Bass Charrington.
EC1 SIDNEY ARMS : 9 Wakeley Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 SIR CHRISTOPHER HATTON: 4 Leather Lane. Charrington.
EC1 Smithfield Tavern : 105 Charterhouse Street. Bass Charrington.
EC1 SPORTSMAN: 315 City Road . Whitbread.
EC1 SPREAD EAGLE: 142 Whitecross Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 STICK & WEASEL: 273 City Road. Free House. Formerly the 'City Arms'.
EC1 SUPRISE: 2 Northampton Road . Allied Breweries.
EC1 SUTTON ARMS: 15 Great Sutton Street . Whitbread.
EC1 SUTTON ARMS: 6 Carthusian Street . Bass Charrington.
EC1 THREE COMPASSES: 66 Cowcross Street. Trumans.
EC1 THREE CROWNS: 8 Tysoe Street. Whitbread.
EC1 THREE KINGS: 7 Clerkenwell Close. Watney Combe. Dating from the late eighteenth century, this pub is near to where Lenin had offices.
EC1 TWO BREWERS: 121 Whitecross Street . Whitbread.
EC1 VIADUCT TAVERN: 126 Newgate Street. Free House. Moderised Victorian pub popluar with Post Office workers from the St Paul's head depot.
EC1 VICTORIA: 25 Charterhouse Street . Allied Breweries.
EC1 WHITE BEAR: 57 St John Street . Charrington.
EC1 WHITE HART: 7 Giltspur Street . Charrington.
EC1 WHITE LION: 37 Central Street . Whitbread.
EC1 White Swan: 28 Farringdon Lane . Fullers. Closed. Has been bought by Fullers who plan to turn it into the "City Pride", possibly by the end of 1983.
EC1 WILMINGTON ARMS : 69 Rosebery Avenue. Watney Combe.
EC1 YE OLDE MITRE TAVERN: Ely Court. Allied Breweries. Charming 400 year old pub with 2 bars and snug.
EC1 Ye Olde Red Cow: 72 Long Lane. Watney Combe..
CAMPBELL’S FREE HOUSE: 21 Bridport Place , c/o Ruston Street.

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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