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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - EC2 City - Bishopsgate

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

EC2 City - Bishopsgate
EC2 ABERCORN BAR: Great Eastern Hotel, Free House.
EC2 Apples & Pears: Opp platforms 15 - 18 Liverpool Street Station. Free House. Future name of old East End Bar closed for refurbishment in 1983, may sell Taylor Walker beers when reopened.
EC2 Barbican Tavern: London Wall, near Museum of London . Free House.
EC2 BARLEY MOW: 127 Curtain Road . Watney Combe.
EC2 BISHOP OF NORWICH: 91 Moorgate. Free House.
EC2 BRICKLAYERS ARMS: 63 Charlotte Road. Free House.
EC2 BULL: 4 Devonshire Row. Watney Combe.
EC2 BUTLERS HEAD : 11 Telegraph Street. Free House.
EC2 City Gates: Great Eastern Hotel - Liverpool Street . Free House..
EC2 CITY GRILL: 29 Lawrence Lane . Free House.
EC2 CITY PIPE: Foster Lane Free House.
EC2 CRISPIN: 18 Finsbury Avenue. Courage. In 1983 apparently in danger of demolition.
EC2 CROWDERS WELL: Andrewes House, Barbican Charrington.
EC2 DIRTY DICKS: 202 / 204 Bishopsgate. Free House. Founded in late 18th century by Nathaniel Bentley, who reputedly earned the name 'Dirty Dick by living in filthy penury after being jilted.
EC2 East End Bar: Liverpool St Station. . Closed in 1983 for redevelopment and reopening as Apples & Pears.
EC2 FLYING HORSE: 52 Wilson Street. Courage.
EC2 FOX: 28 Paul Street . Watney Combe.
EC2 GLOBE: 83 Moorgate. Charrington.
EC2 GRIFFIN: 93 Leonard Street. Free House.
EC2 HANDPUMP: 185 / 7 Bishopsgate. Whitbread. Formerly the Black Raven, more recently The Pump.
EC2 HOLE IN THE WALL: 1 Mitre Court . Scott & New.
EC2 HORSE & GROOM: 28 Curtain Road. Charrington.
EC2 JAZZ BAR: Opp platforms 1 - 8 Liverpool Street Station. Free House.
EC2 KINGS ARMS: 27 Wormwood Street . Trumans.
EC2 LONDON GENERAL: 127 Finsbury Pavement. Charrington. Was formerly the Ship.
EC2 LORD ABERCONWAY: 73 Old Broad Street . Allied Breweries.
EC2 MAGOGS: 8 Russia Row. Free House.
EC2 MAGPIE: 12 New Street. Allied Breweries.
EC2 MOORGATE: 85 Moorgate. Charrington.
EC2 Old Blue Last: 38 Great Eastern Street. Trumans.
EC2 OLD KINGS HEAD: 28 Holywell Lane. Trumans.
EC2 OLDE GRESHAM: 54 Gresham Street. Trumans.
EC2 PENNY BLACK: Tenter House - Moorfields. Free House.
EC2 PLOUGH: London Wall . Courage.
EC2 PODIUM: St Alphage Highwalk . Whitbread.
EC2 PRIMROSE: 229 Bishopsgate. Trumans.
EC2 PRINCESS ROYAL: 76 Paul Street. Whitbread.
EC2 RAILWAY TAVERN: 15 Liverpool Street. Whitbread. Built 1850's as 'Cow House ' for market farmers.
EC2 RED LION: 1 Eldon Street . Watney Combe.
EC2 SIR PAUL PINDAR: 213 Bishopsgate. Charrington. Formerly the King's Arms.
EC2 Sterling Castle: 50 London Wall.. Closed in June 1983. Demolished mid 1983.
EC2 THREE BUCKS: 66 Gresham Street . Free House.
EC2 TALBOT: 64 London Wall. Free House.
EC2 THREE CROWNS: 5 Old Jewry. Courage.
EC2 THROGMORTON RESTAURANT: 27 Throgmorton Street. Allied Breweries.
EC2 TURNERS BAR: 11 Broad Street Concourse.
EC2 UDDER PLACE : Russia Ct off Russia Row near Milk Street. Free House.
EC2 WEAVERS ARMS: 36 Sun Street. Thought to be in danger of demoliton.
EC2 WHITE HART: 122 Bishopsgate. Charrington. Large ordinary pub with long history, known popularly as the '199'.
EC2 WHITE HART: 24 Clifton Street . Charrington.
EC2 WINDMILL: 27 Tabernacle Street . Free House.
EC2 WOODINS SHADES: 212 Bishopsgate. Charrington.
EC2 YE OLDE DR BUTLERS HEAD: Mason's Avenue. Nr Coleman St. Two level pub with olde woodwork and sawdust on the floor. Victorian decor. Founded by Dr William Butler, Court Physician to James I in 1616; James took his medicinal ale as a cure for sciatica.