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    East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - E14 Poplar

    A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

    1991 Beer index

    The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

    E14 Poplar
    Stations - Limehouse (formerly Stepney East, BR Fenchurch Street/DLR), West Ferry, West India Quay, Heron Quays, Canary Wharf, South Quay, Crossharbour, Mudcute, Island Gardens, Poplar and All Saints (DLR).
    Note: at the time of writing the Dockland Light Railway (DLR) closes from 2130 in the evening and is not open at all at weekends. Not very community minded is it?
    Although the district is called Poplar, in fact it also embraces most of Stepney, Blackwall and the Isle of Dogs and is what most people mean when they talk of Docklands. It is very difficult to miss as Canary Wharf lies in the centre, surrounded by growing areas of modern office development and served by the Docklands Light Railway. The DLR is well worth a trip to see the sights, but bear in mind that the older pubs - and a good range of locals has so far survived development - lie around the river where people live, whilst the railway runs through the centre where the high tech modern pubs have been built. They are small in number and could easily have been lifted straight from the City, but do offer an interesting range of beers. Elsewhere in the district the range does also give some relief from the Big Four and it is worth exploring a little.
    The northern part of the area runs from Stepney east to Blackwall and is a mixture of surviving older buildings and postwar redevelopment. Once heavily pubbed, it has lost out badly in recent years and there have been a number of closures - especially from the large road schemes connected with the Blackwall Tunnel and Docklands developments.
    Two notable breweries once operated here. Taylor Walker ran the Barley Mow Brewery in Church Lane form 1730 until taken over by Ind Coope in 1960, whilst the London & Burton Brewery operated in Medland Street until falling to Watney in 1929.
    E14 ABERFELDY TAVERN: 26 Aberfeldy Street. (B1/1) Whitbreads.
    E14 African Tavern: 46 Grundy Street. (B2/2) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 Anchor & Hope: 41 West Ferry Road. (C2/3) Courage.
    E14 BARLEY MOW: 44 Narrow Street-Limehouse Basin.(B2/4) Ind Coope Taylor Walker. Opened in 1989. Converted from a gate keepers house, the pub is situated on the entrance of gates to Limehouse Basin. The Basin itself was constructed by the Regent Canal Company in 1812, hence as a barge basin and in 1819 the company took powers to enlarge the dock to admit sea-going ships. It is not part of PLA but owned by the Britsh Waterways Bd who ceased to operate it in 1969.
    E14 Beehive: 12 Robin Hood Lane. (B1/5) Courage. No beer - closed.
    E14 BLACKSMITHS ARMS: 25 West Ferry Road. (C2/6) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 British Oak: 28 Robin Hood Lane. (B1/7) No beer - closed.
    E14 BRUNSWICK ARMS: 78 Blackwall Way. (B1/8) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Buccaneer: 73 West India Dock Road. Pub demolished.
    E14 Builders Arms: 162 Brownfield Street. (B1/9) Courage.
    E14 Callaghans: 55 Chrisp Street. (B1/10) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 CARTYS: 72 Poplar High Street. (B2/11) . Formerly the Green Man. Maps establish that this pub existed in 1802. It was rebuilt in 1904 and again in 1940. This latter rebuild moved the pub from the west corner of Dolphin Lane across the road to the present day east side.
    E14 Charlie Browns: 116 West India Dock Road. Bass Charrington. Pub demolished.
    E14 Chimes: 212 Hind Grove. (B2/12) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 CITY PRIDE: 1 West Ferry Road. (B2/13) Grand Met-Watneys. Formerly the City Arms.
    E14 Conant Arms: 41a Stainsby Road. (A2/14) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 CROWN: 667 Commercial Road. (B2/15) .
    E14 Cubitt Arms: 262 Manchester Road. (C1/16) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 DORSET ARMS: 379 Manchester Road. (C1/17) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Drummonds: 3 Heron Quay-Marsh Wall (C2/18) Bass Charrington.
    E14 Earl of Ellesmere: 36 Ellesmere Street. (A1/19) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 Enterprise: 145 Three Colt Street. (B2/20) Grand Met-Watneys. No beer - closed.
    E14 Falcon: 202a East India Dock Road. (B1/21) Grand Met-Trumans. No beer - closed.
    E14 FERRY HOUSE: 26 Ferry Street. (D1/22) Courage.
    E14 FESTIVAL INN: 71 Grundy Street. (B1/23) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 FIVE BELLS & BLADEBONE: 27 Three Colt Street. (B2/24) Ind Coope Taylor Walker. Near the site of the Taylor Walker Brewery. Opposite St Annes church, built by Nicholas Hawksmore in 1727, burnt down in 1850.
    E14 Foresters Arms: 253 St Leonards Road. (A1/25) Bass Charrington.
    E14 Freemasons Arms: 96 & 98 Salmon Lane. (B2/26) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 Galloway Arms: 43 Thomas Road. (A2/27) Ind Coope Burton.
    E14 GEORGE: 114 Glengall Grove. (C1/28) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 George IV: 7 Ida Street. (B1/29) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 GRAPES: 76 Narrow Street. (B2/30) Ind Coope Taylor Walker. Grade II Listed Building with frosted glass windows that you can imagine go back in time, hence a reminder painted sign dated 1949 in the bar is on show.
    E14 Greenwich Pensioner: 2 Bazeley Street. (B1/31) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 GUILDFORD ARMS: 93 Goldalming Road. (A1/32) Bass Charrington.
    E14 GUN: 27 Coldharbour. (C1/33) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 Hope & Anchor: 14 Newby Place. (B1/34) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 THE HOUSE THEY LEFT BEHIND: 27 Ropemaker's Fields. (B2/35) Grand Met-Watneys. Formerly the Black Horse. Built in 1857 the pub has original oil paintings on the walls.
    E14 KINGSBRIDGE ARMS: 154 & 156 West Ferry Road. (D2/36) Whitbreads.
    E14 Lord Nelson: 1 Manchester Road. (D1/37) Bass Charrington.
    E14 Lord Stanley: 55 Carmen Street. (A1/38) Grand Met-Watneys. No beer - closed.
    E14 LOVAT ARMS: 301 Burdett Road. (A2/39) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 Manor Arms: 150 East India Dock Road. (B2/40) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 NORTH POLE: 74 Manilla Street. (C2/41) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 OLD SHIP: 17 Barnes Street. (B2/42) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 OPORTO TAVERN: 43 West India Dock Road. (B2/43) Bass Charrington.
    E14 PHOENIX: 104 East India Dock Road. (B2/44) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 PIER TAVERN: 299 Manchester Road. (D1/45) Whitbreads.
    E14 Prince Alfred: 86 Locksley Street. (A2/46) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 Prince Regent: 81 Salmon Lane. (A2/47) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 Princess of Wales: 130 Brownfield Street. (B1/48) Belhaven.
    E14 Queens: 571 Manchester Road. (C1/49) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 QUEENS HEAD: 8 Flamborough Street. (B2/50) Young & Co. A Grade II Listed Building situated in a conservation area.
    E14 Queens Head: 491 The Highway. Grand Met-Watneys. Pub demolished.
    E14 RAILWAY TAVERN: 576 Commercial Road. (B2/51) Bass Charrington.
    E14 RESOLUTE TAVERN: 210 Poplar High Street. (B1/52) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E14 Richard Cobden: 34 Repton Street. (A2/53) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Robert Burns: 248 West Ferry Road. (D2/54) Grand Met-Trumans. No beer - closed.

    E14 Rose & Crown: 17 Pennyfields. (B2/55) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Royal Charlie: 116 Chrisp Street. (A1/56) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Royal Navy: 53 Salmon Lane. (A2/57) Belhaven.
    E14 Sabbarton Arms: 99 Upper North Street. (A2/58) Belhaven. No beer - closed.

    E14 St Leonards Arms: 162 St Leonards Road. (A1/59) Grand Met-Trumans. No beer - closed.
    E14 SHIP: 290 West Ferry Road. (D2/60) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Sir Charles Napier: 697 Commercial Road. (B2/61) Belhaven.
    E14 Sir John Franklin: 269 East India Dock Road. (B1/62) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 SPINNAKER: Harbour Island-Marsh Wall (C1/63) Greene King.
    E14 STAR OF THE EAST: 805a Commercial Road. (B2/64) Courage. A Grade II Listed Building.
    E14 Steamship: 24 Naval Row. (B1/65) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 TELEGRAPH: 194 West Ferry Road. (D2/66) Grand Met-Watneys. Formerly the Magnet and Dewdrop and now named after the newspaper moved nearby.
    E14 Tooke Arms: 165 West Ferry Road. (C2/67) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Volunteer: 238 East India Dock Road. (B1/68) Bass Charrington. No beer - closed.
    E14 VULCAN: 240 West Ferry Road. (D2/69) Fullers.
    E14 WATERFRONT: 187 Marsh Wall-South Quay Plaza. (C1/70) Fullers. CHISWICK.
    E14 WATERMANS ARMS: 1 Glenaffric Avenue. (D1/71) Ind Coope Taylor Walker. A Grade II Listed Building decorated in nautical style.
    E14 Wellington Arms: 145 St. Leonard's Road. (A1/72) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 WHITE HORSE: 9/11 Poplar High Street. (B2/73) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E14 White Swan: 556 Commercial Road. (B2/74) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 WHITE SWAN: 130 Blackwall Way. (B1/74) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E14 Young Prince: 60 Cordelia Street. (A1/75) Whitbreads.

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