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    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - E15 Stratford

    A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

    1991 Beer index

    The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

    E15 Stratford
    Stations - Stratford (BR Liverpool Street/BR North London/Central/DLR), Maryland (BR Liverpool Street), Pudding Mill Lane (DLR - due to open during the currency of this Guide).
    Once at the boundary of the Danelaw (the end of the line for Carlsberg in the 900s) and in Essex before the first round of the county re-organisations, the entry to Stratford is marked by an abrupt transition to industrial sprawl as one crosses the River Lea from Bow. The lack of pollution controls caused many industries to set up here in the 18th and 19th centuries which were not allowed in London proper. The River Lea also once marked the transition from 10.30 to 11pm evening pub closure hours for pubs, bringing extra trade from Bow for those nearer the river. Lacking a residential base, many of the pubs in this part of the area offer music in the evenings to get the punters in, although sadly real ale is not a big seller.
    The centre of Stratford is home to a large shopping centre which is untainted by architectural merit but nonetheless draws in the crowds, although if you get there through the connection from the stations then you don't have to look outside anyway. You do of course if you go outside to visit one of the range of pubs in the centre - whilst many are orientated towards the younger market there should be one to suit most tastes. Going eastward rows of Victorian terraced houses mark a further change in the character of Stratford and this is where you might expect to find the street corner locals. Many pubs are Big Four, but there are exceptions and it is worth looking out for guest beers.
    On Maryland Road Savills Brewery operated from 1856 until acquired by Charrington in 1925.
    E15 Adam & Eve: 126 Abbey Road. (B2/1) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Albert House: 39 Forest Lane. (B1/2) Bass Charrington.
    E15 AMELIA: 80 Henniker Road. (A1/3) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 Angel: 21 Church Street. (B2/4) Bass Charrington.
    E15 BACCHUS'S BIN: 7/9 Leytonstone Road. (A1/5) . Attached to its own off licence selling .
    E15 BAKERS ARMS: 70 Pitchford Street. (A2/6) Bass Charrington.
    E15 BAY TREE: 59 Vicarage Lane. (B2/7) Bass Charrington.
    E15 BRITANNIA: 2 Plaistow Grove. (B2/8) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E15 British Lion: 46 West Ham Lane. (B2/9) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E15 BUILDERS ARMS: 302 High Street. (A2/10) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 Burford Arms: 11 Burford Street. (A2/11) Bass Charrington. No beer - closed.
    E15 Canteen: 195 Vicarage Lane (B2/12)
    E15 Carpenters Arms: 17 Carpenters Road. (A2/13) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E15 Cart & Horses: 1 Maryland Point. (A1/14) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Charleston: 16 Leytonstone Road. (B1/15) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Chatsworth Arms: 27 Chatsworth Road. (B1/16) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 Chevy Chase: 11 Leytonstone Road. (A1/17) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E15 Chobham Arms: 62 Chobham Road. (A1/18) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E15 DEW DROP INN: 22 Brydges Road. (A1/19) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Eagle: 157 Chobham Road. (A1/20)
    E15 ESSEX ARMS: 82 Leytonstone Road. (B1/21) Bass Charrington.
    E15 FALMOUTH ARMS: 53 Maryland Road. (A1/22) .
    E15 Flappers: Temple Mill Lane. (A1/23) Bass Charrington.
    E15 GREEN GATE: 225/227 High Street. (A2/24) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E15 Green Man: 196 High Street. (A2/25) Grand Met-Trumans.
    E15 GREYHOUND: 136 West Ham Lane. (B2/26) Courage.
    E15 KING EDWARD VII: 47 The Broadway. (A2/27) Bass Charrington.  Formerly (pre First World War) the King of Prussia.
    E15 KING HAROLD: 116 High Road. (A1/28) Bass Charrington.
    E15 KINGS HEAD: 11 Church Street. (B2/29) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Lock Stock n Barrel: 51 Church Street. (B2/30) Belhaven. Originally the Telegraph.
    E15 LORD HENNIKER: 119 The Grove. (A1/31) Bass Charrington.
    E15 MANBY ARMS: 19 Water Lane. (B1/32) Bass Charrington.
    E15 MULLIGANS: 13 Broadway. (A2/33) Grand Met-Watneys. Formerly Moonlights, Mooro's and originally the Olde Black Bull as can be seen by the statue near the roof.
    E15 PIGEONS HOTEL: 120/122 Romford Road. (B1/34) Bass Charrington.
    E15 PRINCESS OF WALES: 25 West Ham Lane. (A2/35) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
    E15 QUEENS HEAD: 5/7 West Ham Lane. (A2/36) Bass Charrington.
    E15 RAILWAY TAVERN: 131 Angel Lane. (A1/37) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Railway Tavern: 196 Plaistow Road. (B2/38) Bass Charrington.
    E15 ROYAL OAK: 83 Leytonstone Road. (A1/39) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 SPARROWS: North Mall - Stratford Shopping Centre. (A1/40) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Spread Eagle: 1 Manor Road - Leywick Street. (B2/41) Bass Charrington.
    E15 Steamship: 14 Bramall Close (B1/42) Courage.
    E15 SWAN: 31 The Broadway. (A2/43) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 THEATRE ROYAL BAR: Gerry Raffles Square. (A1/44) .
    E15 TOBY TAVERN: 81 Portway. (B2/45) .
    E15 Two Brewers: 197 High Street. (A2/46) Bass Charrington.
    E15 TWO PUDDINGS: 27 The Broadway. (A2/47) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 THE VILLAGE WINE BAR: 4 Romford Road (Stratford Office Village). (B1/48) .
    E15 Wheelers: 156 Leyton Road (A1/49)
    Windmill: 49 Waddington Road. (A1/50) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 WOODMAN: 119/121 High Street. (A2/51) Grand Met-Watneys.
    E15 YORKSHIRE GREY: 335/337 High Street. (A2/52) Bass Charrington.

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