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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - E9 Homerton

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1991 Beer index

The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

E9 Homerton
Stations - Homerton and Hackney Wick (BR North London).
It has been said that few people known where Homerton is and even fewer really want to. However, that is a little unfair given that the area - the part of Hackney extending north from Victoria Park - represents a microcosm of East London housing developments. Going south from Homerton High Street blocks of soulless postwar flats give way to surviving Victorian terraces and then to the re-gentrified areas near Victoria Park. In this area there is an interesting selection of free houses, although elsewhere in the district the typical pub is a Big Four owned local, often fairly small and as likely as not under threat of closure.
E9 Adam & Eve: 155 Homerton High Street. (A1/1) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
E9 Albion: 36 Lauriston Road. (B2/2) . Very old building with ship's beams dating from 1600s. The front part is modern - only 200 years old! It had its own brewery in late 1800s. Large skeleton of bird found in upstairs chimney. The upper part was hit by a Zeppelin in First World War.
E9 Alexandra: 162 Victoria Park Road. (B2/3) Bass Charrington.
E9 Alma: 41 Barnabas Road. (A1/4) Whitbreads.
E9 BEDFORD HOTEL: 220 Victoria Park Road. (B2/5) Bass Charrington.
E9 Bridge House: 179 Ponsford Street (A2/6)
E9 BRUNSWICK ARMS: 237 Well Street. (B2/7) Bass Charrington.
E9 Butlers: 69 Cadogan Terrace. (B1/8) Grand Met-Trumans. No beer - closed.
E8 CHESHAM ARMS: 15 Mehetabel Road. (A2/9) .
E9 Claddagh: 171 Well Street. (B2/10) Grand Met-Watneys.
E9 Clarendon : 86 Balcorne Street. (B2/11) Courage. No beer - closed.
E9 Dagmar Arms: 47 Danesdale Road. (B1/12) Belhaven.

E9 Duke of Cambridge: 28 Loddiges Road. (B2/13) Belhaven.
E9 Duke of Devonshire : 72 Darnley Road. (B2/14) Belhaven.
E9 Duke of Wellington: 90 Morning Lane. (A2/15) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
E9 Eagle: 103 Wick Lane. (A1/16) Grand Met-Watneys.
E9 FALCON & FIRKIN: 274 Victoria Park Road. (B1/17) , Previously the Queens Hotel (Truman).
E9 Follies: 130 Lauriston Road. Ind Coope Taylor Walker. No longer a pub.
E9 Frampton Arms: 47 Well Street. (B2/18) Courage.
E9 GLOBE: 20 Morning Lane. (A1/19) Whitbreads.
E9 Gun: 235 Well Street. (B2/20) Whitbreads.
E9 JACKDAW & STUMP: 224 Homerton High Street. (A1/21) .  Formerly the Spread Eagle.
E9 KENTON ARMS: 38 Kenton Road. (B2/22) Bass Charrington. Built 1858 by Sir Benjamin Kenton. It has been in the same family since 1973.
E9 Lea Tavern: 90 White Post Lane. (B1/25) .

E9 LORD NAPIER: 25 White Post Lane. (B1/24)
E9 Lord Nelson: 143 Morning Lane. (A1/25) Belhaven. No beer - closed.
McCANNS: Victoria Park Road (B2/26) .
E9 NORTHUMBERLAND ARMS: 78 Well Street. (B2/27) Courage. No beer - closed.
E9 PENSHURST ARMS: 25 Penshurst Road. (B2/28) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
E9 Plough: 23 Homerton High Street. (A2/29) Belhaven.
E9 Prince Edward: 97 Wick Lane. (A1/30) Grand Met-Trumans.
E9 Retreat: 226 Morning Lane. (A2/31) Whitbreads. No beer - closed.

E9 Royal Hotel: Lauriston Road. (B2/32) Belhaven.
E9 ROYAL STANDARD: 84 Victoria Park Road. (B2/33) .
E9 Stag: 37 Brooksby's Walk. (A1/34) Belhaven.
E9 TIGER: 245 Wick Lane. (A1/35) Whitbreads.
E9 Top o' the Morning: 129 Cadogan Terrace. (B1/36)
E9 VICTORIA : 359 Wick Road. (B1/37) Whitbreads.
E9 WELSH HARP: 32 Homerton Row. (A2/38) Shepherd Neame. Unusual windows in the bar allow you to see the beer engines operating. It was in the same family for nearly 100 years until the early 1980's.
E9 WHITE LION: 331 Wick Road. (B1/39) Grand Met-Trumans.

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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