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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - EC2 City, Bishopsgate & Liverpool Street

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1991 Beer index

The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

EC2 City, Bishopsgate & Liverpool Street.
Stations - Liverpool Street (BR/Central/Circle/Metropolitan), Moorgate (BR/Circle/Metropolitan/Northern), Bank (Central/Northern/DLR).
Largely part of the city and dominated by banks and offices, this area takes in Bank and Cheapside on the south and then extends up to Old Street and Shoreditch taking in the Barbican and Liverpool Street Station districts. As might be expected here are plenty of places to drink in the afternoons but fewer and fewer stay open as the evening goes on - unless you are in one of the residential area. A growing number of pubs require proper dress at most times.
The new Broadgate complex around Liverpool Street Station has seen the demise of three pubs in Bishopsgate. Keep a look out for developments at the station itself as it is currently publess, though the plans are there to have one. Elsewhere there seem to be more of the larger brewers' pubs than in other parts of the City - and particularly Whitbread houses around their former Brewery in Chiswell Street.
If you get lost in the Barbican complex follow the yellow line to the exit.

EC2 Apples & Pears: Opp platforms 15-18 Liverpool Street Station. Pub demolished.
EC2 BANGERS: 2 / 12 Wilson Street. (B2/1) .
EC2 Barbican Tavern: London Wall Pub demolished.
EC2 BARLEY MOW: 127 Curtain Road. (B1/2) .
EC2 BISHOP OF NORWICH: 91/3 Moorgate. (A2/3) .
EC2 BRICKLAYERS ARMS: 63 Charlotte Road. (B1/4)
EC2 BROADGATE EXCHANGE: 2 Broadgate Place. (B1/5) Grand Met-Watneys.
EC2 BUTLERS HEAD: 11 Telegraph Street. (A2/6) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free House.
EC2 CITY PIPE: Foster Lane (A2/7) . Famous for its port wine served from the wood. Next door to the City Vaults Wine Bar.
EC2 CITY TAVERN: 29 Lawrence Lane. (A2/8) Whitbreads. Formerly the City Grill.
EC2 COLLINS: 4 Devonshire Row. (B2/9) Grand Met-Watneys. Formerly the Bull.
EC2 CRISPIN: 3 Finsbury Avenue. (B2/10) Courage.
EC2 CROWDERS WELL: Andrewes House - c/o Fore & Wood Streets. (A2/11) Bass Charrington.
EC2 YE OLDE DR BUTLERS HEAD: Mason's Avenue. (A2/13) . Pub on the site since 1610. Building dates from 1666. Dr Butler was a specialist on nervous disorders whose miracle cures included holding consultations on London Bridge during which the unfortunate client would be dropped through a trapdoor into the torrent below. He was court physician to James I.
EC2 FLEETWOOD: 36 Wilson Street. (B2/14) Fullers. CHISWICK.
EC2 FLYING HORSE: 52 Wilson Street. (B1/15) Courage.
EC2 FOX: 28 Paul Street. (A1/16) Grand Met-Watneys.
EC2 GLOBE: 83 Moorgate. (A2/17) Bass Charrington.
EC2 GREAT EASTERN BAR: Great Eastern Hotel - Liverpool Street. (B2/18) .
EC2 GRIFFIN: 93 Leonard Street. (B1/19) , BASS.
EC2 The Hand Pump: 185 / 187 Bishopsgate. Whitbreads. Pub demolished.
EC2 HOLE IN THE WALL: 1a Mitre Court. (A2/20) Scottish & Newcastle. On edge of an old prison site.
EC2 HORSE & GROOM: 28 Curtain Road. (B1/21) Bass Charrington. , BASS. Near the site of Shakespeare's first theatre.
EC2 Jazz Bar: Opp platforms 2-7 Liverpool Street Station. Pub demolished.
EC2 KINGS ARMS: 27 Wormwood Street. (B2/22) Grand Met-Trumans.
EC2 LONDON GENERAL: 127 Finsbury Pavement. (A2/23) Bass Charrington. Formerly the Ship.
EC2 LORD ABERCONWAY: 73 Old Broad Street. (B2/24) Ind Coope Burton. Formerly the Station Buffet.
EC2 MAGOGS: 8 Russia Row. (A2/25) Grand Met - Chef & Brewer.
EC2 MAGPIE: 12 New Street. (B2/26) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
EC2 MOORGATE: 85 Moorgate. (A2/27) Bass Charrington.
EC2 OLD BLUE LAST: 38 Great Eastern Street. (B1/28) Grand-Met Truman. Built 1700 rebuilt 1876.
EC2 Olde Gresham: 54 Gresham Street. No longer a pub.
EC2 OLD KINGS HEAD: 28 Holywell Row. (B1/29) Grand Met-Trumans. The River Holywell runs beneath the pub.
EC2 PENNY BLACK: Tenter House - Moorfields. (A2/30)
EC2 PLOUGH: St. Alphage Highwalk - Fore Street. (A2/31)
EC2 PODIUM: St Alphage Highwalk - Fore Street. (A2/32) Whitbreads.
EC2 Primrose: 229 Bishopsgate. Grand Met-Trumans. Pub demolished.
EC2 PRINCESS ROYAL: 76 / 78 Paul Street. (A1/33) Whitbreads. Large one-bar pub used as such for 120 years.
EC2 RAILWAY TAVERN: 15 Liverpool Street. (B2/34) Whitbreads.
EC2 RED LION: 1 Eldon Street. (B2/35) Grand Met-Watneys.
EC2 SCOTTISH POUND: 50 London Wall. (B2/36) Greene King.
EC2 SHORTS: 66 Gresham Street. (A2/37) Grand Met - Chef & Brewer. Formerly called the Three Bucks.
EC2 Sir Paul Pindar: 213 Bishopsgate. Bass Charrington. Pub demolished.
EC2 Stop Press: New pub opened on the same site (Aug 2 1991) as Sir Paul Pindar.
EC2 TALBOT: 64 London Wall. (B2/38) .
EC2 THREE CROWNS: 5 Old Jewry. (A2/39) Courage.
EC2 THROGMORTON RESTAURANT: 27a Throgmorton Street. (B2/39a) Ind Coope Burton.
EC2 UDDER PLACE: Russia Court - Russia Row - 1/6 Milk Street. (A2/40) .
EC2 WHITE HART: 121 Bishopsgate. (B2/41) Bass Charrington.
EC2 WHITE HART: 24 Clifton Street. (B1/42) Bass Charrington.
EC2 WINDMILL: 27 Tabernacle Street. (A1/43) Bass Charrington.
EC2 WOODINS SHADES: 212 Bishopsgate. (B1/44) Bass Charrington.

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