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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - EC4 City - Fleet Street

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1991 Beer index

The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

EC4 City - Fleet Street.
Stations - St Pauls (Central), St Pauls Thameslink (BR), Blackfriars (BR/District/Circle), Monument (District/Circle), Cannon Street (BR/District/Circle), Mansion House (District/Circle), Bank (Central/Northern/DLR).
The western part of the City running from parallel to the river from Bank as far as the Law Courts and taking in St Pauls, Blackfriars and the Fleet Street area. There remains a variety of pubs here and the visitor will find some historical gems, although sadly many establishments have been demolished in recent years to make way for office developments.
The area around Fleet Street is well worth exploring, although since the newspapers moved out the character of the pubs has seemed to change and many close early in the evenings and at weekends. In the rest of the district things have been this way for some time - around Cannon Street station the commuter traffic is particularly important, although in this area you are more likely than elsewhere in the City to find places aiming at the younger market.
The larger brewers tend to have a large presence here but for a bit of variety try the area extending from Bank to St Pauls, especially around Watling Street.
Unless otherwise stated in the pub description all pubs close at weekends.
EC4 ALBION: 2 New Bridge Street. (B2/1) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
EC4 BANKER: Cousin Lane. (B1/2) Fullers. , CHISWICK.
EC4 BAYNARD CASTLE: 148 Queen Victoria Street. (B2/3) Bass Charrington.
EC4 Bell: 6 Addle Hill.(B2/4) Bass Charrington. No beer - closed.
EC4 BELL: 29 Bush Lane. (B1/5) Courage.
EC4 BENTLEYS (FORUM BAR): 2 Budge Row. (B1/6) Whitbreads.
EC4 BLACK FRIAR: 174 Queen Victoria Street. (B2/7) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free House. Built in 1875, this house was remodelled by H. Fuller Clark in 1905. Rich and elaborate marble alabaster and mosaic wall and ceiling designs, in art nouveau. It was restored by Larkin, May & Co. in 1983. Look for nursery rhymes in the Grotto bar.
EC4 BULL, BEAR & BROKER: 2 Arthur Street. (B1/8)Bass Charrington.
EC4 CANNON: 95 Cannon Street. (A1/9) Bass Charrington.
EC4 CANNON STREET BUFFET BAR: Cannon Street Station. (B1/10) BASS.
EC4 CARTOONIST: 76 Shoe Lane. (A2/11) Grand Met-Watneys.
EC4 CASTLE: 26 Furnival Street. (A2/12) Ind Coope Friary Meux.
EC4 YE OLDE CHESHIRE CHEESE: 145 Fleet Street. (A2/13) Samuel Smith. This pub, rebuilt shortly after the Great Fire of London is to have a front extension, ie the present newspaper shop is to become part of the pub and the rear is due for one also. Stop Press: Pub now closed till 1992 for the above extension.
EC4 CITY RETREAT: 74 Shoe Lane. (A2/14) Bass Charrington. Was Dizzys and Two Brewers. Nice light airy modern pub that replaces the Crown & Anchor? which was demolished 19 years ago.
EC4 CLACHAN: Old Mitre Court. (B2/15) Scottish & Newcastle.
EC4 COACH & HORSES: 35 Whitefriars Street. (B2/16) Bass Charrington. Grade II listed building. Nicknamed Old Scotch Doors.
EC4 COCKPIT: 7 St Andrew's Hill. (B2/17) Courage.
EC4 YE OLDE COCK TAVERN: 22 Fleet Street. (B2/18) Grand Met-Trumans.
EC4 DANDY ROLL: Gateway House - Bread Street. (A1/19) Whitbreads.
EC4 DEACONS: 6 Walbrook. (A1/20) Bass Charrington.
EC4 George: 25 Old Bailey. Eldridge Pope. Pub demolished.
EC4 GLOBE: 66 / 67 Shoe Lane. (A2/21) Grand Met-Watneys.
EC4 GOLDEN FLEECE: 9 Queen Street. (A1/22) Greene King.
EC4 GREEN MAN: 7/9 Bucklersbury. (A1/23) Scottish & Newcastle.
EC4 HARROW: 22 Whitefriars Street. (B2/24) Bass Charrington.
EC4 HATCHET: 28 Garlick Hill (B1/25) Bass Charrington.
EC4 HOOP & GRAPES: 80 Farringdon Street. (A2/26) Courage.
EC4 HORN TAVERN: 29 Knightrider Street. (B1/27) Eldridge Pope. Guy Fawkes planned the destruction of the Houses of Parliament in the cellars of the original pub.
EC4 KING & KEYS: 142 Fleet Street. (A2/28) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
EC4 YE OLDE LONDON: 42 Ludgate Hill (A2/29) Scottish & Newcastle.
EC4 LONDON STONE: 105 Cannon Street. (A1/30) Grand Met-Trumans.
EC4 Ludgate Cellars: 1 Apothecary Street. Whitbreads. Pub demolished.
EC4 MAGPIE & STUMP: 18 Old Bailey. (A2/31) Bass Charrington.
EC4 MASTER GUNNER: 37 Cathedral Place. (A2/32) , BASS,
EC4 Monument Tavern: 60 King William Street. Fullers. Pub demolished.
EC4 OLD BELL: 95 Fleet Street. (B2/33) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free Hse.
EC4 Old King Lud: Ludgate Circus (A2/34) Whitbreads. No beer - closed.
EC4 PAVILION END: 23 Watling Street. (A1/35) BASS.
EC4 POPPINJAY: 119 Fleet Street. (A2/35) Bass Charrington.
EC4 PORTERS LODGE: Arthur Street. (B1/36) Bass Charrington.
EC4 PRINTERS DEVIL: 98 Fetter Lane. (A2/38) Whitbreads. Formerly the Vintner's Arms.
EC4 PUNCH TAVERN: 99 Fleet Street. (B2/39) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free Hse.
EC4 Queens Arms: 30 / 31 Queen Street. (B1/40) Courage. No beer - closed.
EC4 QUEENS HEAD: 31 Blackfriars Lane. (B2/41) Ind Coope Taylor Walker. This one-time backstreet pub is a totally detached building (the rest had been dealt with by the Adolf Hitler Demolition Co Ltd. Modern developers have not quite yet finished the job).
EC4 RED LION: 17 Watling Street. (A1/42) Bass Charrington.
EC4 RISING SUN: 61 Carter Lane. (B2/43) Grand Met-Trumans.
EC4 Riverside Inn: Queen Street Place. Pub demolished.
EC4 RUMBOE: 27 Old Bailey. (A2/44) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
EC4 ST. BRIDES TAVERN: 5 Bridewell Place. (B2/45) Grand Met-Watneys.
EC4 Samuel Pepys: Brooks Wharf - 48 Upper Thames Street. (B1/46) Bass Charrington. No beer - closed.
EC4 SEA HORSE: 92 Queen Victoria Street. (B1/47) Courage.
EC4 SHADES: 5/6 Bucklersbury. (A1/48) Greene King.  Closed weekends
EC4 SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN: 17/19 Paternoster Square. (A2/49) Grand Met - Clifton Inn FH. Plaques around the walls of this ulti-roomed pub commemorate many of Wren's achievements. Basically an ancient pub recently built but in danger of being demolished in the near future.
EC4 Spatz: Hill House - Shoe Lane. (A2/50) Courage.
EC4 Square Rigger: 2 Arthur Street. Bass Charrington. Pub demolished.
EC4 Sugar Loaf: 65 Cannon Street. (A1/51) Bass Charrington.
EC4 SWEETINGS: 39 Queen Victoria Street. (A1/52) .
EC4 TIPPERARY: 66 Fleet Street. (B2/53) Greene King.
EC4 YE OLDE WATLING: 29 Bow Lane. (A1/54) Bass Charrington.
EC4 WHITE HART: 3 New Fetter Lane. (A2/55) Courage. Known locally as the 'Stab in the Back'.
EC4 White Horse: 90 Fetter Lane. Ind Coope Taylor Walker. Pub demolished.
EC4 WHITE SWAN: 18 Farringdon Street. (A2/56) Grand Met - Chef & Brewer.
EC4 WHITE SWAN: 108 Fetter Lane. (A2/57) Bass Charrington.
EC4 WHITE SWAN: 28/30 Tudor Street. (B2/58) Grand Met-Trumans.
EC4 WILLIAMSONS TAVERN: 1 Groveland Court. (A1/59) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free House. One of London's oldest hotels, it was used by 18th century drapers doing business at Wood Street.
EC4 WITNESS BOX: 36 Tudor Street. (B2/60) Grand Met-Watneys.

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